Should I Go for a Cheap Website Design in Singapore?

cheap website design in Singapore

Having an online presence in Singapore means a lot to your business. The easiest way of maximizing your online presence especially when starting out is to have a cheap website design in Singapore. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need an expensive website for your online presence to grow. If well managed, cheap websites can be just as useful as expensive websites, and beneficial to small and medium enterprises.

Building a website should be among your first priorities as you roll out an Internet marketing campaign. Everyone loves a bargain. There’s no better way of minimizing digital advertising costs than choosing a cheap website design. Not every web designer out there will charge you an insane amount of money to create a website for you.

There are lots of web builders who can create highly-effective websites at a bargain. You only need to find the right person whom you can work with to build a website that helps you attract the target audience. The main question, however, is whether or not you should go for cheap website designs in Singapore. Here’s how an affordable website design can boost your digital marketing campaign.

Helps You Save Costs

Many marketers and business owners opt for cheap website designs in Singapore to save costs. Building such websites is affordable and thus frees up funds that can get allocated to other aspects of your digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing can be an expensive undertaking, especially if you are starting out.

Having a cheap website makes promoting your company more affordable. Sometimes, you won’t even need to use any money since there are dozens of online platforms that can help you set up websites for free including Wix and WordPress.

Cheap Designs Can Also Drive Traffic to Your Site

An expensive website design can fail to funnel traffic to your website if you use poor-quality content. On the other hand, you can still attract traffic to a site with a cheap design if you use high-quality content. When it comes to digital marketing, content is the matters. 

Rather than spending too much time looking for someone who will create an expensive website for you, consider using a cheap website design and high-quality content. Most Internet users pay little regard to the auxiliary features on your website. More attention is paid to your content since that is what will keep readers glued to your site.

A Cheap Website Design Can Also Be Optimized

Indeed, you wish your new website to be ranked high in search engine results. This has nothing to do with the design that you used or how much you spent designing your website. Obviously, expensive designs allow you to create attractive websites that have eye-catching features. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that these features will not influence the ranking of your website in search engine results.

cheap website design in Singapore

Even if you opt to use a cheap website design in Singapore, you can still build the site in such a way that makes it rank high in search results. For instance, optimizing the site for mobile users is one way of increasing its visibility. The use of appropriate keywords in your posts is another strategy.

Cheap websites can also be as navigable as more expensive websites. Adhering to SEO best practices will make your affordable website just as visible as any other website. Therefore, you should focus on search engine optimization rather than expensive website designs.

Cheap Websites Also Allow You to Build a Relationship with Your Customers

A website should not only be a platform for advertising your products but also interacting with your clients and prospects. Owning a website in Singapore helps you build a better relationship with clients. Regardless of whether you use an expensive website design or a cheap one, clients will troop to your site if it furnishes them with the information that they need.

If you are marketing a small business, cheap website design in Singapore will give you an opportunity to show your credibility to current and prospective customers. It doesn’t matter what cost went into the creation of your website; you will earn trust through the site if visitors can easily explore it to find out what your business is all about.

There’s Room for Mistakes and Experimentation

You may not know what exactly you want while creating a website for the first time. A cheap website design allows you to experiment with different styles without incurring significant running costs. Expensive website design doesn’t offer any room for experimentation and mistakes. You must be sure about what you want, or risk incurring huge expenses.

With a cheap design, you can tinker with various designs and styles to find out what works best for you. Likewise, affordable designs allow you to experiment with multiple styles before you choose an expensive design that fits your preferences. Therefore, it is good to start with a cheap website design before you upgrade to a more expensive design.

A Cheap Website Can Help You Expand Your Local Reach

If you are looking to attract local clients in Singapore, it makes sense to use a cheap website design instead of an expensive design. With a cheap website, you can easily expand your local reach without incurring significant costs.

Cheap designs particular come in handy if you operate brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore and you only need a website to relay information to the target audience so that they can make an informed buying decision when they visit your store.

cheap website design in Singapore

Similarly, you can use a cheap website to promote your brick-and-mortar footprint. With a cheap website design, potential clients and current customers can still find you and read about you even from their mobile phones. This highlights the significance of making your website mobile-friendly when you opt for a cheap design.

