The Top Web Development Companies In Singapore

here are the top web development agencies in singapore

Finding the right web development companies in Singapore is super important because apart from design – here is where things can go seriously wrong if you go for the lowest bidder only or your project team has underestimated the scope of the functionalities of your website or the web developers you appointed has over promised and underquoted. The last situation is one of the leading causes of delayed projects, and usually results in web developers asking for more time, more resources and more money to complete the project whereas you have already reached the limits of your budget.

Here are the top 20 web development firms in Singapore you may consider for their vast experience with some of the biggest brands. We encourage you to call and compare, and to obtain credible reviews before deciding on your tender outcome.


1. MediaOne Business Group

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Key Executives: Tom Koh, CEO

Services: Web Development, Corporate Web Design, Creative & Interactive, Branding Websites and Collaterals, E-commerce, Custom Programming, Mobile app

Top Clients: SingTel, Maybank, DirectAsia, Noel Gifts, InterContinental Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, ST Electronics, HP Enterprises, Fuji Xerox, Duke NUS, Cambridge University

Estimated Annual Turnover: US$2 million

Website URL:

Contact: 67899852


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2. Verz Design Pte Ltd

Key Executives: Henry Ng, MD; Feng Hou, Sales Director

Year Established: 2009

Services: Web Development, Corporate Web Design, Creative & Interactive, Premium Design
E-commerce, Custom Programming, Mobile app

Top Clients: Phillip Securities, NUS, Owl, Rotary, SIA Engineering, SingTel, SNEF, Unity, YMCA.

Estimated Staff Strength: 50 – 100 employees

Estimated Annual Turnover: US$5 million

Website URL:


3. eFusion Technology Pte Ltd

Key Executives: Lau Wee Kiat, Director

Year Established: 2004

Services: Boutique services in Web Strategic Consultation, Web Design, Web Development and Ecommerce

Top Clients: Novita, Simmons, e2i, Bynd Artisan, Awfully Chocolate, Yakult, Venture Corporation, Lifestorey, OM Home, Singex, Kwang SIA

Estimated Staff Strength: 15

Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$1M

Website URL:


4. Corsivalab

Key Executives:

Nigel Giam, Co-Founder

 Year Established: 2013

 Services: Website Development (Corporate Websites, E-Commerce Websites & Web Applications)

 Top Clients: Camel Nuts, Lifebrandz, SIM, NUS School of Medicine, Philip Wain, The Face Shop

 Estimated Staff Strength: 10

 Estimated Annual Turnover: undisclosed

 Website URL:


5. Oasis Web Asia

Key Executives: Simon Yap

 Year Established: 2009

 Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development, Web Strategy Consultation

 Top Clients: Orchard Turn Developments Pte Ltd (ION Orchard) , Daikin Singapore Pte Ltd, National Universtiy of Singapore, Honda Boon Siew Pte Ltd, Comfort Driving Centre, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Casio Singapore Pte Ltd, Mummys Market Pte Ltd

 Estimated Staff Strength: 10

 Estimated Annual Turnover: undisclosed

 Website URL:


6. iCrossing, Singapore Division

Key Executives: Nick Brien, CEO

Year Established:1998

Services: Local SEO, Digital Management, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management

 Top Clients: The Coca-Cola Company, Bank of America, Toyota, MasterCard

 Estimated Staff Strength: 100+

 Estimated Annual Turnover: US$10 million

 Website URL:


7. Notion Age Pte. Ltd

Key Executives: Jack Wong, CEO

 Year Established: 2001

 Services: Reputation Management, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization

 Top Clients: Resorts World Sentosa, Trend Micro Singapore, Microsoft Singapore, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Toshiba Singapore

 Estimated Staff Strength: 140+

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$3 million

 Website URL:


8. Wishbone DC

Key Executives: Stacey Snider, CEO

 Year Established: 2008

 Services:Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management

 Top Clients: Supernova, Clean & Green Singapore, VJC Students, National Geographic Channel

 Estimated Staff Strength: 29

 Estimated Annual Turnover:Up to US$3 million

 Website URL:


9. iFoundries Pte. Ltd

Key Executives: Chan Nicholas, CEO

 Year Established: 2005

 Services: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization

 Top Clients: Saveurs de France, Subway Singapore, Kozine Magazine, Zingmobile Group Ltd, Beauty Express International

