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If you are not on the Facebook train you are missing out on the success many marketers, yes including your competitors, are enjoying. The best marketers are using Facebook to:

Setbacks your business might face with fb ads

Most businesses know they need to be on Facebook as their clients and target audience are spending an extraordinary amount of time on this global platform. However, like most, you might find yourself facing a few setbacks.

Do these issues describe what you are going through?

If these sound all-too-familiar, you might need to call for a Facebook expert’s help.

MediaOne’s Facebook Management service is just the answer you need.

Stop Losing Sleep. Start Getting Results!

We help you get rid of these headaches with:

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is the new paradigm of B2C advertising. With over 2.8 billion users on the platform, your brand has access to an unparalleled amount of exposure. In fact, statistics have shown that for the past few years…

24 %
of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising.
20 %
Business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than other people.
20 %
of consumers want to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional ad methods.
20 %
of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month.
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A Facebook Marketing strategy is essential

for your business to strive, let alone survive in this day and age. With an effective Facebook Marketing strategy, your brand would prosper from game-changing benefits such as…

Marketing On Facebook Skyrockets Your Brand Exposure

An ad on Facebook can be potentially seen by millions of people at a fraction of the cost of a billboard. Your Facebook ads can also…

Of course, achieving these results isn't easy. There are a lot of internal measurements and analytics to consider, such as...

Talk To The Brand Experts Who Have Been There And Done That

MediaOne has the largest share-of-voice of any agency in the Singapore online marketplace. Our content is read by millions of Singaporeans. So we do know a thing or two about branding and market dominance!

Get Leads Gushing In

Facebook has revolutionized lead generation and is proven to be far more powerful than traditional marketing methods. How?

Why let MediaOne manage this for you?

Personally Engage Your Loyal Customers

Facebook lets you directly communicate with your audience through instant messaging, making interactions much more personal. However, engaging customers online can cause repercussions if done improperly. Faux pas posts can cause heavy public backlash.

Our Facebook Management experts have in-depth knowledge of ToS, guidelines, customer profiles and current events. Which not only increases your engagement rates, but also minimizes your risks.

Facebook Drives Traffic to Your Website

92% of modern marketers utilize Facebook to drive traffic into their website. Why?

How MediaOne can help you dramatically improve traffic

In fact, we’ve helped a top accounting firm in Singapore increase their traffic by 87% using this method!

Get The Unfair Advantage In Facebook

MediaOne is not your typical Facebook management service agency. We are obsessed with anything to do with Facebook Marketing and helping businesses grow. In fact, we’ve been doing this for over a decade! So, what exactly can we do for you?

Reach Ideal Customers

We curate customized messages based on your customer’s buying cycle. We speak directly to customer’s pain points and help them overcome objections.

Find The Perfect Audience

We regularly run brand awareness campaigns for more organic followers. We use a sales-focused approach to nurture cold traffic and turn them into warm long-term clients.

Expand Internationally

We can help you grow your brand from local to an international market through ad strategies.

Retarget Potential Customers

We ensure that every remarketing possibility is explored so your product is always in-demand. We nudge the people who visited your website but got distracted while attempting to make a purchase.

Grow Your Revenue And Profit

Our goal is to ensure that your money always goes into the right adverts. We help you optimize advertising and maximise your revenue.

What Makes MediaOne Different?

Comprehensive Audits & Reporting:

We don’t just run the ads. We analyse and audit your Facebook ads account to reveal hidden opportunities and the areas to improve.

Years Of Award-Winning Experience:

We have been helping firms large and small succeed in the Facebook front for over a decade now. You get the benefit of our decade-long experience, research and powerful insights tools in your corner with MediaOne.

Focused On Increasing Your Profits:

Using our tested and proven Facebook marketing strategies, we help you develop a system that will be continuously working to increase your revenue and grow your profits.

Dedicated Support System:

We pair every single one of our clients with a dedicated in-house Facebook specialist who understands the ins-and-outs of Facebook Marketing like the back of their hand.

