Top Advertising Agencies in Singapore

engaging the best advertising agencies in singapore

Taking your business to another level of success comes with deep investments in advertising. But which are the best advertising agencies in Singapore? And how do you go about the selection of which agency to deal with when you are an investor in Singapore? Most of the businesses that have fallen in their performances are as a result of employing poor advertising agencies.

In Singapore, it is tough to rate advertising agencies and digital agencies because of its a very competitive industry and the creativity and success of advertising campaigns in Singapore is subjective. It is even hard to choose which firm if you have a product to be advertised. 

One reason why you may end up with unreliable advertising agencies is their high numbers in the market. As a result, we have decided to make you a selection of the top 16 best advertising agencies in Singapore. This article has not been sponsored by any of the agencies making it genuine and unbiased. In case you are looking to hire an advertising agency, consider one of the following.

BBDO Singapore

  • Graphic design
  • Advertising
  • Marketing interactive
  • 30 Merchant Road, #03-12 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
  • +65 6533-2200


  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing research and data analytics
  • Brand Reputation and monitoring
  • Identity Programs
  • 1 Magazine Road, #3-07 Central Mall, Singapore 059567
  • +65 6511-7614

DDB Worldwide Singapore

  • Publishing advertisement in journals, periodical, television, radio and many more
  • 10 Pico Creative Centre 20 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339411
  • 6671 4488

Carat Media Services Singapore

  • Local and international businesses Advertising
  • Presentation
  • 152 Beach Road, 36th Floor Gateway East, Singapore 189721
  • +65 6501 4900
  • https://www.aemedia .com


  • Marketing
  • Analysis
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Management services
  • Content
  • 111 Somerset Road #14-01 Singapore 238164
  • +65 6733-1110


  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Corporate literature
  • Website initiatives
  • Social media initiatives
  • Advertising
  • Annual reports
  • 25 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089608
  • +65 6325-3368

GroupM Singapore

  • Trading
  • Brand Safety
  • Content
  • 700 Beach Road #04-01 Singapore 199598
  • +65 6225-1262
  • htpp://

Leo Burnett

  • Local and international business Advertising
  • Branding and positioning
  • 8 Murray Street #02-01 Singapore 079522

MullenLowe Singapore

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • 150 Cantonment Road, #03-01/03 Cantonment Centre Blk A, Singapore 089762
  • +65 6849 4825

McCann-Erickson Singapore

  • Advertising
  • Global production
  • Brand Consulting
  • Sales Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Web design
  • Digital Interactive
  • Marketing Research
  • Data Analytics
  • Media Planning
  • Brand Reputation
  • Public Relations
  • 40A Orchard Road, #06-00 The MacDonald House, Singapore 238838
  • +65 6737-9911
  • https://

Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • 3d River Valley Road, #03-01 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179023
  • +65 6339-4733

Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore)

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • 35 Robinson Road #03-01, The Ogilvy Centre, Singapore 06876
  • +65 6213-7899

TBWA Singapore

  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales promotion
  • Advertising
  • Event Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Identity Programs
  • 5 Kadayanallur Street Singapore 069183
  • +65 6438 5288

VML Qais

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Interactive
  • 1 Stanley St Singapore 068720
  • +65 6438 5592

XM Asia

  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Activation
  • 50 Scotts Road #01-01, Singapore 228242
  • +65 6591-5800

MediaOne Business Group

  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • 40B Tras Street Singapore 078979
  • +65 67899852

Vantage Branding

  • Graphic design
  • Branding and Positioning
  • 1 Harbourfront Place, Harbour Front Tower One #4-01, Singapore 098633
  • +65 6722 3908


Some other notable agencies include:


The Asia Pacific XM Advertising Agency

The XM agency is among the very first agencies to be established in Asia. The agency is well known for its excellent services in digital marketing, technology consultancy and their experience in design services. Some of its service clients include Singapore tourism board, Unilever and Maxis among many other famous brands. The agency combines consumer insights, intelligence, and excellent ideas to design great adverts. As a result, these adverts create a great impact in creating a change that brings a difference to their clients’ businesses. By doing this, the agency has been able to establish a good foundation not only in Singapore but the whole region of Asia. To see how their performance is like, click on the above link to land in their webpage.

