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Implementing enterprise SEO in Singapore is vital, primarily if your business website sells a large number of products and services locally.

Most people cannot differentiate an enterprise company from an enterprise site. An enterprise business is essentially a big corporation. An enterprise site, on the other hand, is less about the company’s size and more about the number of indexed pages.

It is quite challenging to stand out at the enterprise level.  First, Google is continually making search more intricate – last year, the search engine made over 3,200 improvements to its algorithms. Moreover, marketers have to deal with large volumes of content, site restructuring, product launches and sunsets, and numerous site migrations, and so on.

Despite the challenges, enterprise SEO is a worthwhile investment for any company in Singapore. It is no coincidence that the majority of marketers in the country use SEO to increase the organic reach of their brands. Organic search accounts for more than 50% of the traffic received by enterprise sites.

Another metric that makes enterprise SEO worth the effort is the number of searches on Google. Currently, the search engine processes 3.5 billion search queries daily, twice as much as it did a decade ago. A sizeable portion of these searchers show commercial intent, and Google is usually their first resort when they are researching products before a purchase.

In response to these developments, companies, especially e-commerce sites, are increasingly adopting enterprise SEO. If your company is yet to embrace this strategy, you risk falling behind to your competitors.

The key to implementing SEO successfully at the enterprise level is having the right people and using proven tactics. Here are some of the strategies you can implement to outperform your competition and improve the performance of your enterprise SEO.

Employ an Agile, Creative and Technically Gifted Team

Your enterprise SEO team does not have to be big – a maximum of five individuals is enough. This applies to all businesses, whether you have a handful of employees or thousands. Also, you have to invest a substantial amount of money to have a successful marketing campaign.

To ensure the success of your SEO campaign, it is vital to define the responsibilities of each member of your team. You should also inform them of your expectations regarding their performance.

For instance, in my case, I hired a team consisting of individuals with excellent analytic skills and a leadership mentality. Before anything, I made them aware of their task – to make my company the top digital marketing agency. After this, I made sure that they had all the resources needed to accomplish this challenge, including unwavering support from the company’s executive leadership.

It is worth noting that implementing SEO is not a task that exclusive to the designated team. Instead, you should take my company’s approach by educating every employee on its importance. This way, everybody in your business will support your enterprise SEO campaign in impactful ways.

How Do You Gauge the Success of an Enterprise SEO Process?

In a recent study seeking to identify the most critical technical SEO and ranking factors, both in-house teams and SEO companies had differing opinions.

The two sides identified page speed and indexation as the most vital factors. However, they were divided over the significance of other factors such as broken links, Meta tags, missing content, schema, and status or response codes, and so on.  The survey also indicated that technical SEO gets the highest allocation of resources, closely followed by content development.

As of now, there is no consensus as to what a successful enterprise SEO process looks like. This makes it difficult for SEO professionals to prove the worth of this marketing strategy to the high-ranking executives in a company.

Implementing Enterprise Level SEO

The implementation process of enterprise-level SEO varies from one company to another. However, if you want to scale, you can observe the following steps that worked exceptionally well in my case.

Firstly, document the entire process. Make sure that you have a practical strategy for on-page optimisation, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

The next step involves making your SEO campaign based on real-time insights or something close. You should also consider your consumer behaviours and use the data you collect from the market to shape the strategies you execute for your enterprise SEO.

As mentioned above, enterprise SEO can only be successful if all departments within a company are working together. Make sure that the SEO team works closely with the individuals in charge of social media, graphic design, web development, content marketing and paid search, and so on.

Above all, your enterprise SEO campaign’s primary focus should be achieving your organisational goals. It should follow your business model and work towards attaining your sales objectives.

Keep in mind that challenges are inevitable even if you follow the steps that worked so wonderfully for my company. These include geographic restrictions, procurement issues and regulatory challenges, and so forth.

Alternatively, you can use the Market Maturity Assessment tool from Gartner to improve your enterprise SEO process. This tool evaluates the maturity of a company by considering its resources, commerce, operations, programs, innovation, and social presence, and so on.

The assessment tool covers more aspects than a typical SEO campaign. As we have seen above, SEO teams can benefit significantly in their efforts by working in partnership with what others consider as unrelated teams.

The most significant advantage of the Market Maturity Assessment tool is identifying the strengths and weakness in your digital marketing strategies. Moreover, it helps in initiating conversations with principal stakeholders and creating initiatives for your marketing disciplines. After evaluation, the tool also recommends the tactics you should employ to attain the next level of marketing maturity.

The Significance of Automated Platforms

With the rapid advancements in technology, SEO teams need to understand how to embrace emerging platforms. These platforms can effectively automate tasks, make smart decisions by analysing data, and more spectacularly, implement optimisations in various aspects of SEO.

Platforms are all-in-one solutions that contain several tools and functionalities under a single interface. They also have user permissions, integrated reporting and other crucial enterprise features.

Before the advent of these platforms, SEO teams had to make do with disparate tools and implementing workaround strategies to scale and automate their SEO campaigns. Nowadays, marketers have an abundance of automated SEO platforms to choose from, with some incorporating advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Another significant advantage of these platforms is facilitating the easy monitoring of technical issues and page speeds. They also keep up with the latest algorithm changes, as well as offer accurate insights based on real-time performance data.

When looking for a platform to automate the enterprise, I ensure that it has security-enhancing features. These include ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation, high-level encryption, and data privacy compliance, and so on. 

What Determines the Success of Enterprise SEO?

Managing an SEO campaign at an enterprise level is a challenging task, whether you use your in-house team or hire an SEO services company. You have to be proficient in testing, learning, and scaling what works to achieve success on this front. Fortunately, customer data is easily accessible nowadays.

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Besides the input of a creative team and implementing the right strategies, you also need an excellent platform for your enterprise SEO campaign to thrive. To achieve the primary objective of outperforming your competitors, you have to find the ideal balance between talent and technology.

Possible Challenges of Implementing Enterprise SEO

The expansive nature of enterprise sites means that SEO teams often have to overlook some areas to focus on the top performers. While this approach is fine, it can result in the neglect of areas that have the potential to improve. A comprehensive site audit can prove useful in identifying these loopholes.

Another challenge of implementing enterprise SEO is monitoring the many pages of an enterprise site. High-value keywords and quality internal links and backlinks can easily get lost in legacy pages when an enterprise site gets an upgrade.  I usually scour old pages to check for content that needs rewriting or re-optimisation. This tactic helps to curb website bloating and prevent keyword cannibalisation. 

Lastly, most brands over emphasise on SEO and forget about optimising other channels. Although SEO is useful, it is impractical to rely on it entirely to meet the marketing goals of your organisation. You should also invest resources in other strategies such as paid search and social media marketing, and so forth.


If done right, enterprise SEO can help scale up your Singapore business. The best way of doing this is by employing a creative team and empowering them with automation tools. You should ensure that the rest of the staff supports the team in their efforts.

That said, enterprise SEO mistakes are almost inevitable. The vast size of enterprise sites makes it easy to commit errors. To ensure that your campaign remains on course, take a proactive approach to identify the gaps that cause the mistakes and fix them before they wreck havoc. 

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July 25, 2019

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