Best Online Advertising Platforms For Singapore Businesses

what are the best online platforms for singapore

Looking to advertise online? Unlike the traditional modes of advertising, online advertising has its own benefits. For one, you don’t just reach out to everyone, you reach out to only those who matter to you. You can define your own target audience, according to their age, location and even interests.

According to Hootsuite global, internet penetration has reached over 3 billion. This is half of the world’s population. A great deal of this online connectivity has to do with social media. In 2017, it was reported that social media use had increased by as much as 21% with mobile users increasing by 30% year-over-year.

And what’s even more interesting is the effect that this connectivity has had on Singapore. Sure, the internet has affected the entire population, but when Singapore’s social media presence is compared to the rest of the world, their activity more than doubles the global average. 70% of Singaporeans are active on social media.

This leads many business owners to wonder how they can tap into these networks. More specially, which online platforms are the best for Singapore businesses? Let’s discuss the top platforms as well as the social media services that the most reputable agencies offer.

So, what are the best advertising platforms today? Let us look at the top three.

Advertising On Facebook

Home to more than a billion users, you can post a Facebook advert easily. Use it to reach your target audience, and you can choose anything from the age of your audience to their interests and location.

When it comes to advertising your Singapore business online, there is no better option than Facebook. Of all social media platforms, this is one that has seen the most engagement from Singaporeans. In fact, Statistica reports that the number of Singapore Facebook users is expected to reach over 3 million by the end of 2018.


What makes Facebook advertising ideal is its versatility. While other social media platforms have several limitations which it comes to the number of characters allowed or are only geared to one style of content, Facebook supports all post lengths. And it also allows advertisers to post several different types of materials: video, images, and text.

How To Use Facebook

If you want to get the most out of Facebook, then you need to spend much of your time targeting the right audience. This platform is known for its ability to find prospects that are most likely to have an interest in your product or service. Create an attractive ad and then filter out the audience that is most likely to click on and engage with the ad–whether by special interests, location, age, gender, age, or the size of their household. The great thing about this platform is that it allows advertisers to be uber specific. For example, you could target people who love dogs, buy baby shampoo, or are interested in dollhouse furniture. The choice is yours.


If measured by CPC, or cost per click, the average cost is around $0.27 per click. If measured by CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, the average cost is around $7.19 CPM. Many advertisers find it economical to use perform SEM using Facebook.


If you have a B2B business, LinkedIn is a great choice. It’s a good way to reach out to businesses online with your services and you can choose the type of businesses (or the location) you want to target.

Advertising On Twitter

Twitter is another great platform for you to use to advertise yourself online, the only catch being here is the set word limit. But with a few cleverly designed phrases you should be able to do just that.

You can get the word out about your products and services online, and link up images which best portrays it. And remember, Twitter is a popular feature that users use to connect via multiple devices so you should be able to use this platform to communicate with others in real time.

Twitter has over 313 million active monthly users. In fact, it’s become the ideal place for small business marketing campaigns. While it may not be as popular with Singaporeans as Facebook is, it definitely has its advantages.


Twitter gives advertisers the ability to directly communicate with their audience. This is the platform that is made for a two-way conversation. In fact, consumers often follow brands so that they will be able to let them know exactly what’s on their mind. And when it comes to finding out what your customers want, there is no better way to do it. It’s both a place to talk and to listen.

How to Use Twitter

If you want to get the most out of Twitter, then you should use this platform to form deeper connections. Users are often in search of news, updates, and opinions about your products or services. So make sure you provide them with all of this information. And deliver it in a way that speaks directly to each person. Give feedback, ask questions and address concerns. Let your audience know that you are listening. You may also use this platform in order to connect with thought leaders in your industry. These business networks can help to expose you to even larger audiences if done strategically.


Twitter offers advertiser three options: promoted trends, promoted tweets, and promoted accounts. While promoted tweets and accounts cost as little as $.50 per engagement, promoted trends can cost an average of $200,000 per day.

