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At MediaOne, we believe that customised, innovative design can mean the difference between a successful website and an ultimate failure. Speaking and connecting with your visitors by way of website design is no easy feat; especially when you are simultaneously trying to stand out among dozens of competitors on the web.

To take your online business to the next level, you need a website that can turn visitors into customer. This is what at Cheap Website Designs we are professionals at. Our company is a corporation of highly qualified web designers, search engine specialists and online marketers based in Singapore. We are dedicated to making a website design solution for your business. Our services are affordable, and our design perfectly suits the needs of your business. By employing the new technology, we will design a website that will keep your competitors out of the market.

As a team qualified website developers, our key aim is to design, develop and deliver high-quality website services. This has made us the leading team of website developers in Singapore. We design websites that drive high traffic for increased sales. As a team of experts, we understand the power of online marketing in today’s world and allow e-commerce.

Our websites deliver excellent customer experiences. We design functional, feature-packed and appealing websites that are SEO focused. This ensures that all features needed to grow your business and create engagement with the target audience are present. As a result, this increases your sales.

If you are, then you are at the right place. MediaOne offers a varied range of market-leading web design packages that are capable of positioning your business offering where it should be. As a premier SEO firm, our goal is to conjure a stylised and specialised website that is integrated with search engine optimisation (SEO) to drive traffic to your website so you can actually see real and quantifiable growth for you business.

We are not fans of template designs any more than you are. Our competency in understanding the power of digital marketing means that we have the ability of churning a fresh and engaging perspective for your business; one that has good balance of functionality and creativity solely through design.

The final product of our all-inclusive package is a responsive and SEO-friendly website that will flourish your business with opportunities to dominate search engine rankings.

For each and every client, our websites are created from the scratch to ensure that they are distinctive from other similar websites. This way, we are able to design websites that suit the needs of every particular client. In each website development step, we involve our clients to ensure that the design fits your business perfectly. Our team is always ready and learning new innovations in website development. This way, we are able to design websites with improved business branding. This results in enhanced users experience and functionality.

What differentiates us from our competitors?

Ever wondered why your business isn’t getting noticed online? Chances are your wewbsite was constructed wrong, which is why it is not performing on Google. These errors may include (but are not limited to):

design company

Low page loading speed due to excessive amount of images and scripts

css web design

A non-optimal sitemap that banishes crucial keywords in the hierarchy where they go undetected by search engines

corporate website design

Confusing site navigation that contributes to a poor quality user experience

business website design

Overpowering elements of design that allow less space for text

In order for your website to attract organic traffic from search engine users, MediaOne takes all of the above shortcomings into consideration so your final website can deliver results for your business.

The MediaOne Web Design Journey


wordpress based web design

Research on client’s market climate

Custom recommendations based on company’s primary objectives

talk to web designer



singapore designed websites

Website design conceptualisation from layout to visuals

Drafts and mockups for client’s approval

websites designed with good ux ui



seo optimised website

Design creation including full integration of SEO elements

Testing on private server for UX and website responsiveness

website design excellence



With years of experience working with sizeable MNCS, SMEs, government corporations and approximately 700 clients over the past 9 years, MediaOne is an agency that is able to work very closely with other top-of-the-field web design experts to deliver a stunning, high-functioning product that your business deserves. We also possess extended knowledge across varying industries to provide solutions for different requirements and different budget scales.

By taking the time to understand and research your objectives, we will craft affordable yet future-proof solutions so you can show your competitors you mean business.

Under our wings, we partake in a prolonged yet stress-free process with our clients that includes vigorous discussions, conceptualisations, proposals, drafts, mockup creations and conducting user acceptance tests (UAT) up till the point of final delivery. These crucial steps will make sure that your tailor-made website design is kept aligned to your brand, strengths and business requirements.

At the end of the day, our aim is to elevate the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of your website and this encapsulates the right mix of text, layout, content and visuals. A tangible manifestation of this is ultimately an eye-catching yet highly-functional website which flows seamlessly to accommodate the needs of the user. Regardless of a visitor’s intention on your website, his or her navigation process should be forthright, clear and intuitive without the need of actual guidance.

Our work at MediaOne not only strive for exceptional, quality design but also to make your website attractive and engaging to your target audience. Whether you are an organisation that seeks to update an existing website or intending to build one from scratch, we are the best company to work with because we go the extra mile to meld stunning design with award-winning SEO to give your website a Google-tastic boost. Remember that apart from just being well-built, your website must also be able to reach out to your customers in order to fly, and this can be effectively executed through SEO and the additional integration of social media marketing. Many website owners make the mistake of not laying out the foundations of SEO from the very get-go, leading to further complications down the road when the completion of their website handicaps their true SEO potential. To make sure that you achieve the best possible start, we put our heart into the nitty gritty details that matter and that includes the structure of your website and specific keywords in each sub-domain that can affect your website rankings. Having an abundance of symbols and numbers in your URL might hinder the signal quality of your page, as do dynamic URLs and content which possess no permanent address to be ranked.


Our website’s content management system alow our clients the ability to manage all of the images and content themselves through a secure backend dashboard, eliminating the ned for expensive updates. Our websites are designed to provide you with the added functionality of making content updates yourself, so you can update your website when and as needed 24/7 from any devices. We understand that often time is of the essence and ensure your CMS website loads quickly and offers al the features you’re looking for.

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