AD Cool Media

If you are looking for a client-centred advertising agency, AD Cool is the place to be. The agency employs a lot of effort and dedication to developing creative and customer winning online campaigns. It greatly believes in creativity to come up with unique adverts that keep their clients outstanding in the market. AD Cool does most of its advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, web design, mobile board advertising among other competitive channels. Some of their regular agencies include AIDS Singapore, Hitachi, Tekataro, Hub, and Best Fresh Food Edmas among others. AD cool is based in Singapore and is among top advertising agencies that originated in Singapore.

The 24K Design Studio

The 24K is a digital marketing agency has its roots in Singapore. The agency is well known for its market-oriented and web-based IT services to their clients. They are good with designing, SEO, SEM, social media and digital marketing, and professional marketing. Other services offered by the agency include web development, design, solving e-commerce related issues and content managing. The 24K advertising agency has worked with a variety of companies such as Opus IT services, Sum Kee food among other corporate. For more information, consider giving them a call today through +65 6844 0132 0r +65 6600 0131.

Digital Rezonance

Rezonance is a boutique agency that serves its clients with customised and measurable social media and digital marketing. They serve both small size and big-size firms with innovative digital marketing services. The agency works with the aim of closing all loops around all digital touch points. As a result, they ensure that they engage, influence and convert the target audience into customers.

The VML Qais

VML was started as a consultancy agency in 2003. In 2011, the agency was re-launched to VML Qais to become the biggest independent digital advertising agency based in Singapore. The agency had the best digital network. Today, it has grown to be an award-winning from clients such as Singapore Effie, an IAS award, Digital Media Award among others. VML is well known for its spanning strategy, creativity and perfect use of social media in advertising. As a result, the agency has been able to secure a wide range of customers. It is considered among the best, with the capacity to win customers’ heart.

The Asian TP

Asian TP was first adopted in 1974. It consists of an established media house that aims at providing targeted content to clients’ customer markets in the Asian Pacific Region including Singapore. This way, they help their clients to develop and maintain their websites at their higher standards. Some of their services include corporate branding, SEO, special business package and website design and development among other services. The agency has worked with different companies among them Sterling Bank, Atlas Door, Fagan Company, Waste Management Services, DMB, and Williams among others. They are well known for being able to make a wide area coverage increasing the number of potential customers for their clients.

Possible Advertising Agency

If you are looking for an agency that cares about results, the possible agency is the place to be. They are aimed at creating a world-class advertising effort that brings great results back to their clients. As a result, the agency has to buck-up all ideas with hard-core data to ensure they create solutions that generate customers. The agency is not only based on the Asian continent but has spread in 4 other continents. With this diversity, the agency can come up with transformative advertising content. By doing so, the agency has been considered as among the best option to work with by big companies such as Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Coca-Cola. For more information, give them a call today through 658065.

InsideOut Marketing Agency

Among the most successful advertising agencies created in Singapore is InsideOut agency. Their main aim is to develop themselves into a brand that is used to promote other brands. Their technical team is full of experienced workers full of creative ideas that are targeted to bring their clients customers. The agency is the best in designing solutions that integrates form and function. They serve their clients with strategic systems that communicate with a friendly tone to the intended audiences. The agency has worked with a wide variety of clients from different disciplinary. In all their designs, they have successfully been able to create quality designs and strategies that bring a difference in brands. As a result, their clients can achieve refreshing results at all times. You can send them an email through for a chance to get in contact with them.

Brand Rich LLP

The main idea behind the establishment of this agency is the fact that brand users can easily get rich online. It is so as long as the users understand how to position their brand while marketing it through the right mediums. As a result, they can serve their customers with what they believe to be the best. The agency is good at website design, SEO, SEM, email marketing, online social networking among other services. They believe that everything starts with the customers. With this in mind, they understand how to create positive clients experience with the customers. This is done through increased visibility, brand awareness, loyalty and customers reach. As a result of the agency good works, it has found an opportunity to work with a variety of famous companies. These include, Ron Kaufman, John Sih, and Ascend Education among other great companies. For more information, visit their website to learn more.

The Cresset Technologies

If you are searching for an agency that will help turn your brand to commerce, Cresset Tech is your best choice. The agency works by converting customers stories to product stories. For the agency to achieve this, it uses branded content and social media platforms to ensure a guaranteed and productive consumer engagement with the information. The agency takes part in building brands by use of audience insights. It also works as an entertaining agency by creating its content on what people love to see and listen. As a result, the agency has been able to win contracts with major brands, vendors, social media platforms and leading agencies. They are hired to help the concerned marketers gain the intended consumer engagement.