Our Facebook Management Services

As a full-service, multifaceted digital marketing agency, MediaOne offers a wide range of social media management services. Our services include…

General Social Media Management

We offer rolling social media management services for just about anything in the line of Facebook marketing. From setting up your page from scratch to running your Facebook account full-time.

Instagram Photography

Our team helps you shoot and post beautiful photos on your Facebook page, accompanied by compelling copy which entices your audience to engage with your page and willingly share your content .

Viral Videos

Videos are one of the more effective ways of gaining engagements. We curate impactful Facebook videos by managing your scripting, production and video editing process.

Facebook Ad Management

Facebook Ad Management is one of our specialties. Utilizing Power Editor and Ad Manager, we’ll help you allocate your ad spending strategically, finetune your target audience and select the right ad format for optimal results.

Competitor Analysis

We run in-depth competitor analysis to identify all the local competitors that are currently outperforming you in terms of engagement and audience size. We then optimize their methods for your business, producing even better results!

Engaging Fb Campaigns Set Up

We can help you set up a data-driven Facebook Ads Campaign and manage it for you from start to finish. We will ensure that the content is in line with your brand. Additionally, we’ll split test your ad copy, offer regular reporting, and continuously work on improving the ads for better results.

Ad Monitoring

We focus heavily on your ad reaches by monitoring your engagement rates, click rates and conversion rates. From there, we post regular reports and updates while perpetually optimizing and improving key areas.

Ad Writing

We’ll help you draft compelling Facebook ad copies, descriptions, headlines and more. To appeal to your target audience, your content will also be accompanied by high-quality graphics.

Budget Management

One of the most critical aspects of running an effective Facebook ad campaign is budgeting. While running any Facebook campaign, we customise your target audience and budget for everything with one goal in mind – to drive the highest ROI with little investment.

Our Facebook Marketing Process


We start by discussing your marketing objectives and goals with you and what your desired outcome is. We’ll then develop a personalized marketing strategy that gets your brand maximum exposure.


We pinpoint your ideal target audience based on age group, preferences and location. We’ll then create a customer profile for them through Facebook Ads Manager so your ads will prioritize and target the demographic first.


We help you set your budget for advertising and choose which ads to invest in. This way, you’re spending less but gaining back more in terms of ROI.


We will create compelling ad copies with high-quality graphics to suit your ideal clientele. We’ll also run split-tests to see which ones perform best while optimizing results to make it even more successful.

We repeat steps 2-4 continuously to ensure long-term growth and success.

The Tools We Use To Grow Your Business

Not all Facebook ads are the same. Nor do they generate the same results. Whether it’s promoted videos or product offers, Facebook ads allow you to target different audiences differently by choosing between eight other ad formats.

These different formats are the various tools we will use to reach out to different demographics of your audience.

mediaone fb marketing with high quality images


impress with fb videos by mediaone fb marketing agency



fb agency managed ad collection


facebook carousel sample as managed by agency


Aside from looking at family reunion pictures, slideshows are a great way to run ads. Nice visuals and great sounds really does make your business and products more attractive to the masses.
You can even optimise the visuals for slow internet speeds so everyone can easily access your ads.

Canvas (Instant Experience)

With Canvas, your Facebook ads aren’t just visually attractive, they are also incredibly engaging. You’re able to give customers a dynamic experience by making your ads fully interactive and customized with anything you want ( fillable forms, videos, buttons, links and so on.)

Boosted Posts (as low as $1)

For as low as $1, you can boost a post on your Facebook page and increase engagements. Boosted posts also allow you to target specific demographics of users, increasing the ROI on your ads.

Event Promotion

Facebook marketing also works with events. That means you can hold virtual events for your business at a low cost. You’ll be able to drive awareness and increase your event attendance by customising your Facebook ads to build anticipation and register responses.

Page Likes

Facebook marketing also works with events. That means you can hold virtual events for your business at a low cost. You’ll be able to drive awareness and increase your event attendance by customising your Facebook ads to build anticipation and register responses.

