InternSG Review: Is This the New Star Job Portal?


Internships act as an important bridge between students’ academics and their work careers.

As students go around looking for internships, employers on the other hand only want to hire students who have gone through some sort of internship program or at least have some work experience.

While there are so many companies that try to match students with internship opportunities at well-established companies, including the traditional campus job fairs, it’s still a challenge for small companies, non-profits, and start-ups to find qualified interns.

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In many cases, it’s also a challenge for students to find good internship programs, especially if they’re unable to raise the fees that some internship-matching services demand.

Finding an internship in Singapore is hard. But when a site such as makes you feel like royalty, finding an internship becomes a whole lot easier.

InternSG was created to simplify the process of connecting recent grads and college students with internship and career opportunities. You don’t have to settle to just find a summer plan or an internship program of your dream.

Instead, you can search for a general topic, such as psychology or marketing, and the platform will go through their database of listed internship programs and serve you with dozens of potential internship opportunities.

Businesses can also post their internship programs and job listings, which makes it a two-way street.

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So, What’s InternSG?

InternSG is a free listing portal dedicated to paring student interns with businesses and organisations in Singapore.

It’s a website that’s all about connection, internship, traineeship, and part-time jobs for both students and fresh graduates.

For more than a decade, the company has been providing free internships and job listing services in Singapore.

Who’s InternSG Recommended for?

InternSG is a popular job portal in Singapore. It’s a free website, with more than 23, 000 jobs and internship opportunities listed, covering different areas, including marketing, design, business development, recruitment, and so on.

Their mission is to enrich the business community, while also helping student interns fuel their careers.

The job portal is open for students and corporations from all across the globe. Other than that, the company also tries to offer extensive coverage of information regarding the job scenario in Singapore.

It’s an excellent platform for the following group of people:

  • Students who are looking for opportunities to gain substantial work experience, beyond the confines of their classroom
  • Job seekers hunting for jobs within their niche areas
  • Individuals that are making a comeback at their workforce after being away for quite a long while
  • Individuals who are still learning a new skill or experimenting with a new profession, or anyone hunting for a non-permanent job opportunity

It’s an internship portal for individuals, institutions, organisations, and so forth.

How Much Does InternSG Charge You for Applying for an Internship?

Unlike many of the internship matching websites you’ve probably come across, InternSG doesn’t charge you any administration fee.

That means applicants are free to submit their resume and application letters to as many companies as possible without spending a penny.

Applicants get to submit their resumes directly to the company.

While it’s completely free for companies to list their job and internship opportunities with InternSG, there are premium options that offer a greater reach.

One of the unique features that come with being a premium member is the ability to reach overseas interns.

Pros of InternSG

  • So many creative jobs that you can apply
  • You can filter jobs and internship programs by industry, profession, and any other keyword as required
  • Postings are detailed and clear about requirements, responsibilities, and remunerations
  • Convenient for finding internships. What InternSG does is that it tries to connect companies with university students. It also allows companies to list available job opportunities and internship programs.

That way, companies are able to replenish their shortage of human resources, as students find internship opportunities that they can use to improve their resumes and acquire new skills and experiences

Cons of InternSG

  • Not recommended if you’re searching for full-time, permanent, or freelance job opportunities.
  • No screening or validation of a company’s credibility. Since the portal is free for both companies and students to use, the company has explained that they do not have the financial muscles and resources to do a detailed screening of companies’ credibility and validity.

As a precaution, the company advises job seekers to conduct thorough due diligence checks before accepting any traineeship or internship offer.

Why Choose the InternSG to Find Trainees, Interns, Graduates, and Part-timers?

The InternSG has more than a decade’s old experience in connecting student candidates with corporate entities through purposeful traineeship, internship, and part-time job placement.

A simple Google search on “Singapore Internships” directs you to the site, and it’s for a good reason. Suffice it to say that no other internship portal beats it in terms of quality responses and at absolutely zero cost.

Do Businesses Have to Pay InternSG Any Fee?

Companies are allowed to post their internships and job listings and receive resumes from applicants at absolutely no fee.

Adding to that, employers can shortlist qualifying candidates and invite them over for interviews.

The Hiring Process at InternSG

InternSG has one of the simplest hiring processes.

You can start by following this link to list your job or internship opportunity. Before that, you can browse through the latest jobs or internship listings to get a feel of how the job posts look like in real-time.

After posting your listing, you’ll be required to wait for a few minutes for the post to be approved.

Once the post is approved, applicants are free to submit their resume. These resumes will be directly sent to you via email.

How Can Employers Gain Massive Exposure for Their Job Listings?

