Which Online E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore Can I Use to Sell My Products?

top e-commerce platforms in singapore to sell products

While some may view Singapore as just another small island state, it has one of the most developed economies in the world. It boasts of an astonishing smartphone as well as internet penetration rate, and this has been instrumental in boosting the E-Commerce Platforms industry in the country. Now that you are at the point where you want to start selling products on the internet, you need to do thorough research on the best platforms that will provide the best visibility for your brand and products.

However, some businesses and individuals use the best E-Commerce Platforms in the world, but they are still in the red. They also lack a conversion strategy that will push leads down the sales funnel.

With that said, some of the best E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore come with several tools that are tailored to enhance your digital marketing efforts. In this article, we will look at the best ecommerce platforms in Singapore that you can use to sell your products. Read on to the end of the article to explore the different features of each platform and make an informed decision.

Top 11 Ecommerce Platforms in Singapore

It is estimated that the global ecommerce market will grow to be valued at over $5.4 billion by 2025 which is an increase of over $4 billion from the figures recorded in 2015. Singapore is one of the leading countries where mobile devices have surpassed computers as the preferred point of internet access. For this reason, the use of smartphones has made it crucial for ecommerce platforms to have responsive web design. These are the ecommerce platforms in Singapore that are perfect for selling your products.


This ecommerce platform uses the consumer to consumer business model, and it has been operational since May 2012. It has gained massive recognition for offering users a mobile platform. Carousell has a wide range of product categories where you can sell new or pre-owned items right from the smartphone application.

You can sell anything, right from books, cars, baby products, beauty products, and more. The platform is available in 15 countries, and by the time of writing, there were more than 8 million product listings. Statistics show that there is an average of 8 transactions being conducted on the app every minute.

Why You Should Consider Carousell

  • You can list a product in 30 seconds or less
  • There are no listing fees or hidden charges
  • You can join groups where people share a common interest
  • Payments are made between the buyer and the seller thus eliminating broker fees
  • It is backed by major international investors

The biggest advantage is that when you register your profile in Singapore, your listings will be viewed by buyers from the country. This eliminates the hassle of shipping to and dealing with international buyers.


The platform was launched in London and has been operational since March 2000. Today, Gumtree is in 76 cities across 11 countries, and it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in Singapore. It offers free online classifieds, and it has recorded over a million pageviews per day.

There are at least 10,000 new product listings per day, and these numbers keep growing since they introduced their mobile app back in September 2014. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Why Settle on Gumtree

Gumtree has become one of Carousell’s biggest competitors, for the following reasons

  • It has a wide range of product listing categories
  • Users get a personalized homepage with product recommendations based on their browsing patterns
  • Direct communication between the buyer and the seller
  • Free product and service listing
  • Your product listings are exclusively viewed by Singaporeans
  • Buyers make payment is made directly to the seller

While listing on Gumtree is free, the platform offers several marketing options to increase the visibility of your listing. Prices range between SGD 1.99 to SGD 20 and the rate is determined by the nature of your listing.

eBay Singapore

eBay is one of the original C2C ecommerce platforms in the world. Despite new platforms making headway in the ecommerce market, eBay is surprisingly popular with online shoppers in Singapore. It has over 20 years of experience in the digital space, and it is one of the best places you can sell new and pre-owned items.

While using the Singaporean version, your product listing will be visible to the residents in Singapore, and this eliminates the hassle of shipping to buyers in foreign countries. It provides a wide range of product listing categories, allowing you to sell anything on eBay. Despite being one of the oldest platforms, it eBay keeps on making changes and updating the platform to remain competitive.

Why Choose eBay Singapore

Seeing that the platform has been around for a over two decades, it is worth considering eBay as the ecommerce platform of choice. Here are reasons why you should

  • Access to a large pool of buyers
  • Over two decades of connecting sellers to willing buyers
  • Sharable listings on social media or via email
  • Sellers can purchase several items and pay for all of them at once in the shopping cart
  • It has an advanced search option where users can filter their searches by location, buying format, price range, the currency of sale, number of bids, and more
  • Keyword search option

Singaporeans prefer the platform for the eBay Bucks and Bill Me Later programs. eBay Bucks provides cash back for purchases made on the platform, while the Bill Me Later program is similar to in-store credit cards.


This platform was launched in Singapore in June 2015, and its aim is to provide a fast, simple, and secure ecommerce platform for both buyers and sellers. It combines payment and logistical payment providers on its platform, and for this, it has become one of the most popular platforms in Singapore.

It is part of Garena, which provides PC and mobile digital content. Shoppe has grown to offer its services to other Asian countries. The platform currently has over 26 million active product listings and over 13 million users across the region.