App Integration

With Open Graph, your customers can seamlessly link their Facebook accounts to your app.

Our Case Studies

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Shine On Every Social Media Platform

Search and social media have forever altered the way customers view your brand. This is where MediaOne Branding comes in…

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Facebook marketing refers to the process of actively creating and using a Facebook page as a communication channel for attracting and maintaining contact with your prospects and customers.

It’s a two-sided platform that offers marketers and business owners a range of highly-targeted ads that allow them to put their products or services in front of a massive target audience.

Facebook Ad Management refers to Facebook’s ad management tool for developing and managing your Facebook ads. As one of the leading providers of Facebook Ad Management services in Singapore, our services include monitoring every Facebook ad and making necessary tweaks and improvements to deliver maximum output.

Facebook Ad Management refers to Facebook’s ad management tool for developing and managing your Facebook ads. As one of the leading providers of Facebook Ad Management services in Singapore, our services include monitoring every Facebook ad and making necessary tweaks and improvements to deliver maximum output.

Facebook boasts the highest number of users. With more than 2 billion active users, no other platform comes close to its popularity level.

It’s also cost-effective, besides presenting a bundle of opportunities that advertisers can easily take advantage of.

Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, Facebook offers great space for connecting with your target audience to keep them informed, developing your brand identity, and broadening your reach.

There are so many ways to go about this. You can create a Facebook page, and make the most of it, run classic Facebook ads, host Facebook contests, promote your posts, sponsor stories, create open graphs, and so on.

Hiring an agency or a marketer will help you take extra responsibilities off your shoulder. You won’t have to worry about learning the ins-and-outs of Facebook Marketing, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

However, hiring an agency means that you’re outsourcing to a team of individuals with specialized talents, whereas employing a marketer means you’re hiring a single expert.

Aside from that, outsourcing to a Facebook Management agency saves more time and cost in the long run as you spend less time onboarding, training and developing new employees.

Why Facebook Marketing Important

Facebook marketing is a digital marketing strategy that entails advertising products and services on social media platforms like Facebook. According to a recent report by Talk Walker, 79% of the total population in Singapore are active social media users. This makes social media marketing the most powerful way of connecting with customers in Singapore.

Age distribution of social media users in Singapore


Concisely, social media is one of the best digital marketing avenues today. You not only have a chance to connect with a wider audience, but you get to form communities around your brand. Facebook remains one of the top social media platforms to use. Still, it can be challenging choosing one from the hundreds of Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore that will suit your schedule and budget. 

Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore come to help brands like yours achieve their digital marketing goals. While you could take on the task, a professional will get the job done in less time and cost. However, not all marketing agencies in Singapore are created equal.

Fortunately, we have researched, so you do not have to. We have looked at customer reviews and testimonials to create this list of the top Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore. Moreover, we will look at the tips you should consider when selecting a Facebook marketing agency, as well as an overview of the Facebook marketing prices, and the questions you need to ask Facebook marketing agencies before hiring them.

Choosing the Best Facebook Marketing Agency for Your Business

Facebook marketing is necessary for every digital marketing campaign. Irrespective of your objectives, or size of the business, the key to getting a higher ROI is to choose the best Facebook marketing agency that is in line with your business objectives. 

A majority of the marketing agencies have two classes of packages – standard and custom. The standard package has a variety of services that are suitable for all sizes and types of business. They are cheaper than the custom packages, and this makes them ideal for startups and SMEs who do not have a huge marketing budget. 

Unfortunately, the standard package might not hold the answer to all of your Facebook marketing needs. This makes custom packages a better solution despite being more expensive. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing between Facebook marketing agencies:

Tracking and Reporting

These are crucial aspects of social media marketing, and the marketing agency that you choose should provide regular updates over the progress of your Facebook marketing efforts. They should give weekly or monthly reports showing the impact of current strategies.

