Web Hosting In Singapore: The Complete Guide

Web Hosting In Singapore_ The Complete Guide
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What is Web Hosting?

Simply put, web hosting is a service that is offered by hosting companies that allows businesses, organisations, and individuals to make their websites accessible to the target audience through the World Wide Web.

All information about the website is stored in either dedicated or shared servers depending on the package you select.

It is imperative to invest in a reliable web hosting service is important if you want to run a successful website today. In Singapore, there are many web hosting companies so choosing the right one can be confusing.

Let’s look at the main features of an efficient web hosting company. The first thing is high speed. If people click on your website and it takes long to load, it is more likely that you will lose some of your traffic.

To avoid this, get a host that offers speeds with high response rates.

Other key indicators are high uptime, good security and most importantly, a 24hr dedicated customer service in case of any technical hitches.

Backup services are also very important.

You want to ensure that you have all your files backed up regularly just in case your site crashes. The larger the storage space, the better.

The quality of your web hosting firm has a massive impact on the potential success of your business. What defines a great web host? Let’s say for example the speed of your website.

A delay of one second leads to an approximate page views decrease by eleven percent.

This means that one out of ten visitors on your website turns away each second your website continues to load.

Now you see why it is vital to have a top rated and quality web host. it is not easy for you to identify a decent website hosting firm from the high number in existence especially in Singapore.


Top 20 Web Hosting Companies in Singapore

Singapore takes pride in having some of the top rated web hosting companies in the world.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that your website is hosted by a company that is reputable to get value for money.

You invested thousands of dollars in web design, search engine optimisation and digital marketing only to lose to clients to your competitors due to poor hosting.

Read the latest Singapore web hosting reviews including pricing, performance and ratings from Exabyte, Vodien, Oryon, Cybersite; web hosting trends, terms and FAQs.

Here are the top 20 website hosting companies you can count on to catapult your business to the next level of success.


Vodien Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Vodien is one of the best web host firm based in Singapore.

The company has had a couple of successful years to warranty as the best web host for those who want to go local. Some of its best features include weekly automated backups and strong technical support.

All the website services are available starting from word press hosting management, basic shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Their pricing starts at SGD 20.

With this web hosting company, you never have to worry about your site jamming.

The speeds are super fast and reliable. This is a popular hosting company in Singapore. Sometimes the customer care service is slow which is maybe because of the overwhelming number of clients they serve.

All the same, they work hard to solve queries promptly. They also offer 20GB storage.

Their services start at SDG10/month for the lowest package and SDG90/month for their most expensive package. The premium packages offer more email boxes among other benefits.




Easy to use Not exactly cheap – their price starts at SGD 13.61 or $10 Website: www.vodien.com

Price: SGD 13.61

Disk Space: 5 GB

Support: Live chats, phones, support tickets

More personalised customer support Limited global reach
Consistent Performance No free SSL certificate
Highly Powerful software





CLDY.com helps businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world move on to the cloud, with a team of expert hosting engineers ensuring simplicity and transparency for every client.

CLDY offers best-in-class services based on the industry’s finest. The Simplest, the best in Speed, the most Secure, and only the most Stable infrastructure powering the best products in the Web and Cloud Hosting market!

Powered by the next-gen C.5 technology platform, CLDY web hosting and email hosting solutions allow for customers to have up to 500% faster websites, with guaranteed stability and security.




Faster Web Speed None that we could think of Website: CLDY.com

Support: 24/7 Priority support

Higher Conversions
Super-fast Cloud Hosting Plans
Low Cheap/ Different Packages




Oryon Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Oryon provides business website hosting, domain name registrations, security management, managed cloud servers as well as enterprise email hosting with partners like Google and Microsoft. Customer service quality is always the top priority of the company.

Oryon offers 24 hours live assistance using WhatsApp, Live Chat and Facebook Messenger. The business web hosting which starts from $10 monthly includes free SSL certificate, 30 daily backups retention and free premium Wordpress Themes/ Plugins. Its in-house security features daily website reputation checks against 60+ security services including Google SB, Yandex SB, McAfee, ESET, Kaspersky.



Cybersite Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Cybersite is a Singapore based website that offers you increased traffic in your website daily. They keep your business website first in posting the latest contents and places you a step ahead of your competitors. Their top services include domain registration, cloud hosting and cloud VPS. you can now save more than S$45.00 by grabbing one of their free domains.



New Media Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


This Singapore web host firm has successfully provided its services since 2003. The company provides services solutions in web hosting, cloud hosting, server colocation, R1Soft back up, dedicated servers and virtual servers. Their internet end-to-end SME specialization enables your business to reach out to new customers and profit from their online presence. Their support team is perfect in providing correct feedbacks to the clients. Their pricing starts at S$ 35.



SingHost Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Singhost is the best web hosting firms in Singapore. The firm uses the best and latest technology to give you reliable and high-performance web hosting.

The company features a user-friendly control panel, 24/7 Singapore support, and one-click install wizard for popular scripts. Some of their customer testimonials indicate their fast bandwidth and good technical support. The cheapest package goes for S$27 per month.



Web visions Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


With over 230 000 users and 3500 business partners, Webvisions is a unique brand. The firm will help establish your online business in terms of domain registration, email hosting and web hosting.

The firm is reliable, convenient and trustworthy with an excellent service track record according to the customer reviews. Its cheapest domain goes for around S$30.00.



Blue host Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Bluehost is one of the simple, powerful and surprisingly affordable sites with the best cloud solutions.

Some of its features include 24/7 support with guides and video tutorials, 30-day money back guarantee in case of in satisfaction and inclusion of free SSL certificate. The company pricing starts at S$13.95 per month.



Go Daddy Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


GoDaddy is the worlds most famous domain. There are already millions of domains purchased from this firm. They are the award-winning company of 24/7 support for online business. They have more than eighteen million customers and offer big savings.

All questions about domains are well covered by their support team. It won the award of the world’s largest domain name registrar.

Some of its locations include Cambridge, Seattle, Phoenix, Belfast, and Silicon Valley. Domain pricing starts at about $0.99.



Site Ground Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


SiteGround is one of the favourite hosting firms in Singapore. Highly recommended by WordPress, SiteGround are among the best in CMS. They have a top notch 24/7 support and a 30-day money guarantee.

Their cheapest hosting plan goes for around $3.95 per month.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any service company and SiteGround do a great job in this area. They offer dedicated support in case of any problems faced or questions you may have.

Their hosting speeds are fast and reliable at all times. They also offer 20GB storage and regular back up for all your information on your website. This is one of the best hosting companies in Singapore.

Their services are also quite affordable, with their prices starting from SDG8/month.




Excellent Customer Support None that we could think of Website: www.siteground.com

Prices: $3.95 (SGD 5.38)

Disk space: 20GB

Support: phone, live chats, support tickets,

Top notch security
Lightning Speed
Low Cheap/ Different Packages


A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


A2Hosting is an international web host firm with top blazing fast servers throughout the world including Singapore. Some of their unique features include unlimited disk space and excellent performance with WP sites.

Their cheapest hosting plan among the three goes for $3.92 per month.

A2 Hosting is an international web hosting services provider. They offer attractive packages such as unlimited storage and bandwidth. This company best serves small start-ups and businesses whose websites who run on Wordpress.

They offer fast web hosting solutions. They are one of the best hosting sites for people who are running on a tight budget. They have 24hr customer service. A2 Hosting also boasts of 99.9% uptime. They charge 7.28SDG per month.




Huge Global Servers WordPress has yet to recommend them officially Website: www.a2hosting.com

Price: SGD 5.34

Unlimited disk space

Support: live chat, support ticket, phone

Money back guarantees They charge in USDs
Unlimited disk space  



Cloud Ways Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide

website design banner


As the name of the company suggests, CloudWays has specialized with cloud hosting taking it to another level. The company has more than twenty-five data centres having one located in Singapore.

They are leaders in cloud hosting industry possessing an epic performance through the servers of Google, KYUP, Amazon, Vultr and DigitalOcean. The cheapest plan is $7 per month.

Cloudways is a great web hosting company mainly because they have good speed with 20GB of storage available on purchasing their services. The rates are pretty affordable too with the lowest package going for SDG7/month.

They have a committed customer care team that is ready to answer all queries and solve problems.


Amazon web services

AWS Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Amazon web services are one of the popular, secure, compliant, scalable and hybrid company. it provides unending list of software’s that helps to offer solutions.

Some of the solution offered include analytics and data lakes, serverless computing, enterprise application, windows workloads and web hosting.

The firm also has a pay as you go pricing that allows the clients to adapt to the world of business changes without over commitment.



Cloud Ways Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Cloudways is changing the world of hosting through their innovative style of thinking. They’re helping the world transition from the tired hosting methods we’re used to something more scalable and reliable.

As we speak, the company has more than 25 data centres, with some of them station here in Singapore. This works to ensure that your site can load even faster.

It’s a hosting service that’s been specifically designed for developers. Users can add services from some of the cloud infrastructures such as Vultr, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean.

Cloudways will then respond by setting up a cloud-based virtual server (which takes minutes), thus allowing for an even faster site deployment.




Easy to scale up Too technical for some people Website: www.cloudways.com

Disk space: 25GB

Price: SGD 13.61 ($10)

Support: live chat, phone, support ticket

Enhanced Performance  
Rapid Loading Speed



Green Geeks Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


GreenGeek is doing what nobody else in this line of business has ever thought of. Imagine providing web hosting services in an eco-friendly way. More important than the services they’re offering is the message they’re trying to convey. While we’re working so hard to improve our online presence, we must also direct the same amount of attention to our immediate environment.

They’re able to do this without compromising the quality of their services. They’re able to offer friendly customer support that’s always on 24 hours every day of the week. You can contact them via phone or by live-chatting one of their customer representatives. You’re also allowed to leave behind a live ticket, where they promise to reach back with a response the same day.

GreekGeek is also one of the few companies that have been enjoying a good review from their clients. It goes without mentioning that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you’re dissatisfied with their services. They’ll gladly refund all your money and even reach back with an apology. How cool is that!




Unlimited disk space No global reach Website: www.greengeeks.com

Price: SGD 5.38 (USD 3.95)

Disk space: 25 GB

Support: live chats, support ticket, phone call

Competitive Pricing
Economically Viable
24/7 Customer Support


WP Engine

WP Engine Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


WP Engine is an option you’d want to look into if you’re planning to set up a WordPress site. The company offers managed WordPress hosting, where all its resources and operations have been designed to work perfectly with the WordPress CMS.

It’s an option that you’d also want to look into if you’re more concerned about the security of your website. The company has installed a series of threat detectors in place and can smell out threats in real-time before they get a chance to do your site any harm.

Their customer support is always on standby, ready to address your issue at any time of the day. Any WordPress issue you encounter while running your site, you can be sure the company will be able to iron it out for you (at no extra cost).

Remember, this web host is not only limited to hosting WordPress sites. If anything, it’s just like any other web host on the list, except that they also offer WordPress support to those using the CMS.




Top quality management Costly compared to the other option Website: www.wpengine.com

Price: SGD 47.68 per month ($35)

Unlimited disk space

Support: Phone call, live chats, support ticket.

Real-time threat monitoring  
Rapid page service
24/7 support


In Motion Hosting

In Motion Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Anyone who has used In Motion knows that they’re the best. You’ll have a hard time convincing them otherwise.

First the company uses solid-state drives to ensure the best performance. This also helps to increase the loading speed of your website. Furthermore, they’ll be using customer service caching and PHP7, all of which work to ensure your site loads at lightning speed.

In motion also tries to make the setup process an easy one. They have an easy-to-follow setup guide that takes the hassle off the whole process, thus making it a lot easier even for someone who’s never interacted with the hosting side of a website before to work around it.

They also offer a 1-click installer for WordPress and other CMS programs, as well as free website migration services that you can take advantage of today.

Their servers are highly secure, on top of featuring loads of added security features. For instance, there’s an auto-update on their apps, a free SSL certificate, custom firewalls, hack protection, and DDoS protection.




Fast web hosting Expensive VPS Website: www.inmotionhosting.com

Price: $6.39 (SGD 8.70)

Unlimited disk space

Support: Phone calls, live chats, support ticket

Secure servers No Server in Singapore
Easy setup  
Free SSL



Blue host Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Bluehost is among the few websites that have been officially recommended by WordPress. They’re widely preferred (not only in Singapore but worldwide) by providing amazing value for your hosting spend.

