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Are you eager to share your digital marketing expertise with the world? Have you been scouting for a website that receives thousands of visitors per day and allows guest posts? Look no further. MediaOne is committed to promoting the growth of digital marketing in Singapore by giving professionals guest posting opportunities. Your guest posts will be published with your by-line, and this will provide you with the much-needed exposure. MediaOne’s objective is like yours: we aim to demystify digital marketing in particular SEO, Google PPC, Facebook & Instagram advertising, Content marketing, social media marketing and website design/development. Our domain authority is 55 which is high enough to help useful well-crafted articles rank on first page quickly – affording you with visibility.

What Is Guest Posting

Guest posting is the act of writing and publishing articles on another person’s website or blog. People do this for content marketing, obtaining backlinks, improving brand recognition, establishing authority and position in the marketplace.

It usually involves researching blogs in respectable websites that are in your industry or niche, finding a gap in their content which you feel will benefit their readers, then reaching out to their editor or webmaster to find out about their guidelines before submitting your post.

Guest posting is one of the best ways of connecting with new audiences that are interested in the topics that you discuss in your site.

MediaOne offers guest posting opportunities to experts in digital marketing from all across the globe. We invite you to become our guest blogger and contribute informative articles about digital marketing, advertising, SEO, SEM, social media, branding, content marketing, email marketing, media buying, website design and development, networks and hosting, and any other topic that is related to digital marketing.

Guest Posting: Why Is It Important For Digital Marketing

Writing exclusively for your own blog limits your audience to the number of followers you already have. You’re working like a Trojan, pulling an all-out just to come up with top of the shelf content, but only to keep delivering it to the same audience. So the content ends up NOT receiving the attention it badly deserves.

However, with guest blogging, you get to expose your content to a new set of eyes – a massive amount of target audience who’ve never heard about your blog or brand. These are the people you may NOT have been able to reach had you NOT gotten your content right where they can be found.  

Done correctly, the kind of exposure you get by publishing a mind boggling piece of content on a high quality third party site could be interpreted by those reading it as an endorsement for your products or brand, which makes it one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your online reputation and stand out from the competition you have.

After all, branding is all about proactively managing and cultivating the perception people have about your brand. Through guest blogging, you have the perfect opportunity to be identified with one of the most revered authority sites in the industry you operate in – and which puts you in a favourable spot to be also pegged as an authority figure.  

One thing with guest blogging is that both parties involved have something to gain in the process. The brand on the receiving end gets to enjoy free content, while you get to bring home a huge score of newfound followers – a win-win situation for both parties involved. So if you’re NOT sending your guest blogs to third party sites, you could still gain just as much by positioning your brand on the receiving end of it all.  

Think of it as a breath of fresh air to your audience. The content you receive exposes your audience to an entirely new perspective, thus breaking the monotony associated with routine work and same style of writing, unless otherwise.

Getting Started as a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging requires that you get started with a clear set of goals or what you wish to eventually achieve. That said, here’s a list of all the things you’re likely to achieve through guest blogging:

  • As already mentioned, guest blogging grants you the opportunity to expose your brand to an entirely new audience.  
  • It’s through guest blogging that you can establish yourself as an authority figure or thought leader in your area of specialisation.
  • Guest blogging is effective for PR. You get to start a relationship with other bloggers and business owners within your locality and field of operation. 

Start by asking yourself about what you wish to gain through the guest blogging experience. The answer you come up with should help you filter through the businesses you wish to guest blog for to the most relevant ones. In addition you get to develop a rough idea of the type of guest bloggers you’d want to invite to guest blog with you.

The internet is fraught with low quality sites and spam ones. As an effective blogger, it’s part of your job to narrow down the list you have to high-quality ones. That’s the list of blogs you should be looking to guest blog for.  

This calls for a high level of due diligence and research. If you’re looking for writers to submit posts for your blog, you can start by coming up with a list of experienced writer within the industry you’re in. The writers you single out should have the much-needed experience and expertise to create top-notch content, next to the editorial standards you’ve set for yourself– if they can’t exceed them, that is.

The blog posts they send should also match up your interests and even align with your style of writing and voice. Whatever you decide on, the quality of content you accept as guest blog shouldn’t veer off much from the level of writing you provide.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself while deciding on the type of writers to accept for guest blogs:

  • How many active followers does the writer have? Are the followers actively involved in the writer’s work? Do they like or comment on their status or posts? If so, is the number big enough to have any significant value to what you already have going on with your blog?
  • Do they have an active social media account or twitter page? How big is their social media following? And most importantly, will they be sharing the posts they make on social media?

What is Meant by High-Quality Guest Blogging  

The guest blogs you make should be informative and valuable to the audience it’s exposed to. So it’s important that you try to refrain from coming off as salesy.  

The post should have something educative. Your plan should be to come up with something your readers can learn from, and which cannot be found anywhere else in the blogging eco-chamber where everyone is used to regurgitating the same old pieces of information already floating about.

Steer clear of self-promoting yourself and shift all your focus to your target audience and what they wish to learn from you. Speaking of which, the post you make should be along the lines of offering a solution, and NOT selling yourself as some people would love to assume.  

Your primary goal should be solidify yourself as a thought-leader in your field of operation – and NOT some money-hungry business person looking to woo in potential customers by self-promoting themselves either directly or indirectly.  

There’s no wrong is introducing yourself to the new audience. But what’s even more important is that you make it be mostly about on establishing a strong relationship with other businesses and bloggers. And as time goes, their followers might be tempted to check you out and even consider making a purchase with you if attracted enough.  