Why You Should Choose Shoppe

Shoppe is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in Singapore, and it is preferred for its easy to use mobile app available to iPhone and Android users. Here are more reasons why you should consider the platform

  • Shoppe provides sellers with Singapore’s leading logistics firms
  • Ability to track order shipment using the Shoppe smartphone app
  • Social media integration
  • Singapore sellers are paired with Singapore buyers
  • Several payment options including credit card, debit cards, or bank transfers

Shoppe’s greatest features have to be Shoppe Guarantee. This is a secure payment platform in the app, and it is meant to protect buyers from fraudulent sellers. Payment is released to the seller after the buyer confirms that they have received the item and in good order. Shoppe Guarantee also protects the seller in that the buyers must process the payment to approve the purchase.


This is a Chinese ecommerce platform owned by Alibaba with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. It is considered one of the world’s biggest ecommerce website, in regards to the number of users, and it is quite popular in Singapore. As of the time of writing, there were more than 620 million active users on the site. TaoBao has a wide variety of product listing categories, and it is known for its impressive discounts.

However, if you do not understand Mandarin, then it will be difficult navigating the platform. Despite this, TaoBao is one of the best places to begin your ecommerce venture in Singapore.

Why You Should Choose Taobao

Selling on TaoBao is very competitive, and you will need patience and be innovative in your marketing campaigns to beat the competition. However, there are still various reasons why you should consider TaoBao as your ecommerce platform of choice

  • Ability to use keywords in product listings
  • A large TaoBao community comprised of sellers and buyers
  • TaoBao shows buyers the best offers and promotions on the listed products
  • Free product listing
  • It uses a secure payment system, Alipay

Unlike other ecommerce platforms on this list that shows product listing to prospective buyers in Singapore alone, TaoBao makes your product listing available to all buyers on the platform including the vast Chinese market. You will, therefore, need to have a streamlined order fulfilment system to make shipments to the countries where TaoBao offers its services.


This is a Singaporean ecommerce platform that sells groceries and other household essentials. It faces stiff competition from supermarkets and other ecommerce platforms such as Honestbee. For a seller dealing with groceries and household goods, RedMart is the perfect e-commerce platform to use.

The platform receives 200,000 visitors per month on average, and it has a wide variety of clientele ranging from homes, institutions, to restaurants. RedMart is quite competitive, and you need to have a niche product to survive the competition.

Why Go for RedMart

Other than the fact that RedMart is the ideal Singapore platform for selling groceries and other essential household goods, the platform has other reasons why you should be selling there. These reasons include

  • It has a wide audience, and it attracts tens of thousands of potential customers
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing website
  • It offers product delivery to your buyer

RedMart has recently launched its Marketplace, and it is free to open a Marketplace store. Besides this, it is regarded as one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in Singapore. The e-commerce platform has extended its services to Hong Kong, and it is looking to expand into Indonesia.


This platform is one of Redmart’s biggest competitors in the Singaporean online grocery market. However, it has positioned itself as a market leader by partnering with supermarket chains from all over Singapore such as Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice.

E-Commerce uses a business model similar to that of Uber. Here is how it works: shoppers receive an order from an Honestbee user, they make a purchase from the listed sellers and then make the delivery. If you want to start selling on the platform, you must create a product listing and give your location. This ensures that shoppers can easily find your product.

Honestbee, however, has a strict quality policy, and they do not accept everyone. You will have to show how your product fits with the ecommerce platform and that your products are in line with their quality standards.

Why Should You Consider Selling Using Honestbee?

If you are in the groceries business, then Honestbee could be the best platform for you. Here are reasons why you should be a seller on the platform

  • You can define the minimum amount a buyer can spend
  • High product quality standards
  • Free product listing
  • Reduced prices since shoppers make the purchases and deliver them to the buyer
  • It is gaining in popularity in Singapore

Honestbee is only for sellers with premium and high-quality products, and they have rejected a lot of sellers. You will have to ascertain the quality of your products before you make them available on the Honestbee.


Singaporeans are a technologically advanced and driven people, and they do love their electronic gadgets. HardwareZone is the leading ecommerce platform in Singapore. It has risen to the top for the value it extends to its users leave alone the products on sale.

Users depend on HardwareZone for reviews on various household, business, and communication electronic devices to make informed buying decisions. This is the perfect place to showcase your products as well as interact with other sellers and buyers.

Why Sell Using HardwareZone

While other ecommerce platforms offer a variety of product listing spanning different business niches, HardwareZone only caters to electronics. Here are reasons why you should use the ecommerce platform.

  • It is a dedicated ecommerce platform where you can sell new and used gadgets
  • It offers the buyer price guides list and downloads
  • Widely popular in Singapore
  • You can use the available reviews to determine the appropriate price of your products
  • A wide range of payment options available

The platform also shares your product listing to their Facebook page. This ensures that you can engage with buyers on neutral ground. Besides this, you can still engage other sellers on the forum.