They’re one of the cheapest options that you’ve got, with their hosting services starting at just SGD 4.02 ($2.95) per month. Also provided in their hosting package are a free domain, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage.

Their hosting plans allow you to install WordPress and many other CMS programs with just one click.




Free SSL certificate Mixed reviews (not everyone is happy with Bluehost). Website: www.bluehost.com

Price: SGD 4.02 ($2.95)

Disk space: 50 GB

Support: Live chats, Support Tickets, Phone Calls

Low price range All their data centres and servers are based in the US. Not a single one of them can be found outside the continent.
Large amounts of disk space Undisclosed loading speed and performance.



Host Gator Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


Hostgator is among the most popular web hosting companies in the world. One is because they’re one of the most hardworking companies when it comes to marketing their business (their ads are everywhere).

And two is because they’ve been in the web hosting industry right from the start. They’re the pioneers in this.

Let’s start by saying Hostgator has one of the most reliable customers’ supports. There’s always someone to help you when you reach out to them for help.

They also have one of the simplest interfaces. That makes them the ideal platform for beginners that are still struggling to get their heads around this whole hosting thing. Users also get to enjoy a wide range of guiding tutorials that walk you through the processes step by step.




Low cost Their supports have been criticized for lacking technical speciality Website: www.hostgator.com

Price: SGD 3.75 (USD 2.75)

Unlimited disk space

Support: live chat, phone call, support ticket

Heightened security Low load time speed
Ease of use All their servers are based in the US
Consistent uptime record


You must upgrade to run multiple sites



Dream Host Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


DreamHost is an SSD-based hosting provider with a global reach. Their hosting package comes with a free SSL certificate from ‘Let’s Encrypt.’

They have great uptime, and you can be sure they’ll be there to offer you support when you need it. Even better, they also offer a 97 days money-back guarantee just in case you’re dissatisfied with the services you receive.

DreamHost might not be as popular as BlueHost and Hostgator, but it’s among the few web hosts that leave almost nothing to fault.

The company offers shared hosting (at a starting price of SGD 6.76 per month), WordPress hosting (at a start price of SGD 2.53 per month), as well as VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting (which go at a much higher price compared to shared hosting or WordPress hosting).


More Options

If you’d like to get the hosting charges as low as possible, then we recommend that you try checking out these two hosting providers

  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger

These two make a great idea when you’re in the process of experimenting with your projects and are looking for something you can play around with. They can also accommodate a real project or even hold up your business. But just in case you’re not convinced, you can always switch them up with something you think is much better.

Top 3 VPS providers in Singapore

Standard web hosting packages are user-friendly and cheap. But they’re inflexible, slow, and sometimes lack the power and functionality that professional developers and businesses need.

If you’re looking for something more than basic hosting and you’re not in position to afford a dedicated server or don’t have the technical muscle to deal with the complexities of such a beast, the next viable option would be to get a VPS.

Buying a VPS means you get to enjoy your own digital real estate instead of fighting for the little space allocated to you, as with shared hosting.

Each server will be hosting several VPS users, with the difference being that they won’t be as many as those on shared hosting. Plus, you get to enjoy a share of the key resources – storage, RAM, and CPU cores.

So, what are some of the top VPS providers in Singapore?

Amazon’s AWS


This is the market leader, and by far. The only rival it has is Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud.

The computing muscle of Amazon’s AWS stands next to no other option on the list. They have a broad spectrum of PaaS and IaaS solutions. The most popular of all this option is their EC2 IaaS solution.

Other than that, the company offers a series of other services, including load balancing, content delivery, deployment, configuration management, networking, application development, and databases.

Digital Ocean


Digital Ocean was created in 2011, and as we speak more than 50, 000 businesses in Singapore depend on them for running their company’s workloads. They’re one of the most active web hosts, with an active developer community that’s closely monitored and moderated to ensure that you’re exposed to accurate information and tutorials.

Their VPS packages start at $5 (SGD 6.81), where you get to enjoy 1 GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD disk, and 1 vCPU. Their top plan goes for SGD 1, 308 /month, which gives you 192 GB of memory, 32v CPUs, 12 TB transfer, and 4TB SSD disk.



OVH is one of the cheapest providers of VPS services in Singapore. They might not be the best option available, but they do make a great choice for web experts that are looking to save.

They have different price plans, with their cheapest package (VPS SSD 1) going for only SGD 4.45 ($4 a month). This option will get you 1 core CPU, 20GB of SSD storage, and 2GB RAM.

Their second plan (VPS SSD 2), goes for SGD 9.00 ($6.60), and will double up all the resources you enjoy in SS1. The same case with the SSD 3 plan, a double of what you get in your SSD 2 plan, for SGD 19.89 ($14.6) a month.

10 Best Web hosts in Singapore, in 2022









SGD5.38 10/10 99.99% 713ms
  1. 20GB SSD
  2. Super Cacher
  3. Premium Backup
  4. 24/7 Tech Support
  5. 25,000 Visits Per Month


SGD13.62 9.1/10 99.9% 551ms
  1. 20GB SSD
  2. 99.9% Network SLA
  3. SpamGuard Basis
  4. Weekly Backup
  5. cPanel and Softaculous
  6. Customer Support is 24/7
  7. 10 Websites Allowed
Web Hosting In Singapore: The Complete Guide 1


SGD5.34 10/10 99.92% 336ms
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. A2 Optimized WP
  3. Money Back Any time
  4. Site Migration is Free
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
cloud ways


SGD13.62 8.7/10 99.99% 500ms
  1. 25GB SSD
  2. Free Cache
  3. Website Migration Free
  4. 24/7 support Team
green geeks


SGD4.02 9/10 99.95% 493mms
  1. Unlimited Disc Space
  2. A 30 Day money Back
  3. 24/7 Support
WP Engine


SGD47.68   99.99%  
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. Support Available Around the clock
  3. Have Quality Management
  4. Page Services Available
  5. Free site Fixing


SGD8.16 9/10 99.95% 855ms
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. Free Website Migration Services
  3. Free SSL Security offered
  4. Premium Bandwidth
  5. 99.9% Network Uptime Maintenance
blue host


SGD3.75 10/10 99.99% 406ms
  1. 50GB SSD
  2. Support Available 24/7
  3. Free of charge SSL
Host Gator


SGD407 9/10 99.98% 432ms
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. Money Back in 45 days and full refund to unsatisfied customers
  3. Offer support
  4. Relocate existing Website Willingly
  5. Consistent Uptime record
Dream Host


SGD3.53 9/10 99.96% 719ms
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Refunds Available
  4. Good Customer Services

Honorable Mentions





(OUT OF 10)




1 NAME CHEAP SGD1.74 7/10 99.82% 830ms
  1. 20GB SSD
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Money Refund in 30 days
  4. Customer support 24 hour
  5. SSL Security Available
2 JUSTHOST SGD5.38 7/10 99.98% 721ms
  1. 50GB to Unlimited SSD
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. 30 Day money Back
  4. Technical Assistance 24/7
  5. Free SSL Certificate
3 FATCOW SGD5.56 8/10 99.82% 1240ms
  1. Unlimited SSD
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Money refund in 30 days
  4. Free Transfer of Domains and Sites
  5. 24/7 Support
4 ONE.COM SGD3.34 7/10 99.65% 612ms
  1. Unlimited Storage
  2. Money Refund Guaranteed in 15 days
  3. Chat Support Available 24/7
  4. SSL Available


IPAGE SGD2.71 8/10 99.97% 787ms
  • Storage is Unlimited
  • Bandwidth is Unlimited
  • Customer Support is Great With 24-hour live chat
  • SSL Certificate is Free

Our Methodology Of Shortlisting These Top Web Hosting Firms

To compile the list, first we had to scour the net for reputable web hosts. We then went ahead to review them one by one, digging out for as much info as possible about them from relevant news sources and a series of companies that at one point tried pitching their hosting services to us.

We’d also look at the list of companies we’ve at some point reviewed or happen to have worked with. It’s through this research that we’d come with a trusted list of more than 100 web hosts that we would later on cull out to a shortened list you just read.

Of course we had to test out the hosting companies first before compiling the list. To do this, we started by posing as Singapore business owners hunting for hosting services in Singapore. We would then rate the underlying companies based on their customer service and the hosting services received.

In addition to these two, here’s a list of the other things we evaluated to come up with the list:

  • SSL certificates

Does the hosting company in question offer SSL certificate as bonus to their hosting services?

  • Backup Services

Does the company offer backup services? If NOT, is the price tag of back up services affordable to an average business owner in Singapore?

  • Types of hosting plans

How do their price compare? From shared hosting, to VPS and dedicated server, can the hosting services be considered affordable? What about the resources offered in tandem?

  • Price comparison

Needless to say, a good web hosting company has to offer reasonable pricing. Started by us comparing the different packages then compiling the list based on the best resources offered at the cheapest cost possible.

    1. Storage bandwidth
    2. Cancellation fees
    3. Money back guarantees
    4. Free trials

Top Web Hosting Companies in Singapore





Services details HOSTINGER offers

·         Shared Web Hosting: For small to medium websites.

·         Cloud Hosting: For large scale projects.

·         WordPress Hosting: Optimized solutions for WordPress hosting.

·         Email Hosting: Promote your business with every outreach.

Plan and pricing details Web Hosting

Premium Shared Hosting: $2.15/month ($3.49/mo when you renew)

  • Optimized for WordPress
  • 1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!
  • 100 Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2X Processing Power & Memory
  • Weekly Backups
  • Free Domain Name


Single Shared Hosting: $0.80/month ($2.15/mo when you renew)

·         1 Website

·         Optimized for WordPress

·         1 Free Business mailbox for 6 months!

·         100 GB Bandwidth

·         1X Processing Power & Memory


Business Shared Hosting: $3.45/month ($7.95/mo when you renew)

·         All Benefits From Premium

·         Daily Backups

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         4X Processing Power & Memory


VPS Hosting


VPS Server Plan 2: $8.95/month ($15.76/mo when you renew)

·         2 GB RAM

·         4 GB Burst RAM

·         4.8 GHz CPUs

·         40 GB Disk Space

·         2000 GB Bandwidth


VPS Server Plan 1: $3.95/month ($7.86/mo when you renew)

·         1 GB RAM

·         2 GB Burst RAM

·         2.4 GHz CPUs

·         20 GB Disk Space

·         1000 GB Bandwidth


VPS Server Plan 5: $23.95/month ($47.36/mo when you renew)

·         6 GB RAM

·         12 GB Burst RAM

·         12 GHz CPUs

·         120 GB Disk Space

·         6000 GB Bandwidth


Cloud Hosting


Cloud Professional: $14.95/month ($31.80/mo when you renew)

·         Up to 300 Websites

·         Dedicated IP Address

·         80 GB Disk Space

·         Unlimited Bandwidth

·         6 GB RAM

·         4 CPU Cores


Cloud Startup: $7.45/month ($15.90/mo when you renew)

·         Up to 300 Websites

·         Dedicated IP Address

·         40 GB Disk Space

·         Unlimited Bandwidth

·         3 GB RAM

·         2 CPU Cores


Cloud Enterprise: $27.45/month ($71.55/mo when you renew)

·         Up to 300 Websites

·         Dedicated IP Address

·         160 GB Disk Space

·         Unlimited Bandwidth

·         12 GB RAM

·         6 CPU Cores



 Disk space


 Bandwidth  Unlimited
 Load time 238ms (1st)
 Uptime  100% (1st)
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Windows, Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services ·         Webchat on a 24/7 basis

·         The company’s virtual servers are created on a network in the cloud, which means you have maximum availability and always available websites

·         Staffs are incredibly friendly and informative


Specialties •          Good value for money

•          Site Manager cPanel Quality

•          There are no restrictions on the site builder

•          Give others secure access to their sites

•          Multilingual customer service

•          Mainly availability

•          easy to use

•          Accept a wide range of payment options.

•          Build a free website with pre-designed templates

•          Easy-to-use control panel (customize the control panel)

Reliability issues ·         Hostinger provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee in the industry.