Ate Ideas

In the year 2006, Ate got adopted for the first time as a consultancy firm. Its main function was to offer lifestyle companies dynamic answers to their marketing and communication needs. Today, Ate has been transformed to be among the most innovative advertising agency in Singapore. It comprises three branches, that is, Ate Ideas, Ate Digital and Ate Integrated Communications. Its team comprises of experts in digital and social media marketing, public relation, content development, sponsorship and partnership among other fields of expertise. What drives the company is its unique ideas that bring change and makes things happen. As a result, the agency has been able to win contracts with DBS, Louis Vuitton, and American Express among other famous brands.

Adweb 360

If you are seeking a long-term relationship with your customers, Adweb 360 is all you need. For you to achieve this, the agency works to maintain 100% satisfaction of the clients target customers. Also, all projects are only executed by expertise. Just as the founder Vincent Laporte who is master’s degree holder in Science in applied mathematics, his team is full of highly educated and trained workers. The agency is committed and dedicated to delivering high-quality work. As a result, it has been able to win a variety of contracts. They have been able to work with famous brands such as La Villa Transport, and Spizza Pizza Restaurant. If you are interested, you can give them a call through +65 3159 1402.


If your company is looking for a marketing agency to help you create a connection between customers and your brand, VMSD is the place to be. The agency has more than 20 years of experience in the advertising market. They are well known for their excellent Visual Merchandising, space design, retail experience and global retail among other services. After being in the market for these years, the agency is capable of creating original and customer attracting brand stories. Together with their retail experience, the agency has grown to be the best specialist and brand partner with many international brands. The company is trusted to create 360 degrees communication solutions that enable businesses and brands excel. This gets done out of passion, dedication, a healthy dose of humour with a big smile. If you are looking forward to creating a strong relationship with your customers, VMSD is your best option.

Carbon Digital Agency

If you are looking for an agency to take care of your interactive and integrated needs, Carbon is the best selection for you. The agency has won multiple prizes with its amazing creative storytellers, strategists, consultancy and marketers. This team is full of new ideas and makes insights into impactful initiatives and campaigns. Some of the brands that they have worked with include Singapore Polytechnic, Link, Esplanade Singapore, and StarCruise among other famous brands. They are well known for their digital strategy consultancy, social media marketing, and content making and development. They are also experts in website designing and development among other services. Through their excellent services, they have been able to win multiple contracts not only with private sectors but government projects as well. For more information, give them a call through +65 6293 4373.

Aiden Creative Agency

What drives this agency is the belief that, if the client has to benefit, the agency must work as a partner with the clients. Working as an outsourced vendor will not benefit the clients in any way. From its adoption, the agency has been on the use of new technology. Despite the challenges with the continuously growing technology, they have been able to keep a good track of these changes. They are well known for their great services in web designing and development, SEO, social media marketing. Other services offered by the agency include pay per click advertising and email marketing. Due to their great services, the agency has won contracts with famous brands all over the world. These include Toshiba, Singapore cable car, EBC, Triumph among many others. If you love them, contact them through + 95 97 99 199557.


Are you looking forward to partner with an online consulting firm? A Firm that helps you brand your design, create a captivating, and engrossing website experiences? If so, ClickTrue is your best option. They are well known in online marketing, as well as technology services. They are good at SEO, SEM, social media marketing, and web analytics inquiries among other services. ClickTrue has been in the market for more than ten years since their establishment. As a result, the whole team understands what the needs of their clients are. From their endless efforts, the agency has been able to get contracts from different famous brands. These include Nikon, Starcom, ADK Yolk, and Media Vest among many others. For more information, contact them through +65 6571 7168 or +60 377336099.

Advertising is the key thing in promoting your company’s brand awareness to potential customers. However, to do proper advertising, you need to get into business with a marketing agency. Note that, not all advertising agencies are considered to work genuinely to the interests of their clients. As a result, you need to pay attention to the history of your selected agency. Make sure that the selected agency has a good reputation in its working. Consider one that allows you to view their past activities. You can also consider selecting one among the above-discussed agencies. By doing this, be assured that the agency selected will live to the expectations of your firm.