 Estimated Staff Strength: 50

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$5 million

 Website URL:


10. Creative eWorld

Key Executives: Greg Lipper, CEO

 Year Established: 1995

 Services: Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization

 Top Clients: Thomsons Women Cancer Center, Tianfu Steamboat, Advocatus Law LLP, Beautiful Stones, Gallery T

 Estimated Staff Strength: 74

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$10 million

 Website URL:


11. Milan Design

Key Executives: Kevin Foong, CEO

 Year Established: 1997

 Services: Reputation Management, Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization

 Top Clients: Global Green Management, Global Connect Consultants, Mes Group of Companies, Rodstation, DJ Passion

 Estimated Staff Strength: 43

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$3 million

 Website URL:


12. Vinova Pte. Ltd

Key Executives: Mike Nguyen

 Year Established: 2010

 Services: Web Application Development, Mobile Games Development, Web Design

 Top Clients: OCBC Bank, Hitachi, NEC, SingTel, Impulse Flier, Tiger Balm, MahaChem

 Estimated Staff Strength: 50

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$3 million

 Website URL:


13. Ripplewerkz

Key Executives: Olivia Wong, Director

 Year Established: 2009

 Services: Web development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

 Top Clients: Grapevine, 7up, Taiwan Beer

 Estimated Staff Strength: 15

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Upto US$5 million

 Website URL:


14. Kraken Media, Singapore

Key Executives: Austin E. Alexander

 Year Established: 2009

 Services: Web Design, Web Development, Reputation Management

 Top Clients: The Beatle Brothers, Lexus, Mediapoint

 Estimated Staff Strength: 25

 Estimated Annual Turnover: US$3 million

 Website URL:


15. ChillyBin Web Design Singapore

Key Executives: Shaan Nicol, CEO

 Year Established: 2007

 Services: Web Design, Web Development, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization

 Top Clients: Namecheap, STUDIOPRESS, WPengine, ActiveCampaign

 Estimated Staff Strength: 25

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$999,000

 Website URL:


16. Zylone IT Pte Ltd

Key Executives: Melinda Liao, Manager

 Year Established: 2005

 Services: Web Development, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and SearchEngine Optimization

 Top Clients: NEXUS. Singapore Air Singapore

 Estimated Staff Strength: 100+

 Estimated Annual Turnover: US$5 million

 Website URL:


17. Nexus Mediaworks, Singapore

Key Executives: Francis Lui

 Year Established: 2005

 Services: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization,

 Top Clients: SOGO, Hong Leong Assurance, Air Asia BIG Prepaid, Birkenstock, Mid Valley Megamall

 Estimated Staff Strength: 200

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$5 million

 Website URL:


18. Novage Communications

Key Executives: Wynn Zhou, Marketing Director

 Year Established: 2010

 Services: Domain Registration, SSL Certificate, Web Development, Web Design.

 Top Clients: SPRING Singapore, SEO agency, Lotte, CHUBBS, Spring International, Mediacorp

 Estimated Staff Strength: 24

 Estimated Annual Turnover: <US$1 million

 Website URL:


19. Elves Lab Pte. Ltd.

Key Executives: Felinn Shoo, Business Development Manager

 Year Established: 2008

 Services: Web Development, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization

 Top Clients: Kanebo, Consumers Association of Singapore, Malayan Racing Association

 Estimated Staff Strength: 60

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$2 million

 Website URL:


20. FirstCom Solutions

Key Executives: Sam Giam, Director

 Year Established: 2010

 Services: Web development, Web Design, Reputation Management, and Search Engine Optimization.

 Top Clients: SingEx, City Development Limited, We Are Singapore NDP 2018, Certis, Starhub, Paragon Medical

 Estimated Staff Strength: 200

 Estimated Annual Turnover: Up to US$2 million

 Website URL:


7 Crucial Steps for Proper Web Development in Singapore

A website is one of the essentials tools when running a business in the modern era. Lucky for you, web development in Singapore has come a long way.

However, before you go on the hunt for a web development agency in Singapore, it is necessary that you understand what web development is, the processes involved, and the common tools used today.

What is Web Development?

