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In this competitive environment, it is essential that your business differentiates itself from others through Branding Agencies In Singapore. Good branding strategy enables you to outperform, outdo and outplay your business competitors. In that case, most of the businesses downfall is as a result of poor branding strategy.

Business development ‘requires a vast branding investment to keep it competitive in online marketing. This proves the need to get into online branding to try and sell your business brand to the demographic market.

Today, Singapore is a ready market for any international or home-based company or entrepreneurs dealing with digital internet marketing. It has plenty of opportunities in making your company known. All that is left is taking the first step and establish your business digital online branding.

How to Choose a Branding Agency in Singapore

Apple and Netflix are examples of two of the biggest companies have achieved unprecedented results after rebranding. The former went from a company that was struggling to hold its own in a tough competitive market to the trillion dollar company that it is today while the latter was initially a rental DVD service. Netflix now has over 118 million subscribers globally, but it is still rebranding to ensure that it dominates the market.

There are several reasons why companies such as the above mentioned choose to rebrand. First: repositioning the brand to attract new audiences. The entry of new players in a market can lead to the dwindling of your client list. These new players love to offer incentives to potential clients to win their loyalty, and rebranding allows you to stay competitive.

Second: to get rid of an outdated image. The most conspicuous way companies do this is by changing the logo. Lastly: to mitigate the effects of a recent bad experience they have had. The internet can be unforgiving to companies who make a mistake. Nowadays, many people are quick to drop a company at the sign of something they perceive as negative.

Other reasons that companies rebrand may be due to mergers and acquisitions, change of the chief executive officer (CEO), internationalization, and similarities with other companies in the market.

Getting the right agency to do the rebranding for you is vital. Rebranding exercises are often expensive; having to them twice can leave you in a massive hole. You can use the following questions to select the branding company that fits your needs:

What is the right number of agencies to interview?

A simple search of the number of agencies in the market will bring up a lot of results. The first step to getting the right branding agency is selecting at least five to ten agencies from the list. You can then do extensive research on all these agencies to narrow down the number three to five agencies.

At this juncture, ask for a proposal from these companies to compare their prices against their services. Ensure that you look for any hidden costs. The proposals will help you select two or three agencies for the interview.

It is crucial to note that there are marketing companies which offer branding services as one of their packages. This is not what your company needs; you need a fulltime branding company that has experience.

How big is the agency?

As mentioned earlier, internationalization is one of the reasons companies choose to rebrand. There are many complexities involved in handling such a massive exercise that a small branding company may not be able to handle. The right choice here is a large branding company that has handled similar tasks in the past.

What if your business can be categorized as a small and medium-sized enterprise? Choosing a smaller branding firm in such an instance is the best option. A large branding agency can still do the job for you, but a smaller one promises a more personal experience that will make rebranding smoother.

Who are their previous clients?

Transparency is fast becoming a key component of how firms operate and is the reason you can now find the portfolio page on a company’s website. This portfolio section has been fantastic for enterprises as it helps them land clients faster.

Branding firms are no different. Going through this section will help you get a vivid picture of what the agency can do. You will also be able to find out if the branding company has worked with some of the companies in your industry.

However, you should never go for a branding company merely because they have worked with companies similar to yours before. Many companies have painfully found out that the agencies focusing on one industry have used the same concept in all their branding jobs.

Do they have a good reputation?

This is another aspect of business that requires a lot of transparency. Fortunately, many firms are going above and beyond to show that they have developed good relationships with their clients over the years.

The best agencies do this by having testimonials on their website. The testimonials page is usually filled with quotes from previous clients the branding firm has handled. Some firms have even chosen to do reviews, which represent a more authentic way customers can express their thoughts, on their websites.

Another way of checking the reputation of a branding agency is by looking at their industry reputation. Check if they are considered thought leaders, if their leaders get invited to speak at conferences and if their content is shared across the various social platforms.

The agency should also embody the qualities it claims it will give your business after a rebrand. An agency that says it can help you improve your customer loyalty should have a high client retention rate.

What is their process?

Data analytics has become one of the centerpieces of business strategy. Knowing what your clients want gives you the best chance of developing products/services that meet these needs. It is equally critical for branding firms to have a data-driven approach.

They should be able to do research that helps you know how your enterprise is currently perceived in the market and the things that your customer would like you to change. From then on they should tell you the creative steps they will take to improve your brand’s image and the time it will take.

Your business plans will, in many instances, be intertwined with the rebranding process. For example, companies like to have promotions after a rebranding exercise. Knowing the time the agency will deliver the new brand is, therefore, crucial.

Do you share similar values?

