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On average, Singaporeans spend about one-sixteenth of their waking hours on Facebook.

The platform, well-and-truly, has our attention – and smart businesses in Singapore are using it to their advantage.

We’re not talking Facebook ‘likes.’ We all know they barely scratch the surface of what Facebook is built for. To optimise the world’s leading social network, you have to dredge deeper than that. With nifty Facebook advertising tools, you can trim down your audience to perfection. So, expect engagements, clicks, leads, and sales.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

There’s a significant disconnect between people who understand the benefits of marketing on Facebook and those still struggling to get started with it.

If you’re in the latter category, we suggest you keep reading. We’re about to walk you through some of the ways Facebook can help you build your brand presence.

That said, here are a few ways your business could benefit from Facebook marketing:

Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is all about putting your business or brand in front of the right people (read: prospects). It’s about eyeballs. The more people are exposed to your brand, the more they’re likely to take action.

Brand awareness is a critical part of the whole process because it’s the first step to conversion.

But it runs deeper than that.

It’s about crafting the right business goals, sending the right marketing messages, and choosing the right visuals.

Lead Generation

Let’s face it. Social media users don’t like seeing bland ad copies on their Facebook newsfeed.

The last thing you want is to waste your ad spend advertising to people with zero interest in your product offering. With Facebook ads, you can trim down your audience to target interested parties only.

This allows you to target more qualified leads for better returns on your investments. You get to make the most out of your ad spending by targeting the right group of people.

Customer Service

There’s a lot to learn about your target audience by advertising on Facebook. Whether successful or not, just running an ad campaign is enough to clue you in on so many many things that you didn’t know about your target audience.

You’ll get to learn about the type of content that best resonates with your audience. You also get to experiment with different types of ads to see which one of them garners the most attention.

In the end, all the information you gather should help you craft a more promising advertisement plan for your future campaigns. 

Drive Traffic

It’s simple: increased social media interactions translate to increased website traffic.

One of the reasons some company websites are so successful is because they have maintained active and consistent interactions with their target audience.

Facebook management increases your brand exposure through positive online reviews, exciting content, paid ads, and online communities. However, you want to make sure all your posts are interesting or worth reading for your audience to carry your content forward.

Why MediaOne Facebook Management Services

We’re not your ordinary Facebook management service agency. We’re obsessed with helping your business grow and make the most out of your Facebook ad spend.

We can help you out with the following:

Reach Ideal Customers: We can achieve this through customised messaging. Instead of randomly mass-shooting messages, we send personalised marketing messages based on your customers’ stage in the buying cycle. We try to ensure these messages speak directly to your customers’ pain points and challenges while also helping them overcome their objections and get them to buy from you repeatedly.

Find New Audiences: We can help you find new audiences by running a series of brand awareness campaigns and nurturing cold traffic using a sales-focused approach – where we focus on increasing your business value and get customers to warm up to you.

Retarget Potential Customers: It’s our job to make sure no money slips through the cracks. We’ll help you explore remarketing possibilities. Nudge the people who visited your website but got distracted while attempting to purchase your products or services.

Expand into an International Market: Want to try an international market but don’t know how? Let’s help you formulate a Facebook ad strategy that resonates best with your global audience.

Grow Your Revenue and Profits: Our goal is to see you make the most of your ad spend. We offer to help you maximise your revenue and grow your profits.

What Makes Us Different?

Comprehensive Health Checks: We don’t just run the ads. First, we have to analyse and audit your Facebook ads account to reveal hidden opportunities and the areas to improve. We do this by focusing on the three pillars of running a successful Facebook ad campaign: tracking, audiences, and creativity.

No Cookie-cutter Approach: We treat each business differently by providing a Facebook ad roadmap and strategy tailored around your business goals and customers.

Profit-focused Agency: using our tested and proven Facebook marketing strategies, we try to cut through the Facebook noise and develop a system that will be continuously working to increase your revenue and grow your profits.

Dedicated Support System: We pair every single one of our clients with a dedicated in-house manager who understands Facebook ads to the core. Working with us is all about establishing a collaborative and transparent relationship with clients.

Always Experimenting: As specialists in this field, we’re always looking for the latest trends, developments, and opportunities to achieve the best results. Quite often, the road to achieving the best marketing results isn’t what Facebook recommends.