MediaOne Business Group

MediaOne is the best and leading online marketing agencies in Singapore. It has secured multiple deals with an excellent global brand which has pushed the agency forward in the industry. The management plays an important role and has celebrated success with press members and few selected clients. MediaOne Business Group has been leading in the marketing for more than a decade. It was started in 2008. The company mainly deals in search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing, online reputation management, website design services and many more. Recently, they have started digital marketing courses and signed an agreement with various leading brands globally.

The new digital courses of MediaOne Business group are available for professionals, marketing enthusiasts, and SEO Experts. Additionally, they provide SEO courses for starters who are interested in starting their projects. Additionally, MediaOne Business Group has expanded its base globally and targeting local businesses. The potential clients who are interested in the agency can contact them through their website. In less than ten years, the company has completed more than one thousand projects with well-laid marketing strategies; this digital agency is targeting worldwide clients.

What To Look Out For When Engaging An Agency In Singapore

Engaging an agency in Singapore is a huge step and investment, with many of the companies in the country offering different advertising packages at tempting prices.

The market itself is fairly saturated, and business owners and marketers are wising up to the risk of settling for an agency that claims to be a jack-of-all-traders. Some of the clients have even filed complaints on the agencies that over-promise but under-deliver.

Bait and switch is another common tactic incompetent agencies use to lure in starry-eyed clients. They’ll simply offer low bids, but immediately after signing a contract, start pressuring the clients to top up on their initial payment to receive even the most basic of the services they had bargained for.

Agencies are NOT safe either. With rampant cases of agencies filing cases on some of their clients stealing their ideas, it’s safe to say that the advertising industry in Singapore is as messy as it can get.

It’s however worth noting that NOT all creative agencies in the country are rotten. If anything, every creative agency on this list is at core trustworthy and it’s all for a number of good reasons.

First it’s because every single one of them have been in the business of advertising long enough without sullying their reputation. Clients trust them, and they’re among the few agencies that put professionalism over everything else.

In other words, these companies don’t just pitch and bolt out on you. Instead, they all believe in strengthening the relationship they have with the clients they serve, in the hopes that they’ll all be working towards building a co-existing ecosystem that thrives through referrals and clients advocacy.

The million Dollar Question

Now that you have a narrowed list of the agencies you can completely trust, how do you sift them through to choose that one company you can be sure will be giving you the most bang for your money, while leaving you with a peace of mind?

This post draws some light on the state of advertising agencies in the country. It’s basically aimed to help you make the most educated choice when deciding on the agency to entrust with your marketing needs.

The whole point of this guide is to make sure that you find that one marketing agency that at the end of the day guarantees you the best returns on your investment, without putting you at unnecessary risk or pressure.

That being said, here are some quick primers to help you choose the right advertising agency for your business:

Leverage Google

Google should be the educated friend you turn to for advice whenever you’re stuck. An agency can lie about itself, but somewhere along the hallowed walls of Google, there lies a piece of information that speaks nothing but the truth.

If at any point the agency under-delivered on a service a client requested for, then you can be sure it’s listed somewhere on the web, either as a review or in a comment section as a way to warn other clients.

To be on the safe side, you can start by finding out the core competencies of individual agencies. What are their strengths? Do they have any prior advertising experience or will they be experimenting with your business?

Google has a chockful of recommendations, and it’s just a matter of you scouring the internet to dig out the right information.

Needless to say, before you even think of doing your own due diligence, to do yourself a favour by checking out if the agency has a fully functional web portal, instagram page, twitter account, and Facebook page to name a few.

If the agencies is only found on Greenbook or Yellow pages, then take that as a warning that they cannot be trusted.

Another Red-flag

Be extra wary of any agency that has a one-size-fits-all kind of approach to every problem. If the agency is NOT willing to analyse the current situation of your business, and come up with a customised advertising solution for it, then that goes to show that they’re only interested in what’s in your pocket.

A good agency is one that delivers consistently. Their reputation takes precedence, considering they thrive on referrals and recommendations.

So the first thing you might want to find out is how the company plans to gain the much-needed knowledge about your business. You want to find out what approach does the company use to dig out for more info concerning your sales goals and field of work.

And while at it, it’s also important to watch out for agencies that only operate in one particular industry or field of work. For all we know, they might be harbouring conflicting interests with another company you’re in competition with.

