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Unlike the common perception that SEO Singapore companies influence the search engines into artificially higher rankings, many ethical or White Hat SEO agencies like MediaOne do this by taking the long hard process of auditing websites, servers in the eyes of how search engines would perceive them, and then taking tough but critical steps to eradicate as many errors and improve the functions that will increase their ranking on SERPs. This may involve making sure a website is mobile responsive, loads fast, the link profile is optimised and the content is improved in line with how the client wants to be perceived by the search engines and their customers.

MediaOne is not just a service company. We provide professional digital marketing courses, workshops and trainings to clients and via partners like Comat. Isn’t it time you put your faith and trust in a recognised expert rather than a brochure-pushing SEO agency which uses out-moded methods to play dice with your million-dollar brand?

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With 500+ clients over 8 years under our belt. With our ISO-Certified, BizSafe, Google Partner certifications and Top SEO awards we are able to help you maximise your online presence in Singapore.

MediaOne is a Singapore SEO agency established since 2009 to help businesses to improve their online exposure via modern digital marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Email Marketing.

Our core service as an SEO agency had helped many companies to depend solely on Google for their business sales. Our Consultants had helped many companies sales rise up to a whole new level, bringing them up to 500% increased sales. Over the years, our SEO services have established ourselves as one of the key agencies in the Singapore online marketing industry, serving more than 500+ active clients till date! Contact  MediaOne to understand more about our White Hat methodologies.

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What some satisfied clients say:

“Our English language school has engaged MediaOne as our SEO and website service provider, and we are pleased to receive their service. As in a short period of 4 months, our school website is ranking on the first page of Google.
We look forward to having this continued support and service from by Sukanya’s team at MediaOne and would love to recommend more of our business partners to take on MediaOne services.”
– Paul, Language Explorer

“Working with Rueben and the MediaOne team had been a breeze so far! As a e-commerce store with FMCG goods, we face tough competition in traffic and sales. MediaOne’s SEM helped us rebound back effortlessly in the past few months, and now we are convinced to entrust our SEO and Facebook marketing to them. Thanks guys!”
– Stella, Best Buy, Benlux International Pte Ltd

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Everything that You Ever Wanted to Know About SEO For Singapore Businesses

As a keen digital marketer in Singapore, you need to stay updated about various techniques and strategies that you can apply to give your business an upper hand in the market. Two of the guaranteed strategies that you need to embrace are search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The most successful companies in the world have mastered these two strategies and have a team of professionals working round the clock to ensure that they continue to dominate their particular niches.

What Is SEO And Why Does It Matter To Singapore Firms?

seo strategies that help singapore firms get ahead

As mentioned earlier, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Concisely, it is the various techniques that are applied on the website to ensure that it ranks high on search engines. Already, search engines have put in place algorithms that are engineered to monitor the websites to determine if they are relevant and should be ranked at the top. Some of the central aspects of SEO include the use of the right keywords in the content, development of quality backlinks, content markup, and code validation. In Singapore, most consumers and professionals under the age of 40 have stopped reading physical print in favour of online news, entertainment and other information. The situation is so profound that any Singapore businesses not actively engaging customers online surely faces a limited future.

What Is SEM How Does It Matter To Singaporean Businesses?

what does sem marketing mean

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It involves paying for your ads to appear at the top of search engine results page whenever someone uses your specified keyword to search for content. The search engine will bill you based on the number of clicks your ads accrue. Even if you record low clicks, you will still benefit from free exposure to the ever growing online community. It is also important to note that SEM encompasses affiliate programs, social media campaigns, PPC and the list continues.

Singaporean businesses have been paying exorbitant advertising prices in newspapers, television, radio, outdoor and mailing now have the happy prospect of being able to reach customers quickly and cheaper via Google PPC and other online advertising.

What Is The Difference Between SEO and Google Ads

Search Engine Optimisation is a method of making your website as appealing to the search engines as possible. In the Singapore context, the search engine to please would be Google since it occupies a whopping 75% market share.

There is obviously the paid method which results in the [AD]s you see on top (and bottom) of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This is the quick and easy way which involves logging into Google Adwords to create your ad campaign (get your credit card ready as that is the default mode of payment).

