How To Do Social Media Marketing In Singapore

how to conduct social media marketing singapore

Over 50 billion businesses have social media accounts. Most of them use multiple social media marketing platforms. However, some enterprises have a few followers and engagements. These businesses don’t know how to use social media marketing to grow their followers and customers.

Relying on social media alone does not attract people to follow you. Customers may like your brand, but if you don’t give them a reason to engage in social media, they won’t follow you. Learn how to undertake social media marketing right now and delight your clients while increasing your return on investment.

Below are some tips on how to do social media marketing in Singapore and get desirable results.

  1. Establish a quality following

Social media marketing starts with the individuals you want to attract. You want to attract people who are likely to engage with your content. Poor engagement means that social media does not offer you any business benefits.

To develop a quality social media following, understand your target audience clearly and develop your posts with them in mind. Amuse people by creating content that satisfies their needs while giving them a good user experience.

  1. Set your Social Media Budget

If you want to get good results from social media marketing, you need to decide on the amount you want to spend on it. Many people view social media as a free advertising platform but there are costs involved.

Knowing them defines your business success

Businesses without a budget always fail to note when something is not functioning. They keep investing on it. Marketing on social media is a strategy. It is not just about adding posts and waiting for the best results. Create a budget for your advertising on social media and know where your money is going and why.

What Does Your Social Media Budget Entail?

There are various crucial elements in every social media budget. You can pay for them using your time and/or money. Here are some of them:

  • Content Creation – You need someone to create content for your social media business pages. The content includes blog posts, slideshows, webinars, memes, videos, etc.
  • Analytics, Split Testing, and Research – You will need someone to research on what will be most effective to your business. They may need to run tests using two methods to improve the results. They will need to analyze the results from analytics and learn from them.
  • Routine Social Media Management – Your account needs a person to manage the posts, reply to queries and comments, and offer a consistent experience.
  • Social media advertising – It is almost impossible to grow your social media following or enhance your online presence without paid advertising.

Acquire results by assessing your time and money costs with each of these elements. It is good to conduct online research if you are not sure of the price of each. The more closely you assess your expenses, the easier it is for you to allocate money on each of the aspects.

Set Clear Goals

What do you need social media to accomplish for you? You might say that you need to increase your profits. But like any other aspect in business, you need a clear approach to achieve it. To maximize your earnings, you need to undertake some steps. Here are the most significant ones that get addressed by social media:

  • Enhance your reach within your target audience – Get your brand to more individuals who are likely to become your clients. If only a few people see your business online, you have to accomplish this goal before you advance.
  • Build the online awareness of your brand – You need to determine how you want people to know and remember you online as well as what you will make them think of your brand when they are in need.
  • Increase engagement – Social media only works if you engage your audience. This gives proof to others, thus attracting more potential clients.
  • Generate leads – If you offer a brand that is not cheap, you may require to increase leads that you can grow through a more personalized manner by email marketing or salespersons.
  • Quick Signups/Sales – If your business deals with products or services that need fewer considerations, you can opt for a quick sale — however, this is more effective after executing the first two steps.
  • Improving the value of your customers – Social media is a great avenue to re-engage your existing customers and inspire them to spend more.
  1. Manage Your Paid Social Media Approaches

While you may view social media as a free means to access your potential customers, few businesses achieve success without investing in paid social media marketing. You can use paid social media marketing to grow your following, enhance engagement, generate leads, generate quick sales, and re-engage existing clients.

Learn That Engagement on Social Media Is A Two-Way Traffic

Most businesses that are trying to understand how to market their brand on social media find themselves talking at people. “Look at our new products”.

While it is partly okay, you need to understand that social media is the first place where people go when they want to be social. If they sense that your brand is talking at them, they will ignore you. You will lose your existing followers and never gain new ones.

Instead, understand how to do social media marketing perfectly and start conversations between you and your target customers. You can do this by incorporating engaging posts, responding to messages and comments, and following back liking, and sharing posts that side well with your brand.

  1. Develop Content That Attracts Your Followers

Creating content that your target audience loves is not a simple task. It starts with ensuring that you understand your target audience well. Research the individuals who they engage with, how they engage, where they engage, and the type of content that keeps them engaged. Then, create your content based on your findings.

Look for ways to align your brand with your target audience. Whatever you decide to include, ensure that it clearly relates to your brand. Your content should be used to further your brand goals. So, you will need to determine what works best for your existing and potential clients using social media analytics.

  1. Utilize Automation to Enhance Your Performance and Save Time

Managing social media is hard for many businesses. You don’t have to be among them. This way, you will increase your competitiveness.

There are automation tools that can assist you to save several hours of work. Time is money and hence you could be spending a lot more than you could if you get an automation tool.

