Why is Email Marketing Important for Singapore Businesses?

email marketing for singapore businesses

For the past few years, digital marketing has gained a lot of popularity among Singapore businesses as a way of increasing their brand awareness. This rise is attributed to by the ease to access internet services and improved levels of technology. There are different channels of digital marketing including email marketing, use of social media, SEO among others.

Email marketing is one of the most adopted channels of digital marketing by many of the new businesses in Singapore. It has high returns on investment ROI, compared to other channels. It is considered to be cost effective and the easiest marketing channel to employ. Considering its popularity among many businesses, this article outlines the importance of email marketing for Singapore businesses.

#1 Targets Specific Customers

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If you want to reach a specific audience, email marketing is the way forward. To make sure that this works perfectly, ensure that your email marketing software permits lead scoring. As a result, you will be able to define things that the user can see through interaction made within the emails. After your users meet a set of your criteria, follow them up with specific messaging. As a result, you will be able to drive them where you want them to go.

#2 Relatively cheaper

Email marketing is effective and easy to operate and has a low cost of operation. It is one of the best channels that will help you to reach a wide audience with almost free charges. If your business is on the budget, this is the most efficient way to market your brand. Despite its low cost of operations, the returns on investment ROI, are much higher compared to other channels. Unlike the traditional means, by using email marketing, you will be able to make a follow up on your target audience. This will be noted by the number of clicks on your website. Email marketing further helps to improve the already existing relationship with your old customers. As a result of this relationship, there is an increase in ROI. Since a high percentage of Singapore citizens use emails, this will be a perfect channel for your business marketing.

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#3 You Possess Full Control

One advantage of employing email marketing is the fact that you are the one in full control. Your email list remains confidential with you, and only you who have control over it. This is not the case with other digital marketing channels examples of social media platforms. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are online real estate that can experience changes that are beyond your control. This means that Email marketing is the only marketing strategy that gives you an opportunity to take full authority over your activities.

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#4 Email Marketing is Measurable

One of the best ways to market your business effectively is by understanding what works for it and what will not. If you are a business owner in such a situation, email marketing is all you want to practice. Through it, you get information about the effort you employ. Through insights into the open metric rates, you can determine the number of people who opened the message that you send to them. Make sure that you have access to an intriguing subject line to increase your open rates. Make your subject line more attractive to increase the chances of the recipients to open your emails. You can use other metrics such as the click through rate or CTR. These metrics will also help you to know how many email recipients did open your emails. Doing this helps you determine what works for your business and what does not.

#5 High Conversion rates

When your subscribers opt into your email list, it means they have given you an opportunity to contact them. Being in your email list implies that they have the interest to learn more about your company or business. It means that there is a higher tendency that they will read your emails, and be engaged with the information. Always remember that your converted visitors are more profitable than your existing customers. Therefore, it is worth investing your time and resources on them.

#6 Customer Reminders and always in Mind

One of the greatest importance of doing email marketing is the fact that it increases the visibility of your brand. It is true that most businesses believe that social media is the best in creating visibility of their brands. The claim has some truth in it, but when you think on how many posts, tweets or updates we miss when we are not on these social media platforms, this is not the case. Of course, you cannot spend a whole day online. And this is why email marketing comes out the best. Emails sent to your subscribers remain in their inbox until when they open their accounts. This means that no matter the time, they will still check on your email. This reminds them of your business, keeping you in their mind and increasing your brand visibility.

#7 Email Marketing is Timely

Email marketing allows you to approach your potential customers correctly. It gives you important information about your customer that you can use to make them like your business more. This includes birthdays and other important occasions. You can present them with offers on such dates to make them feel that your business services are part of their lives. Seasonal offers can also be used to attract your target audience. In each offer you make, it is good to ensure that it has a sense of urgency in it.

#8 Almost all Singapore citizens use Email

According to statistics based in Singapore, more than 90% of potential customers use email. It means that email marketing gives you an opportunity to reach a large number of customers. If your customers are pleased with your products, they can forward your emails to their family members and friends. This will increase your brand awareness, making it a win for your business.

In conclusion, like SEO or SEM, email marketing needs you to be smart. Make sure you create your content wisely. Use well-thought information, with great value. Your subject line should be attractive, to ensure that the receiver opens your emails. This way, you are likely to make high conversions. Consider using the mail chimp platform in case you own a small business.


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