Web development is a term referring to all the tasks involved in the development of websites from scratch until it is hosted via the internet or intranet. Some of the tasks involved in website development include web content development, web design, client-side/server-side scripting, back end development, the configuration of network security and more.

Building websites is also known as web programming. It deals with the non-design elements of building websites, which includes writing the markup and coding. Web developers can create plain text pages, e-commerce applications, social network applications, and more.

The hierarchy followed by the web developers include:

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side coding
  • Database technology

Processes Involved In Web Development in Singapore

Having knowledge of the best practices used in website development will help in estimating the time and budget to see the project through. However, website development trends will define the processes involved.

Here is a breakdown of the processes involved in website development from start to finish.

Step 1: Gathering Information

This step involves defining the purpose of the website, the main goal, and the target audience. There is a lot of research involved and the use of a questionnaire will help you develop the best strategy for future project management.

Different types of websites provide different functionality, which means that the developer will use different technologies. With the proper information, you will create an extensive pre-development plan to eliminate any delays arising from unexpected problems. This process could take at least two weeks.

Step 2: Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

With the pre-development plan ready, the web developer will create a sitemap to describe the relationship between the different elements on the website.

The developer will also create a mock-up or wireframe, which is a visual representation of the user interface. However, it only describes the design elements that will be included in the actual web page. This step might take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Step 3: Design

This process is arguably the longest and most challenging to a web developer. It involves the creation, approval and addition of visual content, such as the page layouts, customer feedback channels and more. Here you will need to contact the web development agency in Singapore to express your concerns and requirements about the design and placements of the elements.

This process can take between 4 and 12 weeks.

Step 4: Content Curating and Creation

Writing and compiling the website’s content is an on-going process. The objective here is to determine what you want to communicate to the target audience and applying the suitable call-to-actions.

In most instances, the client is responsible for curating and creating the content. However, you can always find some developers who offer content writing and assembly services. Irrespective of who is in charge of the content, the developer needs to have it before they start the coding process.

This process can take anywhere between 5 and 15 weeks. However, there will be a need for subsequent content creation after launching the website.

Step 5: Website Coding

In this step, the web developer starts by writing the website’s code and inputting the actual graphic elements. The homepage comes first followed by other pages as outlined in the sitemap according to the hierarchy.

The frameworks and the CMS is then implemented to ensure that the server can smoothly handle the website set-up. The static elements should be created and tested first, and the special features are added later.

Step 6: Testing, Reviewing and Launching

Every element and link ought to be tested to identify and remove dead and broken links. The process should also include the reviewing of every script, form, and to run the content through a spell and grammar checking software to eliminate all typos.

Code validators also ensures that the code follows the modern web standards and to facilitate cross-browser compatibility. If everything is working as intended, then the developer moves on to uploading the website to a server using FTP software.

After launching, it is proper that the website be tested one more time to ensure that the files are installed correctly. The process can take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Step 7: Website Maintenance

You should ensure that the website is working as intended and maintenance work carried out often. This is where feedback software comes in handy to identify possible problems the users could face.

If any problems are identified, they should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid penalisation from Google and inconveniencing the end user. This is an on-going process that should be carried out at least once every fortnight.

Tools Used in Website Development

Website development tools have improved immensely and the developers use highly tested libraries to improve workflow. However, finding the best tools can be daunting. Here are the essential tools used in website development today:

  • Chrome Developer Tools – These tools allow you to access the inside of the website and offers the ability to edit CSS and HTML in real-time. They are a network of tools that optimise page-loading speed and a timeline that gives you a deeper understanding of what the browser is doing in each moment
  • GitHubGitHub allows you to track any changes made on a new project feature as well as to go back to a previous state. This reduces the time it would take to analyse and undo any changes you had made
  • jQueryjQuery is a fast, small, and cross-platform JavaScript library used for simplifying the front-end development process. It allows for a greater scope for adding plugins, creating on-page animations, and more
  • Sublime Text – Sublime Text is one of the best code editors today and it is highly effective with an ultra-speedy UI.
  • SassSass combines a variety of nesting, variables, and mixins to render CSS for a DRY and readable style sheets
  • jsAngular.js is a development tool from Google that allows developers to extend the website’s HTML syntax reading to a more expressive and readable environment that could not be possible with HTML alone

Web development has come a long way, and it is expected to keep on improving. While building a website from scratch is the proven method of building websites, you need an experienced and professional agency that is known to offer quality web development services in Singapore.