Here are a few ways that employers can increase the exposure that their posts get.

  • Featured Internship Listing

With this option, employers can get their posts highlighted in “Latest Internship” for $95 per week.

Keep in mind that your post will also appear amongst regular internship listings.

  • Featured Internship listing on InternSG homepage

For $500 a month, your listing can be placed on InternSG’s home page, with a short write-up accompanied by an image or video.

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That’s in addition to your listing appearing amongst regular listings.

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8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Internship is Important

Already, we have discussed in detail what InternSG is, how it works, and the benefits to both employers and employees. So far, this initiative has effectively connected employers with qualified employees.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Hundreds of learning institutions offer courses related to this niche that can make you a professional.

Once you graduate, it’s recommendable to go for an internship to further hone your skills and increase your job competitiveness.

Let’s examine the primary reasons why a digital marketing internship is important.

  • First-Hand Experience

In the digital marketing landscape, brands are more interested in hiring experts who can deliver the expected results. These experts have academic qualifications and first-hand experience creating, running, and managing different digital marketing campaigns.

A digital marketing internship will give you much-needed exposure to the modern marketing world. You will be working alongside a team of other professionals on live projects that may make or break the company.

In the process, you will acquire essential skills such as optimizing on-site and off-site content.

A digital marketer should also be able to run A/B tests and analyse data to make informed decisions. The seniors in the department you are allocated will teach you how to run successful tests and draw recommendations from reports.

You will also learn how to create and manage social media marketing strategies on behalf of the digital marketing manager. Note that social media platforms are digital marketing powerhouses, so mastering the required skills to run successful campaigns on Facebook or any other platform will be a plus once you venture into the job market.

  • Insider Information on Detailed Modules

Brands use hundreds of digital marketing tools to create and monitor different campaigns. It is impossible to master them in class as certain aspects must be learned in real-life situations.

By getting a digital marketing internship via InternSG, you will get a rare opportunity to use detailed modules powered by new technologies. For instance, you will learn how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning powered tools to enhance digital marketing strategies.

The real-life experience will offer you first-hand experience running campaigns in the competitive digital business world. Other professionals in the department will give you unlimited exposure to not one but multiple digital marketing verticals such as;

    • Pay-Per-Click campaigns
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Website design
    • Content writing
    • Programmatic marketing and more.

Please pay close attention to everything they tell you to learn everything you will need to create successful marketing campaigns for your employer.

Sure, there will be a learning curve during the initial stages, and you may feel the seniors are unnecessarily pushy.

Don’t –maintain a positive mindset and attitude towards the internship program to get the most benefits from it.

The experience of working on different campaigns will also help you know your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, you will know whether you are better at social media marketing than email marketing. However, the goal should be to come out of the program as a holistic digital marketer who can be trusted to guide campaigns in the right direction.

  • Gain Social Skills

Sure, acquiring hands-on digital marketing skills will increase your chances of getting hired, but they are not enough.

Unlike past digital marketing campaigns, the current ones are personalised and designed to establish personal relationships with the target customers.

College life won’t empower you with the required social skills, and there is no room for mistakes once a company hires you as a digital marketer.

The internship will nurture your social skills such as time management, communication, patience, and more.

Every day, you will be working with experts who have a deeper understanding of the real-life scenario than you. Their input on your journey to becoming the next best digital marketer in your area will supercharge your career.

Learn from the mistakes that you make and be optimistic. Your goal should be to learn about digital marketing before leaving the company.

During your free time, socialise with another department member to get more information about the industry, such as trends and predictions for the future.

Working without play makes Jack a dull boy – take part in social events organised by the company, such as team-building weekend outings to get opportunities to socialise with employees in other departments.

  • Specialisation

Like SEO, digital marketing is very broad. It’s impossible to become an expert in everything.

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Trying to do everything will also prove counterproductive and reduce your job suitability and competitiveness.

Concisely, you cannot be a perfect digital marketer in all facets of digital marketing. Be different and more efficient by focusing on what you are good at. We recommend choosing a niche that resonates with your interests and preferences.

However, it would be best if you didn’t specialise in email, social media, or any other form of marketing too early in the internship. Give yourself time to learn the ropes. You will realise your inherent expertise, potential, and preferences in the process.

Use the results from the different marketing projects to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Specialising in a digital marketing faucet that you are good at will to present countless opportunities from reputable companies.

Also, it will be easy to climb up the ranks if you can deliver stellar results consistently.

  • Ability to Work under Pressure

The digital marketing industry is not for the weak. You have to be prepared for ups and lows to become the best digital marketer in your field.

The internship will prepare you for the pressure of working in the marketing department. Your time management skills will be honed to increase your ability to work under pressure and achieve the expected results.