·         Hostinger’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

URL https://www.hostinger.com/


In Motion Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide



Services details InMotion Hosting offers the user a wide variety of options. They offer the services of

·         WordPress Hosting

·         VPS Hosting

·         Dedicated Servers

·         Website Creator

Plan details and pricing details WordPress Hosting: Starting from $6.99/month

·         Ultra-fast WordPress performance

·         Free SSL

·         Hack and malware protection


VPS Hosting: Starting from $21.04/month

·         Free server management

·         Reliable cloud infrastructure

·         Unlocked CPU cores


Dedicated Servers: Starting from $105.69/month

·         Configurable server hardware

·         Free server management

·         99.99% network uptime


Website Creator: Starting from $15.00/month

·         Simple setup & launch

·         Easy to use Website Builder

·         Exclusive E-marketing support



Disk space


 Bandwidth  Unlimited
 Load time 416ms (2nd)
 Uptime  99.97%
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services ·         24/7 online live support
Specialties ·         Fast Web Hosting

·         Free SSL

·         Auto Updates facilities

·         Reliable cloud infrastructure

·         Free server management

·         Simple setup & launch

Reliability issues ·         16-year CNET Certified

·         A+ Rating

·         100% satisfaction guarantee

·         Hack and malware protection

·         Custom firewall

·         DDoS protection

URL https://www.inmotionhosting.com/contact


Blue host Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide



Services details Bluehost is a known and reliable domain hosting and registration service. Their hosting services are the following:

·         Shared Hosting

·         VPS Hosting

·         Dedicated Hosting

Plan details and pricing details Shared Hosting

Basic: $3.95/month

·         1 Website

·         50 GB SSD Storage

·         Unmetered Bandwidth

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         Standard Performance

·         1 Included Domain

·         5 Parked Domains

·         25 Sub Domains


Plus: $5.95/month

·         Unlimited Websites

·         Unlimited SSD Storage

·         Unmetered Bandwidth

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         Standard Performance

·         Unlimited Domains

·         Unlimited Parked Domains

·         Unlimited Sub Domains

·         Spam Experts


Choice Plus: $5.95/month

·         Unlimited Websites

·         Unlimited SSD Storage

·         Unmetered Bandwidth

·         Free SSL Certificate

·         Standard Performance

·         Unlimited Domains

·         Unlimited Parked Domains

·         Unlimited Sub Domains

·         Spam Experts

·         Domain Privacy + Protection


VPS Hosting


Standard: $19.99/month

·         2 Cores

·         30 GB SSD Storage

·         2 GB RAM

·         1 TB Bandwidth

·         1 IP Address


Enhanced: $29.99/month

·         2 Cores

·         60 GB SSD Storage

·         4 GB RAM

·         2 TB Bandwidth

·         2 IP Addresses


Ultimate: $59.99/month

·         4 Cores

·         120 GB SSD Storage

·         8 GB RAM

·         3 TB Bandwidth

·         2 IP Addresses


Dedicated Hosting


Standard: $79.99/month

·         4 cores @ 2.3 GHz

·         500GB (Mirrored) Storage

·         4 GB RAM

·         5 TB Bandwidth

·         3 IP Addresses


Enhanced: $99.99/month

·         4 cores @ 2.5 GHz

·         1TB (Mirrored) Storage

·         8 GB RAM

·         10 TB Bandwidth

·         4 IP Addresses


Premium: $119.99/month

·         4 cores @ 3.3 GHz

·         1TB (Mirrored) Storage

·         16 GB RAM

·         15 TB Bandwidth

·         5 IP Addresses


 Disk space


 Bandwitdh  Unlimited
 Load time 605ms 
 Uptime  100% 
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services 24/7 online chat

24/7 telephone calling facilities

Specialties Shared Hosting

·         Great for a new website or blog

·         Easy-to-use customer dashboard

·         Fully managed solution


VPS Hosting

  • Great for moderate to high traffic
  • Scalable with on-demand resources
  • Full root access for additional control


Dedicated Hosting

·         Great for websites with high traffic

·         For resource-intensive needs

·         Ultimate security and performance

Reliability issues Dedicated hosting provides improved security and complete customization
Telephone +1 801-765-9400
URL https://www.bluehost.com/contact


Exabytes Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide



Services details Web Hosting: Beyond your business/ blog/ website needs

SSD Premium Hosting: For Enterprise/ E-Commerce sites

Web Hosting – Windows: Build ASP.NET, MVC, MS-SQL

Reseller Hosting: Customized plans for your clients

Plan details and pricing details SSD Managed Web Hosting Plans

EBiz Lite PRO: S$12.99/mo

·         Host 1 Website

·         10GB Disk Space on SSD

·         Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer

·         10 Email Accounts

·         cPanel Control Panel

·         FREE SSL (HTTPS)

·         Malware Detection & Removal

·         Enterprise Anti-Spam Protection

·         FREE Daily Backup (30-Day Retention)

·         Hosted in SG Data Center


EBiz Plus PRO: S$17.99/mo

·         Host 10 Website

·         50GB Disk Space on SSD

·         Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer

·         Unlimited Email Accounts

·         *Recommended for 50 users and below

·         cPanel Control Panel

·         FREE SSL (HTTPS)

·         Malware Detection & Removal

·         Enterprise Anti-Spam Protection

·         FREE Daily Backup (30-Day Retention)

·         Hosted in SG Data Center


Business Hosting Plans


EBiz Lite: S$5.99/mo

·         10GB Disk Space

·         20GB Monthly Data Transfer

·         10 Email Accounts

·         cPanel Control Panel

·         FREE SSL (HTTPS)

·         FREE Daily Backup

·         (14-Day Retention)

·         FREE Domain Privacy Protection (Whois Protection)

·         Host 1 Website

·         1GB Memory

·         Hosted in SG Data Center


EBiz Plus: S$7.99/mo

·         50GB Disk Space

·         100GB Monthly Data Transfer

·         50 Email Accounts

·         cPanel Control Panel

·         FREE SSL (HTTPS)

·         FREE Daily Backup

·         (14-Day Retention)

·         FREE Domain Privacy Protection (Whois Protection)

·         Host 10 Websites

·         1GB Memory

·         Hosted in SG Data Center


Disk space


 Bandwitdh  Unlimited
 Load time 305ms 
 Uptime  100% 
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Linux, Windows
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services 24/7 customer support

·         WhatsApp

·         Phone Support

·         Live Chat

·         Email

Specialties ·         High-speed branded servers

·         1-Click installer

·         Automatic backup

·         Free SSL certificate

·         SFTP/SSH access

Reliability and security issues 100-Day Risk-Free Guaranteed

All data is hosted in Exabytes Tier-3 data center

Data centers are certified with world-class facilities

Infrastructure for DDoS protection

Daily backups, to avoid data loss

Telephone 04-609 7888
URL https://www.exabytes.sg/web-hosting/premium-business-hosting


Site Ground Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide



Services details ·         Reliable Web Hosting

·         Managed WordPress Hosting

·         High-Performance WooCommerce Hosting

·         Autoscalable Cloud Hosting

Plan details and pricing details StartUp: $3.95/month

·         1 Website

·         10 GB Web Space

·         10,000 Visits Monthly

GrowBig: $5.95/mo.

·         Unlimited Websites

·         20 GB Web Space

·         25,000 Visits Monthly

GoGeek: $11.95/mo.

·         Unlimited Websites

·         30 GB Web Space

·         100,000 Visits Monthly


 Disk space


 Bandwidth  Unlimited
 Load time 549ms (2rd)
 Uptime  100%
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services Available 24/7: By phone, chat, ticket

WordPress Expertise: Always eager to help

Extremely Fast: Quick pickup & resolution

Specialties ·         Ultra-fast Sites

·         Free SSL Certificates

·         Daily Backups

·         Staging Tool

·         Top-Rated Customer satisfaction

Reliability issues Top-notch Security

WordPress Expertise Always eager to help

Telephone 1.866.605.2484
URL https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=5c90c2775c81c0e9972f19848ab9c83f


A2 Hosting Web Hosting In Singapore The Complete Guide


A2 Hosting

Services details ·         Shared hosting

·         Reseller hosting

·         VPS hosting

Plan details and pricing details SHARED HOSTING: STARTING AT $2.94 USD monthly

·         WordPress, Drupal & Joomla optimized

·         Turbo Servers (up to 20X faster)

·         Easy-to-use

·         Free & easy site migration



·         Easily set up individual hosting accounts

·         Fully white-labeled

·         World-class WHM control panel

·         Free billing system option



·         Speed enhanced security & developer-friendly

·         More isolation

·         Choose your management level

·         Free migration (w/ Managed VPS)


Disk space


 Bandwidth  Unlimited
 Load time 703ms 
 Uptime  98.89%
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Windows, Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes
Support services ·         Top customer satisfaction

·         24/7/365 astounding, expert English-speaking support staff

Specialties ·         Top-quality developer tools

·         High-speed performance

·         Reliable uptime

·         Free SSDs included.

·         Reseller hosting options for hosting new businesses

·         Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer

·         Free & Easy Site Migration

·         Free Automatic Backups

Reliability issues ·         Anytime Money Back Guarantee

·         A2H is 100% carbon neutral

·         99.9% Uptime Commitment

URL https://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=MediaNovas


Top Shared Web Hosting in Singapore 

Company Name

Pricing starts from

Disk space



Web Link



$0.8 10 GB to Unlimited 100% 5 star http://www.hostg.xyz/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1188

Inmotion hosting

$4.99 Unlimited 99.97% 4 star http://inmotion-hosting.evyy.net/c/1259986/412245/4222
blue host


$3.95 50 GB to Unlimited 100% 4 star https://www.bluehost.com/track/medianovas/


$3.59 10 GB to Unlimited 100% 4 star https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/aff.php?aff=8101070

Site Ground

$3.95 10 GB to Unlimited 100% 3.5 star https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=5c90c2775c81c0e9972f19848ab9c83f
A2 hosting

A2 Hosting

$3.92 Unlimited 98.89% 3.5 star http://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=MediaNovas

I Page

$1.99 Unlimited 99.98% 4 star https://www.ipage.com/join/index.bml?AffID=881093


$1.95 Unlimited 99.99% 4 star http://www.mochahost.com/7091.html
Fat cow


$3.15 Unlimited 99.99% 3.5 star https://www.fatcow.com/join/index.bml?AffID=881096

Inter Server

$5.00 Unlimited 99.89% 4 star http://www.interserver.net/r/475671

Top WordPress Web Hosting in Singapore 

Company Name

Pricing starts from

Disk space



Web Link



$0.8 10 GB to Unlimited 100% 5 star http://www.hostg.xyz/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1188


$4.99 Unlimited 99.99% 4 star http://www.mochahost.com/7091.html

Inmotion hosting

$4.99 U40 GB to 240 GB 99.97% 4 star http://inmotion-hosting.evyy.net/c/1259986/412245/4222


$3.59 10 GB to Unlimited 100% 4 star https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/aff.php?aff=8101070
Dream Host


$2.59 10 GB to 30 GB 100% 4 star https://mbsy.co/mQNrR

Site Ground

$3.95 10 GB to 30 GB 99.98% 3.5 star https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=5c90c2775c81c0e9972f19848ab9c83f

I Page

$3.75 Unlimited 99.98% 4 star https://www.ipage.com/join/index.bml?AffID=881093

Top Dedicated Server in Singapore 

Company Name

Pricing starts from

Disk space



Web Link

blue host


$79.99 500 GB to 1 TB 100% 4 star https://www.bluehost.com/track/medianovas/

Inmotion hosting

$105.69 500 GB-3 TB 99.97% 4 star http://inmotion-hosting.evyy.net/c/1259986/412245/4222


$120 2 TB-8 TB 100% 4 star https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/aff.php?aff=8101070

Site Ground

$269 400 GB to 1.92 TB 100% 3.5 star https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=5c90c2775c81c0e9972f19848ab9c83f
A2 hosting

A2 Hosting

$99.59 From 1 TB 98.89% 3.5 star http://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=MediaNovas

I Page

$119.99 500 GB-1 TB 99.98% 4 star https://www.ipage.com/join/index.bml?AffID=881093

Top Cloud Web Hosting in Singapore 

Company Name

Pricing starts from

Disk space



Web Link

Dream Host


$4.95 100 GB 100% 4 star https://mbsy.co/mQNrR


$15.90 40 GB to 160 GB 100% 5 star http://www.hostg.xyz/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1188
blue host


$6.95 100 GB to Unlimited 100% 4 star https://www.bluehost.com/track/medianovas/

Site Ground

$80 40 GB to 120 GB 100% 3.5 star https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=5c90c2775c81c0e9972f19848ab9c83f

Top VPS Web Hosting in Singapore 

Company Name

Pricing starts from

Disk space



Web Link



$4.99 20 GB to 160 GB 100% 5 star http://www.hostg.xyz/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1188
A2 hosting

A2 Hosting

$5.00 20 GB-75 GB 98.89% 3.5 star http://www.a2hosting.com/?aid=MediaNovas

Inmotion hosting

$19.99 75 TB to 260 GB 99.97% 4 star http://inmotion-hosting.evyy.net/c/1259986/412245/4222
blue host


$19.99 30 GB-120 GB 100% 4 star https://www.bluehost.com/track/medianovas/
Dream Host


$13.75 30 GB to 240 GB 100% 4 star https://mbsy.co/mQNrR

I Page

$19.99 1 TB-4 TB 99.98% 4 star https://www.ipage.com/join/index.bml?AffID=881093

Hosting Market and Industry Statistics

Hosting Marketing Industry Statistics

·         2018 was a successful year for e-commerce store owners in Singapore
·         WordPress is Ranked 1 CMS Hosting Service
·         GoDaddy Still leading the market
·         In Singapore, Cloud computing is the fastest-growing tech service
·         Top 10 companies are leading the global websites
·         Mobile usage is reshaping the industry and it represents over half of all internet traffic.
·         Internet Speed is Still Accelerating
·         A website can reach 1 million users within 4 years and the telephone achieved the same dissemination in 75 years.