How to Choose the Right Web Development Company

web development agency

Know What Type of Website You Need

This might come off as a no brainer, but there different types of websites you can create for your business. Google, Amazon, Facebook Bing are websites powered by a multi-billion dollar infrastructure with data centres all over the world.

While these are extreme examples, you need to know the functionality you want to extend to your visitors. With that said, a professional web development company in Singapore should advise you on the right one for your business.

This means that you need to establish your goals well in advance and then call several web development companies for a consultation as well as a service quotation. These two are necessary for when you are scouting for the best web development company for your business.

Their Web Development Package

Web development is an umbrella term that encompasses all the activities of web programming and web design. To reduce the stress associated with website development, you had better choose a web development company that does everything from programming to design, to hosting content creation than using different companies for each of these tasks.

Some web development companies will go an extra step and offer essential digital marketing services to help promote your website. Such a company will give you better value for your money.

Determine the Level of Support You Need

After launching your website, you need to make regular changes to enhance its user experience. It is common to see that there were some features or elements that were left out or they need upgrading. Worse still, the website could become static.

A reputable web development company ought to provide the necessary tools and customer support to update your content, add new pages, as well as make minor upgrades.

The web development company is your technology partner, and it is necessary to know the type and level of support they offer. More so, it is important that you know which of their staff will be providing you support. On top of this, the web development company needs to [provide 24/7 technical support.

Responsive Design

The average Singaporean has at least 3.3 devices and this means that they can access a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or a wearable device. However, smartphones are more popular. This makes it necessary for your website to have a responsive design to suit different screens. Besides, Google and other search engines are giving preference to sites that offer a great mobile user experience.

 This calls for you to snoop around the web developer’s website. Start with a desktop computer, and then mobile devices. If the company is not skilled in developing a responsive design for their website, then you can take them off your list of prospects.

A Good Social Media Presence

This is one of the signs of a reliable web development company. Web development companies use social media for marketing and reputation management purposes. However, their social media pages provide a perfect opportunity to gauge the level of their customer service.

On top of this, a reliable web development company will use social media to share relevant and valuable content with existing and potential clients.

With that said, you should avoid any web development companies that are inconsistent in their social media presence. This means that they are not always available when client’s need immediate customer support.

Knowledge and Technology

Web development trends in Singapore change often, as well as technology. This means that the web development company needs to have talented and knowledgeable web developers that are using the latest technology and best practices when developing websites.

With that said it is tough assessing and knowing a developer’s knowledge level. However, you could start by going over the portfolio section of the website, or read the customer testimonials on their social networking pages.

A web development company must have the right experience and knowledge of how to leverage social media and search engines to display information from client websites. With time, the small details become a big deal, and only a knowledgeable web developer who is using the latest technology will be able to handle them in the beginning before they escalate to a big problem.


Before settling on a web development company, it will help matters to gauge their level of expertise by looking into the work they have done for previous clients. An experienced and professional company will have a portfolio section on their website depicting all the work they have done in the past.

Not only will the portfolio show you their clients, but it also outlines the effectiveness of their projects and skills. With that said, you should visit their clients’ websites to ascertain that there is consistency between the portfolio and the website.

On top of this, the portfolio section of the website should have the names of their clients. You can go the extra mile and contact the clients via phone to know their experience of working with the web development company.

Read Up On Their Case Studies

There is a growing trend where reputable web development companies are adding a case-study section in their websites. Although they may be biased and one-sided, case studies are created to demonstrate the company’s capabilities and expertise.

The case studies should outline the process of web development from the first meeting with the client to the completion of the project. This will give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to work with the company.

However, if a company does not have a section on their website for case studies, it does not mean that they are not worth giving them your business, but it would be a good addition.

Value and Cost

While it is not advisable to pick a web development company on price alone, it is a crucial factor. You do not want to choose the cheapest offer on the table and get dismal results, and second, or to go for the most expensive option that will put your budget in jeopardy.

Since many Singaporeans spend a lot of time searching for information and products online, you need to spend an appropriate amount of money on a unique website. However, experienced companies are more expensive than those that are starting.