Here are some of the ways through which an automation tool can streamline your social media:

  • Ensuring that you post your content at the best time. If you post once a day on social media, it will assist you to schedule your posts throughout the week. However, you still require to visit several times to engage with your audience.
  • Helps you get ideas. You may be searching the internet for ideas to include in your post. Automation enables you to set the considerations to bring the best concepts to use.
  • Adding posts on various platforms. Through automation, you can share your post on various social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook at once. But, note that users don’t use these platforms the same way. You will need to include some carefulness on how and what you post on each of the platforms.

Focus on learning how to use the software to get the best results. Or, you can use a digital marketing agency to put automation into work for your business accounts on social media.

  1. Boost Your Posts

If you have a post that received a lot of engagement from your followers on social media, you may be sitting on a great opportunity to maximize your ROI. If your following is high-quality, the followers represent your target audience. Boosting your posts is an excellent means to reach your potential customers.

If you have a post that had 1,000 likes and 10 engagements, imagine what could happen if your post is boosted to have 20,000 likes!

You can use these tips to get the best outcomes:

  • Don’t boost posts that are appreciated only by your existing customers. It is likely that the engagement was as a result of your followers having done business with you before. This post might not get a similar engagement with strangers.
  • Don’t boost posts that drive traffic to other people’s sites. It is normal for businesses to share other people’s content with their followers. But it is illogical to boost a post that links to other people’s websites.
  • Target narrowly. Most social media sites give you an option to specify your target audience for the boosted posts. If your business is local, target only local customers. The people who view your posts will most likely resemble your existing customers.
  • Use look-alike audiences. Instagram and Facebook can display your ads to individuals with similar characteristics to your followers. If you have a quality following, this is one of the best means of boosting your posts.
  1. Be Consistent

Social media contains so many people and so much content. Due to that, you may feel like you can just go unnoticed by the users if you post for a week and disappear for a few weeks.

Plan your schedule accordingly. Your audience notices your consistency. Have a consistent quality assurance, branding, posting frequency, and posting times to get fast quality results. Give priority to your social media and have specific times to do various tasks and stick with it. be consistent to increase your ROI.

  1. Enhance the Lifetime Value of Your Clients

If your business is new, it is logical that you are spending much of your time generating new customers. But once you have started attracting clients, you need to learn how to undertake social media marketing to retain them. You need to understand how to get them buying your brand again and again.

Existing customers are more likely to purchase from you again. But if you are not determined on re-engaging and retaining these clients, they are most likely to leave.

How do you use social media to re-engage customers?

You can use Facebook to retarget your customers and those who nearly made a purchase. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to display ads that are targeted to these individuals on Facebook and its affiliate partner websites like Instagram.

You can utilise this system to display ads to:

Your followers – Sometimes people follow you and later disappear. You can retarget them using Facebook Ads Manager to regain their interest.

Your visitors – These can be your customers or individuals who were close to becoming your clients. They are more likely to see your ad and click on it because they already recognize your brand. A study conducted in Singapore showed that these people who are familiar with a particular brand in are more likely to see their ad and click on it. using this strategy to retarget your clients can double your profits.

Existing contacts – You can upload your customer contact list to Facebook. Facebook displays your ad to these people. They are more likely to click since they are familiar with your brand.

When targeting these people, remember that they are not unfamiliar. Deal with them in a friendly manner to build trust and receive a purchase. In Singapore, studies show that increasing client retention by 5% increases business profits by 95%. The best way to keep your existing customers engaged on social media is retargeting them without being pushy.

  1. Convert Social Media Engagement into Paying Customers

Now that you have followers and a first engagement, you need to have a clear strategy on how to turn them into real clients. You should clearly understand how social media increases your income.

To convert your social media engagement into actual revenues, you need to link some of your posts to your website. It is simple to turn a visitor into a paying client once on your site.

Here are some ways to direct the audience to your site:

  • Showcasing new services and products
  • Using contests to get contact information for a chance to win.
  • Giving offers to lead people back to your website
  • Adding links to your blog posts on your social media posts.
  1. Utilise Analytics

Social media analytics tells you what is functioning and what is not. After applying any approach, track the results. Analytics quickly let you know if you are going the right way.

Some of the most significant aspects to track on social media include the following:

  • Demographics – Are you drawing the attention of your followers?
  • Navigation Paths – What paths do people take on your website? Are they visiting the places you want them to go?
  • What individuals do when they come to your site – This gets determined by the Bounce Rate, Length of Session, and Time on Page. Bounce rate is the number of users who leave your website without connecting to any page. Knowing how people relate to your site can assist you to see if you are attracting your audience or not.
  • Engagement rate
  • Profile views/visits
  • Where traffic comes from – It assists you to know where you are doing things right and where you need to improve.
  • Impressions – How many users are seeing your posts?
  • Net Follower Increase – How many followers are you gaining minus the ones you are losing.


Social media marketing involves more than what you see. Learning how to market your business effectively on social media, without doubt, takes time and money before you realize your goals. Before then, you must consider the above excellent and proven approaches to get fast results with less time and money.

December 12, 2018

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