In addition to creating high-quality guest posts, here are more sound tips to help you in the journey:

Your author bio could be the only place linking the post back to your site. Make good use of it by making it short and snappy.  

  • Make a point to link back to any of the posts they have on the blog. This shows that you’re one of the avid followers who understand the nature of their blog content. You as such stand a high chance of being accepted for publication.
  • Where possible, try concluding the posts you make with a call to action. Do be afraid to ask people to expound or comment on the post. With this, you’re likely to get even the most passive of the visitors you get to comment, thus increasing your chances of becoming even more popular on Google search.  
  • Be willing to do your own promotion, especially on social media. Your goal should be to direct as much traffic as you possibly can to the blog post – not much different from what you’ve been doing to the blog posts you publish on your site.  
  • Keep track of the traffic the guest blog is generating. This should give you an insight of what the readers are mostly interested in, so you can make necessary adjustments as to what to blog about in the future. 

Guest blogging can be rather time-consuming. But if you can follow the tips we’ve specified and avoid taking a spammy approach, there’s much to be gained from it than you’ve ever imagined.  

There are so many reasons to consider guest blogging for other site or even accepting feature blogs on your site for that matter. What’s even more interesting is that these benefits existed way before the existence of Google, and it’s not like they’ll be ending any time soon.  

There’s still much to learn about mastering the art of guest blogging. But this guide should be enough to get you started and set you off on the right track. For further clarification on any point made, you’re invited to contact MediaOne today for a free SEO consultation and anything else you wish to learn about mastering the art of guest blogging.

How To Create A Good Guest Post That Has The Highest Acceptance Rate

1. Look for websites that in your niche that are not competitive

2. See if they welcome guest posts, those who do normally have a dedicated page to indicate this, else you will get many rejections

3. Research their content to find opportunities and content gaps that the website owner might be interested in filling

4. Propose 2-3 topics in that area; avoid spamming many unrelated topics as that is a big turn off

5. Write the blog which is clearly informative, is useful, well-formated and has a good flow, with plenty of references thrown; this will help the SEO as well as get your blog accepted by the website owner with ease

6. Choose 1 keyword to link to your own blog (never to your sales pages) which helps expand the subject matter more; and 1-3 to other neutral external authority websites like Wikipedia; this is the format that most website owners appreciate

Send and do a followup to make sure its posted correctly.


Thats a good move because we are very dominant in digital marketing. Our domain authority is 55.

Guest Blog Guidelines

Our guidelines and requirements are easy to follow and reasonable. All you have to do is:

Be Authentic

Your content needs to be authentic and original for it to qualify for publishing on our website. We use Copyscape and will reject works that exceeds 5% copy.

Information that is Verifiable

Our main goal is to provide accurate and relevant information about digital marketing in Singapore and abroad to our audience. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to make sure that your guest blog provides factual information that is verifiable. One of the easiest ways of meeting this requirement is by backing up your facts with credible sources.

Content Length

We require articles to be at least 2500 words. The reason being if its less than 2500 words, its far more difficult to rank on Page 1 and failing to do so will reduce the benefits to MediaOne and to you the contributor far more significantly than the cost/resources to reach 2500 words. Note that we do not guarantee Page 1 ranking but if you send a high quality article we have a proven record of doing so.

External Linking

External linking plays an integral role in on-site search engine optimisation. Your guest post should have a maximum of three external links to authority websites related to the topic that you discuss in your blog. Only one of the links can be to your website or blog. You can add a keyword backlink to your main site. We reserve the right to no-follow links found to be going to low quality, spammy, offensive sites or sites associated with porn, gambling, hate, warez and illegal activities.

We will not accept outbound links which are less than 5/100 in the Majestic Trust Flow score. Check at See example below:

trust flow citation flow

Use Casual and Friendly Tone

For your guest post to engage with the target audience successfully, you need to present the content in the best way possible. We prefer guest posts that use a friendly tone of voice that is casual but not overly unprofessional. Adhering to this requirement will ensure that the post gets plenty of likes and shares.

High Quality and Resolution Media Files

One of the guaranteed ways of annoying readers is by including bad visuals in your article. Avoid this by only incorporating high quality media files and images in your guest post.

Proofread, and Fact Check Your Work

Inaccurate blog posts that are filled with grammatical errors and typos will give the readers a negative perceptive. Spend at least 15 minutes proofreading your work before submitting. Confirm that all the facts are correct and adequately presented to avoid misleading the audience.

Social Media Links

Singapore has more than 3 million active social media users. Make it easy for this audience to connect with you through the various social media platforms by including your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles. Also, submit an author bio to help the readers learn more about you.

What’s Not Acceptable

We will not accept content that is:

  • Shallow and flaccid, providing no new insights, regurgitating what is commonly available
  • Self-promotional
  • Contain affiliate links
  • Offensive language
  • Factually inaccurate
  • Ripped-off/spammy

Topics that will interest us:

  • digital marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • social media
  • website design
  • website development
  • website hosting
  • website security and networking
  • marketing and advertising

Guest Blogger Submission

If you have an interesting article that meet the above guidelines, you can send it to us via email at

  • The text should be presented in a Word document only
  • Separately attach the images that you want to be added to the post and indicate exactly where you want them to be added
  • Video files should be hosted in one of the popular platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. Make sure that they are embedded properly in the Word document
  • Email subject should be: {Guest Post Submission: {The Article Title} by {Your Name}

Please use the form below to submit your article for evaluation. As long as your guest blogs meet all our quality standards and requirement, it will be published within 3 working days.

Happy blogging and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards.

Editor, MediaOne Business Group


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