Advertising on Instagram

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This visual platform is making waves in Singapore. According to TNS Global, the number of connected Singaporean consumers who use Instagram has steadily increased year on year, up to 63% since 2014. And it’s a lot like Facebook when it comes to targeting. So this platform presents a barrage of opportunities.


One of the prime benefits of Instagram is the level of engagement it offers. Research shows that these users are almost 60 times more likely to share Instagram posts than Facebook posts and 120 times more like to share them than Twitter posts. This is an ideal situation if you are interested in getting the word out about your business.

How to Use Instagram

The best way to get the most out of Instagram is to focus on brand awareness. Instagram is the place where advertisers should create their unique voice and develop your personality. And because images tend to leave a lasting impression, it’s best to only share images that will communicate messages that are emotional and reflect the values of your company. More specifically, it should reflect the lifestyle or attitude that you advocate–something that users can relate to.


CPC ads on Instagram can cost an average of $0.70 per click.

Advertising On LinkedIn

LinkedIn currently has over 100 million monthly users. And according to TechCrunch, by 2013, this platform had reached over 1 million Singapore users. And it’s only grown since then. This means that your business can reach an incredible amount of consumers.


With other social media platforms, advertisements are seen as an interruption. While users may be interested in the products or services, the ad may be seen as something the interferes with their social interactions. However, with LinkedIn, users expect to be advertised to. After all, this platform was created as a way for professionals to network and create a little brand awareness. So this makes advertising a little less tedious and leaves room for creativity.

How to Use LinkedIn

If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, then focus on your targeting. LinkedIn is much like Facebook and Instagram in that it gives you the ability to reach out to people. This is especially the case if you are interested in connecting with people in terms of what industry they are in. This platform is best for niches that are focused on B2B connections.


CPC ads can cost as little as $2 per click and as much as $5 per click, depending on your click through rate.

Top Ad Agencies

With all of the options that business owners have when it comes to social media advertising, it can be hard to maximise your efforts. And this is why many choose to work with professional agencies. These agencies can help to make the advertiser’s life easier by offering a structured plan that is tested and proven. While there are many Singapore digital agencies to choose from, let’s address four of the top firms that specialise in social media marketing.


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MediaOne is the #1 digital marketing agency and has a decade of experience assisting companies with their online presence especially in the fields of SEO campaign management. This digital marketing agency realises that social media has become embedded in today’s society. Its goal is to make your brand more human to your audience by helping you build a solid connection with them. This firm also turns your social media marketing into a viable source of revenue by combining your existing SEO with your SEM campaigns so that leads are fully maximised and you get the greatest return on investment.

Another part of MediaOne’s service is reputation management. They work to ensure that your company is always seen in a positive light. They want audiences to see your business as credible and reliable.

Happy Marketer

The Happy Marketer places much of its focus on creating content that most interests your audience. They feel that it is essential to create a target for each post depending on their educational status, gender, age and etc. This firm also puts an emphasis on the scheduling of your posts which are based on your audience’s habits. They work to figure out which post is most relevant and will be able to stand the test of time.


When it comes to social marketing, this digital agency focuses on finding, connecting with and engaging your audience–whether they are local or global. They are interested in ensuring that you use your social media platforms to connect with influencers and thought leader in your particular industry. They want to create a buzz so that much of your advertising is done through word-of-mouth. 2 Stallions is also interested in helping you keep track of all of the conversations that are going on about your company.

Tangy Lab

Tangy Lab promises its clients that it will help them reach out to markets that are completely untapped. It hopes to assist you with building a community of people who are actually interested in your particular services and products. This is done through constant engagement. The company feels that this is what ultimately helps you to convert prospects into advocates of your business. Tangy Lab offers research & consultation, content planning, content creation (both copy and visual), community management, detailed reporting and ad management.

The Takeaway

If you want to run a successful advertising campaign, then you must be familiar with the best platforms. More specifically, you should be familiar with social media platforms and how each functions. The best platforms for you will depend on your goals and the type of business you operate. It will also depend on who you choose to work with on your social media campaigns. There are several digital marketing agencies available in Singapore. However, not all offer the same services. The firms mentioned above can give you an idea of how to make your social media strategies run smoothly.

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