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Why MediaOne?

  • considered the top boutique digital agency in Singapore
  • highly established with more than a decade of award-winning excellence
  • the only agency that major enterprises like SingTel, Capitaland, P&G, Maybank, University of Cambridge, SportsHub, ChinaTelecoms, Government boards/agencies like Ministry of Law and Enterprise Singapore, etc will consider working with
  • highly structured methodologies that are unparalleled giving junior staff broad and deep learning
  • we provide a strong career programme, learning environment, team-bonding activities, incentive trips, free-flow food and transport allowances, medical coverage, and a heavy emphasis on a community-based working environment
  • highly flexible goal-oriented work-life balance (mostly WFH or wherever)
  • office in a beautiful and comfortable shophouse at the heart of Tg Pagar, a stone’s throw from CBD clients, MRT, and food (oh bountiful food all around!)





  • Help identify target audiences and plan media campaigns
  • Compare and negotiate rates, ad space and impressions
  • Optimise plans and budgets according to the best media mix
  • Prepare schedules and adjust when needed
  • Experiment with new platforms and channels
  • Ensure ads are creative and displayed appropriately
  • Monitor costs and return on investment (ROI)
  • Report to clients and build long-term relationships


  • Proven experience as Media Buyer or similar role; experience in digital media is preferred
  • Familiarity with media-buying, planning and research for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, WeChat and the other popular platforms
  • Interest in following advertising and media trends
  • Working knowledge of media analytics software (e.g. comScore)
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Organisational and multitasking abilities
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking skills



We are looking for fun-loving, creative, and ideas-driven designers (Interns and Full-Timers) to work on some of the highest-profile campaigns in Singapore for Jean Yip Group, Cheryl Wee, FJ Benjamin, Capitaland, National Kidney Foundation, Eu Yan Sang, Marigold, etc.

Are you THAT person?


  • Help to ideate and propose design concepts according to campaign briefs.
  • Customise and adjust images and video collaterals for each campaign.
  • Producing content to be posted online.
  • Manage media calendar and schedule postings.
  • Assist in research, propose optimisation and recommendations, and reports to clients.


  • Good communication skills.
  • Must be able to explain and sell your ideas well.
  • Creativity and Graphic Design skills.
  • Must be self-motivated.
  • Be able to produce original ideas.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other image/video creation/editing tools




  1. Good command of English both written and spoken
  2. Familiar with the different marketing disciplines such as SEO, SEM, Social Media
  3. Highly conversant about the different marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, WeChat, programmatic advertising
  4. Have personally operated campaigns from start-to-end (not as an overseer)
  5. Able to multi-task
  6. Demonstrable ability to communicate, present and influence key stake-holders in all levels of the client organisation


  1. be the primary point of contact for clients
  2. create strong , meaningful, and profitable relationships with clients
  3. work with colleagues, vendors, and partners for project deliverables
  4. ensure projects are carried out in a timely and efficient manner
  5. provide regular reports, analysis, and recommendations to clients and management
  6. keep track of trends and competition to constantly provide cutting-edge services
  7. always be conducting A/B split testing and other performance marketing to ensure we hit or exceed KPI
  8. troubleshoot and ceaselessly prepare for contingencies and ameliorate issues
  9. keep a constant eye on budgets to maintain profitability



  1. Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree/Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Business
  2. Strong command of written English
  3. Well developed analytical skills
  4. High Ability to multi-task and plan
  5. Excellent communication skills in collaborating with clients and colleagues
  6. Bonus if you have experience or strong interest in social media marketing


  1. Create content written and/or graphic
  2. Ideate/strategise social media campaigns
  3. Post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
  4. Use Ad Manager or other tools to schedule, manage and target audiences
  5. Monitor, optimise, analyse, report to clients



  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree/Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Business
  2. A candidate should be proficient with basic knowledge of digital marketing and pushing sales of products and services on the various digital marketing platforms we offer our clients.
  3. Experience in any digital marketing job is an added advantage.
  4. ‘Hunters’ will be accorded an extra advantage. Our company is known for emphasising on quality. Therefore, to ensure our staff work optimally, furnish our staff with leads, but we encourage them to have the hunter’s intuition to point out prospective leads’ pool to be exploited.
  5. A dynamic person who adopts with every situation. What distinguishes us from our competition is our offering of the best customer follow-up services. Hence, you should also be proficient with customer interaction for quality exchanges with clients.
  6. The job is a full-time job. Every shift runs for eight hours from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday to Friday barring from any public holidays.


  1. The primary responsibility of digital marketing consultant (sales) is to provide technical knowledge on how to enhance the award-winning search optimisation packages.
  2. Liaise with the production team to offer quality services to our broad customer base on time stipulated on contracts.
  3. Monitor and assess payment of invoices on time.



A digital marketing manager is responsible for general organising, creation and implementing the overall vision of a business.,


  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree/Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Marketing, Advertising/Media or equivalent.
  2. Basic Skill(s): digital marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, basic graphics design
  3. You should have PROVEN experience in managing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn pages, e-newsletters (we will be asking for samples)
  4. You should have a good understanding of keyword research, gap analysis, content creation, and content marketing strategies
  5. You should have some experience in CRM tools and database management
  6. A basic understanding of SEO, SEM, and SMM is a plus
  7. A STRONG INTEREST in digital media is a MUST (we will ask you about your understanding of basic concepts during the interview – you can download our e-book at to understand basic SEO)


  1. upkeep our corporate websites and social media fronts
  2. maintain and improve our company’s SEO, SEM programmes consistently (KPI shall be set)
  3. market and organize our company’s digital marketing training courses
  4. market outreach to obtain partners in Singapore and overseas
  5. maintain partner relationship, channels of engagement and marketing materials used by partners when promoting our services
  6. create and maintain our print and digital marketing collaterals
  7. organize events for partners, clients, and outreach campaigns on a regular basis



Write in TODAY – hurry as we are already in the shortlisting phase.

Note: we regret that ONLY SHORTLISTED candidates will be notified.



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    The Digital Marketing Agency That Punches Above Its Weight!

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    With so many digital marketing companies here in Singapore, choosing the right one to work with can be a difficult process. So how does MediaOne stand out?

    Here at MediaOne, we believe in doing things the right way. Founded in 2008, MediaOne is one of Singapore’s first digital marketing agencies to practice white hat SEO. Despite white hat SEO being deemed as impractical profit wise and almost impossible to carry out back then, MediaOne broke through the mould, pioneering white hat SEO services despite it being extremely time-consuming and resource intensive – because we strongly felt it will benefit our clients. And benefit it did. MediaOne boasts the highest target-achieved success rate in Singapore.

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    As of today, MediaOne has served over 800 SME & MNC clients, and is also recognized by both local & international certifications and awards bodies such as ISO 9001, TOPSEOs, PSME500. MediaOne’s acclaimed white hat solutions are also repeatedly tried, tested and proven, making them the safest choice to go with for businesses who need robust rankings to get them consistently ahead of their competition.

