This marketing grant is an annual grant that supports Singapore businesses with up to $10,000 for solutions that are supported by ESG. Get government support to increase your:

  • marketshare
  • branding
  • visibility
  • traffic
  • leads
  • income
Use MediaOne’s 13 years of digital marketing prowess in powering billion-dollar enterprises into a distilled package to help SMEs like yourself quickly get ahead. Here is your chance to get more income and expand!

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Furthermore, eligible employers for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)** will receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the out of pocket expenses on qualifying costs.

Your out-of-pocket expenses can be as low as $395.

Do not hesitate any longer as these grants have a limited availability.

Every day you are sitting on your hands, your competitors are using MediaOne's powerful digital solutions to gain tremendous advantage over you.


The PSG digital marketing grant is an annual grant that supports Singapore businesses with up to $10,000 for solutions that are supported by ESG.

With this funding support, the scheme serves as an avenue for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt more cost-efficient and productive business methods.

The grant provides eligible SME businesses with up to 50% support for their digital marketing efforts. These digital marketing may consist of solutions such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media advertising (SMA), etc.

Use MediaOne’s AI-powered digital strategies to weave a comprehensive and effective solution to bring you long-lasting success, and show your team how its done.


Note: please be advised that the PSG grant has been lowered to 50% since 1st April 2023.


MediaOne distills our award-winning SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Content Marketing which has helped thousands of global brands like P&G, Canon, Acer, and Hotel Intercontinental as well as SMEs like you succeed. Here are some of our solutions:

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Our SEO services enhance SMEs' online visibility, attract targeted traffic, and boost rankings, leading to increased brand exposure and business growth.

PSG Digital Marketing Grant Vendor 1

Google Ads (SEM)

Our SEM services drive targeted traffic, maximize online advertising ROI, and increase conversions, resulting in SMEs' success and growth.

PSG Digital Marketing Grant Vendor 1

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services engage audiences, build brand authority, drive website traffic, and generate leads, empowering SMEs to achieve success.

PSG Digital Marketing Grant Vendor 1

Social Media Paid Campaign (SMA)

Our social media buy services amplify SMEs' reach, target the right audience, drive engagement, and boost conversions, leading to significant reach and ROI on social media platforms.

PSG Digital Marketing Grant Vendor 1

Social Media Organic (SMM)

Our social media organic posting and management services foster meaningful connections, build brand loyalty, drive engagement, and propel SMEs towards success.

PSG Digital Marketing Grant Vendor 1

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our highly established digital marketing consulting services provide strategic guidance, optimise campaigns, and leverage data-driven insights to drive SMEs' success and growth.


  • AVOID THE PAIN and costs of hiring digital marketers, only to find that they are not qualified or you are not equipped to manage them.
  • REDUCE the months and even years of opportunity costs while your savvy competitors forge ahead by securing expert help from the start.
  • SEIZE the opportunity to let the government co-share in your marketing costs.
  • FAST-TRACK your growth by using this grant to get experts to customise your strategy, implement a solid plan, start generating traffic and sales
  • ENGAGE the decade-plus digital marketing veterans: MediaOne to train your team and start them on the track chart your company’s growth online.

Savvy SME owners turn to MediaOne because they recognise our 13 years track record creating high-performing campaigns for large enterprises for their international $xxxK campaigns means that your campaigns are based on rigorously proven formula. When it comes to the success of your company – do not take any chances. Choose only MediaOne.

This is a limited opportunity with limited slots. Call us at 6965 7008 to find out how you can take advantage of the grant now. We have limited slots available.


To qualify* for the Productivity Solutions Grant, companies must first meet the following criteria:

  • Your business must be registered and operating in Singapore.
  • Your company cannot fall under any of these categories: charities, institutions of public characters (IPCs), religious entities, voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs), government agencies, or their subsidiaries.
  • Your business must have at least 30% local shareholding, but this only applies to selected solutions.
  • If your company belongs to a corporate group, your company group’s annual sales turnover should not exceed S$100 million, or the company group’s employment size should be no more than 200 employees.
  • You must purchase, lease, or subscribe to the IT solution(s) or equipment(s) for use in Singapore.
  • A corporate group includes the applicant, holding companies that own at least 50% of the applicant, and subsidiaries that the applicant owns at least 50% thereof.

