Which Website Host Should I Use for My Singapore Website?

Which Website Host Should I Use for My Singapore Website?

A good web hosting service is important if you want to run a successful website. In Singapore, there are many web hosting companies so choosing the right one can be confusing. Let’s look at the main features of an efficient web hosting company. The first thing is high speed. If people click on your website and it takes long to load, it is more likely that you will lose some of your traffic. To avoid this, get a host that offers speeds with high response rates. Other key indicators are high uptime, good security and most importantly, a 24hr dedicated customer service in case of any technical hitches. Backup services are also very important. You want to ensure that you have all your files backed up regularly just in case your site crashes. The larger the storage space, the better.

The quality of your web hosting firm has a massive impact on the potential success of your business. What defines a great web host? Let’s say for example the speed of your website. A delay of one second leads to an approximate page views decrease by eleven percent. This means that one out of ten visitors on your website turns away each second your website continues to load. Now you see why it is vital to have a top rated and quality web host. it is not easy for you to identify a decent website hosting firm from the high number in existence especially in Singapore.

With that being said, here are our list of top web hosting companies which provide services to Singapore companies:

#1. Vodien


Vodien is one of the best web host firm based in Singapore. The company has had a couple of successful years to warranty as the best web host for those who want to go local. Some of its best features include weekly automated backups and strong technical support. All the website services are available starting from word press hosting management, basic shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Their pricing starts at SGD 20.

With this web hosting company, you never have to worry about your site jamming. The speeds are super fast and reliable. This is a popular hosting company in Singapore. Sometimes the customer care service is slow which is maybe because of the overwhelming number of clients they serve. All the same, they work hard to solve queries promptly. They also offer 20GB storage. Their services start at SDG10/month for the lowest package and SDG90/month for their most expensive package. The premium packages offer more email boxes among other benefits.

#2. Exabytes


Customer reviews generally give high marks to their technical support and have a service feedback call showing how much dedicated they are in serving their customers with excellent services. The cheapest pricing goes for about $2.99 per month. Some of its services include the domain name, web hosting, VPS, and web security services. Their customer reviews reveal about their strong technical support and excellent services.

The Exabytes hosting brand is a well-established brand which has been in operation for more than 15 years. As so, they have a large loyal customer base partly because they offer good hosting services but also because they are a local company. Their advanced servers can offer speeds of up to 148ms which is not only good for startups but global businesses as well. They also offer unlimited bandwidth but their storage limit is only 10GB. This is lower than the other three listed above. Even so, the company does daily backups for all its clients. Their price is SDG14.99 per month. Exabytes Singapore also offers top-notch cybersecurity for all their clients ensuring that your website is protected from cyber threats.

#3. Cybersite


Cybersite is a Singapore based website that offers you increased traffic in your website daily. They keep your business website first in posting the latest contents and places you a step ahead of your competitors. Their top services include domain registration, cloud hosting and cloud VPS. you can now save more than S$45.00 by grabbing one of their free domains.

#4. Newmediaexpress


This Singapore web host firm has successfully provided its services since 2003. The company provides services solutions in web hosting, cloud hosting, server colocation, R1Soft back up, dedicated servers and virtual servers. Their internet end-to-end SME specialization enables your business to reach out to new customers and profit from their online presence. Their support team is perfect in providing correct feedbacks to the clients. Their pricing starts at S$ 35.

#5. Singhost


Singhost is the best web hosting firms in Singapore. The firm uses the best and latest technology to give you reliable and high-performance web hosting. The company features a user-friendly control panel, 24/7 Singapore support, and one-click install wizard for popular scripts. Some of their customer testimonials indicate their fast bandwidth and good technical support. The cheapest package goes for S$27 per month.

#6. Webvisions


With over 230 000 users and 3500 business partners, Webvisions is a unique brand. The firm will help establish your online business in terms of domain registration, email hosting and web hosting. The firm is reliable, convenient and trustworthy with an excellent service track record according to the customer reviews. Its cheapest domain goes for around S$30.00.

#7. Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the simple, powerful and surprisingly affordable sites with the best cloud solutions. Some of its features include 24/7 support with guides and video tutorials, 30-day money back guarantee in case of in satisfaction and inclusion of free SSL certificate. The company pricing starts at S$13.95 per month.

#8. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is the worlds most famous domain. There are already millions of domains purchased from this firm. They are the award-winning company of 24/7 support for online business. They have more than eighteen million customers and offer big savings. All questions about domains are well covered by their support team. It won the award of the world’s largest domain name registrar. Some of its locations include Cambridge, Seattle, Phoenix, Belfast, and Silicon Valley. Domain pricing starts at about $0.99.