Singapore Web Hosting Market Share November 

Below are hosting companies with the most clients in Singapore

Hosting Companies

Percentage of Clients

GoDaddy 24.08%
Amazon Web Services 11.20%
Digital Ocean 10%
Linode 4.60%
Vodien 4.60%
Niagahoster 4.35%
OVH.com 2.57%
Hostinger Brasil 2.10%
SoftLayer 2.05%
Microsoft Azure 1.87%

Factors for Choosing the Right Web Host in Singapore

There are various factors which you should consider before you outsource for a web hosting service. These factors are;

Speed: If your web page cannot load within 5 seconds, then you will have lower levels of traffic.  No user can wait for an extra minute for your page to load. An excellent web hosting service has a high speed.

Speed Where Your Target Audience Is: If your target audience is in Singapore, then the best web hosting in Singapore will have a high-speed rate there.

Price: Always choose a web hosting service which is affordable.

Storage and Bandwidth: These two will determine your traffic levels and the amount of content you will put on your website. It is advisable to choose a web hosting service provider that either has a high or an unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Security: Of course, you would not like your website to be hacked easily. A proper web hosting company must have valid security credentials and an automatic system which can scan malware.

Backup: Your information is valuable, and it can easily get lost. A reliable web hosting service will either have a daily or a weekly back up plan.

Uptime: The best web hosting service will always guarantee you a 99.9% uptime. After all, you do not want your website to be downtime all the time.

Customer Care Service: Things can go berserk at any time. An efficient web hosting company should have a quick, professional, and excellent customer care service team on standby always.

Web Hosting Terminologies


The amount of data moves to or from the website every second

Blog A commonly updated web page or website
CDN It means a content delivery network. It is a system of servers that are distributed across several data centers that deliver web content to the end-users.
Control Panel It is the place where anyone can able to add new domains, install applications, and manage settings
CMS It means a content management system. It allows people to create, and manage website without having any coding background.
CPU CPU means the Central processing unit. It is considered as the brain of the server.
DNS It means the Domain Name System. It can translate any domain names to the IP address.
FTP It means File Transfer Protocol. It is used to transfer any file between the server and computer
HTML It is a markup language which tells the ways to display a web page
PHP It is a scripting language used for web development
RAM It is a place where the server stores short-term data
SSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol, used for securing connections between the computer systems.
TLDs Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are the suffixes i.e., .org, .website, .org etc
VPS It means the virtual private server which is a web hosting server
Uptime It is the amount of time the server is uninterrupted and the website is accessible

Possible Server Errors

Possible server errors

Error Mitigation

Slow page load: Slow page load is a big problem. Study shows that if a page on the website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, a user will abandon it You should test your website speed

You should get a better host for your website

Viruses and Cyber Hacking: Viruses and Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses. When choosing a host for your web server, ensure they include a closely managed security system in their package!
Website Traffic Overload: If your website receives an unusually high amount of traffic in a short period of time, your server may not be able to handle it. It can slow down your website speed and hurt functionality. Your IT infrastructure needs to be a top priority.
Failure of Hardware or Software: Many businesses have faced hardware or software failure of some kind, in this instance, resulting in server downtime. The host server company must offer time-efficient resolution services to get you back in business as soon as possible!
Server Crash: It is the biggest issue a business could face is a total server crash. There’s not much you can do in the time of server crash, but adequate monitoring and protection before could mitigate potential disaster!

Different Types of Hosting and their Meaning

Type of Hosting


Shared Hosting Shared Hosting mainly hosts several websites on the same server, so that it is shared the server resources among all the websites hosted on it. In this hosting, as the cost of server is distributed among all the hosting sites that’s why shared hosting is more economical than another hosting.
Business Hosting Business hosting is a web hosting service that is shared between other users who bought a business hosting package. Business Hosting is basically provided to ecommerce and online businesses. It provides affordable solutions for companies that have an online presence.
Dedicated Hosting The dedicated hosting is the hosting where all the resources are dedicated to a single client. So, in dedicated hosting, anyone has the entire webserver to him/her.  This is comparatively faster than other hosting as in this hosting there is no need to share server with other website owners.
Cloud Hosting Cloud Hosting almost looks like VPS hosting. In a cloud hosting the servers are virtual; in this way, it is possible to create several types of servers with their separate configurations.
VPS Hosting VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It uses the virtualization technique to differentiate any server into various virtual servers. VPS is considered as well-balanced hosting compared to other types of hosting. Although VPS is still a shared environment its set up is totally different.
AWS AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a secure cloud service platform that offers compute power, content delivery, database storage, and some other functionality to grow up the business.

Type of Hosting is Suitable for an SME



Affordable and easy to maintain for SMEs All-in-one website solution for small companies
Ideal for small and medium businesses. Suitable for small businesses, small to medium online store and e-commerce websites.

Best Web Hosting Providers for Small Business






Pricing (monthly)

Bluehost 99.98% 50GB – unlimited 1TB – 15TB 2GB – 16GB $7.99 – 209.99
InMotion 99.97% unlimited 4TB – 15TB 4GB – 64GB $7.99 – 589.99
HostGator 99.99% unlimited 1.5TB – unmetered 2GB – 30GB $6.95 – 289
1&1 IONOS 99.98% 100GB – 1TB unmetered 1GB – 64GB $8 – 140
iPage 99.94% unlimited 1TB – 15TB 1GB 16GB $7.99 – 239.99
A2 Hosting 99.95% unlimited 2TB – 20TB 4GB – 16GB $7.99 – 349.99
GoDaddy 99.97% 100GB – unlimited unmetered 2GB – 32GB $7.99 – 349.99
SiteGround 99.98% 10GB – 960GB 10TB 16GB – 64GB $11.95 – 729

Type of Hosting is Suitable for a Large Enterprise

For the large enterprise, there are mainly three of the hosting options anyone can focus on.

Type of Hosting

What it Offers

Dedicated It is a hosting service where all the resources are dedicated to a single client. Large enterprise means lots of traffic and lots of traffic mean a very high server load. That means, to handle all the traffic, it is needed at least a dedicated server for large enterprises. Dedicated hosting is comparatively faster than other hosting as in this hosting there is no need to share server with other website owners.
Managed Managed hosting is perfect for big enterprise. If any big companies do not have that team of techies hired then managed hosting could be the best choice. In the managed hosting, it is possible to receive a great bang for your buck
Cloud In the cloud hosting the servers are virtual; so it is possible to create several types of servers with their separate configurations. Cloud hosting is a good way to maintain savings while still offering the best speed and features for big enterprise.

Website Maintenance Packages and Fee

Maintenance packages


Package 1

·         Help to update website content

·         Do offsite backups for the site every day

·         Malware scanning every day

·         Strengthening website security to prevent spam and hacking prevention

·         Others as needed

S$80 per month
Package 2

·         Website updates

·         Website security

·         Speed Tweaks

·         24/7 uptime monitoring

·         Anti-virus set up

·         Website backups monthly

S$75 per month
Package 3

·         1 hour of content updating

·         2 x monthly backup

·         24/7 uptime monitoring

·         Domain blacklisting monitoring

·         Site scanning for malware

·         WordPress updates

S$88 per month

Disaster Recovery for Hosting Services

Disaster Recovery means continuing the operation of the business after a disaster. Disaster Recovery involves resuming access to data, applications, networks, servers, connectivity, and power.

A disaster recovery plan involves following some processes and procedures that are placed to continue business operations in the shortest possible time. There are some options for disaster recovery:

Disaster Recovery Options

·         Regularly backup of the website and some other data stored on the server
·         Real-time backup is the most effective disaster recovery plan
·         Backup to a remote location
·         Replicate site at a remote location
·         Disaster recovery testing
·         Calculate the appropriate RPO (recovery point objective) and the RTO (recovery time objectives)

How much should you be Paying for Web or Cloud Hosting

With a great majority of hosting services out there, you’ll be required to pay a monthly hosting fee and annual domain renewal fee to continue using the services, unless otherwise.

The plans may differ depending on the company. The amount you’ll be paying will also vary depending on the package you choose and the company you settle for.

To cut on the amount you’ll be paying over the long haul, you’ll come to find out that settling for lengthy plans tend to cut on the cost to almost a half, depending on the hosting company you choose. With some hosting companies, there will be free trials being offered, which typically take 30 days, after which you are legible to request for a full amount refund just in case you weren’t satisfied with the services rendered.

Types of Hosting Services for You to Choose From

  • Shared Hosting

This is the most basic of the hosting options you have. It’s also the most affordable, considering you’ll be sharing one web server with loads of other web owners. The plan works better if you’re a smaller business owner running a small online extension of your business or just a simple blog.

This plan tends to cost about $10 per month, and can only sustain a small amount of traffic compared to the other hosting services.

  • Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, instead of hosting your web content on a single web servers, your website will instead be hosted on multiple servers. For a basic site, the cost of hosting your site on cloud tend to be a little higher than shared hosting but somewhat cheaper compared to a virtual private server.

It’s to be however noted that the starting cost of running your website on cloud hosting is even higher than even that of dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Server

For this kind of hosting, a web owner will be sharing a server with a limited number of web owner (not as many as the number of web owners you’ll be sharing a server with on shared hosting). What happens is that the service provider partitions the server into virtual services, which operates a lot like a dedicated server. This type of server tend to come with unique IP addresses and are more private.

Virtual private servers are a bit costly compared to shared hosting, but way cheaper compared to dedicated hosting. Usually, a VPS will be costing about $100-$500 per month to host your site depending on the requirements.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most advanced of the hosting services. It’s also the most expensive of the bunch, costing about $150-$2000 per month to host your website depending on the size and resources required. It’s the ideal kind of hosting services for large companies and start-ups, projecting a huge amount of traffic with the first few months of operation.

Benefits Of Dedicated Hosting

Offers Great Exclusivity

Almost all other benefits are derived from the uniqueness of this package. Using dedicated resources means that your site will have all the resources of a service designed for exclusive utilization by your application.

Because you won’t have to share the web resources with other companies, you won’t have to stress yourself about other website’s script using all the free CPU space or hogging the available ram, and taking your site to cold storage. With the resources of your server dedicated solely to your application, you will be able to access the server any time. Using a dedicated hosting package means that you will be free control every part of how your server workers.

Advanced Security

Security is enhanced compared to other hosting packages. When using the shared hosting, in case other sites on the server are attacked, the cybercriminals may get access to your site as well. Under a dedicated hosting package, your site won’t be prone to security loophole in other websites.

Recently discovered security bridges such as meltdown and spectre might not have an impact on your site. Additionally, dedicated hosting can meet the terms of the PCI DSS standards, which allows you to process credit cards. Note that shared hosting is not disqualified from this program.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance to adjust file permission, using several user accounts to segment freedoms. With shared hosting, your web designers won’t have access to your site without allowing them to administer the whole server. You will have the freedom to allow or deny user privileges as needed.