The choice of a branding partner is critical as a rebranding exercise typically takes six to nine months. Spending this amount of time with an agency that has different views from yours can seem like torture.

Therefore, ask the agency the values they hold dearest. Qualities such as their creativity and ability to collaborate are significant indications of the type of relationship you are likely going to have.

Rebranding gives you another stab at winning a new audience and consolidating the already existing ones. It is a crucial step to take as the market is constantly shifting due to technological advancements. Using the above questions to do this will ensure that you can do this as effectively as possible.

Your brand is how the public feels about your business. Online branding is at a higher level in Singapore. Build up your unique brand and stand out from your business competitors. In case you are looking for a branding agency, this article has listed the 20 top best branding agencies in Singapore for you to hire.


#1. Adwright branding agency


The Adwright branding agency is one of the most established, and integrated branding agencies. The company has been in operation for more than twenty years. The rich branding experience enables the company to produce high brand quality and integrated solutions in design, marketing, and branding.

You should visit the Adwright branding agency for the best business branding. The company works with other companies to develop a more strategic approach in the creation of their brand assets.


#2. DW branding agency


DW branding agency in Singapore is one of the unique branding design agency. This company is the number one creativity branding company. They have high-quality branding concepts and ideas that are compelling and ideal for your company business.

They help you improve your brand taking it to the next higher level above other companies of the same strain. The company offers both physical and digital branding design to their customers. Other services include interactive experience, exhibition design, web design, and visual communication.

DW agency has extensive experience in the branding industry. The company has worked with some big brands companies including; Lexus, Hilton worldwide, Singapore Airlines, DHL and Bosch. The company has high-quality services for companies in all fields.

This extensive array of industries ranges from technology, tourism industry, maritime and engineering industries. They are hence the perfect choice to uplift your business of any kind.


#3. Carbon Interactive


Carbon interactive received the bronze award of the marketing branding magazines agency of the year awards 2018. With its key mission of making your business brand shine, Carbon Interactive services include web design and development, digital strategy marketing, brand development, and reputation management. The company has worked with big business companies including Paper One, StarCruise, Grand Prix and Singapore Polytechnic.


#4. Highspark agency


Highspark agency is a brand agency in Singapore focused on powerful branding technology. They are arguably the best experts in visuals, messaging and branding. The company is dedicated to helping you identify the uniqueness in your business and communicate it in visuals and words that have these crucial elements. Our technical team has worked with the top corporate companies to ensure best results on every level from marketing to branding. Other services offered include commercial photography services, video production and animation services, landing page design and infographic branding.


#5. DDB Worldwide Singapore


One of the powerful branding agencies with key professional experts. The company features a brand strategy for improving your business brand. Some of the procedure utilised by this agency include; advertisement publishing on radio, tv, journals, and periodical, creative development, digital publishing and brand identity. It has e-commerce platforms and a team of business professionals to ensure the development of your business.


#6. Vantage Branding


The top priority for vantage branding is graphic design and business branding. It has a well-versed professional technical team that helps your business rank higher. Other services offered include; business branding and Online business positioning. Vantage delivers integrated branding and marketing solutions that effectively solves the problems of each client. some of its great works include strategy, imagination and blending insights that lead to high-quality branding products and businesses helping your business to emerge as unique from the rest.


#7. Dentsu Aegis Singapore


Dentsu Singapore is the true global communication network for your business branding. Their innovative and distinctive services ranges include search engine optimization, content creation, marketing analytics and business brand tracking. Other network brands that are part of the Dentsu Aegis network include iProspect, Vizeum, Isobar and Carat. Their branding professionals are dedicated to the creation of the best solutions for their clients and unforgettable experiences for their clients.


#8. Epsilon Singapore


Epsilon Singapore firm deals with digital marketing services including advertising, brand strategy, brand consulting, web design development and sales production. The company has been in operation for more than four decades and has been involved in the growth of some of the best brands in the world. They certainly have the best balance of strong technology and professional services. Their unique marketing insights help to solve your business branding problems making your brand bigger than ever before. If you need long-term branding, and creative, game-changing campaigns, this is the agency to visit.


#9. The Cresset Technologies


The cresset technologies are the leading agency to ensure your business is productive again. This is done through; Entertainment marketing, Social media marketing, Consumer engagement and Brand building. Talk about the sassy slogans, pretty pictures and charming copies; all these are offered by the cresset technologies. Their team knows what will work best for your business. Their slogan is that a good image incorporates, trust, loyalty and credibility. They maintain that by giving you the best branding services. The cresset technologies are all about enthusiasm, spontaneity and passion in the branding industry.