Some SMEs and MNCs in Singapore prefer SEO services because the natural placement in SERPs provides so-called “free traffic” and natural branding and positioning. Internet users are of the view that if you rank high – that means your company has been around for a long time and has built such a formidable reputation that its earned its place on the first pages. They may also have calculated that natural ranked listings are more cost-effective and provides invaluable PR.

Does Good Content Guarantee High Rankings in Google?

content marketing to create more traffic from the internet

Over the years, Google has improved its algorithms to determine the quality of content posted on a particular website. Good content that provides valuable information to the readers will result in a high ranking. But success is not guaranteed as we have seen some sites with minimal content still rank high. The trick is making sure that you have credible and high-quality backlinks. In fact, backlinks are considered the primary signal used to rank website. All Singapore SEO experts some form of backlink strategy. The best ones like MediaOne use only high quality high domain authority ones to improve the backlink profile for our clients.

How Do is I Determine if a Backlink is good or bad for My Site SEO?

backlinks singapore digital marketers can use

The first thing to note about getting a good SEO service  is that only dofollow backlinks will give you an added advantage. Secondly, nofollow backlinks will help enhance the exposure of your site and increase traffic, but that will not have any impact on SEO. The quality of a backlink is based on the reputation and credibility of the website that is linked to your site. The content of the website also has to be relevant to yours. This means that a site that is considered an authority in your industry will give your SEO efforts a boost if it links to you.  Some of the SEO metrics that you need to put into consideration to determine if a particular site is ideal for backlinking include domain authority, trust flow, citation flow, page authority, total number of external links, user’s engagement and how frequent the content is updated.

Will I be Penalised for Linking to Bad Websites?

backlink profiling in order to improve seo in singapore

By bad websites we mean sites whose content is not related to yours as well as those that have a bad reputation. For example, sites that in the past been banned by Google for violating the set algorithm. Yes, linking to such sites will result in your site being penalised. Google perceives every link as an endorsement you are making for that site. Hence, endorsing a site that has in the past being flagged for SEO problems or have a bad reputation, the chances are that you will get a penalty as well. Use a rel nofollow attribute if you are not sure if a particular site is good for backlinking.

Is it Safe to Buy Backlinks from SEO Agencies?

Buying nofollow links is fine. However, if you are purchasing backlinks for solely for the purpose of improving your SEO, you might get penalised for doing so manipulates search engine results and that is against Google’s guidelines.

What is the Value of Internal Links?

Yes, it is highly recommended to create a robust internal linking structure to enhance user experience. Google puts into consideration these links when determining the value of a site even though they are not as valuable as links from third party sites that are related to your niche.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results from SEO?

how long does it take for seo results to show

The best answer to this question is that it the amount of time depends on the niche your website in, the resources you are allocated to search engine optimisation and the quality of the backlinks. A credible SEO service company in Singapore can help you get results in a couple of weeks.

What is the Best Article Length for SEO?

Numerous experiments and studies have shown that sites that have long, valuable, and engaging content rank higher in Google. Articles with more than 2000 words stand a better chance to rank high than articles with fewer words. The content has to be well documented and provide real value to the readers by addressing their questions or concerns.

Is PageRank a Valuable SEO Metric?

No. The current Google PageRank Toolbar has not been updated for close to two years now, and the company officials have several said that they have no plans to update it. Singapore SEO experts agree that PageRank is no longer an SEO metric that should give you sleepless nights.

I’m Unable to Recover my Rankings after Being Penalised, What Could be the Reasons?

One of the most plausible reasons why you were penalised is due to backlinks after using a cheap SEO service. If you are yet to recover your site ranking after a penalty successfully, here are some of the plausible reasons:

  • You are yet to clean up all your bad backlinks
  • Your sites disavow report is not complete
  • If the site was hit by a new Google algorithm update, it is possible that content is holding you back you need to revise it
  • Not enough quality backlinks
  • Website has other unknown issues
  • Your reconsideration request is yet to be reviewed

What is the Impact of Negative SEO?

impact of bad seo practices

Negative SEO practices are a real threat to the success and sustainability of your business online. Due to the cutthroat competition in most industries such as insurance and payday loans, your competitors may be using unethical SEO services to outrank you. Cushion yourself from such practices by regularly monitoring the sources of the backlinks. If you realize a competitor is building backlinks to lower your website value, you should create and submit a disavow report to Google. A professional Singapore SEO agency can carry out periodic scans to uncover such practices and help you file the report with Google.

