If you’re looking for an effective way to generate publicity and create some serious buzz around your company or product, then press releases may be just what you need.


Let MediaOne be your easy one-stop-solution to get your press release crafted and distributed across the globe as quickly as within 48 hours.

How Does It Work

Concisely written and targeted, press releases draw media attention to newsworthy events, products, services, and company announcements. They are one of the most effective means of getting your story in front of reporters and editors.

Mainly used by PR specialists, press releases are an excellent strategy to gain free publicity and create some serious buzz around your company or product.

At MediaOne, we specialise in writing and distributing press releases that get attention. We’ll help you develop a pitch that will grab the attention of reporters and editors, and we’ll work with you to get your story in front of the right media outlets.

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A good press release can generate brand activation, make timely announcements and be noticed. Ideal for new launches, updates or just to be seen and heard regularly.


Being seen in the media can mean you are read by millions, leading to increased traffic, leads, and sales.

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Build branding, push your brand messaging and be seen as the thought leader or market champion or stamp your authority where it counts. Be seen as trustworthy and credible.


Media backlinks may be no-follow but it sends a powerful signal to search engines which feel that you are important enough to warrant coverage.

press release can increase your marketshare


At MediaOne, we don’t take the shotgun approach of firing in all directions and hoping that some of our press releases hit the target. Our experienced team of journalists and communications professionals craft each release with care and precision, targeting the right media outlets to ensure your story is heard.

We have a deep understanding of the news cycle. We know how to craft a story that resonates with reporters and editors. We’ll work with you to develop a pitch that grabs attention and tells your story in the most compelling way possible.






At MediaOne, we have a deep understanding of the news cycle. We act as a critical link between your company and the media, crafting each release with care and precision to ensure your story gets heard.

As a result, we’ve earned a reputation as the expert newswire for press releases. We have an extensive media list that includes top-tier journalists, bloggers, and publishers. We specialise in targeting the right media outlets to ensure your story gets the attention it deserves.

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MediaOne is a global newswire that helps companies, organisations, and individuals distribute their news and content to top-tier media outlets. We specialise in distributing multimedia and multilingual press releases directly to targeted journalists, editors and bloggers, with the aim of securing media coverage, optimising news write-ups, enhancing social media sharing, building online visibility, and amplifying brand awareness.
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At MediaOne, we understand the importance of a well-crafted press release. That’s why our team of experienced journalists and PR professionals craft each release with care and precision, ensuring that it is newsworthy, timely and relevant. We also have extensive experience crafting releases for specific industries, including technology, real estate, green technology, and more. So, whether you’re looking to launch a new product or promote an upcoming event, our team can help you get the word out.
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Even the best press releases can benefit from good editing. That’s why MediaOne offers press release editing services to help make your release shine. Our team of experienced writers and editors will help you fine-tune your release, ensuring that it is clear, concise and error-free.
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A well-optimised press release can help you reach a wider audience and get more media coverage. That’s why MediaOne offers press release optimisation services to help you get the most out of your release. We’ll help you optimise your release for search engines, social media and more, so you can reach an even larger audience and generate more leads.
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MediaOne is the only newswire that guarantees online news posting on top-tier media outlets. We even provide guaranteed news posting by language: English, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. We’ve partnered with more than 480 media outlets in the Asia Pacific, the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. These include top-tier media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, TIME, Yahoo, Associated Press, Thomson Reuter, The Malay Mail on Malaysia, Sina in Hong Kong, Vulcan Post Singapore and Malay, and more.
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MediaOne’s press release distribution service also helps to amplify your content and broaden your reach through SEO and social media. Our team of experienced professionals will help you craft a release optimised for search engines and social media, so you can get more leads and drive more traffic to your website.



At MediaOne, we promise to get your story in front of the right reporters and editors We also have a comprehensive media list that includes top-tier journalists, bloggers, and publishers. And we understand the importance of timeliness, and we work to get your story out as quickly as possible


Regardless of your industry, and whether you feel what you want to say is important enough for the press to pick up, MediaOne PR specialists know how to spin it to win it.

press release for events


If you’re hosting an event, we can help generate publicity for it with an effective event press release.

press release for technology


The tech industry is noisy as its one of the fastest evolving sphere on Earth. We will find a way to get you heard.

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Even when you feel that your announcement does not have significant impact, our PR specialists can find an angle to magnify and "magify" what you have to say.

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MediaOne are brand experts. We understand branding and brand messaging in your terms for your niche. Our agency represents some of largest brands on the planet.