#10. BBH Asia


Bartle Bogle Hegarty company features brand strategy for improving your business brand. Some of the strategy utilized by this agency include creative development, digital publishing, and brand identity. It has e-commerce platforms and a team of business professionals to ensure the development of your business. The agency has been named as a top three agents in the world. The brand strategy is the central activity they specialize in. they first determine your category, and the consumer target then develops the unique insights that will create important branding and creative platforms. Additionally, they possess a bunch of opinionated people from all the marketing fields who will help you achieve your designed business brand.


#11. 2IIE branding agency


2IIE branding agency believes in quality branding strategy in the determination of the success or failure of a business brand. It argues that many of the branding agencies out here are there to perform a basic service. However, 2IIE branding agency is passionate in ensuring your business brand succeeds. The company gives you the right advice, tools and ammunition to take you to a higher level above the rest of business competitors. This is through the adoption of market research, brand identity and logo, brand communications and values.


#12. Global Dot Com PTE Ltd


Global Dot Com PTE Ltd is a full-service brand agency in Singapore. the company offers effective marketing and branding campaigns that help you maximize the popularity of your brand, improve your profitability and generate the right sales leads. Your business brand will be promoted through the incorporation of the right identity, right voice and right corporate look. Your companies’ brand will be developed through the creation of static websites and aesthetically pleasing marketing collaterals. Global Dot Com is completely dedicated to fulfilling their customers’ needs by providing full dose integrated services aimed at meeting your business goals and budgets.


#13. Brand Union


Brand Union is a global advertising, branding and positioning agency based in Singapore. The agency specializes in strategy, design and brand management. they have a team of professional experts who offer brilliantly designed brands to promote your business brand in the market. Their services include brand packaging, strategic branding, brand activation and identity branding.


#14. Grey Singapore


Gray Singapore helps their client’s companies to grow by positively influencing the people that matter most and engaging their audiences more ineffectively with brands that stand out. The company has experienced professionals that have proved that effective branding has the power to bring excitement, raise of organizations value and shift of perceptions. More so, grey Singapore agency blends the evidence-based insights, the high-quality strategic thinking and cutting-edge creativity to give their clients the best services. This is the brand that will accelerate the success of your company.


#15. SGK Singapore


SGK Singapore branding agency has a team of branding professionals in both technical and creative fields who work together in the creation of a successful brand. The company has digital transformations to keep pace with the constantly changing digital era. SGK is improvising many new and exciting ways to meet the expectations of their clients. High-quality services are offered to big and small business brands as they believe in all businesses and their roles in giving their customers the best services.


#16. VMW Group


As the top branding design agency in Singapore, carbon VMW group is committed to provide unique creative solutions and overcome all the branding challenges in your business. Their unique design articulates your business brand message to fit your individual needs of raising your business brand. The professionals in the company are versatile and specialized in adapting to the flexibility needs of the clients. The expertise of the employees ranges from technical analysis, corporate communication, marketing and advertising design and quality branding. Combining these ranges of expertise gives outstanding branding outcomes.


#17. Arcade


Arcade is a marketing and advertising agency in Singapore. Arcade plays a vital part in promoting business brands having worked with a broad network of businesses globally. The company helps these brands thrive in the current disruptive and competitive business environment. This is by making your company’s brand stand out from the rest. Arcade is a business partner to Google, IKEA, Unilever and McDonald’s. its services include brand and sales promotion, media planning, digital interactive, marketing advertisement and data analytics. Arcade will help you to discover the real brand that is missing in your business engaging your customers through storytelling and product demonstration.


#18. Click TRUE


Click TRUE is an online agency offering online marketing branding services. Their services help business brands captivate, strategize and engross its web experience. With more than ten years in search engine optimization marketing and web consultancy analytics, the company know what their clients want. ClickTrue is privileged to have a group of passionate thinkers, technologists and storytellers that promote your business branding and changes consumer behaviour. Their expertise in all kinds of market industries makes them your perfect choice for branding.


#19. TBWA Singapore


TBWA Singapore is an award-winning branding agency. Its vital mission is making your business shine. The agency has successfully partnered with big companies over the years of service. It offers; advertisement and event marketing, sales promotion, graphic design and event marketing branding.




MediaOne is a Singapore based branding agency specializing in full range digital marketing. This popular brand is dedicated to developing another business brand to reach higher heights. The company has worked with a wide array of clients across all the business strains hence suitable for branding all businesses. Their branding strategies will make a difference in helping your company achieve refreshing results. Their team comprises of experienced talents with creative ideas that help transform your business in the competitive Singapore market. The company has utilized the collective intelligence in transforming the company and elevation of global brands.

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