Is it Necessary to Disavow or Remove Nofollow Backlinks

The answer to this question is NO. There is no need to remove or disavow nofollow backlinks unless they are compromising the reputation of your site. If a backlink is bad, you should try to remove it and then disavow it even if it is a nofollow or dofollow link. On the other hand, if it is a good nofollow link, leave it as it is as it might channel some relevant traffic your way.

How Long Does a Disavow Tool Take to Work – Can An SEO Consultant Help?

More often than not, a disavow link works within days after submitting the report. In some isolated cases, Google may take weeks to review the bad backlink report.

Yes you can get an experience SEO consultant to check your backlinks, contact the offending linkers and if all else fails, to disavow those links.

When Should I Expect to recover from my Penalty after cleaning up my backlinks profile?

Well, it depends on the penalty that you got. For manual penalties, it usually takes Google 1-2 weeks to review reconsideration requests. For algorithm update penalties such as Panda or Penguin, you will have to wait for another Panda algorithm or Google Penguin update to take place. This could take months or days depending on when the last update was implemented.

Can My Site be Penalised Without me Knowing?

Yes, we had seen countless cases when the website owners had no clue that their sites had being filtered or penalised by Google algorithms. Google Panda algorithm can result in your site being penalised for having thin content. It can also be penalised for having too many ads above the fold or not being mobile friendly.

How Can I Keep Track of my Backlinks Building Campaigns?

There are advanced tools designed to generate and send daily email reports whenever your site gains or loses links. Two of the best tools that you can count on to deliver accurate reports are Monitor Backlinks and SEO Auto Discover. Most top tier Singapore SEO agencies have their own tracking tools or can recommend the best in the market.

Is it Possible to Delete Backlinks?

Deleting backlinks is a challenging task as the only way to remove a link that you want to remove is by contacting the webmaster and requesting them to assist you. Make sure that you use a friendly approach to tell the webmaster where the link is located on their site. Cut the chase by using the disavow tool to remove all unwanted backlinks. This can be a taxing and tricky process so its best to engage the services of a good SEO consultant.

Why Do I Need to Hire Singapore SEO Agency?

engage a singapore seo consultant

Even with an in-house digital marketing team, it is highly recommended to hire a professional Singapore SEO agency. Here are five reasons why you should consider allocating resources to this initiative.

  1. Proven Expertise and Experience:

    Many SEO agency consultants have the required qualifications, expertise, and experience based on the numerous projects they have undertaken. By applying their knowledge, they will be able to get your digital campaign moving quickly in the right direction. The SEO expert will also help you make informed decision regarding your online marketing techniques and anything else that you need to move your company ahead.

  2. Collaborative Efforts and Connections:

    Instead of spending hours assembling your own team to have your SEO campaign overseen by multiple managers and executives – most of the time its prudent to outsource the grunt work to external SEO services teams so that you can focus on your key work. Most of the time this is the best thing you can do because unlike what most marketers think, SEO involves a long and painstaking process of optimising, content and link building that most organisations are not able to take on.

  3. Easier Management:

    Reputable SEO companies are always available to respond to all your questions and concerns. Concisely, leaving your project in accountable and trusted hands of SEO professionals will make it easy to manage it.

  4. Performance Driven:

    The SEO Company will do everything possible to ensure that your SEO project is a success. Every project is monitored continuously using advanced analytics tools to make sure that it moves in the right direction.

What are the Questions that I Need to Ask My SEO Company?

Finding the right SEO agency in Singapore can indeed be a daunting task. However, it is crucial to ensure that you are in a position to select the right agency for your organization since this will ultimately determine the overall performance of the company. It is also equally important to note that a bad SEO agency can actually undermine the overall ratings of your company and this will ultimately undermine its performance.

There many SEO agencies that operate in Singapore and thus, it might be difficult for one to identify the best one that can improve the overall ratings of your website. As most people are not experienced in digital marketing, it might be tough to identify a capable SEO consultant for their needs.


questions i need to ask my singapore seo consultant

How will you improve my site search engine ranking?