And in the event that you decide to throw all caution to the wind, do yourself a favour by inquiring about how the company plans to resolve the issue of conflicting interests. After all the whole reason you’re paying the agency is to gain a competitive edge over rivalling companies.

Will the company be favouring one business over the other — because at the end of the day, only one of the companies will be emerging the winner?

Does the Agency Know What’s What?

The world of marketing and advertising keeps changing. Facebook keeps updating their algorithms, and so is Instagram, twitter, and other social media channels. The same can be said about Google and other search engines.

Meaning, a competent agency must have a proper game-plan that they use to learn about the industry true facts and gather fundamental information on what’s working and NOT working every step of their marketing journey.

The learning curve stretches far beyond social media platforms. For all we know, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing are all integrated in online advertising — and since they all keep on improving all the time, it makes more sense for an agency to be updated on what’s new on a more advanced level to understand some of the marketing drills.

SEO is NOT an exception in this. Among the recent developments in the field of SEO there’s screenless SEO, which is basically SEO in spoken form, and which is significantly changing the general landscape of content marketing.

This is an urgent call for any advertising agency out there to rethink their marketing strategies and calibrate them where necessary to match the tide or be rendered incompetent.

A trusted agency won’t just be interested in driving business. But in staying abreast of all the hot topics and topics within the industry. They’ll also have a blog section that they’ll be constantly updating and which is aimed at educating their online following.

So before you rush into choosing any agency, do yourself a favour and find out if the agency has established some sort of authority in the industry. Do they give out useful information regarding the industry or offer direction on what’s regarded the right course of action marketers can take depending on the time?

A Broad Range of Skill set

For a creative agency to effectively deliver on their promise, they must be multifaceted. They should have a broad range of skill set that covers every aspect of their digital marketing process.

Meaning, should it turn out that your site’s SEO is affected at code level, they should have the skill set to work it out on their own instead of using it as an excuse for their incompetency.

A good advertising agency operates with a team of a talented workforce that includes web developers, graphics designers, web designers, PR specialists, content developers, copy writers, and so forth.

Don’t get it twisted — a well rounded creative agency doesn’t whip up one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, they have the required skill set and technical expertise to tackle an underlying problem from all angles.

The motley blend of different marketing professionals helps to analyse your marketing effort from every possible angle, so the agency can come up with a working strategy to drive in more traffic and ramp up sales.

The Cost Involved

The cheapest agency in NOT the best option. But that’s NOT to say that you should settle for the most expensive option you find.

The only surefire tactic to choosing the right agency is doing your own due diligence. In which case, a good agency should be one that offers the highest value for your money or one that will be spending your marketing money more wisely instead of splurging it on unnecessary ads and overcharging you for some of the services rendered.

The agency you choose won’t of course be spending every single one of the pennies you invest with them. For what we know, some of the money have to go to buying ads, sending promotional emails, and buying content.

However, what’s important is for the agency to ensure its team offers the highest value for your money.

If anything, there’s no point in hiring an advertising agency if they cannot guarantee you a wise spending of your hard-earned cash. If they’re spending your cash on content, then you might want to make sure that the content you receive is quality enough.

Suffice it to say a good strategy will go a long way to help you cut on your ad spending by nearly a half.

The days when online advertising only meant visiting a few online platforms and making a few clicks for an educated guess of what to do are now in the past. Nowadays, in order to make the most out of the marketing campaign you’re running, then you must be prepared to think like search engines and social media algorithms.

You need to keep track of the results you’re getting every step of the way, while keeping reports, and bench-marking where necessary as you force your way towards the goals you’ve set for your business.

So if the agency isn’t willing to explain to you plainly, in a clear and coincide manner, how the different pieces fit into each other, and what to expect at the end of it all, then you’re better off trying out a different agency.

The Red Flags to Watch For

Red flags warn you of the impending dangers. They’re what you use to vet out some of the agencies and narrow down your list.

So how do you tell if investing with a particular ad agency is a risk in the offing or pure waste of your hard earned marketing money:

They have an all-encompassing social media marketing strategy:  

Instead of coming up with a marketing strategy that encapsulates all social media channels, a competent agency should be more specific with how they’re planning to take advantage of a particular social network.

That’s to say their social media strategy should be more focused and targeted. Instead of picking a random social network, the agency should also be able to point out a number of reasons a particular network is more suited with your kind of business.