Trusted by SMEs and MNCs




How does your press release service work?

Our press release service is simple and easy to use. Just send us your news or content, and our team of journalists and PR professionals will craft a well-crafted release and distribute it to top-tier media outlets.

We also offer press release writing, editing, optimisation, and guaranteed news posting services to help you get the most out of your press release.

What type of content can I submit?

You can submit any content, including news, announcements, product launches, events, and more. Our team will produce a well-crafted release relevant to your industry and target audience.

Can I target specific media outlets?

Yes. We offer press release distribution services that target specific media outlets, industries, and regions. You can also target media outlets by language.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time for our press release services varies depending on the type of service you choose. We offer a same-day service for urgent releases, but the average turnaround time for most of our services is 2-3 days.

What is the cost?

The cost for our press release services varies depending on the type of service you choose. You can contact us for a custom quote.

How many Words Should I have in my Press Release?

A press release should be between 400-500 words. However, this may vary depending on the type of release and the target audience. Our team will help you craft an appropriate and concise release.

Do I need to have a website?

No. You do not need a website to use our press release services. However, having a website will help you drive more traffic and leads to your business.

Will a Press Release Help My SEO?

Yes. A well-crafted press release can help to improve your SEO and broaden your reach through search engines and social media. Our team of experienced professionals will help you craft an optimised release for SEO and social media.

How Often Can I Submit a Press Release?

You can submit a press release as often as you like. However, we recommend submitting a press release no more than once per month to avoid saturating the market and diminishing the impact of your release.


After contract we will issue you with an invoice. It shall be 100% upfront payment as most of the work is done the the preparation stage. You can pay via bank transfer, mailed cheque or PayNow.

 What’s a Press Release?

A press release (PR) is a short, captivating new story announcing important news about a company, product, or individual. It is typically distributed to the media for publication.

The goal of a press release is to catch the interest of a publication or journalist.

What’s the Purpose of a Press Release?

A press release has several purposes, including to announce new products or services, to announce changes in management or ownership, to provide news about important events, and to generate publicity for a company or individual.

What Types of Content Can be Included in a Press Release?

Content for a press release can vary widely but typically includes news, announcements, product launches, events, and more.

How Does It Work

The press release process typically involves drafting a release, sending it to the media for publication, and monitoring the response.

The press release you send should contain all the essential information journalists need to write a story, including who, what, where, when, and why. The whole idea is to help reporters tell your story to their audience.

Why Do I Need a Press Release?

Now that we know what a press release is, the next question is: why do you need one?

There are many reasons to issue a press release. But the most common ones include announcing new products or services, announcing changes in management or ownership, providing news about important events, and generating publicity for a company or individual.

Here are some of the things a press release could help you out with:

  • Announce an important event, such as a product launch, merger, campaign, schedule, news leaders, or workshops
  • Generate publicity for your company or individual
  • Announce changes in management or ownership
  • Promote a new product or service
  • Report on newsworthy events
  • Pre-empt or respond to negative press
  • Share your opinion on the development of your industry
  • Remind people of what your company does
  • Trumpet your recent successes
  • Highlight new partnerships or initiatives
  • Report on awards or accolades you or your team has received

What’s the Difference Between a Press Release and an Article?

While there is some overlap, there are several key differences between a press release and an article.

  • A press release is a short, written statement announcing important news.

An article is a longer, more in-depth piece of writing about a topic.

  • Press releases are typically distributed to the media for publication.

Articles are often published on company websites or blog sites.

  • Press releases are typically shorter and less detailed than articles.
  • Press releases are typically fact-based, while articles can include opinions and analysis.

What’s the Difference Between a Press Release and a News Release?

The terms “press release” and “news release” are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two.

  • A press release is a short-written statement announcing important news.
  • A news release is an announcement of something that has happened, such as a merger or product launch.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Press Release

When writing a press release, keep the following in mind:

Keep It Short

Your press release should be brief and to the point, not more than one page. Try to stick to the most important points and avoid including unnecessary detail. If the reporter needs more information, let them contact you.

Make it Easy to Read

Your press release should be easy to read, with short paragraphs and a clear structure. Use simple, straightforward language that journalists will understand.

Include Quotes

Including quotes from key individuals can help give your press release more weight. It also makes it more interesting for reporters.

Include Facts and Figures

If you can, include some concrete facts and figures to back up your claims. This will help make your press release more credible.

Be Relevant

Before sending a press release to any reporter, make sure you know the type of content the reporter writes about and that your story is relevant to their audience.