Our team of professionals will come up with a comprehensive SEO strategy that is compliant with all Google best practices. We will start by carrying out a technical SEO audit of your site to identify areas that need to be fixed then identify a list of best keywords that you should be targeting.

What improvement in terms of the increase in overall rankings would you expect?

It is very important to manage expectation quite early during your engagement with the SEO agency of your choice. The main objective of eliciting the services of an SEO agency is to improve the overall rankings of your website in terms of the overall rankings of your site. It is therefore important to ascertain the overall expected improvement in terms of the ranking of your site by Google and other such engines. Be that as it may, it is important to note that no SEO agency worth its name can give an accurate answer to this question. This is informed by the fact that Google search engines use a generic algorithm that can be difficult to accurately predict. However, the Search Engine Optimisation Company should at the very least offer you with an estimate in terms of the rankings improvement you should anticipate over a certain period of time. As much as this estimation may not be accurate, it will indeed go a long way in enabling you have a rough estimate in terms of what to expect from the agency and this will indeed go along way with respect to managing the expectations of the clients. This information will also enable you ascertain whether or not you are getting value for your money. For MediaOne we usually guarantee 30% of keywords in 6 months and we USUALLY exceed those targets!

How will my site get backlinks?

Backlinks play an integral role in search engine optimisation. In fact, this is one of the primary factors that Google uses to rank websites. We will scour the internet for authority sites that can link back to your site to show Google that your site is also an authority. We will also continuously monitor the backlink linking campaigns to ensure that there are no bad links that you could affect the credibility and ranking of your site.Link building is increasingly becoming a significant issue that most SEO agencies must take into consideration. This is due to the fact that Google is now cracking down on what can be described as stuffed links and these are links that one simply embeds in the content without due consideration to the popularity of the content that they are linking to. This therefore implies that one should be very good at what they do in order to attract many people to link to their sites. In light of this fact, it is important for one to ensure that the agency that they are using is in a position to employ the most effective link building techniques that will not undermine the overall rankings of the websites that they are trying to promote.In establishing the nature of link building services that the agency will be offering you should specifically seek to ascertain what types of links they intend to integrate into your site. This is informed by the fact that they are different types of links and not every type might be suited for your site. In addition to ascertaining the type of links, it is also important to ascertain the number of links that the agency intends to build each and every month. This information is important since it will go a long way in determining the amount of money you will be required to part with for the SEO services that you will be offered by the agency.

Who is doing the actual optimization work?

Most agencies usually outsource the actual SEO work. In light of this fact, it is important to have a direct communication with the individual doing the work. It is thus important to have a one on one conversation with the person doing the work so that it is possible for one to air their concerns directly to the person working on the site optimization. It also important to note that some agencies usually have account managers that are involved in direct communication with the clients and as such, clients might not have an opportunity to directly communicate with the person undertaking the optimization task unless they specifically request the agency to do so.

Is it possible for me to meet the team that will be undertaking the job?

Most often than not, SEO agencies in Singapore deploy a team of experts to undertake various optimization tasks especially large tasks. In such a scenario, each member of the team is usually assigned different aspects of the entire SEO process and this is mainly meant to ensure that the entire process is conducted in a speedy fashion and also in a manner that will enhance the overall efficiency of the entire team. In such a scenario, you should request to meet the entire team that is working on your website with a view of establishing what task each and every member of the team will be undertaking at any one particular time. By doing this, you will be in a position to establish who to go to in case there are issues that you to have addressed in future.

How will you go about optimizing the content?

It is important to find out which modalities the SEO agency will use while optimizing the content. One of the main functions of any SEO initiative is the actually process of optimizing the content. Content optimization simply means revamping the content so that it can easily be tracked by search engines. There are several aspects of content optimization that you must establish with respect to the Singapore SEO agency you intend to work with. Some of the issues that you must establish include whether or not the agency intends to create a new copy of your content or opt to work with the content that you already have in place. In addition to that, you should also seek to know whether or not the agency will develop new landing page. Finally, you should establish other aspects regarding the modalities that the agency will use.

What is the number of keywords that the agency will track?