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    MediaOne is also a key advocate of service transparency, and hence, along with white hat SEO, started the 24/7 reporting service for SEO campaigns. With our daily SEO reports, customers can now know all about the progress of their campaigns and provide feedback, giving them greater control over their campaign success.

    Join MediaOne today!

    Glossary Of Job Positions And Their Descriptions

    what kinds of digital marketing careers are available in singapore


    Digital marketing as a career and a business is booming. The introduction of millennials to the job market has seen an increase in demand of tech-savvy professionals who are creative to fit the job description of a digital marketing consultant. Digital marketing is a dynamic professional field with the current employer keen to ensure they provide their workforce with a conducive atmosphere to be productive. Advancement in technology has made digital marketing the go-to job for the tech-savvy crop of professionals enter the job market.

    In Singapore, any profession related to digital marketing is highly sought after. The demand for digital marketers in the country is due to the country’s emphasis on transacting business online. Singapore is among the countries with excellent internet penetration not only in Asia but also in the world. Majority of the population are dependent on the virtual world to provide them with the necessary products. Almost 69% of the transaction were carried in the digital space as of 2018. Thus, a career in digital marketing in Singapore is sure to direct you on a career path that its scope we are only beginning to understand.

    Here is a chart to help you familiarise with the different job titles available in digital marketing:

    most common digital marketing job titles in singapore


    Digital Marketing Projects Manager Job Description

    Project managers are the enforcers on the ground. Project executives are handed responsibilities depending on the timeframe a project or a campaign is supposed to take. Project managers determine the goal, objectives of a project and continuously monitor it to ensure it achieves the desired results. In digital marketing jobs, project managers are considered among the best due to its lucrative compensation packages, and the contract basis project operates.


    • Full-stack Developer preferred
    • Basic responsive design, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, HTML5, CSS3 media queries
    • Basic server administration including website installation, migration, troubleshooting, email configuration
    • Website development using customised theme, custom PHP
    • Knowledge of project management software such as, Ansana, Basecamp
    • enewsletter, eDM tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse
    • A solid understanding of project management methodology including the ability to identify and resolve issues, manage risk, develop detailed work plans and specifications, perform resource allocations, and run team meetings
    • An ability to anticipate issues, identify future choke points, and work ahead to time to alleviate potential issues
    • Hands-on understanding and implementation of SEO, SEM and social media platform tagging, GA goal setting, error fixing (crawl error, mobile responsive, 400-errors, 500-errors, SSL, page speed, etc) are BONUSES!


    • A solid understanding of web design standards and usability
    • Strong interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving, negotiating, influencing, facilitation, organizational, prioritization, decision making, and conflict resolution skills
    • Be able to convince, motivate and at time cajole or push team-mates, partners and clients into moving projects quickly and efficiently with minimal time/cost wastage
    • Self-starter with ability to work in a fast-paced environment
    • Excellent written presentation and phone skills


    • Project manage website development work with collaboration with programmers and designers
    • Coordinate with clients, account management, technical development/integration and creative teams to ensure efficacy and quality of work
    • Deliver web projects and conduct training for clients
    • Conduct training for colleagues for CMS, HTML, eDM, and other basic web technologies/tools
    • Maintain and upgrade internal website and IT software/hardware properties 

    SEO Consultant Job Description


    Search engine optimisation managers are the backbone for business with a digital presence. They are responsible for ensuring your business garner a certain degree of presence on the search engine results.


    • Develop and execute SEO policy
    • Focus on organic SEO to help boost ROI
    • Advise on areas of improvement in search optimisation
    • Continuous keyword research
    • Assess projects, set up work scopes and timelines, assign writers
    • Post and optimise pages according to our SEO standards
    • Track delivery and make sure that all work conforms to our stringent guidelines and deadlines
    • Update reports for management and sales team on the status of delivery and issues
    • Troubleshoot client issues with sales team and management
    • Help manage client relationships and writing team
    • Help create and administer modules for better systems and processes
    • Send reports to the management team with recommendations of system and process improvements


    • Diploma or Degree in English, Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Digital Media preferred but not mandatory
    • Blogging, writing, content management, SEO knowledge are an added bonus
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Smart, highly organised, meticulous, results-oriented, creative, independent
    • Great interpersonal skills, knows how to motivate others to get the job done. Should have two years’ experience working as a search engine professional.
    • Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML
    • Updated with the present practices in the SEO space.
    • Should be familiar with SEO testing scales.
    • Bachelor’s degree in any quantitative
    • Good written and spoken English.
    • seo marketing jobs in singapore


    SEM/PPC Consultant / Manager Job Description

    The search engine marketing manager manages client Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and other PPC campaigns. He or she should be experienced in copywriting, ad conceptualisation, campaign setup, monitoring, goal and conversion tracking, ROI optimisation, reporting for large campaigns in excess of $10,000 per month.


    • at least a Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree/Post-Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any field
    • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience.
    • Preferably Executive/Senior Executive or Manager (compensation will commensurate with experience) specialized in Search Engine Marketing.
    • Strong working knowledge of PPC (social media a plus)
    • Expert knowledge of ad management tools including Google Adwords, Facebook Pixels/Ad Manager
    • Strong writing skills, analytical abilities and data-driven thinking
    • Experience in traffic measurement tools which help in ad management
    • Knowledge of Javascript and HTML will be an advantage but not necessary


    • Research each campaign thoroughly via speaking with clients and via online tools
    • Work on Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel/Ad Manager, etc to manage campaigns
    • Set up campaigns, settings, ads, keywords, and bid strategy
    • Copywrite (or use writers) ads and continuously perform A/B split testing
    • Manually adjust CPC pricing or use conversion goal-oriented pricing
    • Keyword research (or work with colleagues / interns / contractors)
    • Test methods fo campaign groups each week to grow market reach, improve CTRs, drive in more leads/conversions and improve overall ROI for each campaign
    • Spy on competitors to obtain full advantage
    • Provide accurate, comprehensive and timely reports to clients on a monthly basis
    • Create a working SOP which you will discuss with Management to improve the process flow

    Web Designer Job Description

    Web designers give your website that distinct look that distinguishes it from its competitors. It requires deft proficiency in designing graphics and program design. The main responsibility of web designers is creation if your product and maintaining the website by resolving technical problems that may arise during your business transactions.


    • Liaison between clients and outsourced web designers/developers; includes a face-to-face consultation
    • Create websites, e-newsletters, online design elements for internal properties
    • Create graphical marketing materials for the marketing department
    • Help with basic IT work such as email/server/computer configuration and maintenance (training provided)


    • Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate/NiTEC in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
    • At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
    • Required Skill(s): web design, graphic design, eCommerce, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, HTML, javascript, PHP
    • Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design or equivalent.


