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Want to get reliable, credible and proven SEO services that are trusted by Large Enterprises like Changi Airport, Fuji Xerox, ST Electronics, Singtel? Get your website to page #1 on Google with our extensive SEO consultancy. Our experts will help you rank organically at the top of Google’s SERP to get you more exposure, customers, and sales!

How MediaOne SEO Services Can Help You

Rank Up To Page #1 The Smart Way

Remember the last time you didn’t make a purchase without first doing a quick Google search? If your answer is along the lines of “I can’t recall”, it’s probably with good reason. Each year, more than 2.8 trillion search queries are made on Google alone. In fact, 75% of users are usually not willing to go beyond the first page of search results. So, having a well-designed website is simply not enough for your business if it does not land on Google Page #1.

With search engine optimisation (SEO), your website can be optimised to put you at the forefront of your target audience, thus improving your brand’s search engine rankings. Additionally, it is a great way to improve the experience and usability of your website.

At MediaOne, our SEO agency consultants are well equipped with the knowledge and technical expertise. Let us help you alleviate the frustrations of seeing your competitors at the top of search engine results by optimising your website to gain visibility through organic searches. We leave no stone unturned during optimisation and won’t stop until your website is on page #1. Unlike other agencies who tell you about using “secret sauce” methods and simply brushing you off by telling you they will give you some “booster links that will shoot up your rankings”, MediaOne does the work the hard way – but the work that WORKS: fixing the on-site and on-page issues that search engines demands. Thats why our success rate is an incredible 83% – no other agencies COME CLOSE!


“MediaOne is our partner in Search engine Optimisation and Search engine Marketing. We find them very honest and very knowledgeable. There is no BS and no painting a too rosy picture. What you see is what you get.”

– Paul Ho, iCompareLoan (the top loans review site in Singapore)

We Are Ranked #1 And #2 If You Google For “SEO Agency Singapore” and “SEO Singapore” and “Marketing in Singapore” and “Advertising in Singapore”. No other agency COMES CLOSE!

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Sample Of How Our SEO Service Ranks Sites – This Could Be You!


results of good and constant optimisation of website

best practices in search engine optimisation

improving website ranking via conforming to page rank factors

* green denotes first page on Google, dark green denotes ass-kicking top 3 positions

With plenty of first page rankings like our clients, you too can soon be getting a lot of leads and a lot of sales flowing your way.

Nothing says: BIG established company like a first page ranking regardless of whether you are a large multinational corporation or a SME or even an entrepreneur.

We will help you – whether or not you are a large company seeking to dominate the market locally or internationally. We will help you – whether or not you are a one-man show seeking to take on the world on your own terms.

Call us at our hotline (65) 6789 9852 or click on the [ GET A FREE QUOTE ] button on the left now. This could be the most important call you will make this year.

“We just started an SEO project with MediaOne and the team has been very helpful. They provided easy and fast communication for questions, suggestions and requests. Also, they would monitor the campaign’s performance from time to time to ensure the keywords are ranking on Google SERP.I would like to thank the team for their professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and customer-focused account management.”

– Belinda Wong, Assistant Manager, Surbana Jurong Pte. Ltd.


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SEO Fun Facts

68% of people conduct research on search engines before purchasing
75% of users do not look beyond page 1 of search engines
80% of organic clicks come from SEO
14.6% of all SEO leads close (whereas only 1.7% leads close from traditional media)

MediaOne Advantages

MediaOne is more than just an experienced SEO in Singapore. Besides boasting a strong client portfolio, we work with your best interest at heart and continuously strive to stay atop of emerging trends so you can receive the service you deserve.

Here are a few ways in which MediaOne SEO differs from other companies:

White Hat SEO

Unlike many other companies that influence search engines into artificially higher rankings that do not sustain in the long run, MediaOne avoids risky rank-quick schemes and adheres to industry’s best practices and Google’s stringent guidelines.

We take the grueling process of auditing websites in the eyes of how search engines would perceive them, and come up with tailored solutions to eradicate errors and improve its functions. Essentially, this ensures that your website increase in ranking on SERPs and remains there long after your campaign has concluded.

6 Months Guarantee

Here at MediaOne, we deliver promising results and take our commitment very seriously. We guarantee to increase your conversion rate and to get your website up on Google Page #1 with 30% ranked within 6 months or less, and we will not stop until we achieve our target.

In any case that we miss this target, rest assured that we would provide you with up to 6 month-by-month services until your target is met—at NO additional cost.

24/7 SEO Reports

MediaOne takes the extra step of ensuring transparency in our processes and progress. Log in at any time of the day with our 24/7 real time client reporting system, which allows you to track the process of your campaign at any point of time. With all SEO data at our fingertips, we are able to observe your visitor’s behaviours to tweak strategies when necessary.


“I’m really pleased with the service and help I received from MediaOne, especially Zack. I have been dealing personally with Zack who has been very supportive and helpful with the concerns I had. The audits are very detailed showing many areas of duplicate content, broken links, keywords and numerous other recommendations on how to improve our site. The SEO team has developed and upgraded our website and promoted my business very efficiently. Kudos and keep it up!”

– Derrick, Kaiden Group Pte. Ltd.


engage social media marketing firms in singapore

The SEO Journey

1. Plan

Receive your website audit and keyword proposal

Receive your website audit and keyword proposal

As a head start, the initial stages will focus on research, strategy planning and onsite optimization. Our consultation with you will give us a deeper understanding of your business – from products or services, to target audiences, visions for the company, branding etc. This will be followed by a thorough competitor and consumer research, before your website gets audited to identify any pressing issues your business is facing.

By pinpointing your website’s strengths and the main concerns why your SEO strategy is not paying off, our experts would then find the best actionable method to let you jump to the head of the line.

With the data and statistics collated, a keyword proposal will also then be composed to undergo a series of testing to see if they work well for your campaign. This process goes on routinely throughout your campaign as it progresses.


Launch your campaign and optimize your website both onsite & offsite

Launch your campaign and optimize your website both onsite & offsite

At this point, the planning and implementation of a paid or organic strategy commences, based on the detailed and extensive analysis of your brand, target audiences, and goals. Since the content of your website is essentially what customers count on, we only produce powerful content to help your website propel its visibility organically through online searches.

Duplicate content and links will thus be removed while broken back links will be corrected or removed entirely. In addition, we will also maximise your user interface and create fresh, engaging content while we’re at it.

These enables your website to be ranked at the top in SERPs, translating into more exposure for your brand, and more clicks to convert your prospects into leads.

3. FLY

Watch your conversion rates shoot up by 500%

Watch your conversion rates shoot up by 500%

As it approaches the fourth and fifth month, Watch your rankings go up on Google page #1 and your conversion rates skyrocket!

The MediaOne Difference

 MEDIAONEOther Digital Marketing Firms
No Setup FeecheckedDepends
No Minimum Contract PeriodcheckedUsually requires a contract period
Transparent SEO ReportscheckedNone or hide a lot of information
Everyday Consulting HotlinecheckedNone or unresponsive
Keyword or KPI GuaranteecheckedUsually not guaranteed
ROI Friendly RatescheckedUsually charge high monthly fees
Comprehensive Technical AuditcheckedSuperficial
Comprehensive Technical FixescheckedSuperficial
Journalist-class SEO CopyrightingcheckedNo
SEO Forensics To Fix Deep IssuescheckedNo
Rank Tracking Tool (24/7)checkedVaries
Regional/International RankingcheckedNo

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