Understand that every marketing campaign will have strict milestones and timelines that have to be always met.

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At first, it may seem that the supervisors will be breathing fire on your neck, but the reality is that the experience will prove invaluable once you get hired.

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More importantly, you will learn and get comfortable working on projects as a team instead of solo projects.

Use the interactions with other team members to better your social skills. Be open-minded to accommodate deferring options to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

  • Gain Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is everything when creating brand new marketing strategies for your brand.

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The industry has many sub-fields that work together to ensure that the overall digital marketing campaign is successful.

Even though you may have market data, you need to be confident with every decision you make along the way.

The internship program will allow you to create your strategies or build on the existing ones.

Some firms allow interns to create brand new strategies based on the different market trends. Use these opportunities to crank up your self-confidence. Rest assured that the supervisors will know whether you believe in yourself based on how to explain the plans during meetings.

Nonetheless, you should do background research before changing the existing marketing plans to avoid plunging the company into turmoil.

Your confidence in fields such as Google Ads and SEO will help you know which areas you should focus on after the internship.

  • Detailed and Competitive Marketing Resume

The resume is one of the documents that recruiters rely on when deciding which internship and job applicants to invite for an interview.

You should spread your wings by sending applications to multiple companies in your locality and abroad.

An internship in a reputable company will add immense weight to your resume, increasing your chances of being invited for an interview and eventually getting hired.

Ideally, the seals from the company, such as the recommendation letter, will denote your skills and expertise.

It will show potential employers that you are trustworthy and capable of delivering the expected results better than other job applicants who went for an internship in other companies or are fresh from college.

If possible, go for an internship in more than one company to learn about digital marketing and prepare yourself well for a role in the department.

Don’t shy away from also highlighting achievements earned during the internship to further increase your job competitiveness.

  • Work Compliance

Companies have work protocols that they need all employees and internships to comply with at all times.

The work assigned to existing employees and new interns is expected to be completed within the agreed time frames.

Working as an intern will nurture a habit of completing future projects on time without sacrificing quality and the project requirements.

The seniors will empower you with new time management skills and familiarise you with the working protocols and expectations.

Such valuable habits will help you maintain high levels of professionalism and give every project unwavering attention.

At first, meeting all the deadlines and requirements will not be easy, but soon you will get the hang of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Internship

By now, you know the importance of a digital marketing internship. Here are five frequently asked questions about digital marketing internships to prepare you for this career stage.

What does a digital marketing intern do?

The roles assigned to a digital marketing intern vary from one company to another.

However, expect to be working on online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, paid ads, email marketing, and more.

You will also be working in an entry-level capacity, so use the time to apply the skills learned in school in real-life situations.

Which internship is best for digital marketing?

Apart from InternSG, other websites offer good digital marketing internship opportunities. They include;

Study how each platform works to boost your chances of getting hired as an intern by the best digital marketing firms.

Also, consult graduates who have in the past secured internship opportunities from these websites to get a clear perspective of the vetting process and the required documents.

Why is a digital marketing internship important?

As a digital marketing intern, you will get valuable insights into the different digital marketing techniques and tools used by companies from across the globe.

Check out the other 8 reasons we discussed earlier why you should work as an intern before seeking formal employment.

What skills do I need for digital marketing?

You need a host of skills to become a successful digital marketer. They include;

  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Tech-savvy
  • Persuasiveness
  • Data Analysis
  • Copywriting and more

Most of these skills will be acquired from the digital marketing course, but the internship will hone them in preparation for the real job.

Do interns get paid?

Different companies have varying policies about the remuneration of interns.

Most interns in the digital marketing industry prefer hourly wages as opposed to a monthly salary. Note that there are companies that have a performance-based remuneration structure.

Familiarise yourself with the terms to make the necessary financial plans.

However, both paid and unpaid internship programs will help you learn more about the roles of a digital marketer in a company. Check the company’s reputation and work culture to know if it matches your career expectations.

How do I prepare for a marketing internship?

You must prep well for the marketing internship to get the best experience.

Here are five tips on how to prepare adequately for the program.

  • Stay abreast of news and trends
  • Check the company’s social media profile to know its vision and culture
  • Know the basics of marketing the company to the target customers
  • Check how the company market and brands itself online and offline

It would also help to contact interns who have in the past been interviewed by the company you are eying to prepare well.

The more information you have about the company, the higher your chances of getting hired as an intern. 

MediaOne Marketing is a reputable boutique digital marketing agency that prides itself on offering world-class marketing services to brands from across the globe.

Get in touch with us today for details on the available internship opportunities.

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