    • Understanding the web development life cycle
    • Basic understanding of Javascript, PHP
    • Some server administration  knowledge
    • Able to work as part of a team
    • Ability to manage outsourced web design/development teams
    • Strong work ethic
    • Good IT knowledge; basic SEO knowledge is an advantage but not crucial
    • Good experience in design

    Applicants are strongly encouraged to include a cover letter detailing their experience and also showcase their design work.

    Web Developer Job Description

    Web developers and web designers work together, or an individual can possess both competencies. A web developer also creates websites that are aesthetic and purpose-driven. Many companies employ either of these two professionals to avoid duplication of roles.


    • Expert in front-end and back-end development
    • Expert in responsive design, HTML5, CSS3 media queries
    • Knowledge of project management software such as
    • A solid understanding of web design standards and usability
    • Experience in working with large/complicated sites and high profile clients
    • Strong interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving, negotiating, influencing, facilitation, organizational, prioritization, decision making, and conflict resolution skills
    • A solid understanding of project management methodology including the ability to identify and resolve issues, manage risk, develop detailed work plans and specifications, perform resource allocations, and run team meetings
    • An ability to anticipate issues, identify future choke points, and work ahead to time to alleviate potential issues
    • Proven mentoring and team building skills
    • An ability to manage many projects simultaneously
    • An ability to demonstrate leadership
    • Proficiency in JavaScript & PHP
    • Manage servers


    • Assisting and reviewing development of project scopes, considering resources, and technological constraints including cost estimates with consideration to business impacts and identified risks
    • Creating and executing project work plans and revising as appropriate to meet the changing needs and requirements. This includes wireframing, sitemaps & scope of work
    • Defining project scope and giving clear instructions to the design and development team
    • Clarifying and communicating project objectives and success criteria to team
    • Identifying resources needed and assigning individual responsibilities
    • Assuring that projects are completed according to schedule and within budget
    • Reviewing deliverables prepared by team before passing to Project Managers
    • Effectively applying our methodology and enforcing project standards
    • Ensuring that project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately
    • Collaborating with SEO team, developers, and other parties involved to establish the vision and analyzing trade-offs between usability and performance needs
    • Ensuring that approved requirements are developed in sufficient scope and detail that will result in the delivery of a solution that meets customer needs as they perceive them
    • Attending client meetings as required
    • Assisting with developing quality assurance processes, documentation, and testing where needed
    • Identifying and managing project risk

    what does a social media marketing consultant do

    Content Creator/ Manager Job Description

    Content managers are the generators of content that are displayed on web pages. A content creator prowls the relevant marketplace for new ideas in the digital marketing sphere. In digital marketing jobs, content managers are essential and are always present for launching or pitching any new idea. Singapore is a growing destination for content creators due to the country’s penchant taste for online products and services.


    • preferably a diploma or degree holder in English, Journalism or Humanities
    • excellent written English, including good spelling and grammar
    • a meticulous approach to their work and an eye for detail
    • the ability to maintain high-quality work while meeting tight deadlines
    • able to multi-task
    • have an ability to manage contract writers locally as well as internationally
    • be able to understand different B2B and B2C content requirements (from our diverse spectrum of clients)
    • able to work from home and have the flexibility to work in our (really gorgeous) office in town
    • understanding of content for branding, social media, SEO, ads, website content, blogs will be advantageous


    • liaise with clients on their content requirements
    • collaborate with other departments to deliver the campaigns
    • accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, leads, that deliver sales and customer retention for clients.
    • development of editorial governance so content is consistent with client brand voice, style and tone.
    • create and manage editorial calendars and organisation workflows
    • topic and keyword research
    • structuring articles and instructing copywriters on the requirements including deadlines
    • performing minor edits prior to submission
    • rostering and managing copywriters
    • assist the Finance department in keeping tabs on work done and payments due to each writer

    In the spirit of helping fresh college graduates or those out of jobs break into digital marketing, we decided to walk you through some of the processes some members of our work staff used to land high paying jobs with some of the world’s leading companies.

    Remember that with digital marketing, you have a chance to earn as you learn instead of waiting until you’re fully baked to take the plunge.

    Why a Digital Marketing Job?

    With so many career options at your fingertips, why would anyone insist on a digital marketing job?

    Here are the reasons:

    • Digital Marketers are in High demand

    The digital marketing landscape is experiencing a talent gap. Confirming this statement is a recent report from “The Fool-Proof Marketer,” which goes on to show that 90% of marketers think there’s a shortage of digital skills. In the same report, only 8% of businesses have the workforce to execute a fail-proof digital marketing campaign.

    • Digital Marketers Enjoy a Decent Pay

    In another survey, digital marketers were found to earn 25% more than their peers who have yet to embrace the shift from traditional marketing methods. In Singapore, the starting salary for a digital marketer is $4, 000, and can go as high as $20, 000 a month depending on your specialisation and experience.  

    • It’s a Highly Respectable Job Field

    Digital marketing is relatively new and a bit too technical for old folks. It’s one of the few jobs that a 50-year old senior would need to humble down and listen to a 20 years old junior talk about how they can revolutionise the company by embracing a particular digital shift or online marketing strategy.

    • It’s Something You Can Relate To

    The fact that you’re reading this, that shows you consume digital media regularly. You probably use Google, Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other digital platforms – and that’s essentially what digital marketing is all about.

    • It’s Fun

    At the core, digital marketing is about enhancing the digital experience of your prospects and customers. You’re bound to enjoy every aspect of it. Plus, you don’t have to spend most of your day sitting in your office chair. You can vacation as you work or choose to work from home. Or let’s just say you could work from anywhere.

    • A Chance to Start Your Own Agency

    After you’ve fully mastered the art of digital marketing, you can set up your own agency and be your own boss.

    • Easy to Transition

    Is your boss making your life hell? Or do you feel like your career has stagnated?

    Do not worry.

    Digital marketing offers you a chance to switch careers or land an even more lucrative job.

    • Work as You Travel

    It bears repeating that you can work from absolutely anywhere, as long as there’s an active internet connection. The world is simply your workstation.


    Why Digital Marketing Careers are the New BIG THING for Graduates

    According to a Mckinsey report, by 2030 almost 24% of work activities in the country of Singapore is set to be displaced by automation by 2030. As the country restructures its economy and starts to this change, many graduates are starting to consider entrepreneurship. And many of them are seeing digital marketing as a viable solution.

    jobs available for search engine marketers in singapore

    The Outlook for Digital Marketers in Singapore

    In Singapore, over $306 million dollars each year is spent on digital marketing and digital advertising. This is one of the largest fields in Singapore and is currently expanding. The industry grows by 4 percent each year and there is an ever-increasing demand for those that know and understand digital marketers. Over 80 percent of the businesses in the country need some form of digital advertising. They are looking to increase their presence in the social media market and they need qualified people to market their products or services.