#9. SiteGround


SiteGround is one of the favourite hosting firms in Singapore. Highly recommended by WordPress, SiteGround are among the best in CMS. They have a top notch 24/7 support and a 30-day money guarantee. Their cheapest hosting plan goes for around $3.95 per month.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any service company and SiteGround do a great job in this area. They offer dedicated support in case of any problems faced or questions you may have. Their hosting speeds are fast and reliable at all times. They also offer 20GB storage and regular back up for all your information on your website. This is one of the best hosting companies in Singapore. Their services are also quite affordable, with their prices starting from SDG8/month.

#10. A2 Hosting


A2Hosting is an international web host firm with top blazing fast servers throughout the world including Singapore. Some of their unique features include unlimited disk space and excellent performance with WP sites. Their cheapest hosting plan among the three goes for $3.92 per month.

A2 Hosting is an international web hosting services provider. They offer attractive packages such as unlimited storage and bandwidth. This company best serves small start-ups and businesses whose websites who run on WordPress. They offer fast web hosting solutions. They are one of the best hosting sites for people who are running on a tight budget. They have 24hr customer service. A2 Hosting also boasts of 99.9% uptime. They charge 7.28SDG per month.

#11. CloudWays


As the name of the company suggests, CloudWays has specialized with cloud hosting taking it to another level. The company has more than twenty-five data centres having one located in Singapore. They are leaders in cloud hosting industry possessing an epic performance through the servers of Google, KYUP, Amazon, Vultr and DigitalOcean. The cheapest plan is $7 per month.

Cloudways is a great web hosting company mainly because they have good speed with 20GB of storage available on purchasing their services. The rates are pretty affordable too with the lowest package going for SDG7/month. They have a committed customer care team that is ready to answer all queries and solve problems.

#12. WP Engine


Are you looking for power and super powerful WordPress hosting for Singapore? Worry no more, WP Engine is there for you. They are best in WordPress hosting globally offering the fastest word press hosting. This is enabled by the super-fast serve pages referred to as Evercache in combination with CDN. You can be sure of solving any issues without a hitch including WordPress core updates and live real-time threat detection for blocking any active DDOS attack. Their cheapest pricing goes for $35 per month.

#13. Amazon web services


Amazon web services are one of the popular, secure, compliant, scalable and hybrid company. it provides unending list of software’s that helps to offer solutions. Some of the solution offered include analytics and data lakes, serverless computing, enterprise application, windows workloads and web hosting. The firm also has a pay as you go pricing that allows the clients to adapt to the world of business changes without over commitment.

#14: Site Ground

Site Ground is ranked as the best web host in the world (not just Singapore). Their data centres are incredibly fast – one of the fastest, in fact. They even have one in Singapore, which is one of the reasons this web host is so popular in the country.

WordPress recommends them officially, something they seldom do. Their customers’ service is also top-notch, with a variety of options for users to reach out to the company and raise their concerns – phone, ticket support, a content-rich and well-structured knowledge base, and 24/7-on live chat.

It’s also among the few companies whose support tickets don’t go for long without attracting a response. On average, the company has been found to respond to support tickets in just 10 minutes.

They have a 99.99% uptime and a speed that cannot be rivalled by any other web host in the country.

The company also has one of the fasted caching systems, SuperCacher. They also offer a free SSL certificate, which comes included in the price. This is meant to secure your site — and on top of that, they have a team of security experts that are constantly in patrol just in case there’s a new security threat.

In addition to all that, they also offer daily backups for your peace of mind. Ultimately, SiteGround is everything you’ve ever wanted in a web host.




Excellent Customer Support

None that we could think of

Website: www.siteground.com

Prices: $3.95 (SGD 5.38)

Disk space: 20GB

Support: phone, live chats, support tickets,

Top notch security

Lightning Speed

Low Cheap/ Different Packages

#15: Vodien

Vodien is Singapore’s finest. It’s one of the most established web hosts in the country, preferred for its reliability.

It’s a good choice of company for those who wish to use a local web host. The company has one of the most organised and committed customer support, which works around the clock.

They also try to back up their operated sites every week, as a just-in-case.

With the locality, the company is able to offer a more friendly and personalised customer service that’s hard to achieve with any other option.

Vodien can carry both small and huge sites. They have shared hosting for small businesses, as well as VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated services for big companies with heavy traffic. They also offer WordPress hosting for interested parties.

