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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results. With years of experience, our top-notched and well-equipped trainers (approved by COMAT – Singapore’s top career development training centre) are ready to imbue you with Search Engine Optimisation knowledge!

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Why Should I Attend This Basic SEO Course?

The course will not only help you but also teach you how to rank on the first page of Google. The Google algorithm will be dissected, and you will be introduced to the principles of how SEO works. This course will include learning materials such as slides, quizzes, and SEO tools.

What Will I learn?

During the SEO course, you will be taught SEO’s core theories and techniques for website optimisation to ultimately get your website search rank to the top. You will also understand how Google’s algorithm works and how you can optimise your website whilst following their stringent guidelines.

Basic SEO Course

It includes:

How SEO Works

This knowledge will equip you with instruction on how to optimise the content in your website to get the best possible ranking on search engines. You will get training on the concepts behind search engine algorithms like Google and other real-life skills that you can apply to a digital marketing career and content creation. You will also learn how to align SEO with general business strategies.

How Search Engine Web Crawlers Work

While you should develop your content based on your consumers and not search engines, it is good to learn how the search engines function. This course will enable you to understand this and also the elements that the search engines look for to rank your site. Learning these aspects will help you use them appropriately to enhance your ranking on SERPs over your competition.

Keyword Research and Planning

You will get tutorials on how to discover competitive keywords and find keywords that are easy to rank. You will also get lessons on how to use different tools to conduct keyword research and how to identify different types of keywords. You will even know how to add keywords to GOV and EDU websites to give you high google rankings.

Implementing an Effective Link Building

Links are the most active element that determines a website’s ranking by Google. But link building is one of the hardest aspects of SEO. This course will instil you with the technical expertise on how to develop good links for SEO.

Creating Quality Content

This course covers tutorials on what makes good content, why you should be concerned with a blog, and the tips to creating an excellent post. MediaOne is an SEO agency in Singapore that gives you a trainer to run through the course to enhance your SEO expertise.

But That's not just it!

Our Basic Course covers a lot more useful skills you will need, namely:


In this lesson, you have a coach to guide you through how to get excellent backlinks, how to utilise backlinks to give your website a higher ranking, and how to create remarkable backlinks yourself.


These tutorials will guide you through everything you need to know about PageRank Google algorithm; from what it is to its impacts on SEO, as well as how to enhance it.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Get online workshops on how Domain and Page authorities get scored and why they are crucial in SEO.

Good vs Bad Linking

Some people are not sure of what makes a good or a bad link. These course lessons will teach you some of the critical aspects of developing smart link building strategies and the kinds of links that will have a positive impact on your website ranking.

How Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Works

In this tutorial, you will learn what Google’s Search Engine Results Pages are, how they work and what you can do to maximise your website’s visibility.

Google Algorithms and The Google Zoo

This topic takes you on a trip through the Google zoo and Google algorithms. The tutors take you through a wide variety of Google update tools like Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda, when each of them is implemented, what each of the targets, and future update anticipations.

Meta Titles, Headings, Meta Descriptions

In this topic, you will learn about what meta descriptions, headings, and meta titles are, why they are important in SEO, and the best strategies of optimising them.

Website Do’s and Don’ts for Good SEO

You will learn the mistakes that you should avoid ensuring a successful SEO process as well as what you should include in your SEO to enhance the output of your website.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

This lesson will instil you with knowledge of the techniques that can be used to offer you a higher Google ranking. The tutor will teach you on the different methods of white hat SEO like quality content, and the various black hat SEO strategies like keyword stuffing and content spamming.

SEO Measurement Tools

In this category, you will get tutorials on the different tools for managing SEO like tools for technical SEO, link removal, link building, content ideas, rankings, and keyword analysis.

Website Auditing

This topic will guide you on how to examine the performance of your page before starting a large-scale website redesign or SEO process. You will learn how to audit your website to know if it is optimised for SEO or not.

Content Marketing

This topic covers how you can develop content regularly by investing in the latest online marketing trends. You will learn how to build content creation and distribution strategies that set you apart from your rivals.

Google Search Console (fka Webmaster Tools) Introduction

This topic will help you to increase your visibility online by equipping you with the necessary knowledge on how to track the search performance of your site with Google Search Console. You will also learn how to analyse sophisticated feedback from this tool.