    Future of This Field

    Within the last year, Procter and Gamble announced that they would set up their digital innovation centre in Singapore. The company will invest 100 million USD within the next 5 years for their set up. This would the first time the popular company has made an investment of this magnitude outside of the U.S. This is promising news for those interested in the field of digital marketing, but it shows just how much potential this particular field has. skill development and exposure to some of the latest tools and practices in the field of digital marketing.

    Career Progression

    The potential for individuals in this field is almost limitless. Many choose to go the traditional route and work for companies in executive, managerial, or director capacities.

    Others choose to start their own companies and work in these capacities for themselves. And there are other digital marketers who decide to develop their own personal brands and become an influencer–someone who teaches others how to succeed in digital marketing.

    The path you take will depend on your ultimate goal.


    Popular Digital Marketing Job Titles in Singapore

    most common digital marketing job titles in singapore

    Anyone with basic computer knowledge and a drive to be successful can find work in the digital marketing field. Here are some of the job titles in this field:

    • SEO Specialist in Digital Marketing

    SEO is the most effective way to bring a customer to a website. SEO will help bring traffic to the website of the company and will help build up brand awareness. This will use work with the search engines and will help content marketing to help people find sites that are appealing to them.

    • Digital Marketing—Product Marketing

    A product marketer’s work is to identify the market where a company can sell its products and services. They’re interested in helping businesses reach even more people and expanding their market base.

    They will look at the new products and the features that it is able to offer customers. The digital marketer will focus on making the new benefits of the products known to customers and the effects it will have.

    • Product Marketing Manager

    The manager is in charge of the marketing campaign and they need to have marketing and computer skills as well as important leadership skills. They need to be detailed oriented and they need to be able to meet deadlines. This is in addition to their creative skills.

    • Director of Product Marketing

    This person is in charge of the digital marketing projects and they have the added responsibility to work with stakeholders and those in the top position of the company. They need to have very strong leadership skills and be able to work and lead others under a deal of pressure. They need to have interpersonal skills in addition to strong marketing and computer skills.

    • Content Marketer

    Content marketing is about creating information about a product that is interesting, informative, and relevant to consumers. They have a target audience that they are marketing to and they want to encourage that audience to build a personal relationship with the brand. They aim to get the customers to visit the company’s website to learn more about a product.

    • Content Marketing Specialist

    The content markets need to have creative and design skills as well as an eye for details and for editing. They need to know SEO and the best way to get the attention of the customers. They need to have the marketing skills that are able to make a product appear at the top of the search results when a specific word or keyword is searched in a search engine.

    • Content Marketing Manager

    The manager is in charge of the project and needs to have SEO skills. They need to be able to examine the traffic pattern of customers to a website and where the traffic is coming from. They also need to know how much time a person is spending on a specific webpage. They need to be able to use and interoperate conversion data.

    • Social Media Marketer

    Every day, there are millions of people all over the world that use social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the social media sites all over the world that people are using.

    • Social Media Specialist

    The social media specialist will be the person that has to develop the social media campaign and they need to make it appealing to customers. They need to showcase the best features of the products that they are selling and give the company a personality on the social media site. 

    • Social Media Manager

    In addition to having knowledge of the social media sites and how they work the manager has to know Adobe and graphic design programs, so they can help build designs for the social media pages. They need to know how to influence others and what is appealing to customers. 

    • Social Media Influencer

    This person will need to adapt to the changes in social media and the changing needs of consumers. They need to use their marketing skills to find traffic and drive it to social media sites. They need to work with different departments and bring the ideas of the sales team to life on the social media sites.


    Digital Marketing Design Jobs

    The design aspect of the digital marketer is to create a visual that is appealing to customers and show the positive features and the appealing aspects of the products. They will make graphics and use design to make a webpage, social media page, and forms of visual digital aids to the company.

    • Visual Designer

    The designer needs to have experience with computer-based design programmes and they need to know and understand web development. They need to be able to tell a story about a brand that it attention-getting. They need to make the visual and the other details of a product appealing and they need to be creative. They also need to be able to make email graphics, website banners, infographics and other forms of visuals that will be able to get the attention of the customers.

    • Creative Designer

    This designer has to be able to think on the spot and they need to have great communications skills are well as presentation skills. They will work with a team to develop a marketing campaign for the product and make it appealing to the general public.

    Salary Ranges for a Digital Marketer in Singapore

    Digital marketers earn pretty decently. While the exact pay of each job will vary based on education and experience, there are some general figures for the salary that a person can use to determine if this field is a good match for them. The average annual salary for a digital marketer ranges between $36,000 for entry level designers in SMEs and on the higher end $185,000 for those working as regional heads for MNCs. Average salaries for someone with 3-5 years of experience is approximately $45,000 while those with 8-10 years can command easily $98,000 per annum. While these figures are rough, this is a pretty nice salary range and a person can get this job with some on the job training.

    • Executives: $30,000 to $80,000

    • Managerial Level: $48,000 to $145,000

    • Director Level: $120,000 to $180,000


    Expectations for Each Digital Marketing Job Position

    Marketing Executives

    An executive is responsible for developing and managing online marketing campaigns. They’re expected to oversee the company’s social media strategy, maintain the company website, create and optimise content, track web traffic and provide reports, arrange webinars and podcasts, create ads, and prepare email marketing copy. Executives are also responsible for staying up to date on all of the latest digital marketing trends.

    • Academics

      In many cases, most employers will prefer that applicants hold a diploma or basic degree in marketing. However, they may consider individuals who have degrees in humanities.

    • Skillsets

    Executives need awesome editing and writing skills. They must also be great at communicating verbally, familiar with video editing, have a working knowledge of web development tools and software, and be well-versed in PowerPoint. Perhaps the most important skills digital marketing executives can have is project management because they are always dealing with things that are time-sensitive.

    • Experience

    Many Singapore companies prefer candidates that have at least 1 to 3 years’ experience in digital marketing. Graphic design experience can also be a huge plus.

    • Temperament

    Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry. This means that digital marketing agency executives should have a preference for jobs where no two days are exactly the same. They must also enjoy multi-tasking.

    Marketing Manager 

    Managerial level digital marketers are responsible for planning and executing all digital marketing campaigns, including maintaining a marketing database, performing SEO/SEM, developing social media and email marketing strategies, and creating display ad campaigns. This individual measures performance of all campaigns against ROI and KPI goals. They identify insights and trends and brainstorm new growth strategies. They are also responsible for the end-to-end customer experience across all channels and providing thought leadership and creative perspectives.

    • Academics

    Singapore companies look for candidates with a bachelors or master degree in a marketing related field.

    • Skillsets

    Managerial level digital marketers must know how to identify target audiences and devise digital campaigns that will motivate, engage and inform the audience. They must have a solid knowledge of analytics tools such as WebTrends, NetInsight and Google Analytics. The should also have a knowledge of ad serving tools, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Most importantly, they should have great analytical skills.

