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We have been informed that individual(s) have been advertising via social media, Whatsapp and other channels purporting to offer freelance hourly and pay-for-action jobs on Instagram etc. They recruit via Telegram, Whatsapp, emailing and other channels

The perpetrator(s) goes by the name of “Lim Shi Wei”  or “Michelle”  or “Huiyi Cao“, or “Jasmine” (among other names) representing “Media One SG” (‘sic’ as we are MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd). They also use the handle “MEDIA ONE SG A1188” or combinations of “MEDIA ONE SG XXXX” and etc. Even our UEN no., logo and official address have been quoted to lend legitimacy to the ruse.

Their numbers are 80524465 and 89360257 amongst others.

They are trying to hire people to like, share and repost on social media and claim to pay mainly in MYR for each action.

We are NOT offering hourly rated or pay-per-action jobs in such a manner. Please seek clarification by using our Live Chat Agent, or calling these numbers 67899852 or 92988588 or 91908018 or Police 999 (quote our own police report no. F/20220921/2124) if you have been approached.

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