Basic SEO Course

Price per Pax (Minimum 4 Pax): SGD $888

Advanced SEO Training Course

MediaOne also provides advanced search engine optimisation courses for digital marketing practitioners who are already familiar with SEO. If you are managing your company’s website and digital marketing and want to DIY or be very familiar in order to scope and control your outsourced SEO then you need to attend this course! It is filled with not just theories but real-life examples and show-and-tell demonstrations that will make sure you fully understand. The topics included in this course include:

Philosophy of SEO

These advanced SEO topics help you understand the ethical SEO methods that focus on the long-term success of your business. They focus on the future of SEO, as the current techniques may not be adequate to sustain all the SEO needs.

Testing types of links

These lessons will enhance your knowledge of how to check your link profile, and enable you to embark on a successful link building journey.

Testing quantity and quality of backlinks

You will learn about how to assess your backlinks to ensure they generate leads and traffic consistently.

Checking links’ country of origin

The topic covers how you can monitor the geographical origin of a website to make your site monitoring more comfortable.

Building high-quality backlinks

You will learn about the power of backlinks, how to develop an excellent backlinking strategy and the various ways that you can utilise to build high-quality backlinks.

Disavowing bad backlinks

While the real process of disavowing bad backlinks is straightforward, there are specific steps you must finish first. This lesson will take through these steps.

Optimising web page setup

The coach for this topic will show you how to develop a high-performance site and rank high in all search engines by outlining a powerful strategy on how to successfully optimise your website.

Advanced Google Search Console

These topics reveal the advanced strategies, tactics, and tips about Google Search Console that you can use to get a superior ranking.

Testing quantity and quality of backlinks

You will learn about how to assess your backlinks to ensure they generate leads and traffic consistently.

Reducing bounce rates

This topic is designed to equip you with the most efficient ways to lessen the bounce rate of your website and enhance sales and conversions. The trainer will help you understand the conversion architecture to enable you to come up with a good strategy to retain your visitors and grow your business.

Checking recency of links and link velocity

These topics come in to enhance your understanding of how to use google analytic tools to measure the frequency and recency of your links. This information provides you with an insight about your audience and the actions of the users like how often users visit come back to your site and the period a visitor stays without visiting your website.

Checking keywords, quantity and quality

This training coaches you on how to analyse your keywords using analytic metrics to ensure that the amount and quality of your keywords are improving. You will be guided on the best strategies to measure the productivity of your keywords.

Website auditing for Crawl Errors, Broken Links, Keyword Density, Security, Mobile Responsiveness, and Page Speed

These topics cover the Technical SEO aspects of a website that an average marketer would not identify and needs some expertise to uncover. These issues are web site-wide rather than particular page issues. They help in improving your site as a whole.

Introduction and practice using the best SEO tools in the market

Here, instructors will take you through various Paid, Freemium, and free tools that you can utilise to enhance the effectiveness of your SEO and content marketing.

Optimising Keywords, Links, and SEO in General

The trainers will take you through this to equip you with the technical aspects to optimise your site. They will show you some of the ways you can improve your website’s online visibility in the SERPs.

Detailed analysis of the Top Google Ranking Factors

This workshop offers you an in-depth analysis of Google Zoo update tools like Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda. Ideas learnt from this topic will enable you to come up with an integrated strategy between the tech and creative worlds to help you create an interactive site.

Checking competitor’s marketing moves

Here you will learn how to spy on your competitors to find out if there are some things they do better than you. The trainer will take you through some tools that you can use to monitor your competitors. You will learn about checking things like their paid ads, links, and keywords as well as organic rankings of the competitors.


Tutorials from this topic will provide you with tips on how to develop high authority sites and domains. You will also get a list of some of the high authority domains and websites that you can use to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

This topic offers you some of the essential website migration recommendations to ensure that your website migration goes smoothly and improves your business.

In this tutorial, the trainer will discuss a keyword research scheme that will work well with your business. With this knowledge, you will be able to discover keywords that your rivals are not aware of.

Internal link building structure can aid you to learn how to create the best possible linking structure for your website. You will also learn how to create a hierarchy on your site, giving you a chance to prioritise the most important posts and pages with greater link value than others.

