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how to conduct viral marketing in singapore

Viral marketing campaigns in Singapore have placed many businesses ahead of the curve, allowing them to stay ahead of the game. Businesses such as Scoot Tigerair Pte Ltd (Scoot Airlines), OCBC Bank, and Owndays Ltd attribute a better part of their successes to this kind of digital marketing. They executed record-breaking online campaigns that yielded results never been achieved before.

The tremendous successes achieved by these companies most definitely had to attract the attention of the online community, consequently the companies being used in several viral marketing campaign case studies. We will look at some of these case studies shortly. But for now, let’s get some perspective on viral marketing in Singapore in general.

Viral Marketing In Singapore

After the successes of these companies, viral marketing has become the current big thing in Singapore. Many entities are putting in a lot of efforts in this kind of marketing to become successful just the same way these companies did. This has created a whole new niche for companies that offer this enhanced form of online marketing. Companies such as Made Viral, Hashmeta, and Construct Digital are some of the companies that have sprung up to take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity. Viral marketing in Singapore is a well-balanced niche market with equal demand and supply.

How to Conduct Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is not that easy to execute successfully. Without knowledge and strategy, you could end up expending a lot of resources without results in the end. That is the reason why many businesses choose to hire professional services. Of cause, that involves money and for a small startup, it can be an overwhelming expense. If you do not have adequate financial muscles for a professional viral marketing campaign, the good news is that you can execute your own campaign successfully. This is how to go about it:

  1. Social Media

Social media is an integral part of viral marketing. Without it, this kind of marketing definitely would not be possible. After all, how would your contents go viral without relying on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more? So, begin by signing your business to all the major social media platforms that brands use for promotion and audience engagement purposes. The best part is that this is free and therefore you do not need to worry about cost.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

Who are your products or services targeting? Is it men or women? Adults or children? Or are they meant for everyone? Identifying your audience is vital in a viral marketing campaign as it enables you to reach out only to people who are actually looking for products or services such as yours. Without that, it is easy to present your products or services to the wrong audience that will instead ignore your promotion campaigns, hindering those from going viral.

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

Identifying your audience is not enough, you need to understand it as well to be able to get positive results with your campaign. Are they budget-conscious buyers who are looking for cheaper products or are they people who do not mind spending as long as quality is guaranteed? When you know your buyers, it is easy to tailor make your promotional campaign for them so that you do not pitch expensive high-end stuff to low-budget consumers and vice versa.

  1. Create Content with High Engagement

Audience engagement is another integral part of any viral marketing campaign. If you cannot keep your audience engaged, your audience cannot share your campaign either so that it goes viral. So how do you capture the attention of these people? The answer is; by providing relevant content that answers their questions and provides a solution. Digital marketing is no longer about keywords and other SEO aspects alone. It is about capturing the interest of your audience too. If you can achieve that, you can be successful in your viral marketing campaign.

  1. Offer a Reward

The one surefire strategy to promote your brand effectively is to offer rewards. People love to be rewarded for doing something not only because they gain, but also because it gives them a sense of appreciation. Calls-to-action like “share this for a chance to win a trip to Disneyland,” or “share this for a chance to win cash” will motivate and encourage your readers to share your content in the hope that they could actually win a trip to an amazing destination or win money. With numerous shares by your readers, you can be sure that your marketing campaigns will go viral.

OCBC Bank’s Viral Hunt the Mouse Marketing Campaign

In 2017, OCBC Bank, Singapore partnered with Sqkii to raise awareness on its new payment solution app, OCBC Pay Anyone, through a powerful viral marketing campaign.

The app unifies all promotions, offers, and discounts on a single platform. It also gives users the ability to scan QR codes to make payments.

The Hunt the Mouse campaign, which enabled the bank to secure a Bronze in the recent MobEx Awards 2018, involved a mouse hunt to engage and reward its customers.

Sqkii, which developed the OCBC Pay Anyone app, had not been so famous until it began organising a series of cash hunts, with OCBC bank, to promote the app and itself.

Participants needed to collect hints and piece them together to find where the SG$50,000 was hidden. In return, the bank offered an SG$50,000 grand prize for anyone who would find where the money was hidden. This encouraged more people to take part, allowing the company to realise its objectives.

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During the campaign, Sqkii would post three daily hints daily on its Facebook Page to point participants in the right direction. Those who were participating in this mouse could collect extra hints (in the form of scratch cards) when they make use of the app’s QR feature at participating outlets. This saw many people who were looking to gain an extra edge download the app and use it, which was in line with the bank’s campaign objectives.

When Sqkii posted the first announcement post, which included an image of a box of bills to Facebook, the post received more than 100 shares in less than 5 minutes. Hunt the Mouse campaign became viral right from the start. The initial post reached 746,191 unique individuals and garnered 3,400 shares as well as over 7,300 comments.

At the end of the 23-day viral marketing campaign, the results were overwhelming. The campaign had achieved more than 500,000 page views, 2,155,289 clicks, and 26,801 reactions, comments, as well as shares.

Scoot Airlines Viral Social Marketing Campaign

Scoot Airlines is a popular low-cost airline offering international flights to different countries, including Australia. This relatively new airline, which is owned by Singapore Airlines, has had a massive success in viral marketing online in the past, which is attributed to the fact that it chose a very unusual strategy for promoting the brand.

The social media strategy that was adopted by this company entailed collaborating more with its soon-to-be customers. Scoot included its Facebook fans in the process of creating the brand – right from the beginning.

One of the first things the company did was to run a Facebook competition to determine the brand’s tagline. After over 3,000 entries, it selected ‘Get outta here!’ that was proposed by two of its fans on Facebook, as its tag line.

The company went ahead to run a promotion through its social networks to let fans ‘decide’ the upcoming air ticket prices by reducing the proposed prices every time a new fan would sign up to be a member.

The airline even involved its social media community to help with the recruitment process, introduce the Scoot team members (individually) and share relevant tips on how to offer better customer service.

All these strategies yielded significant results. Even before getting a plane off the ground, Scoot Airlines had already built a massive social media community, with 50,000 fans on its Facebook page, doubling that, which Qantas, a 97-year old airline, had secured in mid-2011. It had garnered over 20,000 views and tens of thousands of reactions in the early stages of setting up the business. By the time the airline was ready to roll, the demand had already surpassed what the company could meet.

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BLENDTEC Viral Marketing Campaign Case Study

BLENDTEC a leading industrial blender manufacture decided to sell its blenders direct to consumers through YouTube commercials. In these commercials, we see a lot of humour and creativity, which yields great results.

Tom Dickson who is a CEO of a particular company blends iPads,iPhones, golf balls, and broom handles in a Blendtec blender to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness and toughness.

One of the key factors that many buyers are looking for in an industrial blender is resilience. Due to the rigorous nature of their work, industrial blenders degrade fast. But this video commercial demonstrates that it takes a lot to destroy BLENDTEC products.

Due to that demonstration plus some humour and creativity, this content keeps viewers engaged and it receives 10,000,000+ views. The product’s website, on the other hand, receives 120,000,000+ visitors in the month the commercials launch and the company’s sales increases by 700% +.

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What are things need for Viral Marketing campaign?

Social Media
– Identify Your Target Audience
– Understand Your Target Audience
– Create Content with High Engagement
– Offer a Reward


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