Cheap Website Designs Can Also Look Professional

In digital marketing, first impressions are of great significance. A professionally designed website will attract clients irrespective of whether you used a cheap design or an expensive design. You can also incorporate the recommended colours and styles in a cheap design to ensure that your site catches visitors’ eyes. You have an equal chance to make your website visible, just like someone who used an expensive design.

A Cheap Website Design in Singapore Can also Do The Selling on Your Behalf

Irrespective of the costs involved, your site has one job to do, which is to generate customers for your business. You should keep this in mind when creating your website, whether you are using a cheap or expensive web design.

Even when building a website for the first time and you opt for a cheap design, you should build it in a way that speaks to the target market directly. For this reason, you need to use a specific language and prompts throughout your site to attract visitors as well as encourage them to take the next step in the sales funnel.

You can still convert prospects with a cheap website design. Rather than spending too much time and resources looking for a conversion-focused website design, find something cheap that you can customize to address your needs and whatever your visitors are looking for.

How To Design a Cheap Website that Will Convert Visitors

Owning a website is almost a must for businesses in Singapore. Nonetheless, creating a business website on a budget can be challenging since these websites have to compete with those that have advanced features for online visibility. If you are marketing a small business that is still unproven, you will certainly need to build its website on a budget.

You can still build a beautiful site with little money since some site-creation options are completely free. Since visitors are likely to form an impression about your website within the first 10 seconds of landing on your homepage, you need to make it as attractive as possible. This will ensure that their first impression of your website makes them want to explore more pages on it. Here’s how to design a cheap yet attractive website.

Use a Template

Several website templates are available at almost no cost. With a template, you can easily choose the right colour scheme for your website. Your brand colours should determine the colour scheme that you choose when selecting templates. In fact, most of the website designs in Singapore are responsive and user friendly. 

Create Your Graphics

The cost of building your website is likely to be high if you hire a graphic designer to create your graphics. To avoid these costs, create your own graphics. The graphics that create must be simple and used only on your banners. Having some graphic ads on the site is okay. Nonetheless, they should be minimal.

Programs on your computer such as Paint can help you create banner graphics. For the main image, you can make use of free photo resources. Photos downloaded from such these sources are copyright and royalty-free.

Write Website Content Yourself

An impressive design and those eye-catching images will account for nothing if your website contains poorly-written content. Once you know which audience you want to attract, you should write your content in a way that resonates with their needs.

cheap website design in Singapore

Websites with poorly-written content often have poor readership compared to those that have high-quality content that addresses what visitors are looking for. You should write content for your website since you are the one who knows what you want to achieve with the site. If you are to hire a copywriter for the job, look for someone who has written content for websites that are similar to yours.

Such a person knows the right style to use, and what needs to be incorporated into the content to make it exciting and capable of converting visitors. Even so, you must supervise the copywriter that you hire for the job to ensure that the needs of your target audience get addressed in the content.

You have to keep in mind the fact that you are creating a cheap website even as you consider hiring a copywriter to write content on your behalf. Therefore, find someone who will write high-quality content but at an affordable price. This will ensure that even after using a cheap website design in Singapore, your site can still attract visitors.

What Are the Cons of Using a Cheap Website Design in Singapore?

A cheap website design can be beneficial to businesses that are just starting out and do not have a substantial digital marketing budget. Despite this, your options might get limited if you use a cheap design. For instance, you may not have access to some templates, something that could restrict you from customizing your site as much as you would wish.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t make you go for an expensive web design in Singapore if you are running on a tight budget. The advanced features that you may need to play for when using expensive website design may not offer you any advantages over standard designs in terms of site optimization and visibility.

You can always start small and upgrade to more expensive website designs in future once your business picks up. Rather than burdening yourself with a costly website design that may not help you achieve the desired outcomes, it makes sense to start with a basic and cheap design, which can be improved on with time.

When creating a website for your business, one of the most challenging decisions that you will have to make is whether to choose an expensive or cheap website design in Singapore. Starting with a cheap design will give you the opportunity to study your target market further so that you can tweak your site accordingly.

Using an expensive website design doesn’t automatically mean that your site will attract the target audience and ultimately convert them into paying customers. You have to keep in mind that the objective of building a website is to attract customers and not to have something that looks good but is ineffective.

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January 08, 2019

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