From the reports, you will be able to identify the strategies that are working and the ineffective ones. Depending on the quality of reports and attention to detail when tracking the metrics, you will know if you made the right choice in choosing the Facebook marketing agency. 

Below is a graph that details the average cost per click on Facebook ads. We hope this information will help you budget accordingly. 

Facebook Average Cost per Click

Source: WordStream


While Facebook marketing agencies should focus on delivering strategies that will best meet your desires and business objectives, they should also give suggestions on how to best achieve your goals. Ideally, the marketing agency ought to do an audit of your Facebook campaigns and pages.

The best Facebook marketing agency will advise you on how to improve your campaign to improve the ROI. The right agency will ensure that you succeed by giving recommendations based on their experience and expertise. 

Research and Analysis 

Much like SEO, Facebook marketing is also reliant on keywords, and Facebook marketing agencies need to know how to use them to target the right audience for your business. The marketing agency ought to be proficient, carrying out marketing campaigns for your industry niche as well as doing proper keyword research.

The research should be carried out alongside an in-depth analysis to prove the competitiveness of the specified keywords. Moreover, the analysis should help you identify the relevance of the keywords to your business. 

Send a Task and Review

With an increase in the number of Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore, reading customer reviews and testimonials will not help you in choosing the best marketing agency. To gauge the expertise of the agency, consider asking them to complete a task for your brand.

After reviewing, you will not only know what the company is capable of but also if the testimonials are real. The task could be anything simple right from creating a Facebook targeting ad or creating a content marketing plan. 

An Overview of the Pricing of Facebook Marketing Services

There is no way to predict how much you will pay a Facebook marketing agency, but you could get a rough estimate. Averagely, it costs SGD 1020 per month to implement professional Facebook marketing strategies. This translates to SGD 34 per hour. This is in the view that the marketer works 30-hour workweeks. 

Fortunately, most Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore offer three packages – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

Social Media Marketing Packages




Annual cost




Monthly cost




Manpower hours




Hourly cost





The tables below covers the type of services covered in different Facebook marketing packages.






Keyword optimization

Keyword research




Keyword targeting












On-page optimization

Title and  Meta tag optimization




Header optimization




URL structure optimization




Image and link optimization





Daily page management











Off-page optimization

Competitor analysis




Domain analysis




Facebook search performance analysis




Link analysis and building











Content optimization





Blog posting






Images and vidoes













Google Analytics




Performance Analysis





Monthly report





10 Different Types of Facebook Ad Formats: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Facebook Ad

With so many businesses advertising on Facebook and spending a pretty penny doing so, how do you make your marketing dollar count?

Well, you first have to figure out which Facebook Ad type works best with your campaign objective. 

In this section of the post, we’ll try to walk you through the different types of Facebook Ads, and even help you choose the right ads for your different campaign goals.


Facebook carousel

Facebook Carousel Ads

This ad format allows you to display up to 10 different images or videos on a single Facebook ad, with each image or video getting its own unique link.

It’s a pretty useful ad if you have more than one product to display or when you want to display your products from different angles. You can also use it to display a process or show transformation (before and after images).

How to Set Up Facebook Carousel Ads

To set up a Facebook Carousel Ad, you’ll first have to choose your campaign objective and then proceed to select “carousel.” 

Next, upload all the videos or images that you want to display. You’ll also be required to write a short headline and description for each image/video, followed by the URL that directs people to where you want them to go. 

You’re allowed to use the same URL for all the images or a different one for each image/video. 

You also have the option of automatically displaying the best-performing image first. All you have to do is check the box next to “Automatically show the Best Performing Card First.” 

How to Make the Most of This Type of Facebook Ad (Some Few Pointers to Use)

  • Take advantage of this ad format by using the slides to showcase a series, a narrative, or a range. Don’t randomly display the images. Instead, let them tell a story, show a range, or indicate a series – something that your viewers can follow and piece together.
  • The images you use must complement each other. You also have to make sure the visuals are not clashing. And most importantly, ensure there’s some coherency in the story they tell. 
  • Your best-performing carousel cards must appear first. There is a box to check for this to play out automatically. 
  • Use your creativity to make the most out of your carousel ad. For instance, you may use the carousel ad to share an affirmation text or recipe with your audience every day.
  • Consider creating a single long image for the ad to create a more immersive ad experience. Follow this link to learn how to create one. 
  • Here are Facebook Carousel Ad examples to check out for inspiration. 