Secure Storage

If you want to purchase your own server, your plans might be halted since you don’t have a place to store it securely. A server should be stored in a climate-regulated environment, free from moisture. Additionally, servers tend to take a lot of space that much small business don’t have.

Under the dedicated hosting package, you will take advantage of operating your server without the need to keep it in your office. The Singapore hosting firm will keep the server safe and ensure that climate conditions don’t affect its performance.

Flexibility and Complete Control over the Server

Under dedicated website hosting, you will have more flexibility and control than other options like shared hosting. You will freely manage the configuration of your server. Maintaining your site’s server configuration on shared hosting is hard because the adjustments you make might affect all other sites hosted on the server.

For many Singapore website owners, having a fixed IP address is a great deal. While most shared hosting packages providers can allow you to utilize a dedicated IP address, but it will be costly. The majority of hosting companies cannot over a dedicated IP address with a shared hosting server. Bear in mind that a dedicated IP address is vital if you plan to use email marketing or use your SSL certificate. Under the dedicated hosting package in Singapore, you will use your dedicated IP address to access your server.


Dedicated hosting companies tend to be more reliable than shared hosting since the server resources are not shared. Unauthorized applications can’t affect the server because of the security loopholes or a high number of users. While the dedicated hosting doesn’t have a natural redundancy that is accessible with some modern types of cloud hosting, dismissal can be made available.

Administrative Access

Under the dedicated server, you will have root access that lets you install different programs and conduct custom configuration. You will monitor how you use the server resources. Thus, this allows you to identify prospect problems and fix them before they affect your site.

Improved Technical Support

Under the dedicated hosting, you have a chance to benefit from the technical support from leading web hosting provider in Singapore. Quick response time from skilled professionals will assist you in solving issues fast. The professionals will also give you details and advice you require to troubleshoot site problems. They will also train you on how to adjust server settings and conduct other functions that keep your website functional.

Better performance

Under the dedicated hosting, you will always get excellent performance. You won’t need a hypervisor or any type of resource regulator to prevent your site from utilizing all the accessible resources. Instead, it will make the available hardware to be efficient. So, you will not be sharing the memory cache.

Because you won’t need to divide the resources with other website pages, your page will easily draw upon the unchecked power of the disks, network hardware, and CPU. You will be accessing your device with no virtualization. Additionally, you will optimize the system to meet the requirements of your specific application.

The dedicated servers are characterized by high-IO prowess and mathematical performance. So, they are the best choice for SQL database. They are also best suited for CPU intensive duties such as video rendering and compression.

If you operate a site that gets a substantial amount of traffic and utilizes the resource-intensive application, a shared hosting package might not offer you the best results. So, get a dedicated website hosting plan from a reliable Singapore website hosting firm.

Domain Name Registration

In addition to choosing the best hosting package for your website, you’ll also be required to register it before you can go ahead with your plans to set up your site.

While a good number of the hosting companies you know offer free domain registration for one year upon purchasing their hosting services, a good number of them will require you to pay for it. Usually, domain registration will cost you about $60 a year for Singapore domains and $10 for initial but $20 for annual renewal of non-local domains.


Steps for registering a Singapore Domain Name

Step 1: Picking and confirming one’s domain name.

Picking an appropriate domain name for one’s website remains highly essential.

Upon your picking and publishing the specific customized identity of your domain name, you could possibly retain this domain name over an extended period.


Below are several factors to consider in order to select a suitable, relevant domain name:

  • Pick some domain name which truly represents one’s company.
  • Pick some domain name which could represent some brand.
  • This should be convenient to recall if you seek this to be more easily accessed randomly.
  • .com or.com.sg persist as a Golden Standard – consistently apply these terms when possible.
  • Keep names very brief for accessibility.
  • Keep away from using names that infringe on others’ copyrighted trademarks.
  • Supposing the desired SLD cannot be procured, choose alternatives that still reflect branding.
  • The domain name ought to be accessible – users must get easy reference to infer the nature of business.
  • Suppose one has finally decided on initial section of your domain name (SLD), the subsequent step is to confirm, decide what extension to deploy.


The .sg domain has 8 extensions as mentioned below.

Confirm that one might legally employ the extension one might prefer.


.sg: Such categories are accessible to anyone holding a legal Singapore postal address.

A foreign applicant could register for the domain name under this category if they appoint a local agent holding a legal Singapore postal address as prime Administrative Contact.

com.sg: Applicants applying for a.com.sg would have to be minimally registered, or taking the steps to register, using the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), IE Singapore or some professional body.

A foreign company that has no registration can just register for a.com.sg domain name if this names a local agent as prime Administrative Contact.

org.sg: Names under.org.sg are just accessible to organizations that are already registered, or taking the steps to register, over with Registry of Societies (ROS).

Town councils, community centers, places of worship, embassies or any other organizations not categorized elsewhere may alternatively register for this extension.

edu.sg: Only educational institutions could register for this class.

Applicants need to register over with Ministry of Education (MOE) within Singapore.

gov.sg: Applicants under this class must be representatives of the Singapore government.

net.sg: Applicants under this class must be providers operating Infocomm networks and provide Infocomm services, and/or offer data storage facilities and hosting services.

per.sg: Such classes are for the filing of individual domain names.

新加坡: Such classes are the Chinese language supplement of the .sg category.

சிங்கப்பூர்: This category is the Tamil language supplement of the .sg category.

Upon your having firmly chosen a domain name, now you should check for domain availability.



For double checking within Singapore, just scroll to www.sgnic.sg and enter the desired domain name into the “Whois” box.

Supposing the search retrieves a “Domain Not Found”, this implies the domain name is accessible for registration, regulated within SGNIC’s Registration Policy or Procedures Guidelines.


Step 2: Choosing a registrar

From Singapore, one may register your .sg domain name over with any of listed registrars below accredited by Singapore Network Information Centre.

  • Adicio Pte Ltd
  • Crazy Domains FZ-LLC
  • CSC Corporate Domains Inc
  • Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • ICONZ-Webvisions Pte Ltd
  • Instra Corporation Pte Ltd
  • IP Mirror Pte Ltd
  • MarkMonitor Inc.
  • NewMedia Express Pte Ltd
  • Safenames Ltd
  • Singnet Pte Ltd
  • Top3 Media Pte Ltd
  • United Domains AG
  • Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Vooju Pte Ltd
  • Web Commerce Communications Limited


Domain registrars’ fees fluctuate (many falls under $50-80/year for.com.sg or .sg; non-Singapore unique names inclusive of .com or .net retail for lower fees, about $7-15/year), based upon the condition of including other services inclusive of website or email hosting services.

Godaddy.com is globally the biggest domain-name registrar holding beyond 14 million clients globally.

They hold around 62 million domains in supervision or deliver prompt 24/7 client maintenance service.

Via sg.godaddy.com, they provide .com registration rising from just some $1.53/month over the initial annum.

One may register .sg domain names for as low as $9.99 over the initial year upon the registration for two years and longer. More years added are priced at $80.99.

More popular options are hostpapa.sg. These offer cost-exempt domain registration over an annum suppose one signs up for basic schemes at $4.95/month.

More top-rated services in Singapore are www.singhost.net (provides domain registration for .sg and.com.sg rising from $60/year) or www.webvisions.com ($50/year for.com.sg or .sg names).

Finally, ways that domain registrars derive additional auxiliary profits are via cross-selling of supplementary services inclusive of web hosting or email services.


What to Look for While Searching for a Web Host

Storage and Bandwidth

The amount of storage of bandwidth of a hosting service tend to vary depending on the plan you chose. In which case, if your website has a great amount of web content including videos and high resolution images, it’s advisable to choose more storage space. For bandwidth, it determines how fast your website loads up.

So just in case you’re expecting a heavy traffic, then common sense dictates that you settle for the highest bandwidth you can find.


What measures has the hosting company installed in place to beef up their hosting security? Do they offer an SSL encryption, some sort of SPAM protection and free backup? This is particularly the case if you’re planning on hosting an ecommerce store.


A good hosting service provider will also offer a one-click backup and restore feature alongside their hosting service. This is important just in case your website gets hacked and you’re forced to restore everything.

Customer Service

How the company responds to customers’ queries when reached to for help matters a great deal to a web owner. You want to be sure that just in case anything happens to your site, the hosting company will be there to accord you all the help you require with minimal delays and hostility on their part.

Security Features to Look for in Web Hosting Company

The increasing number of security breaches calls for the implementation of more reliable countermeasures. Although you web hosting provider is responsible for providing security, each plans has its unique protection features.

The graph below shows the top reasons why hackers breach computer networks.

Source: Statista

top reasons hackers breach computer networks

The following are the crucial security features to look out for before engaging company that provides web hosting in Singapore.

Backups and Restore Points

Backups and restore points are integral to the security of a website. A backup server should be located in a secure place away from the primary server.

You should ask your web hosting provider about the frequency of their backups. Also, you should know if they restore corrupt files only or the entire site in case of an attack. Lastly, you should be aware of how back the backup files go.

Network Monitoring

Regular monitoring of computer networks ensures that malware gets detected before it spreads. The company that handles your web hosting in Singapore should tell you how it monitors its servers, and what they look for during the check-ups.

SSL Encryption, DDoS Protection and Firewalls

A denial-of-service attack occurs when hackers overwhelm your web servers by sending too much traffic simultaneously. The provider you pick should offer DDoS protection and firewalls to prevent such problems.

Moreover, the web host should have SSL encryption to ensure that hackers cannot access the data sent by users to your website.

Antivirus and Malware Scanning

Hackers use malware to attack websites. It is crucial to choose a hosting company that scans your sites frequency for viruses and other malicious codes. Besides, it should provide a reliable antivirus software that removes the viruses and generates reports on the protection status of your website.

Access and User Permissions

At the host level, access refers to the ability to use hardware and log into the servers. Physical access should be restricted to technicians with the right security clearance.

Ideally, your website hosting plan should use Secure Socket Shell (SSS) to prevent unauthorised access to the backend of your site. The control panel should allow you to whitelist the IP addresses that can log into the server. You should also disable logins from root since most hackers use this path to breach websites.

Regarding files, ensure that you grant permissions according to the importance of users. For instance, the admin should have higher privileges than a standard contributor.

Passwords and User Access

Depending on the type of website you have, you might need passwords. It is advisable to have a password strength policy for everyone who can access your site’s backend. All administrators and contributors should update their passwords regularly.

The administrator accounts should have stronger passwords since they have higher access privileges than regular users. After every attempt to attack the site, ensure that you update passwords. You should also monitor uploads, especially those containing executable code.

Software Updates

Always update your content management system and other software you use on your website. The latest version of software usually have security patches that reduce the risk of attacks. You should also modify default settings, such as the admin login name, because attackers usually use them to break into websites.

When upgrading your software, confirm the recency of its latest update and the number of downloads. These two metrics show the reliability of the update. If it has not been updated recently and has a few downloads, it shows that it not safe. Also, keep away from unverified third-party software since they often contain malware.

Code Reviews

A code review is detailed evaluation of an app after its development before it gets launched to the market. In hosting, it is essential to review the code running in your server to detect any bugs and loopholes that hackers could exploit.

Make sure that the code you use on your website does not have an SQL injection. This is a method used by attackers to inject executable commands that access, modify and delete data on your website.

As per the graph below SQL injection is the leading method used by hackers to access websites illegally.

Source: Alert Logic

tactics hackers use to compromise websites


Importance of Investing in Good Web Hosting in Singapore

The success of a digital marketing campaign depends on the user experience provided by its website. Having a reliable web host is the first step of ensuring that your site is accessible at all times.

Here are the reasons why you need to invest in web hosting in Singapore.

Faster Loading Speeds

A fast website offers an optimal user experience, meaning that users enjoy browsing it. On the contrary, a slow site disappoints visitors and has high bounce rates.

Another benefit of having a fast website is that it increases conversion rates. Visitors are more likely to stay on a website that is fast and responsive, meaning that they are likely to stay longer and convert into customers.

Increased Uptime

Uptime refers to the time that a website is available on the internet. When you use a poor web host, your website is more likely to be unavailable. Another disadvantage of poor web hosting companies is unreliable security. If your site becomes inaccessible, you lose customer and become less trustworthy to your target audience.