For instance, if you’re operating an industrial shipping company, then maybe the company should be able to walk you through all the details as to why instagram is NOT suited for launching your social media campaign.

The same cannot be said about a real estate developer or agent that wish to showcase their properties or if you’re setting up an online shop and are looking for the most suitable platform to display the products you’re offering.

When their Promise is too Good to be True

A good agency is always slow on promises and quick on breaking down the process involved in getting something done.

They’ll NOT be making empty guarantees or overselling their services in a bid to get you to invest with them.

If anything, they understand that the trickiest part of running any marketing campaign is executing the laid strategy more effectively. They know that it takes a lot of time, work, and dedication to pull anything off. Plus there will be a lot of calibrations and adjustments along the way to leave any room for guarantees.

So instead of promising on the results they’re NOT sure of, a competent agency will be promising on getting the work done. They’ll have a strategy, but they’ll leave some room for doubt just in case some things fail to flow according to plan.

For which case, you have to begin by understanding that a good agency has the capacity to push you to the first page or even the first position in Google and other search engine. But this claim comes with no guarantees. So should any agency guarantee you that, then take it as a red flag and run for the hills.

Unreasonable Pricing

Advertising is not cheap. There’s a whole lot to invest in in any successful online marketing campaign, and nothing about it is cheap. Good content developers charge exorbitantly, and so are the developers involved and the PPC cost and everything else.

So in other words, if the price that an agency is asking for is way below than what’s considered standard, then that’s another reason to consider checking out a different agency.

Different types of media in Singapore

The media industry has different kinds of sectors dealing in various fields such as animation, broadcasting and so forth. Foreign media is available in Singapore. Americans, Japanese, UK, and Germans formed the largest group of media correspondents. Singapore is an ideal place in attracting foreign organizations. Over the last years, many new media companies have set bases. Famous international media available in Singapore include CNBC Asia and DOW Jones Group. Both the two companies have their headquarters in Singapore. Various publications such as Time, INYT, WSJA, Newsweek and Economist print their information and distribute Asian Editions via Singapore.

Local Media also formed the more significant part of the industry. There are about nine daily newspapers such as The New Paper, TODAY, The Strait Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily, Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu, and Lianhe Wanbao. The newspapers are conveyed in different languages such as English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese and so forth. The leading publisher in the whole industry is Singapore Press Holdings.

On local broadcast media, there are approximately 20 satellite broadcasters that are licensed according to the laws and regulations found in Singapore. The broadcast uses four main uplinks such as Ascent Media Group, ST Teleport, SingTel Telecast and MediaCorp. However, the local broadcast media can use their uplinks, but Infocomm Media Development Authority should issue a separate license. Citizens of Singapore have access to multiple arrays of films, more than 1 000 films are imported annually. These films add more and broad range of choices to consumers. However, local shows and films are promoted and supported by the authority, Singapore Film Commission. This injects maximum vibrancy to the local films shows scene which is enjoyed relatively by the citizens.

Radio is another popular media in Singapore. MediaCorp Radio is the owner and carries operations of 13 radio stations which air in different languages. It also owns XFM 96.3 that broadcast in French, Japanese, Geman, Hindi, and Korean. It provides diverse options to various communities in Singapore. The 13 radio stations include Capital 95.8FM, RIA 89.7FM, LUSH 99.5FM, CLASS 95GM, WARNA 94.2FM, GOLD 90.5FM, Y.E.S 93.3 FM, SYMPHONY 92,4FM, 938LIVE, EXPAT RADIO 96.3FM. LOVE 97.2FM, OLI 96.8FM, and 987FM. SPH Radio owns and operates One FM 91.3, UFM100.3 and Kiss 92FM. SAFRA Radio owns and operates Power 98FM and 883JiaFm.

Television attracts a wide range of consumers in Singapore. MediaCorp is also the largest and popular broadcaster. It manages and owns various entertainment and broadcasting channels such as Channel U, Channel 8 and Channel 5. Additionally, it leads the information channel and Malay entertainment. It has added other broadcasting channels such as Okto and Vasantham. Channel 5 and Channel 8 provide consumers with highest quality and 24/7 Mandarin and English information and entertainment programs. Channel 5 is majorly information programs while channel 8 is entertainment programmes.