Facebook Single Image_ads


Facebook Single Image Ads

This type of Facebook Ad allows you only to post one image. You, therefore, have to make sure you’re using the right image size. 

Ideally, your image size must be 1200 x 629 px.

A Few Pointers to Observe When Setting Up a Single Image Ad on Facebook

  • If you’re planning to overlay text on the images, then make sure the text overlays don’t cover more than 20% of the image. Otherwise, Facebook may not deliver it to as many people as it should. They may even fail to show it.
  • You also want to make sure your image is bright enough to capture viewers’ attention from the get-go.
  • Use a compelling subject line.
  • Make the image quality your priority. You have to make sure your images are not over or underexposed. They should be clear and sharp, not blurry. Try to upload the highest resolution as you possibly can. 
  • Use little image text. It’s even better when you don’t use it at all.
  • Run the image through Facebook’s image-text checker to confirm if you’re using the right image-to-text ratio. 
  • Use little or no text at all in your thumbnail


FB Video Ads


Facebook Single Video Ads

This operates the same way as Facebook’s Single Image Ad, only that you’re to post a video instead of an image.

It allows you to advertise short videos (not exceeding 60 seconds) on Instagram. 

Video ads are recommended because they allow you to pack more information.  According to the latest comScore report, 64% of customers are more likely to go through with a purchase after watching a product video. 

Video ads are the best when you’re looking to drive leads, conversions, and engagement.

A Few Pointers to Observe When Setting Up Single Video Ads on Facebook

  • Use an attention-grabbing video title and the thumbnail image
  • Your videos must be short and sweet, not exceeding 60 seconds (preferably less than 15 seconds long). 
  • The video must be optimised for mobile
  • Upload the highest resolution possible
  • Caption the videos to increase the view time
  • Create your videos for sound off. The reason being, a majority of the viewers will be playing your video on mute.

FB Slideshow


Facebook Slideshow Ads

Not to be confused with carousel ads. Slideshow ads appear as a single image that keeps on changing depending on how you’ve set them.

There are two ways to create a Slideshow ad:

  1. One is by creating the slideshows yourself and uploading them on Facebook as a video.
  2. The second one is where you use Facebook’s Slideshow Creation tool.

Facebook has one of the most advanced Slideshow creation tools you’ll ever come across online. 

They even offer different branded formats, text overlays, music, and fun additions for you to choose from.

Facebook allows you to upload an original image for your slideshow or choose from the available stock images.

When to Use a Slideshow Ads?

If your target audience is from an area with a poor network connection, then a Slideshow ad can make an excellent alternative to video. 

  • They’re also a great way to tell your brand story. All you have to do is upload your images and then choose from the stills provided to tell your story.
  • They can display multiple products or a single product from various angles. 
  • They can also be used to display tutorials or recipes. 
  • They also work with transformations — to display before and after comparisons. 

Why Facebook Slideshow?

They’re easier to set up and a perfect alternative to videos. Where you do not wish to use videos, a faster alternative would be to consider making a slideshow.


Facebook story ads

  • Facebook Story Ads


Facebook stories are the equivalent of Instagram Stories. They’re the full-screen images or videos that automatically disappear in a day (after 24 hours). 

According to a recent report, more than 50% of the marketers that use stories (whether on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, or Instagram) to advertise their products or sales at least end up with a deal or sale.

Here’s what Facebook recently revealed about their stories:

  • 56% of users that saw a product or service on their stories went ahead to check out the brand’s website for more information. 
  • 50% of the users that saw a product or service on their stories tried searching for it on the brand’s website
  • 38% of the users talked about it with the people they know,
  • 34% of the users that saw the product visited the physical store


Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger Ads

Messenger ads will directly appear in users’ inboxes, formatted as either videos, images, or carousel. 