If your business meets these eligibility requirements, you can follow our step-by-step guide to apply for the grant via the Business Grant Portal (BGP). Once the board approves it, you’ll receive a Letter of Offer (LOF).

Just log into your BGP account and click the “My Grant” tab to check the status of this letter.

Go ahead and accept the letter, and you’re free to take full advantage of our digital marketing solutions.


Each applying company is subjected to an annual grant cap of $30,000, starting on 1st April and ending on 31st March the following year.

The PSG affords qualifying SMEs with up to 50% subsidy for these PSG digital marketing schemes.

Furthermore, to encourage enterprises to pursue business and workforce transformation, the government provides a credit for eligible employers for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC**) to receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the out of pocket expenses on qualifying costs. With the additional SFEC, your out-of-pocket cost may be as low as $395.

We encourage you to contact us at 6965 7008 for a free consult or approach an SME Centre officer. Click this link to read more about contacting an SME Centre officer.

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Step One

Get in touch with MediaOne and describe your marketing and business needs. Disclose which digital marketing package (to be provided to you) you’d like to engage MediaOne for, and we’ll provide you with a Quote. We’ll also assign you a designated contact person.

Step Two

Head over to the Business Grants Portal here: Sign in using your CorpPass account. Click on “Apply for a Grant Now.”

Step Three

You’ll be asked to answer three quick questions about your business. Fill up and submit the application form including the Quote provided by MediaOne. You want to keep track of the application form by checking under the “My Grant” tab. Once approved, you’ll receive a Letter of Offer within a few weeks. Accept it.

Step Four

With the Letter of Offer, immediately get in touch with the designated MediaOne contact person. He/she will should guide you on what to do next.


Going with MediaOne for your PSG digital marketing is simple and well organised.

You will be guided along the entire process concierge style with our Central Project Management Team – not a common feature for most agencies are insistent on cutting costs at the expense of their clients.

MediaOne is without doubt the most organised and process-driven agency with our sophisticated project management, collaborative and proprietary AI-driven analytical tools.

Sprinkle into this mix: our 13 years of unparalleled experience, and the highest rate of success in the industry, you will achieve success with more certainty and assuredness!

mediaone makes the psg digital marketing process easy


Krissy Teo Head of Projects MediaOne

Krissy Teo

Head of Projects

carly lim project manager mediaone

Carly Lim

SR Project Manager

psg digital marketing project team angel chung

Angelina Chang

Sr Project Manager

chloe ho digital marketing project manager for psg

Chloe Ho

Project Manager

nicole yap expert digital marketing projects consultant mediaone

Nicole Yap

Project Manager

kenneth cheong marketing expert

Kenneth Cheong

Tech Lead





  • Get The Power Of Organic Rankings + Paid Google Ads To Get High ROI and Precision Marketing
  • 6 Months
  • SEO 10 Keywords
  • SEM (3 Months)
  • may be as low as $445 after PSG* and SFEC** eligibility
  • does not include ad credits
  • subject to GST


  • Get The Power Of Organic Rankings + Paid Google Ads To Get High ROI and Precision Marketing
  • 6 months
  • SEO 15 Keywords
  • SEM (3 Months)
  • may be as low as $499 after PSG* and SFEC** eligibility
  • does not include ad credits
  • subject to GST


  • Get The Power Of Organic Rankings + Paid Google Ads To Get High ROI and Precision Marketing
  • 6 Months
  • SEO 20 Keywords
  • SEM (3 Months)
  • may be as low as $689 after PSG* and SFEC** eligibility
  • does not include ad credits
  • subject to GST