This topic will enable you to learn how you can develop a custom web page with high volume keywords that are competitive to increase the popularity of your brand.

This will give you an overview of this wide range of aspects that can help you boost the chances of Google displaying the content in your website in the search results. You will also learn about some tools that can handle your structured data like Schema.

In this topic, the instructor will take you through what you require to know to get started with Google My Business including reasons why you should have it and how to set it up.

Through this topic, you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of international sites versus websites that are specific to certain countries. Each alternative will be carefully measured against whether it’s intended to target a particular group of people in certain countries or the global audience.

This topic focuses on the strategies that you can use to create websites that are specific to particular countries like the domain structures to enhance your sales in a region and accept payments in local currencies.

The coach here will help you to get a precise, step-by-step checklist for SEO that you will be using any time to ensure that the process is successful.

This course also comes with additional learning materials that can help you increase traffic and the number of customers to your website within no time.

Advanced SEO Course

Price per Pax: SGD $2888 (min pax 4)

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22 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Courses

1.  How do I Get SEO Certification?

SEO (search engine optimisation) certification is given to people who complete our SEO courses. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills required to optimise websites for search engines and the target customers. Adjust your daily schedule to get ample time to attend the classes and do the assignments to benefit fully from the course.

2.  What Degree is Needed for SEO?

Well, there are many SEO experts who don’t have a degree, so it’s not mandatory to have it to enrol. That’s said, a bachelor’s degree in fields such as computer science, business, marketing, or an information technology niche will increase your job competitiveness after completing the course.

3.  Can I learn SEO by myself?

It’s possible to train yourself in SEO by using tutorial videos posted on platforms such as YouTube and guides posted online. However, to be recognised as an authority in SEO, you need SEO certification documents to prove to employers that you have the qualifications required to get the job done.

4.  Is SEO a Good Career?

SEO is one of the most high-value skills in 2021, and as more businesses venture into eCommerce, the demand for these skills will skyrocket. There are unlimited opportunities that you can leverage to establish a successful SEO brand. You can also work as a freelancer or get hired by a digital marketing company.

Note that three of the leading websites today, Amazon, YouTube, and Google, are always hiring SEO experts to help enhance their operations.

5.  How do Beginners Do SEO?

SEO is diverse and dynamic. Search engines frequently change their algorithms to give their users the best results. As a result, SEO experts are forced to change how they optimise both on-site and off-site content.

Beginners don’t have all the skills required to create and run an SEO campaign successfully. They often apply surface-level strategies, and this results in insignificant results and losses. Here are some of the beginner SEO strategies that you can do on your own before hiring an expert to handle the complex parts.

  • Page speed optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • Creation of top-notch website content
  • Hyperlinking specific phrases with URLs of authority websites
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Placing keywords in the content, meta title, alt tags, and meta descriptions

Be sure to do A/B tests after complementing any of the above beginner SEO strategies to determine if the keywords are suitable for your business.

6.  Where Can I learn SEO?

MediaOne Marketing takes pride in having the best search engine optimisation course in the world. As you will soon notice when you register, we focus on instilling SEO skills that match the market needs and trends. We work with industry leaders to ensure that our course offers the best learning materials and expertise.

By enrolling, you are guaranteed unwavering attention throughout the course and additional support after completing it. We will help you get a firm footing in this lucrative and competitive industry by giving you opportunities to apply the skills learned in class in real-life scenarios.

7.  Where Can I Learn SEO for Free?

Even though we don’t recommend taking free SEO courses, they can help you learn the ropes and prepare you for the premium SEO courses. Here are some of the best free tools for learning SEO.

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Majestic
  • Click Quick Audit

8.  Does SEO Require Coding?

The short and accurate answer to this question is that SEO usually doesn’t involve coding. You can optimise an entire website without writing a single code. However, a fair understanding of how programming works will increase the value of your services. If you can, learn a bit of coding on the side to enhance your competitiveness in the job market.

9.  How Much Does SEO Experts Earn?

Well, the salary is often calculated based on one’s skillset and experience. According to, the salary of a search engine optimisation expert ranges between S$29,000 and S$50,000. Most companies offer additional perks such as health insurance, accommodation, paid vacation annually, and many more.