The easiest way to set up messenger ads is through automatic ad placement. This will weigh in on the available options and send the ad where it’s likely to generate the best results and at the lowest cost possible. 

Why Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook messenger ads act as a conversation starter. They place your users in a position where they can directly initiate a conversation with you. 

You can right away start chatting instead of having to drag users from somewhere else to their inbox. 

You can even send sponsored messenger messages to users that you’ve ever had a conversation with. These messages will be directly displayed in the users’ inboxes, like regular messenger messages. 

Follow this link to learn more about Facebook Messenger Ads. 


Facebook Collection ads

Facebook Collection Ads

Collections ads are one of the best ad formats for showcasing products. You can use them to showcase multiple products for an immersive experience that makes it easy for users to discover your products.

Collection ads are similar to Carousel Ads because they allow you to display multiple products or services at once.

The two might be similar in so many ways, but a few distinguishing factors set them apart.

The Difference Between Collection Ads and Carousel Ads


Collection Ads

Carousel Ads


Displays on mobile only

Displays on both mobile and desktop 


Images can be perused by swiping up and down

Perused by swiping across


Works better with ecommerce 

Works better with any industry


Large photo or video at the top, with a list of product images or videos underneath it

Single image or video followed by other photos or videos on the right


Will take your users to your Facebook store to purchase your products or services

It takes users to a specified webpage or website. You have to provide a link where your users will be directed after interacting with your ad


Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

Leads ads are used to inform. You can use them to inform users about your business, offers, and explain why they need to share their contact details with you.

They’re better suited with newsletter subscriptions or when you need to request a quote, event registration, and so on. 

Why Facebook Lead Ads

The contact forms come pre-populated with your contacts’ information. This makes it easier for people to fill them up, thus reducing drop-offs. 

Add custom questions into the form to learn a thing or two about your target audience.

Facebook Leads can be set up either from the Facebook Ads manager or from your page. 

A Few Pointers on How to Make Facebook Lead Ads Work for You

  • Keep your forms short and straight to the point by trimming off unnecessary fields. In other words, you should stick with what’s relevant and ignore the rest. Keep in mind that longer forms lower conversion. 
  • Use multiple-choice questions. At the same time, you want to make sure your questions aren’t too long or hard to answer. 

Don’t make it harder for your users by providing so many choices. When asking multiple-choice questions, you want to limit your choices to at most four options. 

  • Thank users for filling up your forms. You can do this by adding a custom “thank you” note at the end of the forms. 


Facebook dynamic ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads

As the name suggests, these are dynamic ads that allow you to promote your product to people that have shown interest in your offering, website, app, or anything affiliated with you. 

It’s designed to track user activities and serve them with ads based on their online history. 

These ads can be created in any of the formats we’ve mentions – video, image, collection, or carousel. 

Why Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are more advanced. Instead of creating an ad for every single one of the products in your pipeline, you can create a template that automatically pulls product images and other details directly from your catalogue, thus saving you the trouble of having to create these ads manually. 

For example, assuming you’re selling shoes. When a user checks a particular type of shoes, the ad will automatically pull that image and other relevant information from your catalogue and use them to create an ad that targets those particular users.

That way, you do not have to create an ad for every single one of the products in your catalogue.


Facebook Link Ads

Facebook Link Ads

Link Ads were created to direct users to your website or landing page.

It’s a single image ad that’s clickable and very effective at minimising drop-offs. 

These ads can appear virtually anywhere (newsfeeds, Stories, Instagram, you name them). 

The five Key components to Facebook Link Ads: 

  • Image: The image serves one essential goal — and that’s to help you grab your users’ attention. A catchier image translates to better ad performance
  • Headline: To inform the reader or viewer about what your ad is all about. Your headline must be short, engaging, and straightforward. 
  • Copy: Accompanying text explaining your offer. 
  • CTA: Describes the expected course of action. What do you want users to do after viewing your ad? 
  • Link description: Describes the destination website or landing page. What should your readers expect?