CNA (Channel NewsAsia) was started in 1999 to offer Asian English shows majorly airing news to viewers all round the clock. It has a wide area of the field from social, political to economic news covering areas of East, Southeast and South Asia. It has its stations in these regions. CNA is also part of MediaCorp Company. StarHub Tv is another popular media in Singapore operating a subscription Tv service and providing about 100 quality and international programming channels. It airs its program 24/7. Some of the programs that are found in Starhub TV include HBO, CNN, National Geographic and Star World. Another media, SingTel mioTV was started in 2007 and also operated under subscription. It provides programs such as Video on Demand Content. Mainly their content covers many areas such as sports programs, general entertainment, and US drama series.

Media gaining popularity and those dying in Singapore

It is no doubt that TV and print media is dying. From many sources, subscriptions are going down, and many viewers and readers are moving online. They use digital platforms for entertainment and news. Digital media is gaining a lot of popularity, and the ad spending is ten times more than it was two decades ago from the sources in Group M.

TV and Print media have started seeing a significant reduction in their advertising field. Television and print media circulation revenue is exceeding advertising revenue so there are many chances that they will phase out in the future. For example Jakarta Globe, a local publisher stopped printing in 2015 due to the high cost of operating a paper. The Strait Times recently announced that it would merge with other two companies to cut about 10% of the operating expenses. The Strait Times print circulation dropped to 276 000 in 2016 as compared to 300 000 in 2015.

Media Expenditure

In coming years, entertainment and media industry will see a rise in the compound annual growth rate of about 3.5%. This is similar with $5.6 billion in 2016 to about $7 billion in 2022 according to PwC report. The local online advertising market is expected to grow from 8.4% CAGR to $455 million in 2022. Mobile advertising, well-known marketing agencies will continue to dominate the industry and accounts for about 48% of the total amount.

In 2017, advertisers in the region spend about $305 million in internet advertising which is an increase of 13% on 2016. From this report, it shows that Singapore is benefiting from digital infrastructure. More than 1 million households have been connected to high speeds broadband internet and 5 million high-speed phone connections.

Magazines are still experiencing growth while newspapers are rapidly declining. However, both newspapers and magazines have acquired a new trend of moving from print to digital format. Magazine digital revenue is exceeding traditional revenue in 2018. Newspaper market has been declining for three consecutive years.

Radio is set to be on track in 2019 following contracting revenue in several years. The advertising accounts in the radio of 30-second slots cost about $329 on well know stations such as Kiss 92FM. Most popular radio stations in Singapore air in the Chinese language. The total amount of TV advertising revenue is expected to grow at 0.5 %. However, Television subscription and terrestrial are dropping.

Digital streaming is taking a new look in Singapore. It grew from $3 million in 2013 to $20 million in 2017. It is expected to multiply, and by 2022 it will amount to $65 million. Recently, on-demand platforms are generating good revenue. E-sports are also overgrowing majorly because of overall video games and regular games. Singapore has set expectations to provide trust and transparency to consumers by how personal and data are handled.

Media laws in Singapore

The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) is the main body regulating the overall media sectors. The agency is responsible for promotion, development, and regulation of the communication and information industry. It also includes information technology and telecommunication sectors. Currently, various media sectors and telecommunication are regulated by different areas.

Telecommunications sector us Under IMDA according to Telecoms Act while Info-communication media is under IMDA Act 2016. Telecommunications Act entails a lot of issues from regulations, standards of performance, code of practice advisory and directions guidelines. All people operating any telecommunication media should be licensed under the rules in the Telecommunication Act.

On advertising sectors, the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice is the main principles guiding ways on how advertising agencies should run. This code aims at promoting high levels of ethics in advertising through self-regulation. All the advertisement done by anybody should be legal, honest, decent and truthful. This code covers all the national, international and local laws. There are new laws that have been put in place in Singapore to guide rapidly in increasing digital and technology landscape. The IMDA will take over the existing laws of monitory broadcasting content.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there’s a whole lot to wrap your head around before you can go ahead and choose an advertising agency in Singapore. But before you even jump into making the decision, it’s important to shift the focus from the agencies to your business.

You want to understand your business, your team, your strength, and the vision you carry so you can direct the agency you choose on the right direction to take.

Which is to say, the only thing an advertising agency can help you with is refining the marketing vision you have as a company before laying down a sound strategy on how to propel your business towards it.

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October 01, 2018

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