If you send them releases on topics they don’t write about, they’ll toss it away and never take you seriously ever again.

Include White Space

One page long is the ideal length for a press release, but it’s also important to make sure it’s easy on the eyes. Use plenty of white space to break up the text and make it easier to read.

Use at least 10-point font and half-inch margins.

Check the Guidelines

Before sending your press release to the media, be sure to check the publication’s guidelines for submissions. Some publications have specific requirements, such as formatting and length.

Best Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features to Consider

To get maximum ROI, you need to distribute your press release to the right people in the right way. Here are six important features to consider when choosing a press release distribution service:

  1. Level of Media Traction and Exposure:

The press release distribution company you hire must ensure you gain maximum media exposure and get heard by the right people.

Your announcements will earn a good level of media traction if you hire a competent newswire with a solid syndication system and an extensive list of media outlets.

The media traction you receive depends on a few factors:

  • The authority levels of the media sites picking up your story
  • The level of optimisation the wire service does for your release
  • The reach and syndication ability of the wire service
  • The number of media outlets your release is pitched to

Trust, relevance, and authority are the three pillars of effective SEO. The three are often used as the key metrics for judging success in other marketing channels.

They also play a critical role in judging the success of a press release.

Here’s how:

Authority: Appearing in a high-authority media outlet gives your release more weight and lends it more credibility.

Other media sites are also more likely to share it if it’s already been published on a highly-respected site.

Relevance: A release relevant to the audience of a high-trafficked media outlet is more likely to be picked up and shared by that outlet.

The press release distribution agency you choose must guarantee a significant level of relevance for your story.

When your story gets published on a highly relevant site, the story will receive reading attention from the site’s audience and other media sites.

Trust: People are more likely to engage more with your story when the trust is high.

Your release will earn more trust when it’s published on a site with outstanding levels of trust.

  1. Brand Exposure at a Single Click of a Button:

Your press release distribution company must offer you brand exposure at a single click of a button.

That means that your company logo and link will be featured on the wire service’s website, as well as all the media sites that syndicate your release.

You’ll also get access to detailed analytics, which will help you track the reach and performance of your release.

A press release distribution service such as MediaOne can help you push your brand across the web through their vast syndication network.

When you publish your release with MediaOne, you’ll get instant brand exposure on hundreds of high-traffic media sites. The press releases get indexed almost immediately. Take that as a positive signal on the media site’s trust level.

  1. Guaranteed Placement:

Your press release distribution company must offer you guaranteed placement.

That means that your announcement will be featured on the wire service’s website and all of its syndicated media sites.

It also includes guaranteed placement in the wire service’s daily email blast, which goes out to thousands of journalists, editors, and bloggers.

MediaOne offers you guaranteed placement in their email blast and on all of their syndicated media sites.

  1. Social Media Integration:

Your press release distribution company must offer you social media integration.

This means that your announcement will be automatically tweeted and posted to the media outlets’ and wire service’s social media accounts when it’s published.

The social media posts will include a link to the release on the wire service’s website and all of its syndicated media sites.

MediaOne offers you social media integration with all of their syndicated media sites. This will help you push your story further across the web and increase the chances of it being picked up by other media outlets.

  1. Expert PR Writing Option

The success of any press release campaign starts with the story itself. Finding the right angle and crafting a story that journalists will find interesting is difficult.

That is where an expert PR writing service can come in handy.

Your press release distribution company must offer you the option of having your announcement written by an experienced PR writer.

This writer will help you create buzz out of what many people consider an ordinary story.

  1. Fast and Reliable Customer Support:

Your press release distribution company must offer you fast and reliable customer support.

That means that you’ll be able to reach someone at the company 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you have about your campaign.

On average, it takes between 18 to 24 hours for most newswire services to respond to inquiries.

  1. Impressive Media Coverage

Press release distribution services aren’t just about sending releases to journalists and bloggers. It’s about gaining as much exposure as possible for your company.

That’s why it’s important to choose a press release distribution company with impressive media coverage.

You want your press releases to show up on several top-tier media outlets, with a reach that extends beyond your typical trade publications.

Before choosing any PR distribution service, make sure it offers the best value for your money. Check to see what media outlets will pick up your news story and make sure they’re all premium.


However, you don’t want to do this at the expense of quality. Make sure that the distribution service you choose has a good reputation and offers high-quality services.

  1. Press Release Optimization: Multiple Media and Formats at No Extra Cost

Most press release distribution companies will charge you extra to optimize your announcement for multiple media. Only a few won’t.

By optimization, we mean re-writing and formatting your release to suit print, broadcast, and online media.

