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Based on the latest research studies on Singapore and the Internet, 42% of Singaporeans are using the Internet to make buying decisions. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your business operations, it is important that you pay special attention to your company’s marketing strategies. One area, in particular, involves the types of SEO and SEM marketing strategies and techniques used to get to the top of major search engines like Since the Rank On Google makes a big difference in whether a business has more visibility or it remains in an unseen position, it essential that business owners in Singapore understand what it takes to reach the top rankings.

To that end, if you want to know how to rank on, here are a few recommendations that can assist you in developing an effective plan.

Use the Meta Tags Properly

Fortunately, there are many different ways to reach the top ranking spots on So, Singapore business owners and their representatives must become familiar with the techniques and strategies that have been tried and proven over the years. For instance, one common method that many marketing specialists and business owners are usually familiar with it is the meta tag. The meta tag is a great opportunity for ensuring the algorithm picks up a website so that it can rank higher in the top positions. Specifically, since the meta tag includes information like the title of business, associated keywords, description of the business, and the country. All of which combined are one of the critical keys to identifying information or a website that is considered to be local specific to Singapore.

Use Footer and Headers as Identifiers

Whenever an individual is working on their web page, there are a number of different things that they can do to increase its rankings in the search engines. In some cases, the information that they include must consist of writing keywords and keywords phrases to obtain certain types of results. For instance, if you want to pick up your site and place it in the top local rankings, you should use the word ‘Singapore’ in the header and the footer as well as in the content on all of the pages listed on the site. By following these recommendations, Google’s algorithm will know how to rank the site on

Identify Singapore on the Contact Page

Another way to ensure that Google knows where to rank a contact page on your website is to make sure that all of the contact information is complete and posted correctly. For instance, you should make sure that you enter the full office address and the work telephone numbers of the business without any errors in the information. Also, to make sure the google identifies this page with Singapore, the business owner or the representative that adds the information must enter the country code of +65. Again, the search engine will have the information that it needs to rank the site appropriately.

Sign up for Google Maps

When a company designs and publishes their own web page, they may find that this is a very good start to kicking off a successful marketing campaign. However, if you want to make sure that you do not leave any part of a good workable marketing strategy out, you should make sure that you are listing the company’s information on Google Maps. With a full address noted on Google Maps, people from all over Singapore can find your business name and the directions that will lead them to the right place. For instance, if you own your own local restaurant in Singapore, you can benefit from the business listing being placed on Google Maps. This is because Google Maps is considered to be an ideal tool for those who use their mobile devices to find specific types of restaurants, shopping centers, clothing stores and the like. This is especially true when they are surfing around for places near them as they travel around from one destination to the next.

Rank On Google

Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Garner More Visibility for the Site

How to rank on does not have to be a difficult undertaking if the site owner is familiar with the different techniques and strategies that many of the top ranking companies in Singapore are currently using. With the use of the most updated strategies provided by Google, the top ranking spots are much more likely and easier to obtain. So, for those business owners who want to make sure that they are running a comprehensive SEO campaign, here are some key techniques that can be used to ensure the business site is more visible to large target audiences.

  • To set the target territory to Singapore, the business owner or their representative must use the Google webmaster tool.
  • When creating anchor text links, the owner should always include the country name of Singapore.
  • Don’t forget how important it is to get inbound links from sites that are relevant to your industry and your local areas. This step can be done by looking through the websites that show up on pages from Singapore (i.e. classifieds, forums and blogs).
  • Authority sites are equally important to obtain as well. This step can be accomplished by ensuring the site has Outbound links from Singapore local sites that end in the following: or
  • Design a digital marketing campaign that includes writing engaging content with specific keywords and keyword phrases and a social media marketing campaign that appeals to mobile users in Singapore.

If you want to how to rank on, there are several different things that you can do to be successful in your efforts. One of the most important is following the rules and guidelines that have been established and supplied by Google. In particular, those that explain how Google’s algorithm actually works when it ranks a site in a local SEO campaign that is specific to Singapore.

Make sure you are always performing these steps:

  1. Keyword research

You must master the art of keyword research. You can use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner to determine what keyword phrases the users are searching. Also, you will know how to employ keywords that interlinks to content that is relevant to the searches.

  1. Learn about your competition

Understanding the strategies employed by your competitors acquaints you on tactics you have to employ to stand different from them. Learn what customisations they have employed to enhance a long-lived customer relationship.

  1. Plan your site

For you to optimise your visibility in search engines, interlink your content to topically relevant contents. Use long tail keywords to drive traffic that converts to your site.

  1. Optimise your site

Customize your site to be user-friendly. With the advent of technology, there are more smartphone users. Hence, ensure that your site loads with ease, for fantastic user experience.

  1. Produce fresh Content

For you to have your audience satisfied, you must create fresh content that is topically relevant to their searches. Your client will spend much time in your site, depending on how fresh and relevant the content is.

  1. Public relations

Interlinking your site to influential sites builds your exposure and enhances a wide scope of your public relations. Ensure that your content is compelling enough to make your target clients stay. By this, you prove your authenticity to the public.

  1. Networking with Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you a connection with new customers. You should nurture this connection to rank better in SEO and to make your content viral.

  1. Acquaint yourself with Google Analytics

Google analytics determines how your content ranks in search engines. Hence try to understand your performance on Google analytics to see what is hindering your success.

  1. Acquaint yourself with Google Search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, is Google’s way of telling whats working and whats not working on your website. Get those fixed. If you are not technically trained, get a good developer or a qualified SEO expert to do that for you as a few tweaks the wrong way can have disastrous consequences.

  1. Study SEO blogs

SEO guides such as Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Neil Patel will adorn you with know-how on how to msanoeuvre your way in search engines. You can also subscribe to the sites to keep abreast with new advancements in SEO.

Get Your Site Checked For Issues

Get your site checked quickly. Google may penalise you if you have any shortfalls for the factors below:

1. Your website cannot be crawled properly by Google’s spider called the Googlebot

2. broken links

3. missing pages

4. frequent website not found or server downtime

5. bad coding and scripting

6. lack of content

7. badly written content with grammatical, punctuation and formatting mistakes

8. content appears to be plagiarised from other websites

9. missing, duplicate, too long or too short Meta Title

10. missing, duplicate, too long or too short Meta Description

11. lack of semantic markup to tell Google what keywords are important

12. insecure or possible hacked site or site code implanted with malware

13. site does not have SSL

14. website not mobile responsive

15. website page download speed very slow

16. country targeting not set properly

17. language setting not set properly for target country

18. spammy links from external sources

19. bad internal link structure

20. website could be newly setup and still in Sandbox stage (5-9 weeks)

Get all these checked asap or call MediaOne at 6789 9852.

Frequently, we get our client sites ranked on 1st Page of just by correcting some of the important issues listed above.

December 03, 2017

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