Improved Security

Implementing HTTPS encryption on your website ensures that hackers cannot access the information sent by your traffic. Having a Secure Socket Layer on your site makes users confident of your platform. Moreover, safe sites usually generate more conversions than unsecured ones.

Regular Backups

Professional web hosts protect data because they back it up. Even if you suffer an attack, you can restore your information quickly. The same applies to sites that lose user data due to other circumstances.

Excellent Support

The advantage of investing in proper web hosting in Singapore is that you get excellent support. In case anything goes wrong with your site, the hosting company will fix it instantly. The support covers technical issues, backups and other issues concerning your website.

Better Search Engine Ranking

If your website is usually unavailable at most times, it will have a poor ranking on search results. By investing in a professional web hosting service, you ensure that your site is online. This improves its rank on search engine result pages.

Benefits of Professional Web Hosting Company in Singapore

The most significant benefit of professional web hosting in Singapore is that it provides the latest updates to your website. Here are other benefits of enlisting such a service for your business.


The presence of many web hosting service providers makes it challenging to choose a particular option. However, it also means that companies have to improve the quality of their products to remain competitive.

Data Management

Another benefit of hiring a web hosting company is getting control over content management. You can post as many articles as you want and choose how they appear. Also, you can post as many ads as you want.

Domain-associated Email Address

It is vital to have a branded email address if you want to look professional. For instance, if your domain is website.com, your email address should be info@website.com.

When you invest I a quality web hosting company, you can create a domain-specific email address depending on your plan, you can create one or many email addresses.

Improved Website Security

Website security is an important aspect that many people tend to overlook. Although it is impossible to have an entirely secure site, it is advisable to implement preventive measures.

A quality website host has several levels of security to ensure that your files stay protected at all times. First, the physical datacentre will have security guards. Also, most servers require you to enter password before logging in to prevent unauthorised access.

High Reliability and Uptime

One of the factors to consider when choosing a website host is uptime. It is term used to refer to how often a website is available online. Most service providers promise a 99.9% uptime. The small duration that your site s offline is when tasks such as repairs, upgrades and maintenances are performed.

Singapore Web Hosting Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Companies that offer web hosting in Singapore update hardware, software and protocols frequently to meet the needs of their clients. The new and improved features in web hosting enable websites to provide optimal experiences to use and rank higher in search results.

The following are the trends that will define web hosting in 2022 and beyond.

Green Web Hosting

The hosting industry is one of the biggest environment pollutants. According to research, the internet contributes 2% of global greenhouse emissions, which equals one billion tonnes yearly. The majority of these emissions occur at datacentres where there are many computers, servers and other hosting hardware.

Web hosting companies are now implementing eco-friendly tactics. In green hosting, service providers use energy provided by renewable sources to offset their carbon footprint. This, in turn, conserves the environment.

Cloud Hosting

Many areas in computing have been using the cloud, and it is now gaining popularity in the web hosting industry. Its primary advantage of over physical server is that it has vast data storage space. Also, cloud hosting is affordable and less susceptible to vandalism like physical computers.

Another advantage of cloud-based servers is their 24/7 availability. You also pay as you use, which makes your spending on web hosting in Singapore cost-effective.

The graph below shows the size of the cloud computing and hosting market globally between 2010 and 2020.

size of the cloud computing and hosting market globally between 2010 and 2020

Source: Statista

Newer Authentication Protocols

The security of a website depends on the level of protection on the administrator account. In the past, people were confident in single username and password logins, but hackers proved that they can breach these easily. As a result, web hosting companies are now using two-factor authentication to improve the safety of their websites. This form of logging in requires you to provide a one-time password in addition to your regular password every time you access your account.

Another new authentication protocol is CAPTCHA. This requires you to prove that you are human when trying to access an account. It is useful in preventing bots from logging in to your site.

Targeting Specific Markets

Similar to other businesses, companies that do web hosting in Singapore work to get new clients and retain existing ones. That said, it is impossible for a single provider to cover all market segments. This explains why many firms are shifting their focus to specific niches.

Upcoming web hosting companies usually find it hard to compete with established providers. By focusing on niche markets, it becomes easier to get customers due to reduced competition.

Website Security Checkers

With the number of security breaches increasing by the year, web hosting companies are finding ways of improving the protection on websites. One of the tools in use are website checkers. These are useful in ensuring that a site has no vulnerabilities. They also check if a website has SSL encryption and free of SQL injection.

Automated Backups

Although many hosting companies are already offering automated backups, most of these services back up large data sets and complete folders. From 2022 and beyond, expect to see hosts that support CMS-oriented backups that only restore the information lost after an attack. This is a quicker alternative to restoring an entire database,

Since CMS-oriented backups are faster and consumer lesser storage space, they can be conduction more frequently. For example, a weekly backup routine could be shortened to an hourly interval. You could even schedule backups to occur automatically every time you make changes to your website.

SSL Encryption as a Norm

In July 2018, Google’s Chrome web browser started marking websites without SSL encryption as ‘not secure.’ Since HTTPS is a factor that affects search ranking, failing to add an SSL protection on your site means reduced visibility on search engines.  As a result, companies that offer web hosting in Singapore now offer SSL as part of their services.

Other benefits of using HTTPS include improved customer trust and protecting sensitive data. According to Google, internet users spend more time on websites with HTTPS encryption.

The table below shows the percentage of encrypted websites on Google between 2014 and January 2020.


Percentage of Encrypted Websites

January 2014 50%
January 2015 66%
January 2016 79%
January 2017 85%
January 2018 91%
January 2019 93%
January 2020 94%


Source: Google Transparency Report

Advanced Website Builders

Web hosting providers that offer advanced and easy to use site builders will have the upper hand from 2022 and beyond. New technologies such as HTML5 and some JavaScript frameworks are enabling beginners to create functional websites using site-building software.


Content Delivery Network

What is a Content Delivery Network and How It Works For Singapore Websites?

Content Delivery Network, commonly shortened as CDN, is a system of networked servers that are synchronized to deliver web pages and content to individual users based on the nearest web server.

The system is designed to take one’s web content and distribute them across different web servers, doled out in different geographical locations for easy accessibility and speedy conveyance.

The content requested is often pulled from the closest web server. For instance, if you happen to be browsing the site from Singapore, the content requested will be fetched from a CDN server in Singapore. If another user is browsing the same web page in, say, London, the content will instead be pulled from a Content delivery network server in London instead of Singapore. Therefore, it will increase your site speed and improve your content marketing strategies in Singapore. 

Designed to permit a speedy transfer of the files needed to load up a site, including machine-readable HTML pages, style sheets, JavaScript files, videos and images to name a few. The concept itself is NOT new. As a matter of fact, the network serves majority of web traffic as it stands.

To determine which server is closest to an end user, the network utilizes content delivery network mapping technology, which is basically an algorithm that scans all web servers within the network in a matter of microseconds to pull out the closest.

What happens is that web owners and companies pay content delivery network operators to deliver their web content to individual users in the fastest way possible. CDNs will them pay ISPs and network carriers to host their servers in their respective data centres.

So basically, CDN is an all-encompassing term for the different types of content delivery services in the gamut of video streaming, mobile content acceleration, software downloads, transparent caching, and a series of other services for measuring CDN performance, Multi-CDN switching, load balancing, cloud intelligence and analytics to name a few.

At some point, CDN vendors may decide to cross over into an array of other industries including WAN optimization and security.

Content Delivery Network in Layman’s Language

In simpler terms, CDN replicates web content to distribute it across a number of servers for easy and speedy retrieval upon request. This way, when a user searches for a piece of content on the network, the system scans through the various servers to deliver the content from the nearest one. The algorithm running the process does everything at a lightning speed, thus lowering the latency and giving your site a wide exposure, spanning a wider geographical location.

Cloud Content Delivery Network Benefits

CDNs come with tons of benefits for users and web owners.

engage google ppc agency ad

Content Delivery Network

Improving Web Security

CDNs can help improve your web security by making necessary improvements to security certificates, providing DDoS Mitigation, and optimizing your security settings.

Cost Effective

Clients pay for bandwidth. Meaning they pay for the capacity they utilize thus avoiding unnecessary costs like paying for unutilized capacity.

CDNs can also reduce the amount of data loaded through caching, thus significantly reducing your hosting charges.

Nil Investment

No upfront investment on infrastructure. All the required purchases and maintenance cost will therefore be carried out by the ISP.

Faster Internet Access

The system works by bringing content closer to visitors, thus ensuring a faster and more efficient delivery. The network is designed to reduce latency, increase performance and avoid traffic congestion.

New Markets

Your visitors are NOT restricted to one place. Regardless of where the visitor is, the network can pull content from the nearest server to deliver it. That way, web owners are given the opportunity of exposing their content to new markets, some of which could be way out of their reach were it NOT for CDN.


CDN allow you to handle fluctuating traffic. With the network, you don’t have to worry about your web traffic overstretching your server resources as with shared hosting or VPS. Designed to scale your web resources up and down depending on the amount of traffic you’re driving, content delivery network can handle almost any amount of traffic with little to zero downtime.

How CDN Works in Real time

The transfer of files will take more time if a Singapore user sends a request to a server located in the UK or US. However, with a CDN POP, the system can easily cache the web files and distribute it to different servers across the world. Meaning when the Singapore user requests for a web page, the files will be pulled from a Singapore CDN server instead of a US or UK server as it’s always been the case, thus reducing latency.

The Concept of CDN is NOT new and can enhance your Singapore local SEO efforts. . If anything web owners have been using it to boost the performance of their websites since the 90s. The difference is that it was only available to the big wheels with a war chest of cash in venture capital.

The definition of CDN has however changed a great deal over the years. It has also revolutionized the digital landscape by making content delivery more efficient and cheaper, in addition to accommodating any website out there however small it is.

Besides latency (the amount of time it takes for your request to get a response from a web server), CDN can also help to improve your throughput. Let say for instance, some user somewhere streams for a video online, waiting for an extra 200ms for the video to start loading can be devastating in a way.

It’s much more crucial that the video streams at a much sustained speed of, say, 3 Mbit/s.

Now try comparing an old fileserver to a CDN – besides improving your latency by bringing your web content closer to the end user, CDNs will also be working to improve your throughput.

For fileservers, there’s the expected risk of your site chocking up really quickly with multiple users streaming it simultaneously, and the only way to allay the effect is to have multiple fileservers to handle the task at hand. But since file servers operate from one location, you’re bound to suffer the risk of network congestion during the transfer of files from web server to the end user.

CDN relieves you the burden of scaling down your web servers where files delivery is concerned. More of your data can be delivered to the end user and at a much faster rate than a file server, considering all your web content will be cached and globally distributed for easy accessibility and speedy conveyance.

Using CDN to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Google nowadays considers load time as one of the biggest ranking factors for their result pages. To secure a favourable spot on the SERPs, it’s advisable that you keep your load time under 2 seconds.

This is NOT easy as there’s a lot to be done, including picking a best performing hosting service for your site. If your website is loading like terrapin, then odds are – every single one of your competitors with better load time will most likely displace you in the search engines.

There’s also a fair chance your site will completely disappear from the search engine.

Simple logic dictates that you choose the best hosting provider or, better, CDN. For WordPress, you’ll also need a good caching plugin and overall site optimization for speedy load time.


Website Hosting Best Practices for Your Singapore Business

Choosing the right website hosting company is the most critical aspect of your website marketing strategy. You hosting choice is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign.

As the number of hacking incidences continues to increase, marketers are now focusing on finding hosts that guarantee security.  If you are looking for a company that provides web hosting in Singapore, here are the best practices you need to follow.

Read the Terms of Use in Full

Most people do not like reading terms and conditions. It is essential to know what you are signing up for. Ensure that you read the legalese in full and understand it.

Although the terms are usually long and boring, reading them saves you when you encounter a problem with the service. Remember that the web hosting company wrote the terms of use as a means of risk management. Knowing conditions also ensures that you make the most of your hosting plan and the relationship with your web host.

Understand ‘Unlimited’ Element of Hosting Packages

Companies that provide web hosting in Singapore like using the word ‘unlimited’ to make their plans more attractive to clients. For example, you might see a package offering unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and so forth.

After extended use, you might discover that the ‘unlimited’ features are limited. For instance, an unlimited number of email accounts might be capped at 10,000. Make sure that you understand what your service provider means by ‘unlimited’ before subscribing to a plan.