    • Experience

    Candidates typically have experience with managing and leading SEO/SEM, email marketing, marketing database, social media and advertising campaigns. They have optimised landing pages and set up Google Adwords campaigns.

    • Temperament

    Those in managerial position must be highly creative and data-driven.

    Director Level

    Digital marketing directors are responsible for developing and implementing strategies for digital marketing teams. They coordinate digital marketing campaigns on all platforms and work to build strong teams, and supervise collaboration between the various departments. Directors manage various projects and focus on driving business growth. They are in charge of leading website development and oversee customer-facing communication channels. These individuals also track growth and maintain reports that provide up-to-date analytics information to upper management.

    • Academics

    Companies are looking for candidates who have bachelor’s degrees, however, many prefer those who have master’s degree in marketing as well as hands-on experience with e-commerce.

    • Skillsets

    These individuals must have strong technical skills and know how to track data and system requirements. They must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

    • Experience

    Candidates typically have more than 10 years of marketing experience. They have prior dealings with managing multi-million-dollar marketing budgets and large teams.

    • Temperament

    These individuals must have a love for building strong relationships and networks. They should ideally have a thorough understanding of pop culture in Asia.


    The Skills You Need to Land Entry-level Digital Marketing Jobs

    Before you apply for any digital marketing job, it’s a good idea to first test your knowledge. You can always start as a freelance digital marketer as you gradually work on building your portfolio and polishing your skills.

    Money shouldn’t be your major driving force at the beginning of your career, but building your portfolio and gaining valuable skills.

    Here are a few skills you’re expected to master to jumpstart your career as a digital marketer:

    • Content Marketing: Yoast SEO Plugin, WordPress; you must be a talented wordsmith. Otherwise, you might want to utilise the services of freelance writers.
    • Digital Analytics: Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Optimizely
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Moz, SEM Rush
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Bing Ads, Google AdWords
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation: Google Tag Manager, Optimizely, Craft
    • Social Media Marketing: Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Hootsuite
    • Affiliate Marketing: Impact Radius, CJ by Conversant
    • Marketing Automation: Bronto, Pardot, Marketo
    • Email Marketing: Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber
    • Web development: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal
    • Project Management: Basecamp, Trello, Timeforce, JIRA

    In addition to the skills we’ve listed, don’t forget about Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. They’re still useful and may come in handy as you begin working around different digital marketing projects. 



    How to Train for Digital Marketing Jobs: What Digital Marketing Courses Should You Sign Up for?

    There’s a long list of free online certification course that you can sign up for today and begin learning.

    We’ve identified a few of these courses:

    Courses to Go for While in School

    Students should focus on courses that will empower them to engage with target audiences as well as their teams such as Leadership and Communication, Data Analytics, Transformative Strategy and Digital Media. They should take courses that center around branding. Students should also consider taking courses that make them better storytellers.

    Courses to Go for to Get Certification

    Not everyone chooses the traditional education route when seeking out digital marketing training. Some choose instead to become certified through specific courses. There are many courses to choose from. For instance, Marketing Institute of Singapore is a 2 day long intensive course that takes you through an introduction to SEO, SEM, and EDM. Kaplan Singapore is a 4-day long course which covers Google Analytics and AdWords. General Assembly is a 10-week course which covers content strategy, SEO, and Persuasion Marketing.

    MediaOne’s Digital Marketing Training and Courses

    There are also courses which give a more in-depth look into digital marketing, such as MediaOne. Learn the ins and outs of digital marketing from digital marketing specialists who have an intimate knowledge of every part of the process because they actually do it every day. Take laser-focused courses on SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Learning how to gain more visibility in the search engines, how Google’s algorithm works and how to effectively manage all social media platforms.

    With over 8 years of hands-on experience, MediaOne can make learning easy and fun. And the best part is, the class is empowering–not only for online careers but for those that are offline as well. People leave MediaOne’s classes knowing that they have just received a competitive edge on all other job seekers. Click here to view MediaOne’s digital marketing courses in Singapore.

    Free Online Digital Marketing Courses You Can Enrol for Today

    With free certification

    This course alone is enough to help you land your first digital marketing job. With this course, you’ll learn all there’s know about Google AdWords, Shopping networks, and Display. In the end, you’ll be presented with a free certificate that you can add to your resume and increase your chances of landing a digital marketing job.

    With free certification

    This is a staple course for aspiring digital marketers. You shouldn’t even think of applying for any digital marketing job without first developing a firm understanding of Google Analytics. With this free course, you’ll be taught how to grow your online presence through web analytics tools and intelligent data tracking.

    With free certification

    This free course will take you through the basics of inbound marketing – how to drive traffic, how to attract leads, how to craft engaging landing pages, how to write strong Call-to-Actions (CTA), and how to grow an online audience. It’s a course any aspiring digital marketer should consider signing up for.

    With free certification

    Very few marketers pay attention to Bing Ads. What they don’t know, especially here in Singapore, it’s that this almost forgotten search engine drives a good chunk of their online traffic. And nothing bests this course when it comes to understanding how to rank up on Bing. 

    Free course, but paid certification

    This is a good course to sign up for if you’re looking for proficiency level of understanding of Facebook and Instagram Ads. If you have any plan to venture into social media marketing, then you have to start by understanding Facebook’s Power Editor and learn how to grow your Facebook and Instagram following, and that’s exactly what this course is up for.

    Free Certification

    With this course, you’ll be accredited with a free certificate that you can use to stand out from the crowd when applying for a social media marketing job in Singapore. You’ll be taught about how to engage your social media audience, collaborate on content, automate posts, and improve your online presence.

    Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore

    Short Courses

    Course Fees: S$740

    This is a 2-days short course that covers SEO, Digital Advertising, Web Analytics, and Email Marketing.

    Course Fees: S$795

    Another two-days course that runs from 9 to 5. It’s an introductory course on digital marketing, touching on SEO, SEM, and EDM.

    Course Fee: You’ll have to Inquire with the University about this

    Do you want to learn about the basics of digital marketing? Well, this 32-hour course (4 days) was specifically created to help you out with that. The course primarily covers the basics of using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and so forth. You’ll also be awarded a certificate upon completion.

    Long Courses

    Course Fees: S$5, 900

    This is a ten months course that you can also sign up for as a part-time student. The course is designed to take you through the various aspects of digital marketing, including copywriting, branding, and content creation. Note that you should have a GCE “N” with a minimum of 3 credits to qualify for this course.

    Course Fees: S$923 to SGD 4173

    This is a three months course for full-time students and three months course for part-time students that want to learn about the fundamentals of online marketing. The course covers Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other digital marketing concepts that are worth mastering at the beginning of your digital marketing career.


    How to Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs

    Digital marketing is a field that is growing in Singapore. There is a high demand for digital marketers. Digital marketers make a nice amount of money and they are paid well in Singapore. Just about every company large or small in Singapore is looking to make their presence known online. When a person enters the field of digital marketing there are endless career opportunities and plenty of room for career growth.