Keywords refer to those terms that are included in a website and whose main function is to facilitate the identification of the website on the World Wide Web. It is therefore important to ascertain the exact number of keywords that the Singapore based SEO agency will be tracking. MediaOne usually tracks 10 to 20 keywords but this is not adequate especially for much larger websites – we are currently tracking 50, 100 over keywords for major clients. It is advisable to identify an agency that can track between 20 to 50 keywords per campaign at least. This is due to the fact that most websites usually have much larger content and an agency that can only track less than 20 keywords will definitely be inadequate for many websites that feature larger amounts of content.One of the most important aspects when it comes to keyword selection is that the keywords should be tailored to reflect the nature of your website. This is because Google is able to track superimposed keywords and drop those sites that embed such keywords simply for the purpose of improving their rankings. In addition to that, it is also important to note that the keyword that is used is one that encourages conversation and not one that simply seeks to attract traffic.

How will you keep me informed about changes are done on my website?

We will send you regular reports of all changes that we implement on your website. We will also give send you a weekly backlinks report detailing the number of backlinks that your site has received throughout the week.

Do you always adhere to Google’s best practices?

Yes, we take pride in being among the top SEO agencies that are known for complying with all Google best practices. This aspect has helped us to ensure that our clients get ultimate results from every campaign. Note that Google implements more than 500 algorithm updates per year and all of them are geared towards improving user engagement.

Which tools do you use?

We have a set of automated and manual tools that help us to process information accurately and within a short period such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic. This helps save our clients and agency time and money. All the tools that we use are legit and have the capacity of ensuring that your internet marketing campaigns are a success.

What type of SEO work will you do?

We will carry out on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO. All these processes will help create a fully functional website that is user-friendly, responsive, and in line with all the set search engine regulations.

Are you working for any of our competitors?

Singapore SEO agencies just like agencies in other parts of the world work with clients that are distributed all over the country. This therefore implies that it is possible for one to find that the agency that they are working with is also performing a similar function for or two of their competitors. The main reason why one should work with their competitors is the fact that such a scenario might present serious conflict of interest issues that can ultimately have a significant impact on the overall product. For instance, the agency in questions might be offering superior services to your competitors based on the amount they are able to pay and as such, you should seek to ensure that the quality of service offered to you matches that which is offered to your competitors. For MediaOne we limit 3 same keywords to only 3 clients at any one time to be fair.

How many firms have you worked with in the past?

It is also equally important to establish if the agency has had the opportunity to work with a high number of clients in the past. This is informed by the fact that any SEO agency worth its name should have adequate references in terms of the number of clients it has been able to successfully work for in the past. This information can easily be obtained from third party organizations but it is also advisable that you try to get the information directly from the agency that you intend to work with. In obtaining information regarding the number of clients that agency has worked with in the past, it is important to ascertain the nature of the clients in question. This is because, in case the agency has been able to work with reputable organizations in the past, then this is an indicator that the company might actually be good at what it does. For MediaOne we have worked with an excess of 500 over clients locally and internationally, from GLCs, MNCs to SMEs and sole-proprietorships. We are able to tailor solutions for each size and requirement.

How many times will you require us to meet?

The task of search engine optimization is quite engaging and the SEO agency will definitely require you to meet regularly with them. The main objective of these meetings is to establish your exact needs that will enable the agency have a clear understanding of your overall expectations. Be that as it may, such meetings will definitely interfere with your day to day schedule and therefore, it is important to have an estimate regarding the number of times that the firm intends to meet. The client should therefore seek to know how many times per week they will be required to meet with the agency and thus make advance arrangements and adjustments to their schedule with a view of accommodating the agency. This will go a long way in ensuring that whatever the meeting schedule, you are not inconvenienced as a client and at the same time you do not inconvenience the SEO agency in question. For MediaOne we usually meet a client a few times in order to scope out his requirements and customise a solution that will fit his budget and requirements. After which we usually correspond via email and telephone because the ranking results will show for it self. Face to face meetings may be required for large customised SEO programmes.

What’s your payment structure and budget?

Over the years, we have worked smart to come up with a payment structure that is affordable and convenient for all our customers. The budget is based on the specific things that will be done on your site. Once we evaluate your site, we will generate an overall budget that will help you plan. We will also agree on the payment structure to ensure that we are on the same page from the word go.MediaOne has a few payment plans – please discuss with our friendly Digital Marketing Consultants today!







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