However, compared to the other options, their pricing plans might be a little expensive compared to the other options on the list – at SGD 13.61 per month.




Easy to use

Not exactly cheap – their price starts at SGD 13.61 or $10

Website: www.vodien.com

Price: SGD 13.61

Disk Space: 5 GB

Support: Live chats, phones, support tickets

More personalised customer support

Limited global reach

Consistent Performance

No free SSL certificate

Highly Powerful software

#16: A2 Hosting

This is one site that’s been giving Site Ground a run for its money. If you’re looking for a matching alternative for Site Ground, look no further than A2 Hosting.

First, the site offers almost everything that Site Ground offers, with the added advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Their cheapest pricing plan starts at $3.92 (SGD 5.34) per month.

In quick mention, they have a committed customer support team that operates around the clock. You can contact them via phone, live chat, or by leaving behind a support ticket. Reviews left behind show that they have one of the most amiable and responsive customers’ supports.

Sites hosted with them load faster. Plus, they have one of the easiest site migration systems (which is absolutely free).

Their data centres are billed as “Turbo Servers,” and are 20 times faster than a normal server. They also try to avail the best resources to every single one of their users for better services.




Huge Global Servers

WordPress has yet to recommend them officially

Website: www.a2hosting.com

Price: SGD 5.34

Unlimited disk space

Support: live chat, support ticket, phone

Money back guarantees

They charge in USDs

Unlimited disk space

#17: Cloudways

Cloudways is changing the world of hosting through their innovative style of thinking. They’re helping the world transition from the tired hosting methods we’re used to something more scalable and reliable.

As we speak, the company has more than 25 data centres, with some of them station here in Singapore. This works to ensure that your site can load even faster.

It’s a hosting service that’s been specifically designed for developers. Users can add services from some of the cloud infrastructures such as Vultr, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean.

Cloudways will then respond by setting up a cloud-based virtual server (which takes minutes), thus allowing for an even faster site deployment.




Easy to scale up

Too technical for some people

Website: www.cloudways.com

Disk space: 25GB

Price: SGD 13.61 ($10)

Support: live chat, phone, support ticket

Enhanced Performance

Rapid Loading Speed

#18: GreenGeek

GreenGeek is doing what nobody else in this line of business has ever thought of. Imagine providing web hosting services in an eco-friendly way. More important than the services they’re offering is the message they’re trying to convey. While we’re working so hard to improve our online presence, we must also direct the same amount of attention to our immediate environment.

They’re able to do this without compromising the quality of their services. They’re able to offer friendly customer support that’s always on 24 hours every day of the week. You can contact them via phone or by live-chatting one of their customer representatives. You’re also allowed to leave behind a live ticket, where they promise to reach back with a response the same day.

GreekGeek is also one of the few companies that have been enjoying a good review from their clients. It goes without mentioning that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you’re dissatisfied with their services. They’ll gladly refund all your money and even reach back with an apology. How cool is that!




Unlimited disk space

No global reach

Website: www.greengeeks.com

Price: SGD 5.38 (USD 3.95)

Disk space: 25 GB

Support: live chats, support ticket, phone call

Competitive Pricing

Economically Viable

24/7 Customer Support

#19: WP Engine

WP Engine is an option you’d want to look into if you’re planning to set up a WordPress site. The company offers managed WordPress hosting, where all its resources and operations have been designed to work perfectly with the WordPress CMS.

It’s an option that you’d also want to look into if you’re more concerned about the security of your website. The company has installed a series of threat detectors in place and can smell out threats in real-time before they get a chance to do your site any harm.

Their customer support is always on standby, ready to address your issue at any time of the day. Any WordPress issue you encounter while running your site, you can be sure the company will be able to iron it out for you (at no extra cost).

Remember, this web host is not only limited to hosting WordPress sites. If anything, it’s just like any other web host on the list, except that they also offer WordPress support to those using the CMS.




Top quality management

Costly compared to the other options

Website: www.wpengine.com

Price: SGD 47.68 per month ($35)

Unlimited disk space

Support: Phone call, live chats, support ticket.

Real-time threat monitoring

Rapid page service

24/7 support

#20: In Motion Hosting

Anyone who has used In Motion knows that they’re the best. You’ll have a hard time convincing them otherwise.

First the company uses solid-state drives to ensure the best performance. This also helps to increase the loading speed of your website. Furthermore, they’ll be using customer service caching and PHP7, all of which work to ensure your site loads at lightning speed.