    Places to Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

    There are several places where a person that is looking for a digital marketing job can complete their job search in Singapore. 

    Digital Marketing Agencies

    One of the first places you should look is Singapore digital marketing agencies. These companies are often interested in strengthening their team. So check out their job boards.


    You should also consider working with the top digital marketing influencers. In many cases, even people with personal brands have whole teams working with them behind the scenes. Sometimes, they need more help.

    Social Media Networks

    Believe it or not, you can also find opportunities on social media platforms. This is especially the case when it comes to LinkedIn. Unlike other platforms, this one is geared towards creating a strong network of professionals. It’s quite easy to find digital marketing job listings on this website.

    Local Job Sites

    Hop on freelance job sites such as FlexJobs or UpWork and create an account.

    On these platforms, you would want to populate your new profiles with the portfolio of the jobs that you’ve successfully completed. You’re doing all this to build your online credibility and increase your chances of being hired for a freelance job. Second, it also allows you to set competitive rates for your work.

    The easiest way to find digital marketing jobs in Singapore is trawling local job sites.

    We’ve identified a few of these sites and compiled them in the list below:

    • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is hands down the best platform to search for digital marketing jobs in Singapore. All you have to do is log into the platform and search for digital marketing jobs. You’ll be presented with a long list of digital marketing jobs to apply for.

    Jobsbd is one of the most popular job sites in Singapore. It boasts a huge database of available job opportunities in the country.

    Indeed consists of a small team of innovative and business-minded people that are dedicated to helping the people of Singapore land their dream jobs.

    STJobs is the digital version of the old Strait Times classified section. The platform is owned and managed by Singapore Press Holding, and is one of the largest job sites in the country as we speak.

    Jobscentral is a platform dedicated to helping the youths between the age of 15 and 30 find employment through work-experience placement and group-based employability skills training.

    Naukri is an Indian-based job portal founded in 1997. There are millions of job opportunities being advertised on the platform, with hundreds of digital marketing jobs that you can apply for today.

    • Glassdoor

    Glassdoor started as a platform where employees could review their current or former companies. But over the years, they have expanded and added a job board section that works to connect companies with the right employees.

    Using Glassdoor to Find Out More About an Employer

    Glassdoor was voted as the best employment website in 2012 by Webly. The reason: it’s the only website that gives job applicants a transparent look at companies and employers.

    It can be an extremely handy tool if you’re looking for the right company to apply to. Just go to the “companies and review” section, and look for the most popular companies or best companies to work for. You can also search for a company using its name or by going through their reviews and salaries.

    Choose the Skills to Showcase on Your Profile

    Remember to showcase the platforms that you’re proficient in, such as Google Analytics or AdWords.

    Work on Your Personal Brand. This Never Stops.

    Work on your personal brand. You can do this by connecting with other freelancers and offering assistance to those that need help with digital marketing. Some clients will be drawn to you that way. You’ll land more contracts, thus increasing the amount of work you can add to your portfolio. And that’s how you grow as a personal brand.

    Continue to Work on Your Resume

    The best way to work on your resume is to single out strong brands or companies that you’d like to work with. Focus on generating results, and no one will care much about your background and experience in the field.


    After gaining experience, you can go ahead and add more of the companies you’ve freelanced for to your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn Profile.


    How to Write Your Resume

    Here are a few pointers on how to write a remarkable digital marketing resume:

    • Wear the Mind of the Employer

    When writing a resume, your focus should be on how you can best showcase your key strengths and skills rather than what the employer wants. A good marketer understands that an effective digital marketing campaign must be tailored according to the unique needs and preferences of your audience.

    • Produce Multiple Versions of the Resume

    No two job offers are the same. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you’ll realise how important it is for you to create multiple versions of your resume. You don’t have to rewrite everything. Instead, make a few adjustments that will help you increase your suitability with a particular prospective employer.

    • Showcase Your Practical Skills

    Employers usually have a hard time determining their candidates’ skill level. If you can figure out a way to showcase your level of skills tangibly, then that will give you a competitive advantage over the other candidates applying for the same job. The easiest way to do this is to support your certified skills with practical examples of your actual work. Were you part of a particular digital marketing campaign or have you successfully managed a similar project before? Be sure to mention all that.

    • Outline Your Uniqueness

    Identify all the opportunities that demonstrate your unique values. Find out what makes you special, and elaborate it in your resume. What can you do that other candidates can’t? Even better, what projects have you managed that you’re strongly convinced no other candidate can pull off? For instance, you might be a multi-lingual. If the company is trying to infiltrate a new market, then you can be sure they’ll find this skill pretty much beneficial.

    • Your Ability to Align with a Company’s Ethos and Culture

    When applying for any digital marketing job, it helps to look for a company whose work culture is easy to identify with or support. This is to the benefit of both the company and you. In a recent study, it’s been found that you’re more likely to be satisfied with your job and be committed to it if there’s some sort of congruence between you and the company.


    How to Prepare for Your First Digital Marketing Interview

    After completing your preferred choice of digital marketing course and gaining experience working as a freelance digital marketer, you should be ready to make your big move.

    You’ll be interviewed, and the only way to ensure you don’t fail terribly at them is by planning. You have to be confident in yourself, your skills, and the experience you have so far gained to ace these interviews.

    Here are a few tips to help you out with your digital marketing interviews:

    • Research the Company

    Take your time to research the company and understand its history, core value, CEO, and executive teams. Remember to also look into their digital marketing strategies and come up with an actionable plan that you can employ on day one.

    • Match Your Resume to the Role Being Advertised

    Stick with what’s relevant with regards to the role being advertised. Try altering your experiences and main bullet points to draw the impact to the role being advertised. You’re not lying by doing this, but adding selective truth to increase your odds of landing the job.

    • Brace Yourself for Situational Questions

    Prepare yourself for situational questions like “what would you do…” or “tell us about that time when you…”

    Practise answering these questions. Write them down if possible. These are the kind of questions that botch-up many interviews but can be a good way to stand out should you answer them right.

    • Prepare Yourself for a Digital Marketing Assessment

    You expect the company to take your word for it. But that might not be the case. Some companies may provide an interactive assessment test that you’re expected to pass.

    For instance, you might be provided with instructions and asked to set up a Google AdWords Campaign with proper keyword organisation and ad group. You may also be asked to edit some HTML or CSS section on a landing page or to set up an account on Google Search Console.


    How to Pitch for These Kinds of Jobs

    When pitching for these types of jobs, there are a few things you need to focus on. For instance, think about what current problem the marketing company may be having.

    While most people tend to focus on their qualifications, you can stand out by pointing out what the company is need of, such as someone who understand current digital marketing trends in Singapore or someone who has already built strong relationships in the marketing industry.

