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Enhance the effectiveness of your SEO and SEM campaigns with our integrative Social Media Marketing, done to further increase your brand visibility and reel in new customers.

Social Media Management at MediaOne

The emergence of social media has caused a disruption and steady decline of traditional forms of advertising and marketing. Needless to say, social media has now become an integral component of your online presence to make you accessible to customers and connect with your audience. Perhaps due to its ‘humanised’ element, brands who engage social media channels tend to experience higher loyalty from their customers, according to reports.

Social media is where the conversations are happening. It is a useful platform to actively interact with your customer base and engage in a two-way conversation that makes customer service even more personal. Placing your business (and its people) in a good light will eventually turn your social media platforms into powerful sources of revenue and aid you in reputation management.

At MediaOne, we believe that social media marketing (SMM) can also be used to complement your existing SEO and SEM campaigns and fully maximize leads.

Through social listening which highlights the areas of interest audiences have in your products or services, your business can implement related keywords in your SEO campaigns to boost ROI.

Assembling and building your brand’s social media also allows your customers to do the work to get the word out by sharing your products and services with their family, friends or professional networks. This creates more brand awareness for your business, and increases the credibility and reliability for your website when it turns up in Google searches.

Ultimately, social media is all about long-term relationship building—so the sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to see your audience grow, engage and convert exponentially.

SMM Fun Facts

78% of small businesses get at least one quarter of new customers via social media
61% of young people refer to social media to decide where to go when they go out
Over 1 Billion people are active users of Facebook

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