They may also include additional photos, videos, or infographics with your release to make it more visually appealing.

A competent press release service will never ask you to pay extra for press release optimization.

  1. Money Back Guarantee:

The best press release distribution companies offer a money-back guarantee.

That means that if your press release doesn’t get picked up by any media outlets, you’ll get your money back.

Make sure that the distribution service you choose offers a money-back guarantee. This will protect you in case your press release fails to get the traction you’re hoping for.

Types of Press Release Firms

Types of Press Release Firms

Not all press release distribution companies are created equal.

Here are the eight main types of PR firms that you’re likely to come across online:

  1. General News Wires

General news wires are the most common type of press release distribution company.

As the name suggests, these companies distribute your press release to a wide variety of media outlets.

This includes print, broadcast, and online media.

The idea behind using a general news wire is to generate traditional coverage for your company. The only requirement is that your story is newsworthy — although their definition of a newsworthy story is a bit of a stretch.

For example, you can send out a press release when your company hits a major milestone, even if it’s not really news.

  1. Broadcast Wires

Broadcast wires are similar to general news wires, focusing exclusively on broadcast media outlets.

This includes TV and radio stations.

If you’re looking to generate exposure on TV or radio, then a broadcast wire is the right distribution service for you.

  1. Online News Services

Online news services distribute your press release to a wide range of online media outlets.

This includes websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

The idea behind using an online news service is to generate exposure on websites and blogs that wouldn’t normally cover your company.

  1. Trade Publications

Trade publications are publications that target a specific industry or market.

They usually have a smaller reach than general news wires, but the readership is typically more engaged.

If you’re looking to generate coverage in trade publications, you need to use a trade publication distribution service.

  1. Regional Newspapers

Regional newspapers cover a specific geographic area.

For example, there are regional newspapers for cities, states, and countries.

If you’re looking to generate coverage in a specific region, you need to use a regional newspaper distribution service.

  1. Local Newspapers

Local newspapers are similar to regional newspapers, but they have an even smaller geographic focus.

For example, there might be a local newspaper for a city or town.

If you’re looking to generate coverage in a specific location, you need to use a local newspaper distribution service.

  1. Syndication Services

Syndication services distribute your press release to a wide range of media outlets, but they don’t have their own distribution network.

Instead, they partner with other companies to get your press release in front of journalists.

If you’re looking for a way to reach a wide audience, you should consider using a syndication service.

  1. Custom Services

Custom services are exactly what they sound like — custom-made solutions for your specific needs.

For example, you might work with a custom service to develop a targeted list of media outlets for your press release.

You might also work with a custom service to get your press release distributed through a specific channel, like social media or email.

If you have specific needs that can’t be met by one of the other types of press release distribution companies, then you should consider using a custom service.

How to Hire a Press Release Firm/Agency

When you’re looking to hire a press release firm or agency, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Experience

Make sure the firm or agency has experience distributing press releases to the type of media outlets you’re interested in.

  1. Cost

Press release distribution isn’t cheap, so make sure you get a firm or agency that offers a good value.

  1. Reputation

Ensure the firm or agency has a good reputation and a track record of success.

  1. Communication

Ensure the firm or agency is easy to communicate with and responds promptly to emails and phone calls.

  1. Timeline

The firm or agency must meet your deadline for distributing the press release.

  1. Distribution Network

The firm or agency must have an extensive distribution network connecting to different types of top-tier media outlets.


Part of the job of being a marketer is writing effective press releases for marketing in Singapore. They are vital in communicating the latest news about your brand. Other than the time involved in writing the press release, they are an affordable avenue of communication to your online and offline audiences. Another overlooked advantage is that when news media and publishers post your press release, it often comes with very high authority backlinks (albeit mainly no-follow) which can provide powerful link juice to your websites.

Talking of writing the press release, it is both an art and a science.  Journalists respond only to the best pitches since they are always busy. Fortunately, all it takes is practice but before you get it right, you can use a digital marketing firm in Singapore to write the first one for you. In this article, you will learn:

  • How to identify the best hook for your news story (newsworthy angles)
  • How to write and format press releases
  • What you should ensure your press release gets read

By the time you are done reading this article, you will learn how to attract the right amount of recognition for your brand in Singapore.

What is a Press Release and Why You Need It for Media Marketing in Singapore?

This is a one or two-page document for sharing breaking news with the public. Journalists are the intended readers, but general audiences too can read them. They use the reverse pyramid format to emulate a news article format, with the most important news being displayed first..