    You should also focus on what you have already achieved instead of what you can offer the company. Let your history in digital marketing speak for itself. This way, the company can figure out where you fit. Paint yourself as a hero. In doing so try to provide three things: information, education, and entertainment.”


    Ok, So How Do We Go About Landing a Digital Marketing Job?

    As with any other job interview, you have to go impress the socks off your prospective employer. Gone are the days when employers want to meet an eager-beaver “I am a fast-learner and a consummate hard worker!” candidate. You have to come into the interview room with guns a-blazin’. You have to point out flaws in their marketing and offer real honest-to-goodness solutions—humbly of course, no employer would want to sit down and hear a snotty-nosed kid arrogantly put down his eminent 100 year firm passed down by his great-grandfather. OK you get the picture…

    Without Further Ado, This Is What You Do, and This Is Exactly What We Do as the (Ah-Hem!) Top Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore:

    Know the Difference Between SEM and SEO

    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It refers to paid ads like Google Adwords which allows advertisers to be on top of SERPs as long as they have a credit card.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to organic (natural) rankings. Its infinitely prestigious to be seen on top of the SERPs for certain terms because customers feel that your website is up there because its old, established, super rich and successful so it got “voted” up there.

    While SEM is fast (you can get listings up in hours), SEO is slow because it takes a lot of convincing for Google to feel that the website is worth top ranks. SEO companies do this by making sure that website is optimised and the link profile is sufficiently healthy. And yes its a long process with no short cuts.

    This Is What SEM and SEO Look Like:

    know the difference between seo and sem

    If SEM is so darn good why don’t all companies do it? Well – its the same reason why not every company can afford a full-page full-colour ad in the Straits Times everyday. Most cannot to cough up the prices pushed up by their competitors who are willing to pay an arm and a leg to bid higher – for reasons such as they need to be seen as the TOP brand or they have a more efficient way of capturing leads (at cost or at loss) and then converting them into profits via their marketing churn somewhere down the line.

    That is why many companies ultimately turn to SEO because if we can improve the website to rank well and get visibility – they get free traffic and leads.

    Brand Research Online

    You google (actually Google doesn’t like their brand being used as a verb but who cares, everybody uses it…) your prospective employer’s brand.

    If it doesn’t appear on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) then its very clear this particular brand belongs to a by-gone era where people smoked opium as an official past time. You point out this fact and inform them that they need to register their domain name as a .com and a and .sg and whatever country-specific TLD (Top Level Domain) in the places they need to be seen in.

    Then they need Local Directory Accreditation to get their branding cemented. In Sngapore terms these are the online business directories like Yellow Pages, Kompass, The Green Book, ST Classifieds, Singapore Business Federation,, Times Directories (which is incidentally a client of MediaOne), etc. If you want a job as a digital marketing executive you better know these stuff.

    They also need to register themselves in Google My Business which lists local businesses and gets them found in Google Maps and searches. It seriously boosts their ranking also.

    Online Reviews

    When you do find your prospective employer’s (lets call them PE as its getting tiring to type it over and over again) brand you can jot down the positive and negative reviews.

    Your PE’s eyes will undoubtedly shine when he hears the positive but will abruptly change to expressions of concern when he hears the negative part. I will bet you $100 his words would be “are these competitors sabotaging me?” or “who would want to say these things?” and finally “how do we get rid of them?”

    Unfortunately online mud-slinging is very common. Its easy for competitors to sabotage and usually someone leaving a review will leave a complaint because negative feelings motivate action much more than positive ones (except lust but that is another thing altogether…)

    But here is your chance to shine. You tell him:

    1. It is an ongoing thing – you can never totally get rid of negative comments so its an ongoing concern (and that is why you need me!)
    2. It’s possible to push negative comments by Online Reputation Management (basically we promote positive comments and online properties over these negative ones so that they rank on Page 2 or some god-forsaken Page 10 where the Sun don’t shine)
    3. You can engage bloggers and online influencers to say nice stuff to drown out the bad.

    Check the Domain Authority of the Website

    Once upon a time Google used Page Rank which is measured in terms of 0 – 10 as a guage of how “authorative” a website domain is. Because some black hat SEOs (we will come to that later..) abused that system Google has now hidden it away from public eye. But aha! like any enterprising organisation sensing a niche – MOZ an online SEO tools provider created the now ubiquitous DA (Domain Authority) which is measured in terms of 1 – 100.

    You can use the DA checker: or install the Mozbar extension in your Chrome browser in order to check the DA of your PE’s domain (or URL).

    In the Singapore context: something like 10-20 is respectable for non-competitive industries like cleaning, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, etc. 21-30 is respectable for more competitive ones like education, software, office services and products, consultancy. 31-40 is necessary for competitive for industries like travel, accounting services, gifts and entertainment, F&B. 41 and up is critical if you are dealing with travel, e-commerce, loans, mobile devices, tablets and accessories, computers, etc.

    How Do We Go About Increasing the DA of Your EP’s Domain?

    Basically, we need to build a lot of good, trustworthy links from preferably higher DA websites and remove the low-quality ones.

    This is a multi-pronged approach:

    • You have to get links from the online directories as mentioned above.
    • You have to talk to partners and associates so they will link to you.
    • You have to create a whole bunch of high-quality articles that are super-useful (like this one – ahem!) so that people will appreciate and link back to you.
    • You have to kill off the bad links by either contacting the linkers and politely ask them to delink – failing which you can use the Google Disavowal Tool.
    • You can engage bloggers and SEO companies to create Guest Posts to spread the good name of your EP and then link back.

    There are many many ways but those are whole topics by themselves. If you really want that digital marketing job bad you can wow your EP with these other weapons.

    Check the Link Profile of the Domain

    The fav tool we like to use is a freemium (for the uninitiated it means its free to use up to a certain point and then kar-ching because like any other company that hires people and pays taxes it needs income – duh!) online kit like

    Simply key in the URL into their search window like this…

    tips for the singapore marketing executive

    If you see this you should go “tsk! tsk!” (just kidding, one must not be too obnoxious during the first interview, maybe the second one perhaps..) and say: there is obviously some spam activity going on. Google would feel that its unnatural for so many links to be coming from so few domains. This is because in a natural link profile, you would expect links from many different websites and not just a few. Just think of this analogy: if an MP was running for AMK GRC would he get voted in with 200,000 votes from 200 individuals or 200,000? A few from the same website is OK because it could be a partner or a review site but not crazy ratios like this. At MediaOne we think the ratio that will get red flagged is 200 backlinks : 1 domain. Normally we would expect a lot of backlinks to result in increased DA and therefore more organic keywords to be ranked but here, tellingly, its ZERO meaning that Google isn’t fooled and has penalised this domain.

    Referring Pages

    As you scroll further down you will see this:

    lessons and courses for digital marketing executives

    Referring pages are pages of websites that have links to the target website. These are called Backlinks and is a prime Google Ranking Factor.