Types of Facebook Exposure

Not all Facebook ads are the same. Nor do they generate the same results.

Whether it’s promoted videos or product offers, Facebook ads allow you to target different audiences differently by choosing between eight other ad formats.


Use high-quality imagery to capture the attention of your target audience in the news feed. Images work to ensure that your ad doesn’t escape your user’s attention. After that, you can direct them to take whatever action you have in store for them – whether it’s liking your page, downloading your app, or visiting your website.


How about we help you compress your marketing message in a simple video showcasing your products or services, or even telling your brand story in a manner that your target audience can easily connect with you.


You’re not just limited to one image when creating Facebook ads. You can post a collection of them in mini catalogues displaying multiple products adjusted to your audience’s interests.


You can showcase your images in style. There are times when more is better.

You can run a single ad but with up to ten images or videos, with the option of assigning a unique link to each image.


You can even run slideshows in the name of ads. Let nice visuals, accompanied by great sound, sell your business or products to the masses.

You can even optimise the visuals for slow internet speeds.

Canvas (Instant Experience)

Your Facebook ad doesn’t have to be silent.

So how about you throw in a dynamic experience by making it interactive, a full-screen ad customised with anything you want (fillable forms, videos, buttons, links, and so on).

Lead Generation

It used to be that when you want to generate leads from Facebook, you were to create a separate landing page where you’ll be directing users to go and complete the rest of the process.

But Facebook ads have significantly advanced. You can now combine all the ads features (videos, carousels, and images) into one ad, with an option for users to enter their contact details without necessarily leaving the app.


Run an ad with an exclusive offer or special discount that your potential customers can easily click through to claim.

Boosted Posts

You can share a link on your Facebook page and boost it with as little as $1 to increase its viewership and drive engagement. The post will appear in users’ newsfeeds, targeted according to age, interest, and more.

Event Promotion

Facebook marketing also works with events.

You can drive awareness and increase your event attendance by customising your Facebook ads to build anticipation and register responses.

Page Likes

Run a promotion that targets a specific group of Facebook users to like your page. This is an excellent strategy to draw followers to your future native Facebook posts.

App Integration

With Open Graph, your app users can share their Facebook experiences to create a connection between your customers and their Facebook connections.

Our Facebook Management Services

As a full-service, multifaceted digital marketing agency, Media One offers a wide range of social media management services.

From general Facebook management to paid advertising, Media One is equipped to handle everything.

Either way, every single one of their social media campaigns is designed to support your marketing objectives and inch you closer to your business goals.

We strategise, execute, track, analyse, and repeat.

Our social media management services include:

General Social Media Management

We offer rolling social media management services for just about anything in the line of Facebook marketing.

You can even hire us to build your social media profile from scratch, set up page roles, create a copy of your business page, customise notifications, organise page tabs, promote your page, run your entire Facebook ad campaign, and more.

Social Engagement Videos

Videos are arguably the most preferred type of content on Facebook. They deliver demonstrably better engagement (likes, impressions, shares, and comments) than any other content type.

At Media One, we can help you script, produce, and edit short social engagement videos that you can publish on Facebook for anyone scrolling through their newsfeed to view and click.

Facebook Ad Management and Writing

We’re an all-rounded digital marketing firm, with Facebook ad management as one of our key specialities.

We can work with the Power Editor and Ad Manager to oversee your Facebook ad campaign all way through. We’ll help you allocate your ad spending strategically, finetune your target audience, select the right ad format, and track the ad campaign. 

Competitor Analysis

We’ll help you complete a market analysis of your industry and services areas. We’ll also run a competitor analysis, where we try to identify all the local competitors that are currently outperforming you both in terms of engagement and audience size.

Lastly, we’ll run a content analysis to determine which content best resonates with your target audience and is poised to perform well with your industry.

Setting Up Engaging Facebook Campaigns

We can help you set up a data-driven Facebook Ads Campaign and even manage it for you from start to finish.

We’ll even go ahead and create custom audiences well-matched with your brand and company.

In addition to that, we’ll split test your ad copy, offer regular reporting, and continuously work on improving the ads for even better returns in the future.

Ad Monitoring

It’s also part of our jobs to track and monitor your ads.

We can help you track your audience and ad reach. We’ll also track engagement rates, click-through rate, leads, ROI, and general campaign.

All this will be accompanied by regular reporting and continuous improvements to the key areas.