This is another of the premier online platforms where you only need to make an ad of your products then wait for interested buyers. While most people are familiar with the universal Craigslist website, there is a version for Singapore.

The beauty of using Craigslist Singapore is that only Singaporeans will view your product listing. This takes out the hassle of arranging for shipping logistics to foreign countries.

Why Choose Craigslist to Sell Your Products in Singapore

There are several reasons why Craigslist is one of the most popular platforms that Singaporeans use to shop online. Here are the reasons

  • Free product classifieds
  • Payments are entirely between the buyer and the seller
  • Widely used in Singapore

If you choose to selling your products on Craigslist be sure to work out the mechanisms that will ensure that you get paid. With that said, buyers can give a bad review if you deliver substandard products. Other than this, you do not have to contend with expensive broker fees as the buyer makes payments directly to you.

ST Classifieds

This is a local classifieds website that has made a name for itself for providing a buying and selling platform. A majority of Singaporeans proudly endorse ST Classifieds. You can sell anything on ST Classifieds right from wedding gowns, cars, electronics, home furniture, and so much more and listings are free. They have upgraded their user experience by launching a mobile app that is available to iPhone and Android users.

Why Should You Consider ST Classifieds?

Other than providing a great user experience to both buyers and sellers, you should consider ST Classified as your ultimate ecommerce platform. Here are the reasons why

  • You can post ads on the platform without creating an account
  • Post your classified ads for free
  • Upload as many as 10 product images free of charge
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • An extensive library of images in case you do not have pictures of your product

ST Classifieds can help you increase your product visibility by offering ad promotion services. There are different types of ad promotions each with a different fee. The rates range from SGD 1.55 to SGD 4.50 for three days or SGD 3 to SGD 9 for seven days.


Singapore is a major business hub attracting expatriates from all over the globe, and this presents an excellent business opportunity. ExpatLiving is an ecommerce platform that helps expats find all the things they need right from residential homes, furniture, household items, office space, and so much more. This presents a unique opportunity to sell your products and services.

When you post your products and services for sale, you get a unique opportunity to be featured on the platform’s homepage, as well as on their Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons to Start Selling on ExpatLiving

The most popular reasons for selling on ExpatLiving include

  • It is the most preferred expat site in Singapore
  • Product listing is shared on their Facebook and Instagram profiles
  • They have magazines where you can increase the visibility of your listings
  • Connect with persons wishing to relocate to Singapore

Statistics show that 18% of the platform viewers are in foreign countries. This means that you can connect with prospective customers before they jet into the country. Besides this, they also offer local advertising.

How to Pick the Best Ecommerce Platform in Singapore

With the above platforms, you can start earning a passive income as an online vendor. However, the biggest challenge is in identifying the best platform to use. In this section, we offer you 3 actionable tips on how to pick the best platform.


Most platforms offer free product listings but it will hardly do anything to get you the visibility you deserve. However, with the increased number of online vendors in Singapore, you need to go beyond free product listings. The best way is to use the sponsored ad features. The platforms have different rates for promoting your ads, and that is why you need to have a marketing budget.

Ease of Use

The success of your online vending highly depends on how easy it is to navigate and use the site. This not only applies to you, but also for the prospective buyers.  Some platforms are difficult to navigate, and before you get around to using it, you will be out of time to keep up with the buying trends, for example during the holiday season.

Customer Support

There will come a time when you will need customer support. This includes when you need to change the terms or mode of payment, editing product listings, and other aspect of your store. Most of the above platforms have tutorials on, how to set up the system diagnostics and how to sell. Other than this, you need a platform that offers live chats or email correspondence for the times when you need prompt and customized customer support.

Product Marketing Assistance

Posting your product listing is only one side of the coin. You will need to do constant marketing to increase the visibility of your products. However, digital marketing is not easy especially for first-time online vendors. Even if you are a seasoned online vendor, you are better placed to use a platform that will help you with digital marketing.

Bonus Ecommerce Site: Shopify

In less than a decade, Shopify has gained a worldwide audience thanks to its easy to use the platform. It is especially popular with smartphone users thanks to its intuitive smartphone app available to both iPhone and Android users. It is fast, reliable and responsive. Besides this, they have a free version that is available for 14 days. Check out their website for more information.


Ecommerce in Singapore has risen from being the forte of huge corporations such as Amazon, and now anyone can be part of the largest growing industry in Singapore and the world. The trick is to identify the platform that not only works for you, but that which attracts many buyers, such as the ones listed above.

With the right digital marketing campaigns, you can convert the viewers into loyal paying customers. You can also make your product listings on several platforms to increase your visibility.

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