Stay Informed

It is vital to stay informed of the latest developments in the web hosting industry. Most service providers are evolving, particularly in their uptime guarantee. The host you pick should understand your preferences and offer suitable hosting packages. Also, ensure that you stay prepared for the inevitable changes.

Pay for What You Need

When you subscribe to web hosting in Singapore, ensure that you pay for services that are useful to your business.  There is no need for paying for a redundant product.

Most providers like upselling these extra features on their checkout page. Some of the common options include SEO, web design and development, SSL encryption, and so forth. While some are beneficial, it is advisable to reconfirm before completing the purchase. If your service provider does not you give the power to choose the features you want, leave them for a better option.

Capitalise on Free Offers

A smart way of saving money is by choosing a web host that offers free domain registration in their hosting package. The money that you would have otherwise spent on getting a domain name could prove useful in other areas of your website marketing campaign.

Avoid Using Blacklisted Web Hosting Providers

If you opt for a shared hosting plan, confirm that the IP address is not blacklisted. The problem with such shared packages is that one user can tarnish the reputation of the entire network.

psg digital marketing

When an IP address gets blacklisted, it prevents all transmissions over the internet. For instance, all your outgoing emails cannot reach the intended recipient since other servers will block them. Fortunately, the internet have several useful resources for checking if a particular web host has a blacklisted IP address.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting in Singapore

The following are the common questions about web hosting in Singapore that we get from our audience.

What is Web Hosting and How Does it Work?

Web hosting is an internet service that makes a website accessible to other people on the internet. After subscribing to a plan, you will get a domain name that allows people to view your website.

What is the Best Web Hosting Service for My Website?

The type of hosting you need depends on the type of website you have. If you are unsure of the plan to suit your needs, consult a professional for further advice.

What is the Difference between Business Hosting and E-commerce Hosting?

E-commerce hosting aim to develop sites that provide a streamlined experience for online shoppers. On the other hand, business hosting focuses on standard websites, intending to offer a smooth browsing experience.

Is it Possible to Host Multiple Domain Names under a Single Account?

Most agencies allow clients to host multiple websites under a single account.  The advantage of this feature is cost-effectiveness since you save the money that you would have otherwise spent to run multiple accounts.

Can I Transfer an Existing Website to a New Wen Host?

It is possible to transfer your current site to another host. All you need is to have a copy of your website, which you can get from your website host. Once you have all the necessary files, you can upload them to the new host using an FTP client.

Do I Need Cloud Hosting?

This depends on your business objectives. If you are creating a small website, you do not need cloud hosting. Instead, it would be best if you purchased a shared hosting plan.

However, if you anticipate a high number of visitors, you should invest in cloud hosting. This is because it offers unparalleled scalability.

What is a Virtual Server?

A virtual server is a software emulation of a physical computer.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a type of web hosting service that combine virtual private servers and shared hosting with an advanced customisation and management.  It comes in different forms but includes typical hosting features such as security monitoring, automatic backups, software updates, and so forth.

Is my Website Secure?

You should always assume that your website is not secure. To improve security, ensure that you use strong passwords, SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication. You should also verify all uploaded files to avoid malware.

What is a Security Certificate?

A security certificate is an indicator that your website has SSL encryptions. Its function is to protect hackers from accessing the data sent between a user and your website.

Which is the Best Operating System for Hosting?

The best operating system for web hosting is Linux. This is because it is easier to configure than Windows and has several variants for different applications.

How Often Should I Backup My website?

The frequency of backups depends on the state of your website. You should back up your site every time you add new content. Ideally, you should back up weekly, especially if you have an interactive website.

Businesses that outsource managed web hosting services don’t experience the stress that typifies server management. After spending considerable time and effort creating a website for your business, the last thing that you certainly wish want to worry about is your servers and everything else related to them.

Typically, servers require a lot of attention to ensure their optimal functioning. Since the server forms the foundation of your company’s website, the availability of the site depends on your server’s website. Note, the web hosting company should be aware of the goals and objectives of your web design team from the word go. You can make massive losses if your server malfunctions. Here’s why you should hire a web hosting services provider.

Server Security is Guaranteed

The normal functioning of your server depends on how secure its server is. Therefore, you should always prioritize server security. Needless to say, you may not have the expertise to run security audits regularly, scan viruses, configure software firewall, undertake OS updates, and spam filtering.

Providers of managed web hosting services have the necessary tools and expertise, and therefore, they can professionally deal with all security issues that relate to your server. They can scan the server and its system to identify and fix any security vulnerabilities.

This prevents the server from getting attacked.

Managed Web Hosting Companies Provide On-Demand Support

Managed hosting should be supported by high-end IT solutions and services. On-demand support makes this possible. Managed hosting service providers can offer you on-demand support. Rather than hiring them to be part of your IT team, these experts will be an extension of the team. Indeed, no one wants to cut short quality time with their loved ones just because their site has gone down.

A managed hosting provider will do this for you, thus allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business. Moreover, support teams sent to you by your hosting provider have broad expertise in matters relating to servers. Your in-house IT team can learn from the experience of the support team. This provides you with the knowledge and capabilities needed to safeguard your server.

You Benefit from Backup and Recovery Plans

Often, managed web hosting companies offer data backup and recovery plans. This means that in the event of a breach, there won’t be any data loss. Some managed web hosting companies even go ahead to offer enterprise-level backups as well as top-notch data restoration. As a result, all individual files and whole data sets get recovered when a breach occurs.

managed web hosting

With such capability, there’s an assurance that your in-house IT team won’t get overwhelmed during a breach. Managed web hosting typically leverages remote data centers that feature several redundancy layers for ensuring storage, seamless network connectivity, and minimal chances of failure. Websites of companies that hire managed web hosts rarely experience lags since there is always a dedicated team of experts whose work is to handle website restoration and data backups.

Data Storage

Managed hosting companies in Singapore provide storage services. As your company scales, so does the volume of data that you handle. You will need more bandwidth and disk space to accommodate your storage needs. Moving and storing your company’s data can lead to a myriad of problems especially if you run your servers on your own.

With a hosting partner, there won’t be any shortage of space, wasted space, or even some leeway. Therefore, you get to store, transfer, and manage your company’s data affordably and cost-effectively. Similarly, your database will be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Your Server and Website Can Easily Get Customized

Companies have different needs. To serve your clients better, there’s great significance in ensuring that your website server is customized to address your company’s needs. Professional hosting providers don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when serving clients. Instead, they work to come up with custom-made solutions that address your needs.

It is easy to negotiate with a managed web hosting company to choose a package that best suits your needs as well as those that are critical to you. Similarly, it’s easy to pick web hosting services as per your budget.

Reduced Business Costs

If you are a small business owner, chances are high that you are already overwhelmed by lots of business expenses. Hiring an in-house team of system administrators to undertake database and server management saves you the added cost of hiring and paying in-house IT staff.

It is more sensible to outsource hosting partners since they already have the expertise, equipment, and workforce to manage any server-related issues that you may have. This ultimately translates to reduced business expenses in the long run.

Similarly, focusing on tasks related to server management rather than other core aspects of your business is likely to distract you from realizing your objectives. By outsourcing hosting partners, you will only focus on growing your company.

Real-Time Server Monitoring

Failure to monitor your server round the clock puts you at risk of potential issues and vulnerabilities. You may not have the time, skills, and resources to monitor your server 24/7. When this service gets relegated to hosting partners, your server will be monitored continuously, onsite and remotely.

managed web hosting

With managed web hosting, there is a guarantee that the experts you bring on board will use their expertise to ensure excellent server uptime and network availability.

Hosting Partners Offer More Than Just OS Management

Managed web hosting involves more than just managing your server’s operating system. It also involves the provision of other critical services. These include database management, which requires the expertise of database administrators rather than general system admins.

The database management services provided to you by managed hosting companies ensure that your server and website function optimally. You will work with proficient database administrators who possess sufficient knowledge that can support and grow your database environment.

Choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore can be a challenge. More so, it is crucial that you choose a company that will offer you a package that is right for your business. Your site’s performance, security, and reliability depend on the type of web hosting plan you choose. This is why you need to consider this list of the essential features of great web hosting.

Other than the basic package, you also need a company that offers you additional perks such as sufficient disk space for storage, managed services, email accounts, subdomains, and more. If you choose blindly, particularly based on price, you will be in for a rough ride.

The Essential Features of Great Web Hosting in Singapore

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 15 features that you should consider when choosing a web hosting company. Read on to the end and find out what you should expect from a reputable web hosting company in Singapore.

Guaranteed Uptime and Availability

A website that regularly goes offline gives a bad impression to your suite visitors. More so, it will also affect your conversions and search engine rankings. This typically happens to websites on a shared server where the server is affected by other users. It might happen if the servers are old and lack maintenance.

As a new business with limited resources, it is always advisable to go for a shared server hosting, but ensure that the web host can guarantee you at least 99.95% uptime and website availability.

essential features of great web hosting

However, for an established business that requires slightly more complex websites and systems, they need dedicated server hosting or cloud hosting. These hosting options should guarantee you better availability.

The web host should give a guarantee that your website will remain online for 99.995 of the time. If you opt for enterprise cloud hosting, then you could get 100% uptime and availability.

Back Up Services

While the modern business landscape is centred on the internet, hackers pose a very huge threat. They will send malware to your website and systems, with some having the ability to lock you out your site. One of the features a web host should offer you is a backup service.

Think about what would happen if you lost all your data that includes customer data, emails, inventory records, web content, financial details, and more? The worst thing that could happen is that you will lose your customers’ trust.

If you are in the e-commerce business, you need a web host that provides continuous backups to avoid losing any recent sales. With that said, you must ensure that the web host is backing up their servers as well.

While it is not a common thing, servers sometimes go down, or they develop a problem. A web host that offers back up services ensures that your website does not suffer long periods of downtime.

Round the Clock Customer Support

The beauty of the online business sphere is that customers can reach you 24/7, and this calls for you to have your website and other critical apps running continuously. This means that you need a web host that will offer technical support no matter the time of day.

Speaking of technical support, we do not mean a customer care representative whose job is to talk you down. We mean an expert who will provide the necessary solutions to your problem on the spot.

Every second that you are offline is a customer and revenue lost. Customer support will become essential as you scale your business.  Businesses that run complex systems will require technical support 24/7.

Capacity for Long Term Growth

When done right, your business is bound to grow and your web host ought to have the necessary tools to help you build your brand on the internet. You may have a small website on a shared server hosting platform, but a few years down the line you will need a hybrid solution involving a dedicated server as well as private and public cloud hosting.

You preferred web hosting company ought to have a wide variety of hosting plans that will be suitable at every stage of your business. Not only should they have a wide array of services, but you also need a company that will make it easy to upgrade.

Robust Security Features

Cybercrime has evolved so much, and hackers now are using sophisticated hacking software to infiltrate the existing security systems. These systems allow hackers to scan millions of websites looking for vulnerabilities. This makes robust security protocol one of the greatest features of great web hosting.

According to a Forbes post by James Lyne, there are at least 30,000 websites hacked every day. While it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your site, a web host ought to add to your security protocols.

essential features of great web hosting

These include things such as intrusion prevention, strong firewalls, spam removal, email scanning, SSL encryption and so much more. No matter the content on your site, if a hacker finds vulnerabilities, be assured that they will exploit it.

In a worst case scenario, your site could be used to spread viruses and other malware. There are stiff penalties and fines associated with such acts, so you should ensure that you get robust security features from your web hosting company.

Multiple Add-On Domains

Domains in Singapore are affordable, and many businesses are taking on more than one. However, to accommodate the extra domains, you will need additional disk space, and this is why you need a web host that allows for multiple add-on domains.

Some website hosting companies will allow you up to 50 website sub domains, but it will be a bit expensive. The most cost-friendly web hosting companies in Singapore allow for at least 25 add-on domains for one account.

The trick is to ensure that the web host will allow you to have the extra domains under one account. Before you sign the contract, ensure that you discuss it with the company’s representative,

Free Trial Period and Refund Policy

There are some basic questions that you need to get answers for from the web host company. They include

  • Are there any cancelation charges or extra fees other than the signup and renewal fees?
  • What is the web host’s refund policy after the expiry of the free trial period?
  • If you were to cancel your hosting package, would you get a full refund?