In motion also tries to make the setup process an easy one. They have an easy-to-follow setup guide that takes the hassle off the whole process, thus making it a lot easier even for someone who’s never interacted with the hosting side of a website before to work around it.

They also offer a 1-click installer for WordPress and other CMS programs, as well as free website migration services that you can take advantage of today.

Their servers are highly secure, on top of featuring loads of added security features. For instance, there’s an auto-update on their apps, a free SSL certificate, custom firewalls, hack protection, and DDoS protection.




Fast web hosting

Expensive VPS

Website: www.inmotionhosting.com

Price: $6.39 (SGD 8.70)

Unlimited disk space

Support: Phone calls, live chats, support ticket

Secure servers

No Server in Singapore

Easy setup

Free SSL

#21: Bluehost

Bluehost is among the few websites that have been officially recommended by WordPress. They’re widely preferred (not only in Singapore but worldwide) by providing amazing value for your hosting spend.

They’re one of the cheapest options that you’ve got, with their hosting services starting at just SGD 4.02 ($2.95) per month. Also provided in their hosting package are a free domain, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage.

Their hosting plans allow you to install WordPress and many other CMS programs with just one click.




Free SSL certificate

Mixed reviews (not everyone is happy with Bluehost).

Website: www.bluehost.com

Price: SGD 4.02 ($2.95)

Disk space: 50 GB

Support: Live chats, Support Tickets, Phone Calls

Low price range

All their data centres and servers are based in the US. Not a single one of them can be found outside the continent.

Large amounts of disk space

Undisclosed loading speed and performance.

#22: Hostgator

Hostgator is among the most popular web hosting companies in the world. One is because they’re one of the most hardworking companies when it comes to marketing their business (their ads are everywhere).

And two is because they’ve been in the web hosting industry right from the start. They’re the pioneers in this.

Let’s start by saying Hostgator has one of the most reliable customers’ supports. There’s always someone to help you when you reach out to them for help.

They also have one of the simplest interfaces. That makes them the ideal platform for beginners that are still struggling to get their heads around this whole hosting thing. Users also get to enjoy a wide range of guiding tutorials that walk you through the processes step by step.




Low cost

Their supports have been criticized for lacking technical speciality

Website: www.hostgator.com

Price: SGD 3.75 (USD 2.75)

Unlimited disk space

Support: live chat, phone call, support ticket

Heightened security

Low load time speed

Ease of use

All their servers are based in the US

Consistent uptime record

You must upgrade to run multiple sites

#23: DreamHost

DreamHost is an SSD-based hosting provider with a global reach. Their hosting package comes with a free SSL certificate from ‘Let’s Encrypt.’

They have great uptime, and you can be sure they’ll be there to offer you support when you need it. Even better, they also offer a 97 days money-back guarantee just in case you’re dissatisfied with the services you receive.

DreamHost might not be as popular as BlueHost and Hostgator, but it’s among the few web hosts that leave almost nothing to fault.

The company offers shared hosting (at a starting price of SGD 6.76 per month), WordPress hosting (at a start price of SGD 2.53 per month), as well as VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting (which go at a much higher price compared to shared hosting or WordPress hosting).

More Options

If you’d like to get the hosting charges as low as possible, then we recommend that you try checking out these two hosting providers

  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger

These two make a great idea when you’re in the process of experimenting with your projects and are looking for something you can play around with. They can also accommodate a real project or even hold up your business. But just in case you’re not convinced, you can always switch them up with something you think is much better.

Top VPS providers in Singapore

Standard web hosting packages are user-friendly and cheap. But they’re inflexible, slow, and sometimes lack the power and functionality that professional developers and businesses need.

If you’re looking for something more than basic hosting and you’re not in position to afford a dedicated server or don’t have the technical muscle to deal with the complexities of such a beast, the next viable option would be to get a VPS.

Buying a VPS means you get to enjoy your own digital real estate instead of fighting for the little space allocated to you, as with shared hosting.

Each server will be hosting several VPS users, with the difference being that they won’t be as many as those on shared hosting. Plus, you get to enjoy a share of the key resources – storage, RAM, and CPU cores.

So, what are some of the top VPS providers in Singapore?

Amazon’s AWS

This is the market leader, and by far. The only rival it has is Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud.

The computing muscle of Amazon’s AWS stands next to no other option on the list. They have a broad spectrum of PaaS and IaaS solutions. The most popular of all this option is their EC2 IaaS solution.

