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Branding meets digital


Search and social media have forever altered the way customers view your brand.

Enter MediaOne Branding.

Branding Meets Digital

Branding is no longer that pretty logo at the side of the bus.

Search and social media have forever altered the way customers view your brand. This is where MediaOne Branding comes in…

We analyse, strategize, and create your brand. It’s our job to understand your unique marketing situation or what defines you as a unique business entity.

Thanks to our blue-chip brand experience, we can develop and position your brand to shine, through vivid creativity, smart strategizing, and apt messaging. 

We also optimise brand-specific user experience from every conceivable angle.

When branding meetings digital. MediaOne makes it work…

We plan to help you realise all the benefits of a creative brand agency. Logo development, copywriting, graphic design, and web design – we’re your best shot at this. 

We define stories, start conversations, and create visual languages. 

We’re your creative thinkers. 

We conjure ideas that make you laugh, make you cry, or slap you hard in the face. 

We uncover the truth so simple. You’ll be left wondering, “why hadn’t I thought of this before.”

MediaOne – “we could be that one thing your brand desperately needs.” 

We reposition confused brands, create new ones, refresh haggard ones, develop new identities, and guide you on how to market your business – from advertising, marketing, and designing, all through to complete rebranding.

What Can we do for you today?

Brand Strategy

Think of strategy as your branding launch pad. It’s the starting point or the springboard that catapults or breathes life to both stagnant and emerging brands.

We understand brands and how they work. We can help you develop a winning strategy and fine-tune everything to make your brand more appealing to customers.

Brand perception matters. Your professional image and personality set the tone and stage for how the outside world perceives your brand. One right move or wrong move could alter everything.

A brand strategy eliminates the fear of things heading south. It gives you a reliable plan that works to create a positive perception of your brand.  

Brand Design

Brand design captures the essence of everything you aspire to be.

Our in-house team of brand designers will closely examine your brand and all the small details that make it unique. It will then make sure that all this is reflected in your brand design, whether you’re a new brand or existing one and in dire need of a rebrand.

We focus on making your brand design memorable, beautiful, fresh, and a perfect match to your collateral. We want it to be emblematic of everything you represent as a brand.

It’s through brand design that your vision gets to meet our creativity and collaboratively work together for the common good of your business.

In the end, we deliver brand designs that are utterly unique, void of clichés, and perfectly aligned with everything you stand for as a brand.

Brand Story

Tell your authentic brand story to inspire trust and transform your digital presence.

Tell your audience who you are, what business do you do, and why you are even doing it in the first place.

Think of your brand story as a blueprint to discovering who you are, and how to best put it in words.

An easy approach would be to turn to well-worn phrases. But we dig deep and ferret out words that best portray your brand.

Nothing flatters us more than our love of discovery and attention to detail. It’s through this that we’re able to create a compelling brand story that can penetrate the noise and establish your brand as a powerhouse.

Brand Social

How is your brand perceived on social media?

Again, it’s part of our job to make your brand shine on the various social media platforms.

Try looking into the number of brands people are researching and discovering on social media. You should be able to see why it’s considered a critical aspect of establishing a powerful brand identity and increasing brand awareness.

Social media breaks the barrier between companies and consumers — and in so doing, creates a direct channel of communication, as well as a platform to showcase your products and brand.

It’s a necessity that you wouldn’t want to miss in your marketing arsenal, and we plan to help you make the most of it.

Brand Design Services

We’re your branding lifeline, a creative team specialised with graphic design, environmental design, and digital print.

We professionally design a full suite of branding collaterals, with our expertise spanning across all forms of business collateral.

We create custom designs based on the exact needs of your brand, thus saving you the trouble of dealing with printers and suppliers yourself.  

Talk to us about your off-the-cuff design needs, and we promise to take the stress off your hands.

Digital Brand Services

Branding and marketing are connected at the hip. 

After you’ve successfully carved your brand identity, the next thing you want to do is get it out there to be noticed.

Digital marketing is the tool you use to push your brand online, where your audience can be found.

It’s what follows after you’ve successfully established a solid brand — the vehicle to making your brand accessible digitally.

Our team of digital brand strategists offers to support your brand with a full suite of digital marketing services.

Brand Naming

A good brand name identifies with what your business is offering. It also boosts brand recall and differentiates your business from competitors.

Calling a rose by any other name doesn’t change its scent. But choosing the right brand name for your business may mean the difference between being the talk of the town or being another business statistic.

Brand naming is a critical step to brand launching or refreshing. It’s what informs your customers what your business is all about.

We can help you secure branded .COM names as well!

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Search and social media have forever altered the way customers view your brand. This is where MediaOne Branding comes in…

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