Ad Management

Hire us to manage your ads and tweak different parameters for even better ad performance.

Let’s help you monitor customer interaction and engagement and steer everything in the right direction.

We can also help you to monitor engagement, leads, and campaign sales. That’s besides building your audience across different social channels.

Ad Writing

We’ll help you draft appealing Facebook ad copies, descriptions, and headlines. To appeal to your target audience, we’ll also include high-quality images and graphics.

We can write the following:

  • Marketing automation
  • Customer retention messages
  • Win-back copies
  • And more

Budget Management

One of the most critical aspects of running an effective Facebook ad campaign is budgeting.

While running any Facebook campaign, we try to customise your target audience and budget for everything with one goal in mind – to drive the highest ROI with little investment.

Remarketing Campaigns

We also help businesses with running remarketing campaigns. When a customer lands on your site and gets distracted before taking action, we try to retarget them by running a remarketing campaign.

The point is to get the customer to reconsider their earlier stand and give them more reasons to see the intended action through.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Our Facebook marketing process isn’t very different from our approach to general marketing: Track ~ > Test ~> Tweak ~> Repeat.

As a profit-driven marketing agency, we believe you can only maximise what you’re able to track and measure. Simply put, better data translates to better results or ROI.

So, what’s our Facebook marketing process like?

Step 1: We start by discussing your marketing objectives with you. What do you wish to achieve at the end of this marketing campaign?

We’ll then try to develop a marketing strategy that gets your brand maximum exposure.

Step 2: Our Facebook marketing process begins here. But before that, we’ll first have to do some thorough research to help us identify your potential customers. We’ll also try to complete a competitor analysis as we try to understand your industry. Lastly, we’ll try to engage with your audience as we nurture them and cultivate a lot of interest in your products and brand.

Step 3: We try to work with you every step of the way to ensure we’re running a smooth campaign, taking into account every little detail you specified. During this process, we’ll try to incorporate your marketing messages, content, and design ideas.

We’ll then set up the campaign, publishing your content and marketing messages with the right headlines, descriptions, hashtags, and captions.

Here’s a list of things we’ll do during this process:

  • We’ll create custom audiences that best target your brand and company.
  • We’ll create compelling ad copies with high-quality graphics and the right imagery for high-performing ads.
  • We’ll split-test your ad-copies
  • We’ll provide regular reporting as we continue to work on the ads, improving them as they run for even better results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing refers to the process of actively creating and using a Facebook page as a communication channel for attracting and maintaining contact with your prospects and customers.

It’s a two-sided platform that offers marketers and business owners a range of highly-targeted ads that allow them to put their products or services in front of a massive target audience.

What’s Facebook Ad Management?

Facebook Ad Management refers to Facebook’s ad management tool for developing and managing your Facebook ads. As one of the leading providers of Facebook Ad Management services in Singapore, our services include monitoring every Facebook ad and making necessary tweaks and improvements to deliver maximum output.

What’s the Cost of Facebook Marketing?

Unfortunately, we can only provide a baseline of how much it costs to run an effective Facebook marketing campaign in Singapore.

But the right answer to this question is, “it depends.”

It depends on the Facebook marketing agency you choose to work with. It also depends on whether you’ll be running your own campaign or outsourcing it to an agency. It also depends on the industry you’re in and many other factors that require a post of their own.

But here’s a baseline to work with:

If you’re planning to measure CPC (Cost Per Click), then the average cost of advertising on Facebook is about $0.27 per click.

If you’re more concerned about impressions, then you should at least be prepared to spend about $7.18 per thousand impressions.  

Why Should I Market on Facebook?

Facebook boasts the highest number of users. With more than 2 billion active users, no other platform comes close to its popularity level.

It’s also cost-effective, besides presenting a bundle of opportunities that advertisers can easily take advantage of.

What are the Options for Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is the reigning champion of social media sites. It’s a platform that has grown to be more than just the number one spot for friends to meet, connect and share their life’s trivialities.

It’s a marketing ground where business owners and marketers come to self-promote and interact with their customers and followers.

Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, Facebook offers great space for connecting with your target audience to keep them informed, developing your brand identity, and broadening your reach.

There are so many ways to go about this. You can create a Facebook page, and make the most of it, run classic Facebook ads, host Facebook contests, promote your posts, sponsor stories, create open graphs, and so on.


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