Other than that, the company offers a series of other services, including load balancing, content delivery, deployment, configuration management, networking, application development, and databases.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean was created in 2011, and as we speak more than 50, 000 businesses in Singapore depend on them for running their company’s workloads. They’re one of the most active web hosts, with an active developer community that’s closely monitored and moderated to ensure that you’re exposed to accurate information and tutorials.

Their VPS packages start at $5 (SGD 6.81), where you get to enjoy 1 GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD disk, and 1 vCPU. Their top plan goes for SGD 1, 308 /month, which gives you 192 GB of memory, 32v CPUs, 12 TB transfer, and 4TB SSD disk.


OVH is one of the cheapest providers of VPS services in Singapore. They might not be the best option available, but they do make a great choice for web experts that are looking to save.

They have different price plans, with their cheapest package (VPS SSD 1) going for only SGD 4.45 ($4 a month). This option will get you 1 core CPU, 20GB of SSD storage, and 2GB RAM.

Their second plan (VPS SSD 2), goes for SGD 9.00 ($6.60), and will double up all the resources you enjoy in SS1. The same case with the SSD 3 plan, a double of what you get in your SSD 2 plan, for SGD 19.89 ($14.6) a month.

10 Best Web hosts in Singapore, in 2019





(OUT OF 10)










1.    20GB SSD

2.    Super Cacher

3.    Premium Backup

4.    24/7 Tech Support

5.    25,000 Visits Per Month







1.    20GB SSD

2.    99.9% Network SLA

3.    SpamGuard Basic

4.    Weekly Backup

5.    cPanel and Softaculous

6.    Customer Support is 24/7

7.    10 Websites Allowed







1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    A2 Optimized WP

3.    Money Back Any time

4.    Site Migration is Free

5.    Unlimited Bandwidth







1.    25GB SSD

2.    Free Cache

3.    Website Migration Free

4.    24/7 support Team








1.    Unlimited Disc Space

2.    A 30 Day money Back

3.    24/7 Support





1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    Support Available Around the clock

3.    Have Quality Management

4.    Page Services Available

5.    Free site Fixing







1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    Free Website Migration Services

3.    Free SSL Security offered

4.    Premium Bandwidth

5.    99.9% Network Uptime Maintenance







1.    50GB SSD

2.    Support Available 24/7

3.    Free of charge SSL







1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    Money Back in 45 days and full refund to unsatisfied customers

3.    Offer support

4.    Relocate existing Website Willingly

5.    Consistent Uptime record







1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    Unlimited Bandwidth

3.    Refunds Available

4.    Good Customer Services

Honorable Mentions

















1.    20GB SSD

2.    Unmetered bandwidth

3.    Money Refund in 30 days

4.    Customer support 24 hour

5.    SSL Security Available







1.    50GB to Unlimited SSD

2.    Unlimited Bandwidth

3.    30 Day money Back

4.    Technical Assistance 24/7

5.    Free SSL Certificate







1.    Unlimited SSD

2.    Unlimited Bandwidth

3.    Money refund in 30 days

4.    Free Transfer of Domains and Sites

5.    24/7 Support







1.    Unlimited Storage

2.    Money Refund Guaranteed in 15 days

3.    Chat Support Available 24/7

4.    SSL Available







1.    Storage is Unlimited

2.    Bandwidth is Unlimited

3.    Customer Support is Great With 24-hour live chat

4.    SSL Certificate is Free

Our Methodology Of Shortlisting These Top Web Hosting Firms

To compile the list, first we had to scour the net for reputable web hosts. We then went ahead to review them one by one, digging out for as much info as possible about them from relevant news sources and a series of companies that at one point tried pitching their hosting services to us.

We’d also look at the list of companies we’ve at some point reviewed or happen to have worked with. It’s through this research that we’d come with a trusted list of more than 100 web hosts that we would later on cull out to a shortened list you just read.

Of course we had to test out the hosting companies first before compiling the list. To do this, we started by posing as Singapore business owners hunting for hosting services in Singapore. We would then rate the underlying companies based on their customer service and the hosting services received.

In addition to these two, here’s a list of the other things we evaluated to come up with the list:

  • SSL certificates

Does the hosting company in question offer SSL certificate as bonus to their hosting services?

  • Backup Services

Does the company offer backup services? If NOT, is the price tag of back up services affordable to an average business owner in Singapore?

  • Types of hosting plans

How do their price compare? From shared hosting, to VPS and dedicated server, can the hosting services be considered affordable? What about the resources offered in tandem?