To strike the right balance of how much you should pay, you need to evaluate the value you are getting from the company. You can gauge the value they attach to web development by the level of professionalism they bring during the initial consultation especially in suggesting how to improve the functionality of your website.

However, each company will have a different approach to billing; some charge a fixed rate, while others charge an hourly rate. Some of the companies even use a tiered pricing approach when they have their top web developers handling your web development project.

You should also look into the recurring costs of running the website, and the extra services such as hosting, content creation, digital marketing, and more that you have to pay the company. With that said, client testimonials will help you in determining the value the company accords to its clients.

Hosting Services

Nearly all web development companies in Singapore offer hosting services for the websites they build. The hosting costs and package will vary widely but the bottom line is that you get what you pay for.

You need your website to be available all the time, not just sometimes. This makes it necessary to set aside a hoisting service budget.

With that said, you should pick a web development company that makes it easy for you to move your website to a different web-hosting provider whenever you possible.

Size of the Company

It is common to find web development companies that are a one-person show. You need to choose a web development company that can match the size of your business. Besides, you need to choose a company with more than one staff, as this will provide a different point of view during the development process.

A web development company worth its salt should also provide a physical address so that clients can walk in and meet the team of developers. However, you can also organise for a video call with two or three of the developers in the company and discuss what needs to go into the website.

During the course of the project, the web development company will assign you a project manager, who will be your liaison to the developers working on your website. However, you should meet the team working on your website before commencing on the job.

Problem-Solving Capacity

Web developers are the key to the proper working of a website, and this means that a web development company ought to have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can solve problems as soon as they crop up and be a positive trouble-shooter.

This trait will come in handy when scheduling on-going support and other post-launching problems that might arise. On the flip side, having a web development company whose developers are not good problem-solvers is that you will get poor website functionality with prolonged instances of downtime.

Are They From Singapore?

Location is a crucial aspect of choosing a web development company. You should choose a Singapore-based company that are knowledgeable in the trends and factors influencing web development in the country. More so, a Singapore-based company will help you in practicing the best local SEO practices that will boost the visibility of your website and business.

On top of this, they might have useful local contacts that will help you get the best digital marketing deals in Singapore. The web development company will also help you identify great resources such as the best online directories that are popular with the Singaporean audience.

Time Commitment

For best results, you need to work with a web development company that understands the time value of money. Depending on their past projects, they should be able to provide an estimate of how long it will take from client briefing to website launch.

In the web development circles, getting content is one of the most challenging and time consuming aspects. It will save you on time if the company also created the content to go on the website, if not you need to create the content yourself or hire a freelancer to write and create content for the website.

Are You Compatible?

While most people focus on finding the best web development company, it is better if you went in search of a compatible company to your business. This is necessary since you are getting into a mid –to long-term relationship with the company. It will be easier for all parties involved if you build a strong relationship from the onset.

During your search, do not restrict yourself to exploring just one company. Reach out to as many companies as possible and ask for consultations and quotes. During the process, you will learn a lot about the company’s values and culture, and if they align with that of your business.

The web development company will be your technology partner for months or even years, and you need a compatible partner. However, do not be afraid to change your mind before you sign the contract.

Before signing on the dotted line, ensure that you ask as many questions to iron out any issues that might crop up.

Will The Website Be SEO Ready?

A majority of your website will be from a search engine, and you need to ensure that your site ranks high, especially on Google. The only way to do this is by undertaking search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure that you rank high on the first page of the search results.

During the initial stage, preferably during the consultation time, you must ask the company representative how they plan to make your website SEO ready. The project manager should be able to explain how they will ensure your site ranks high on search results.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a web development company is compatibility. The last thing you want to do is to keep changing web development companies. This means that you need to do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line.

Also, these are estimates gleaned from their websites, directories and other online review sites. If you have updated information please do not hesitate to contact with documented proof.

With great web design and development you must also focus on the digital marketing aspects of your website. Or else it will be an expensive piece of virtual real estate that nobody bothers to poke his head into. You have to look at the various search engine optimisation, search engine marketing (paid), and social media to bring in the web traffic. Give MediaOne a call: 6789 9852. They are really experienced with a decade handing top accounts like SingTel, Changi Airport, Noel Gifts, ST Electronics, Fuji Xerox, Ministry of Law, EDB, Pazzion, and many SMEs in Singapore.

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