    Something like this below is a Big Red Flag for Google. It shows that some half past six SEO company had built links for your PE’s website sometime in March. And within a space of 60 days had hooked up almost 15,000 links thinking (stupidly) that it will help gain keyword ranking. Its obviously spammy and unnatural because a “natural” linking process by admirers would take place over many months or years and not be in the thousands over days unless your PE is Justin Bieber or Coldplay. Big Red Flag there for the Google Bull there!

    New and Lost Referring Domains

    If you see this image – alarm bells should start ringing.


    The orange bars represent “dropped links” which means that these backlinks originated from online directories, forums, review sites, link exchanges, commentary sites, temporary blog sites that are not moderated. What the like scenario is that your EP had unwittingly hired a second rate SEO company (many of these promise the heavens for between $280-$450 per month) who use software or manual link builders to get free links from high authority sites like these mentioned types. Then when the owners of these sites feel that their websites getting too bloated (hence they have to pay a load more for hosting fees) they will archive or delete older pages. When this happens the links are deleted or dropped. And wah lah! The links are gone. Google’s ever increasingly sophisticated algorithm has learnt to sniff out these spam links and penalise the recipients.

    What Kinds of Links Do We Need to Build?

    • Build links that come from higher authority sites which will bring up the DA of your EP’s domain.
    • These sites should preferably in the same industry.
    • The articles should preferably in the same niche.
    • The articles must be very well written (or it will be mauled by one of Google’s zoo animals) – more of that later.
    • There should be a relevant anchor text (or phrase) that is in line with your EP’s business which links back to your EP’s website.

    How Do We Find Any Other Technical Issues That Need to Be Fixed?

    We use a tool called the Google Search Console. Its like this: Google doesn’t “talk” to us directly and we can’t “talk” to it. So it uses the GSC to give us a heads-up of website issues such as:

    • suspected spamming: naughty-naughty — penalty coming your way!
    • crawl errors — search engines send spiders (or bots) to crawl website data in order to rank; errors are the sign of bad housekeeping which search engines dislike immensely.
    • missing or duplicate meta tags — search engines use these as an “intro” to what your page is about so its important.
    • 404 errors or missing pages — also a sign of lousy housekeeping: BAD.
    • duplicate content — if you have been lazy and copied content search engines frown upon this.
    • mobile optimised — its a big deal now because Google feels that if your website does not appear properly on smartphones and mobile devices you are not being user-friendly because 53% of searches are done on these devices.
    • page download speed — again its related to your website being user-friendly; the longer it takes the likely someone will exit.

    This is where webmasters and SEO companies work together to fix and optimise the website. As a note (and we can’t help it because we are kinda bursting with pride here…) MediaOne managed to help companies like Fuji Xerox and ST Electronics gain huge jumps in their keyword rankings by being extremely thorough about fixing their website technical and content issues. One of them had a 60 keyword jump almost overnight when the issues were rectified. We can’t tell you who and how as its our bread and butter (wink). But we hope you get the idea how it can be done – and how you as the Bright Shiny New Thing in your company can do to achieve these types of astounding success and become the apple of your CEO’s eye. This digital marketing job isn’t easy but its fun because your really have to know your stuff but you will get a hell lot of respect from your bosses if you can rattle off all these facts.

    With proper SEO your PE’s website can soar, get incredible visibility, generate new profitable leads which can lead to significantly increased sales without increasing headcount (remember: new knowledge-based economy; more IT and product savvy staff not more staff per se).

    At Least Be Familiar With the Top Animals in the Google Zoo

    Google has some algorithms with animal names you should be familiar with. Here are the 3 most important ones:

    • Google Panda

    Will maul website that appear to have low quality, badly written, lousy formatted content. It does this because many Black Hat SEOs churn out a heck a lot of articles for the sake of ranking.

    • Google Penguin

    Will peck at websites that have thousands of spammy links.

    • Google Hummingbird

    Looks at the context of the search and determines which listings are the most appropriate.

    Let Me Impress My Potential Employer With My Familiarity With Social Media—or Should I?

    Well, you could but before you go gushing about how you can use social media to reach thousands of people and bring them in like shoppers at a everything-must-go sale, consider this.

    Unless your EP is a big consumer brand like Coke, Nestle, Apple, H&M – a huge nameless horde is not a good thing. Most companies don’t need millions of people to think that they are awesome – most just need that 2000 “top prospects” to think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    So its better focus all your time and energy on researching the right keywords that will bring in the right customer.

    As an illustration which couldn’t make it clearer than if we tried to explain it… we met with a customer who told us: I need to reach the CEO, the CFO, the HR manager, the Department chief of SMEs who will buy my HR and Payroll software. They should be from the F&B, the retail, the entertainment, the public services industries. We did a quick calculation and told him that for him to row his boat out (before you rush out to buy boats, please let us add that this is only figurative) to catch this fish and catch that fish from his ocean of possibly 2000 fishes it would cost him at least $50,000 in marketing, manpower, door knocking and engagement costs as well as a whole year.

    However with SEO (and SEM) you could choose keywords that customers (whoever they are) would search for like “best payroll software” and get them swimming to you (again, figuratively since Singapore is an island not a body of water, but we digress..).

    This lowers the costs of marketing very significantly which would make you the darling of your CFO.

    Content Marketing

    So you managed to improve the Domain Authority of your website. And you managed, by yourself or working with some top notched SEO firm like MediaOne (ahem again), got many important keywords ranked up.

    Is that enough?

    Nope. Thats just half the battle won. And its a road without end.

    In your job as the digital marketing warrior – you have to get content marketing going. Content marketing refers to publishing really solid stuff that actually means something to your clients, your partners and associates (influencers, distributors, channel partners, etc). With a lot of content going out – you will want to score for thousands of keywords which will pull in even more leads and extend your sphere of influence. You will want your articles to be so AWESOME people in your industry will want to point your way and say in hush respecftul tones that your company is the LEADER.

    That will take a lot of keyword research – you can use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner or or even something like (get this) to find out what people are searching for and to get ideas for articles.

    Google Ranking Factors

    You will need to be familiar with Google’s 200++ (and OMG ever increasing) factors and knowing which ones are the most important. OK to spare you the pain we will list some here for you – the rest you will just have to trawl through our blogs or buy us coffee (maybe about 6 cups worth to go through all) to find out.

    • age of domain
    • exact match domain
    • presence of keywords in URL, title, meta tags, content
    • over-optimization of site (like over use of keyword)
    • presence of black hat techniques (white fonts, malicious redirection, spam links etc)
    • quantity of backlinks
    • quality of backlinks
    • quality of outbound links
    • content uniqueness
    • content quality
    • content freshness
    • mobile responsiveness
    • page download speed
    • meta data optimisation
    • how crawl-able the site is
    • security of website 
    • geography of website
    • TLD: .com is the strongest

    You could rattle off this list and appear extremely smart and well-informed.


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