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can use a press release to achieve a variety of goals tied to media marketing in Singapore. Most brands in Singapore use press releases for the following purposes:

  • To get media coverage especially when you release a new product, service, or feature
  • Crisis management especially when things go wrong, you need to tell the story first
  • Build your brand’s reputation for example during a re-launching campaign
  • To build backlinks from trusted media sites
  • It is cost-effective to market your organisation

When to Send a Press Release

Any time is as good as any to send a press release for media marketing in Singapore as long as you have something newsworthy to share and this includes:

  • Product launches
  • Breaking news announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Events
  • Crisis management
  • Awards
  • Sharing research

However, the bottom line is that you must have information that will be worth your audience’s time. This will dramatically increase the odds of your press release improving your offline and online social marketing goals.

What Content Should You Include In A Press Release?

To write a proper press release for media marketing in Singapore, you need to stick to the right format. Here is what you should include in your press release:

  • Headline – ensure to make it clear why your story is important and interesting to read
  • Press contact – how the media can get in touch with you
  • City, State, Location – what is your location and where is your news happening?
  • Body copy – order the information by level of importance
  • Boilerplate – what is your brand all about?

How to Format a Press Release

Press releases for media marketing in Singapore have a defined format, and it is important that you maintain a consistent format. This is to ensure that the journalists know where to look for information, and it will be a boost for your online branding in Singapore. However, what should the formatted press release look like?

Five Examples of Amazing Press Releases

A press release will be instrumental for the growth of your brand and it can boost your digital media marketing in Singapore. Here are five examples you should draw inspiration from with reasons why they were successful:

Apple iMac Pro Product Launch Press Release

This press release was a success for the following reasons:

  • They went into depth in describing their latest product, iMac Pro
  • They included images that highlight the new design of their new product
  • They highlighted different features of their product

The Thrill of the Hunt Event Press Release

This press release succeeded because:

  • It outlined all the details of the event in the introduction
  • They had posted the website throughout, and it was easy to find
  • Heather Piper’s quote matches the overall tone of the press release

CNN Press Releases

This press release effectively conveyed the intended message to the audience because:

  • The headline explains what’s happening
  • It explained when the event would begin and end
  • It was short and concise

New Hire Press Release from EverBlue Training

The EverBlue Training press release was successful for the following reasons:

  • They had the name and title of the new hire in the headline
  • The new hire had a quote
  • It explains the new duties and responsibilities of the new hire

The Hormel Institute Research Press Release

This press release was to present their research findings, and it was successful for the following reasons:

  • It included the research team that conducted and discovered the breakthrough
  • It explains how the research started
  • It explained what the disease the research would cure

Singapore Press Release Writing Best Practices and Tips

Now that you have press release examples for your media marketing in Singapore, we have compiled tips that will help you create a mind-blowing press release. After writing and pitching your press release, you should take to social media to promote your press release to the public.

Think like A Journalist

You should make it easy for journalists to find the most important information as a boost for your media marketing in Singapore. You should keep it short and simple, without overdoing it. On top of this, you should follow the AP style, which is used by all journalists. If you have not done it before, you can hire a digital marketing firm in Singapore to do it for you.

Extend Value to the Audience

When pitching the press release, ensure to provide value to the readers. You can do this by ensuring that:

  • Their viewership aligns with your target audience
  • Their area of coverage aligns with your service or product

Follow the Inverted Pyramid Format

Unlike online social marketing in Singapore where you build up the suspense, the inverted pyramid is all about putting the most important information first. The inverted pyramid has three parts to it:

  • The most important information comes first which includes answering questions such as what, when, why, and where it is happening, as well as who is in charge
  • Secondary details that include quotes the writers can use and other details in descending order of importance
  • Additional information such as the boilerplate copy, a list of times and dates of an event, the contact person in case the journalists have additional questions

Writing a Press Release in 7 Steps

Here is an outline of the tips you should use when writing your press release for media marketing in Singapore:

  • Find your angle
  • Write a headline
  • Write your lead
  • Write 2-5 body paragraphs with supporting details
  • Include quotes
  • Include contact information
  • Include the boilerplate copy

Finally, timing is of dire importance when doing media marketing in Singapore. Media editors assign stories early on in the week, which means that you should send in your press release by Tuesday latest. You should pitch your story to a few selected editors as well as blast it out on several wire services to ensure that different outlets pick it up.

Contact us for professional services in digital media marketing in Singapore. Our team will go the whole nine yards to ensure that you have a compelling press release that will boost your online branding in Singapore.