  • Price comparison

Needless to say, a good web hosting company has to offer reasonable pricing. Started by us comparing the different packages then compiling the list based on the best resources offered at the cheapest cost possible.

  1. Storage bandwidth
  2. Cancellation fees
  3. Money back guarantees
  4. Free trials

How much should you be Paying for Web or Cloud Hosting

With a great majority of hosting services out there, you’ll be required to pay a monthly hosting fee and annual domain renewal fee to continue using the services, unless otherwise.

The plans may differ depending on the company. The amount you’ll be paying will also vary depending on the package you choose and the company you settle for.

To cut on the amount you’ll be paying over the long haul, you’ll come to find out that settling for lengthy plans tend to cut on the cost to almost a half, depending on the hosting company you choose. With some hosting companies, there will be free trials being offered, which typically take 30 days, after which you are legible to request for a full amount refund just in case you weren’t satisfied with the services rendered.

Types of Hosting Services for You to Choose From

  • Shared Hosting

This is the most basic of the hosting options you have. It’s also the most affordable, considering you’ll be sharing one web server with loads of other web owners. The plan works better if you’re a smaller business owner running a small online extension of your business or just a simple blog.

This plan tends to cost about $10 per month, and can only sustain a small amount of traffic compared to the other hosting services.

  • Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, instead of hosting your web content on a single web servers, your website will instead be hosted on multiple servers. For a basic site, the cost of hosting your site on cloud tend to be a little higher than shared hosting but somewhat cheaper compared to a virtual private server.

It’s to be however noted that the starting cost of running your website on cloud hosting is even higher than even that of dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Server

For this kind of hosting, a web owner will be sharing a server with a limited number of web owner (not as many as the number of web owners you’ll be sharing a server with on shared hosting). What happens is that the service provider partitions the server into virtual services, which operates a lot like a dedicated server. This type of server tend to come with unique IP addresses and are more private.

Virtual private servers are a bit costly compared to shared hosting, but way cheaper compared to dedicated hosting. Usually, a VPS will be costing about $100-$500 per month to host your site depending on the requirements.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most advanced of the hosting services. It’s also the most expensive of the bunch, costing about $150-$2000 per month to host your website depending on the size and resources required. It’s the ideal kind of hosting services for large companies and start-ups, projecting a huge amount of traffic with the first few months of operation.

Domain Name Registration

In addition to choosing the best hosting package for your website, you’ll also be required to register it before you can go ahead with your plans to set up your site.

While a good number of the hosting companies you know offer free domain registration for one year upon purchasing their hosting services, a good number of them will require you to pay for it. Usually, domain registration will cost you about $60 a year for Singapore domains and $10 for initial but $20 for annual renewal of non-local domains.

What to Look for While Searching for a Web Host

Storage and Bandwidth

The amount of storage of bandwidth of a hosting service tend to vary depending on the plan you chose. In which case, if your website has a great amount of web content including videos and high resolution images, it’s advisable to choose more storage space. For bandwidth, it determines how fast your website loads up.

So just in case you’re expecting a heavy traffic, then common sense dictates that you settle for the highest bandwidth you can find.


What measures has the hosting company installed in place to beef up their hosting security? Do they offer an SSL encryption, some sort of SPAM protection and free backup? This is particularly the case if you’re planning on hosting an ecommerce store.


A good hosting service provider will also offer a one-click backup and restore feature alongside their hosting service. This is important just in case your website gets hacked and you’re forced to restore everything.

Customer Service

How the company responds to customers’ queries when reached to for help matters a great deal to a web owner. You want to be sure that just in case anything happens to your site, the hosting company will be there to accord you all the help you require with minimal delays and hostility on their part.


The web hosts brand listed above are excellent firms with perfect features and numbers back up. To consult for your business. The list is also influenced by the preference of Singaporeans. Some of them prefer international brands while some prefer local web host companies. One of the main factors you may want to consider when choosing a web host is the pricing. International web hosts such as A2 Hosting and SiteGround has cheap entry costs that go for about SGD10 per month. Local brands are a bit more expensive with their premium packages going for roughly SGD50 per month. However, all of these web host firms are perfect options performing better than Google’s recommended speed of 200ms. Act and visit one of the firms today for the betterment of your digital business.

There are many other web hosting companies in Singapore, the above mentioned are only a few of them. It is important to note that going with the cheapest hosting company will not always guarantee you a high-quality service. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Web hosting is not an umbrella standard service that is delivered at the same quality everywhere; therefore, you need to get a reliable web hosting service that will not have you going back and forth when you design and develop your new website.

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