It is necessary that you get all the information on how the company y handles refunds to avoid you losing out should there be anything amiss with the hosting plan. Be warned that some companies charge excessively high cancellation fees especially during the trial period.

On the other hand, some companies offer a full money-back guarantee should anything go wrong. With such companies, you can always ask for a pro-rated refund for when the trial period is over.

Managed Services

Running a business in the modern digital is already stressful enough to take on the tasks of managing the server where your website is hoisted. However, there are some web hosting companies that will take care of server management.

By managing the server, they will ensure that the servers OS is up to date. They will also be responsible for making updates and patching. Given the kind of service you require, it is possible to get bespoke managed services.

This service will be outlined in the terms and conditions, so you need to read and understand it before you sign the contract.

One-Click Installer

There are various one-click installers, and they make your work easier. Examples of one-click installers include Simple Script and Softalucous among others. In other words, they are installation wizards and help in the installation of things such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and other web-based applications.

The only thing that you have to do is to specify a directory, fill in a few names, and you are all set. Instead of going to look for them yourself; the web hosting company ought to provide them as part of the hosting package.


While a web hosting company could have allowed for room for growth, there are times when your website will receive a spike in traffic. This will require that you can get short term resources on demand from your web host.

Without additional resources on demand, your website could go offline. The thing about scalable resources is that you pay for them as you go. This makes them affordable, and you do not have to upgrade to a premium package to handle the growth.

If you are in the e-commerce business, then you could require your web host to make available the scalable resources during the holiday season. A case in point is Cambridge University; their system went offline when they released the Stephen Hawking Ph. D for the first time on their website.

SSL Certificates

These are a must for e-commerce websites since they are responsible for securing your customer’s transactions and personal data. The SSL certificate will encrypt the data and the web host ought to provide you with at least one.

essential features of great web hosting

Websites that lack the SSL certificate are marked as ‘not secure’ by Google and other search engines, and payment gateways may restrict you from using their systems to sell on your website. In such a case, you will have to direct your customers to site with an SSL certificate to make the payment which is too big of a hassle.

More so, antivirus companies are advising their users to use sites with SSL certificates which are denoted by an “https” prefix. This is due to the flaw found in Wi-Fi known as KRACK. This makes it vital that you get a web host that will provide you with SSL certificates.

Easy To Use Control Panels

Many webmasters find it a challenge to administer the back-end of their server or website mainly because they do not have a user-friendly interface. There are different operating systems for servers, and they will determine the type of control panel that you will get.

If you have a Linux-based server, then you should use the cPanel. For Windows-based servers, then you need to use the Plesk control panel. Both of these control panes has an easy to use dashboard interface, and this makes navigation easy.

Besides this, they have well-organised features that make it easy to manage updates, change settings, and install software in a few slicks.

Migration Services

Most websites would rather stick with their original web hosting company, but due to unavoidable circumstances, they are forced to migrate. Most reputable web hosting companies offer free migration services, and they will ensure that everything is working as expected.

If you have a web host that does not offer the migration service, then the chances are that they do not have the expertise or the human resource to take on the job. This could cause huge problems in the future.

 Good Email Accounts

Many web hosts will provide email accounts in all their packages, but you need more than the ability to send and receive emails. A great web host will ensure to provide email scanning while searching for malware and spam emails. They ought to also check that your email server is not blacklisted.

The web hosting company ought to provide integration services, adequate storage, web and mobile mail access, file sharing and more. The emails should also have features that are essential to the modern business environment such as tasks, and calendars.

Support for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world today, and it powers over 25% of the top 10 million websites. Despite being so popular, not all hosts offer the in-house technical experience to support its unique requirements.

If you are using WordPress, then you should ensure that your website host provides technical support for WordPress. However, it would be better if they offered a dedicated WordPress hosting.

Most business people in Singapore understand the need of having a website, and this has led to an increase in web design and development agencies. However, a majority of these businesses often downplay the process of choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore. Whether you want a website for your business or personal website, you need to take the time and do your due diligence to ensure that your website remains accessible 24/7.

Choosing a web hosting company based on price alone or uptime can produce disastrous results. The last thing you want is having long periods of website downtime. It will not only affect your revenue, but it will also affect your search engine ranking. In this article, we bring you the top 16 tips for choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore.

Read on to the end for actionable tips that will prove to be useful in Singapore. The last thing you want is to make mistakes that will set you up for bigger problems in the future.

Know the Kind of Web Hosting You Need

Having a clear understanding of your business needs can guide you in choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore. A website that offers 24/7 streaming services will require a different web hosting plan compared to a simple e-commerce website.

There are different types of web hosting offered by Singapore web hosting companies. Understanding your business will help you get the best type of hosting that will not be perfect for your business and amount of traffic.

Get the Right Amount of Bandwidth

Many new businesses do not need a website with a lot of bandwidth since they have not yet attracted huge traffic yet. However, it is important that you leave room for growth and choose a web host plan that has the right amount of bandwidth.

With that said, there are dubious web hosting companies that will lock you in a bandwidth level, then charge you additional fees when you need to review your web hosting plan. You can use this formula to calculate the amount of bandwidth your site needs.

Do Not Get Hung Up on Price

Most businesses, despite knowing the importance of a website, they will cut corners and try to get their website at the lowest price possible. However, remember, “You get what you pay for” and this might result in a slow website with long periods of downtime.

Web hosting companies with unbelievably low prices are synonymous with poor customer service, slow servers, among other bad elements associated with unprofessional websites. It is important that you compare the rates between different providers.

With that said, the most expensive option is not always the best option if you are not getting the features that you need. When choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore, you need to go with a company that offers you fast and reliable hosting plans at an affordable price.

Speed and Reliability

Grading a web hosting company solely on their server uptime is not enough. You need to consider the speed and reliability of the company. This is because customers are not only looking to find your website up and running, but they also want to use a fast website.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

A website with fast loading times will improve customer confidence in your brand. Moreover, you need to settle for a company in Singapore that backs up your data daily. This is necessary to protect your data and that of your customers.

Know the Amount of Disk Space You Want

The only way of knowing how much disk space you need is by evaluating the kind of content you will be uploading. For example, if most of the content on your website is in text form, then you only need a maximum of 1 GB of storage on the web host’s server.

However, you will find a lot of web hosting companies offering unlimited disk space. This is usually a ploy to get people who do not know how much storage they need. With that said, you need to leave room for growth when purchasing disk space. The reason is that if you exceed the hosting package’s disk space, you will not be able to add more content to your website.

The only options you will have are to buy more disk space or delete some of the existing content. For this reason, you need to look for hosting plans with scaling disk space. To be safe, you also need to choose a web hosting company that makes it easy to upgrade from your current web hosting plan to another.


When choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore, you need to consider whether the company offers you full functionality and control of the website. During the search process, give precedence to those companies that provide you with a web control panel.

This allows you to manage and make the necessary changes to your website and domains without having to call the web host. This includes changes such as email address management, changing website passwords, among others.

engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Without the control panel, it will affect your user experience, and you will have to contact the web hosting company for simple tasks. Full control means that you will be able to fine-tune your website with an increase in traffic.

Email Accounts

You should choose a web hosting company that provides you with an email facility as part of the hosting package. Having an email that matches your web address (domain) adds to the professionalism of your brand. You will find web hosting companies offering unlimited email accounts with each hosting plan.

However, unlimited email accounts are only suitable for companies with a large workforce spread out over multiple departments. But it is worth noting that you could reach the sending and receiving limits if you have small disk space.

Understanding the email features will be crucial in helping you make the decision when choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore.  You should understand the email sending and receiving capabilities of each hosting plan before you sign on the contract.


In a post in Forbes by James Lyne, there are over 30,000 websites hacked every day. The right web host ought to have effective anti-virus and anti-spam protection to reduce the chances of security breaches. More so, the servers need to be physically secure since your web data is stored on the servers.

While physically securing the servers will improve the security of your website, some dangers come in the form of natural disasters, or worse, a physical breach in the data centre. It is therefore imperative that you get a web hosting company that has 24/7 security and contingency plans.

If you require your site visitors to open an account on your site, then you need to choose a web host that offers SSL certificates. They will provide an added layer of security for your client’s information, and you will also appear as more trustworthy.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Customer Support

Webmasters need 24/7 customer support since technical difficulties can happen at any time. This is why it is necessary that you get a company that offers customer support around the clock. Most web hosting companies promise this kind of support, but it is essential that you consider the different types of support available for each hosting plan.

The best type of customer support is via live chat on their website, or via telephone. However, you will find web hosting companies that offer customer support via remote desktop. They will solve your problem while educating you at the same time.

On the other hand, time is of the essence, and it is crucial that you choose a company that promises to find a solution to your problem in a defined timeframe. However, some web hosts offer different types of support for different plans.

This makes it necessary for you to choose a company that offers unconditional support. Lastly, you need to know where the support team is based; this will help you plan for any language barriers and the time difference.

Multiple Domain and Subdomains

A domain is your website’s address, and .com is the most popular top-level-domain (TLD). Other TLDs include .sg, .com.sg, .org, .or, just to name a few. Some companies offer more TLDs than others. However, the most important aspect to note is that you should go for TLDs that are approved by ICANN.

If you have plans of scaling your websites in the near future, you need a hosting plan that gives you the option of having multiple domains and subdomains that are managed by a single account. This comes especially handy when you have various business websites.

Website Data Backups

A reputable and reliable web hosting company will back up your web data regularly in a remote and secure server; this will safeguard the data just in case your website is hacked. In the case of a security breach or a misfortune where you cannot access your data, such a company will provide you with the necessary back-ups to keep running your website.

Always ask about the back-up plan when you are choosing the right web hosting company in Singapore, if you are not satisfied with the answer, move on to the next company and consult the web developer during the selection process.

Read Customer Reviews

The trouble with web hosting company reviews is that they can be skewed and biased. However, you cannot go wrong with customer reviews.  They will help you in choosing an established web host company that offers quality services.

You can get customer reviews and testimonials on social media, as well as on consumer websites, forum discussions, among other places. You will find the true experiences from actual users.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company


However, some companies pay for reviews, which include both the positive and negative ones. You should also pay attention to how the company responds to the complaints, and it will give you an idea of how they deal with unhappy customers.

Read the Terms and Conditions of Services

Remember that the devil is in the details and the trouble with most people is that they do not take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions. They will accept the terms after skimming through them, and it comes back to haunt them.

You might blindly agree to a less than acceptable refund policy, customer support, and accessibility to the website among other critical terms of the web hosting plan. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to read through them.

Avoid the Cheap New Company

Over the years, there has been a trend where new web hosting companies offer very low hosting rates and hope that they can make their margins by attracting a higher number of clients. However, these new web host companies cannot manage to handle a large number of clients at a go.

The solution is to stick with an established company or a reasonably priced web host plan from a new player. They will be able to handle your growth and that of other clients without experiencing any glitches in their hosting servers.

The reason behind this is that when a web host company expands too fast, and they do not have the resources, they will ultimately fail. Websites from such companies are slow, experience frequent downtime, lower search engine rankings, and lost revenue.


There is always the room for growth in business, and you need to work with a web host that allows for scalability of your website. You are best placed with choosing a web host that allows for the seamless upgrade of your host plan whenever you need more resources such as bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, and more.

This makes it crucial that you consider the ease of upgrading or scaling to ensure that you keep your website running at optimal speeds.


The web hosts brand listed above are excellent firms with perfect features and numbers back up. To consult for your business. The list is also influenced by the preference of Singaporeans. Some of them prefer international brands while some prefer local web host companies.

One of the main factors you may want to consider when choosing a web host is the pricing. International web hosts such as A2 Hosting and SiteGround has cheap entry costs that go for about SGD10 per month.

Local brands are a bit more expensive with their premium packages going for roughly SGD50 per month. However, all of these web host firms are perfect options performing better than Google’s recommended speed of 200ms. Act and visit one of the firms today for the betterment of your digital business.

There are many other web hosting companies in Singapore, the above mentioned are only a few of them. It is important to note that going with the cheapest hosting company will not always guarantee you a high-quality service. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Web hosting is not an umbrella standard service that is delivered at the same quality everywhere; therefore, you need to get a reliable web hosting service that will not have you going back and forth when you design and develop your new website.

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