The Best Online Shopping Sites In Singapore

best online shopping sites

The increased smartphone penetration rate in Singapore has led to the sprouting up of some of the best online shopping sites and e-commerce industry is vibrant.. The statistics indicate that the population is progressively moving towards technology even to buy groceries, and this has encouraged investors to compete in creating the best online shopping sites to meet this growing demand.

Online shopping is further boosted by consumers having a positive attitude towards internet usage and new technologies. The Singapore Business Review reports that 62% of the population believes that new technologies offer more opportunities than risks.

The government, on the other hand, has placed strict laws to ensure that the consumers are protected. There are guidelines that make it safe for you to share your financial information with these online companies when paying for goods/services.

The combination of the above factors has seen many players entering the market. Trying to navigate the online shopping world can be difficult. We have endeavored to make this easy for you after carefully checking out all the sites.

6 Best Online Shopping Sites


This company has been in existence for the last nine years; it is one of the oldest shopping sites in Singapore. It was initially called Gmarket.

Qoo10 is famous for having the best Korean products in the market and for its broad fashion catalog. Women’s fashion items are especially present in this online shopping site.

However, these are but a few of the products on the site. The site has everything from baby wipes to mattresses to electronics to food and many more products. This is perhaps the reason the home page looks like a marketplace.

Qoo10 partnered with 7-Eleven late last year, a move aimed at reducing your shopping costs. You can now opt for this type of delivery and have your purchase dropped at one of the 342 7-Eleven convenience stores in Singapore, preferably one near you. Items bought from Qoo10 are typically delivered within 2-3 days locally and 4-5 days internationally.


This online shopping site beats Qoo10 hands down when it comes to the user interface and aesthetic appeal of the site. It looks more organized and has a ‘Track My Order’ feature that allows you to see the progress of your order.

best online shopping sites

Lazada has a wide range of products in categories such as electronics, groceries, automobile accessories, and women and men’s fashion. It is easier to see the discounts being offered on these items are the products are neatly arranged on the site.

It was founded in 2011 by Rocket Internet and is one of the pioneering players in the e-commerce landscape. Alibaba acquired the majority shares in 2016 to further cement the status of Lazada as one of the best online shopping sites in Singapore.


Zalora is an online fashion shopping site with over 50, 000 products available. The products range from skirts, watches, dresses, sneakers, and many other products.

Their biggest win is that they have an equally impressive collection of men’s wear, something that is not very common with fashion sites. They have men’s hoodies and sweatshirts, shorts, casual shoes, backpacks, and many other items.

The other impressive facets of this online shopping site are that it has unlimited next day delivery, 30 days free return of items bought, free delivery for items above SGD40, and the option for paying cash upon delivery of the items purchased.

They sell their brand products as well as famous brands such as Adidas, Under Amour, Topman, and Superdry.


This site has a unique origin story in that it was created by a group of students in 2012. The site allows you to list, buy, and sell items. You can buy and sell both old and new items.

It was initially a mobile platform but has since invested in a desktop interface that guarantees a smooth user experience.

Carousell raised $45 million in funding in 2017 to ensure that it is able to maintain its competitive edge and expand to other Asian countries.


This is the place for you if you are a person who loves discounted items. You can find discounted items in categories such as mobile and gadgets, kids fashion, jewelry and accessories, and watches.

They are known for coming up with contests and competitions to develop the user’s interest. To their credit, the competitions are almost always exciting and very well thought out.

They also have flash deals on a wide range of products. They also have generous discounts on these flash deal products.


There are days when you do not feel like leaving the house at all, but you are eventually forced to because you have to buy groceries. With Redmart, you can say goodbye to such problems.

Redmart allows you to order groceries and other home essentials regardless of where you are. The requested items will be delivered to you within two hours even if you make your orders on the weekend.

You can be sure that this company is reliable as it has been operational for the last eight years. Online shopping giant Lazada acquired it in 2016.


The kitchen is slowly becoming an essential room in the house. Many people are paying top dollar to have their kitchen remodeled to a modern and exquisite design.

If this seems like an expensive venture, there is another way of making your kitchen look good: modern kitchen appliances. There is no better place to get kitchen appliances than Shop365. This online shopping site has known brands such as Ogawa, Kenwood, and DeLonghi.

It also has other items in categories such as beauty and grooming, health and fitness, and mobile and information technology. They offer free shipping on all items below 3kg; anything above that weight is charged with the highest amount being $15.

Final Word

You should take full advantage of the convenience of technology and professional web designers to own an e-commerce site. Freeing up more time to rest or work on a personal project is becoming increasingly important in a fast-paced world where we rarely have time to explore things.

One of the best ways you can save time is by shopping online. Singapore has some of the best online shopping sites in the world; you are guaranteed you will get the item you want. Get a stellar e-commerce website for your business today by getting in touch with us. Our team of website developers and designers will create a custom site for you at an affordable price. 




March 17, 2019

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