  • Get The Power Of Organic Rankings + Paid Google Ads To Get High ROI and Precision Marketing
  • SMM (2 Months)
  • SMA (1 Campaign, 2 Months)
  • may be as low as $395 after PSG* and SFEC** eligibility
  • does not include ad credits
  • subject to GST


  • Ideal for companies which want the Long-term ROI of Organic Social Media + Search Engine Exposure
  • SMM (2 Months)
  • SEO 6 Keywords (6 Months)
  • may be as low as $395 after PSG* and SFEC** eligibility
  • does not include ad credits
  • subject to GST



The PSG is a government grant that supports local SMEs that want to utilise IT solutions to improve their business operations. Enlisting the digital services of a pre-approved PSG vendor allows local businesses to have their project costs subsidised by up to 50%.

The turnaround time for a PSG application is up to six weeks.

But mostly, applications get processed within four to six weeks from the day you submit your application.

To speed up the processing time, you have to make sure the submitted quotations and invoices are the same as the pre-approved price packages — no proration allowed.

  1. A quotation from pre-approved vendor
  2. CorpPass
  3. Certificate of incorporation or other company information as required
  1. Companies that turn over $100M annually
  2. Companies that are not majority locally-owned
  3. Religious entities
  4. Charity organisations
  5. Government agencies and subsidiaries
  6. Voluntary Welfare organisations

Companies are not allowed to apply for more than one government grant for the same purpose. Companies that apply for the PSG will be required to declare whether they have previously applied for the PSG or a similar grant for the same digital solution or equipment.

Yes. Companies can apply for more than one supportable digital solution or equipment under the PSG.

Some of the digital solutions and equipment that qualify under the PSG grant include:

  1. Hardware (e.g., computers, servers)
  2. Software (e.g., antivirus, Microsoft Office, e-commerce)
  3. Cloud computing (e.g., storage, video conferencing)
  4. Network equipment (e.g., servers, routers, and switches)
  5. Digital marketing services (e.g., web development, SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc.)
  6. Mobile solutions (e.g., software and hardware for smartphones and tablets)

PSG also covers industry-specific solutions such as retail, logistics, food, wholesale, financial services, building and construction, and landscaping industries. It also supports businesses’ adoption of broad-based digital solutions such as Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management.

You can find a more comprehensive list of the top digital solutions/equipment that qualify under the PSG grant here:

Definitely yes! The grant is meant to help SMEs market themselves better and grow. If this means spreading wings overseas and helping the Singapore economy, that would be another objective the government supports (along with other overseas business and marketing grants).

Yes you will have to pay 100% upfront first.

At the end of the campaign, MediaOne will square off your campaign with the complete set of reports and documents that the IMDA (which is administering the PSG) needs.

If everything checks out then, you should get your subsidy back within 8 weeks (depends on the load).

No. Any PSG grant awarded to a company in a financial year will not be taxed.

Our PSG SEO marketing boosts your online presence, making your SME more visible on This drives more traffic, leads, and sales, helping your business thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

MediaOne’s PSG SEM maximises your online ads’ impact, reaching targeted audiences effectively. This boosts visibility, drives traffic, and converts leads, powering your SME’s growth in the digital arena.

Our PSG content marketing enhances your brand’s storytelling, engages your audience, and establishes authority. This drives organic traffic, cultivates leads, and fuels your SME’s digital success.

Our PSG social media marketing elevates your brand’s online presence, fosters customer engagement, and drives targeted traffic. It’s a potent tool to expand your SME’s reach and boost conversions.

Singapore offers several marketing grants to support businesses in promoting their products and services. Some of these grants include:

  1. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG): Supports projects that enhance marketing capabilities.
  2. Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant: Aids in expanding overseas market presence.
  3. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG): Assists in adopting marketing automation and digital solutions.
  4. Capability Development Grant (CDG): Supports marketing strategy development and implementation.
  5. Global Company Partnership (GCP) Grant: Encourages collaborations for international marketing efforts.
  6. Market Access and Partnership Program (MAP): Facilitates entry into new markets through market research and partnership development.

These grants aim to bolster businesses’ marketing efforts and enhance their competitiveness.