A Few Pointers to Help You Make Facebook Link Ads Work for You?

  • Choose the best photo (high quality, clear, conspicuous, and interesting to view). 
  • Be nice with words. If you can’t write a compelling copy for the headline and description, at least hire a professional copywriter to help you out with this. 
  • Must include a CTA button, e.g. Show Now, Download, Watch, Learn More, Sign Up, etc.   


Questions to Ask Facebook Marketing Agencies before Hiring

The above are some of the best Facebook marketing agencies in Singapore. We are sure that you will find several that meet your needs and budget. However, it is best if you took out several quotes and ask them these questions to ensure you pick the most appropriate choice.

What Differentiates You From Your Competitors?

On average, a Google Search for top social media marketing agencies in Singapore brings up more than 120,000 results. Unfortunately, not all of these agencies will be right for your brand. For this reason, you need to ask them what sets them apart. 

Ideally, the agencies ought to give answers that show that the agency has a solid mastery of Facebook marketing, a track record of working in your industry, as well as a well-defined and articulated process. The answers will tell you which marketing agency is invested in creating a successful social media reputation and cares about the needs of its clients. 

What Attribution Window Do You Use And Why?

This is, by far, one of the most important questions missed when interviewing Facebook marketing agencies. The average attribution window is one day post view and 28 post clicks. You should look for similar metrics or better.

What Facebook Campaign Objectives Do You Use?

If your marketing goals are at the bottom of the funnel, as well as being revenue and acquisition-based, it is crucial that you are not dealing with an agency that only looks at increasing brand awareness. 

While the objective might have its merits, you should be careful not to invest time and resources only to find that you are leaning against the wrong digital wall. 

Do You Include or Exclude Devices and Placements in Your Targeting?

Most brands today focus on knowing who their customers are, but they have no clue of who are not their customers. Do not make the mistake of leaving it up to the marketing agency. Once the agency has done its research on the customers, ensure that you have a list of the audience that is not your customer. 

This will ensure that you do not waste time and money promoting your brand to the wrong audience. 

What Type Of Creative Assets Do You Recommend In The Beginning? 

Depending on how the agency representative answers this question, you will be able to gauge the level of their Facebook marketing expertise. The agency ought to provide case studies with real data with regards to your or a similar brand. 

An experienced Facebook marketing agency professional will give examples of experiences of why they believe to be the best creative assets. 

How Do You Structure Your Account To Address New And Existing Customers?

Every Facebook marketing campaign is modified based on how much your customers know, like, and trust you. For this reason, the agency ought to do an audit of your Facebook account and choose the most appropriate CTA buttons. 

For example, new customers are likely to click on copy reading such as ‘Explore,’ and ‘Learn More.’ Pre-qualified buyers are more likely to click on CTAs such as ‘Subscribe Me,’ and ‘Buy Now.’ You need to work with your agency to pick the most appropriate wording for your campaigns. 

How Do You Define The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for Facebook?

The cost per acquisition is a critical metric used in determining the ROI of your Facebook campaigns. While most agencies tend to focus more on the CPA, the better marketing agency ought to have average revenue per customer. 

They ought to calculate and show you the average CPA for new customers as well as existing customers. Be sure to ask for the methodology they used when coming up with the CPA number. Monitoring the CPA will help you in calculating your profits at the end of the financial year or quarter.  

Do You Outsource Your Work?

Businesses have found a variety of ways to cut costs, and outsourcing is the easiest and most popular option. The approach they take will affect the quality of their services. It is, therefore, necessary that you find out how the marketing agency in Singapore operates on a day-to-day basis. 

If they use third-party service providers, the agency acts as the broker. The worst thing that could happen is that the message you give to the Facebook marketing agency might get lost in translation. This will result in low-quality work and poor results. Ideally, you should hire an agency that handles all their projects in-house.