Make sure that you negotiate the salary with the employer before signing the contract to avoid disagreements down the road. Also, confirm that the firm or company is focused on helping you become the best SEO expert.

10.                What Skills are Needed for SEO?

Like digital marketing and other business facets, several skills are needed to offer quality SEO services. They include;

  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to speak and write fluently
  • Technical and programming skills
  • Social skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Data analytical skills
  • Adaptability & Motivation, and Drive
  • A sense of humour

These skills will come in handy during service delivery to ensure that clients get maximum ROI from your services. Always be on the lookout for new skills that you can add to your portfolio to stand out from other SEO service providers.

11.                Is SEO Easy?

SEO is not rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s straightforward. Don’t underestimate the amount of effort and time required to create strategies and implement changes on websites. Concisely, you will reap what you sow, so if you spend only 20 minutes per day, don’t expect to get on the first page of Google in several weeks.

It would be best to focus on learning everything about SEO, have the right mindset, and push yourself every day to optimise and test the various website elements. Take the time to learn the ropes before progressing to the advanced SEO processes.

12.                How Much is SEO per Month?

A recent study by Sparktoro shows that 87% of SEO services providers charge monthly retainer charges. 65% of the charges are either fixed rate per project or hourly rate. Only 15% of the services have a performance-based pricing model. In addition, the study found out that the average monthly cost of SEO is between $2,500 and $5,000.

13.                How Long Does It Take to Learn SEO?

On average, it takes one to three months to grasp the SEO basics. However, the advanced SEO concepts can take between six and 18 months to understand and implement in an SEO project fully. Establish a cordial relationship with the trainers to get the most benefit from the SEO course. The trainers can also help you to find job opportunities after completing the course.

14.                How Expensive is SEO?

The cost of SEO services is dependent on the agency contracted and the amount of work to be done on the website and blogs. When hiring an SEO agency, compare and contrast the prices and pricing model to find one whose rates match your budget.

That said, mid-range SEO services can cost you anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000 per month. The services include content marketing and optimisation and regular website audit. On the other hand, the high-end SEO services cost more than $15,00 per month.

The latter is offered by high-end SEO agencies that are reputable and accredited. They have teams with hands-on skills required to resolve technical issues that mid-range SEO agencies cannot handle.

15.                Is SEO Hard to Learn?

There is a learning curve when working to becoming a professional SEO expert like anything else in life. Based on experience, SEO is not that difficult to learn as it mainly involves more practical than theory processes such as content optimisation and image optimisation.

The joy of seeing implemented SEO strategies helping a website get more traffic and sales will encourage you to keep on keeping on despite the challenges along the path. The secret to learning SEO is committing enough resources to the course and using many online resources to hone your skills further. With the right mindset, you will become a qualified SEO service provider in no time.

16.                Is SEO Needed Monthly?

SEO is not a one-time project but a long-term investment in your brand. It may take up to two months to start seeing tangible results such as increasing organic traffic and better ranking in SERPs. That said, most companies have SEO plans to keep tabs on the changes in the digital marketing industry.

We recommend having agile team research and incorporate new strategies into your website for long-term success. Consequently, enrolling in an SEO course will help you better monitor the operations of this team and get the utmost ROI from the SEO services rendered.

17.                What are SEO Tools I Should Use?

SEO tools are additional resources that provide data and notifications about your website’s overall performance and health. By taking an SEO course, you will learn how to use SEO tools for auditing your website and making informed decisions.

For instance, learning how to use Google analytics will enable you pinpoint website strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you will be able to create robust SEO campaigns and create content that matches the target audience’s search intent.

18.                Who is the Best at Google Marketing?

Many agencies are offering online marketing services to businesses and organisations. None of them can match the quality of the services provided by MediaOne Marketing. Since our inception, we have been delivering top-notch services to businesses in Singapore and abroad.

Our unwavering focus and results-oriented work ethic ensure we consistently deliver exceptional services to our customers. Every service package is carefully customised to suit the brand’s needs and expectations. With our team of professionals on your side, success is guaranteed. Get in touch with us for more details.

19.                Is SEO a Tool?

Well, some experts perceive SEO as an online tool for success in digital marketing and lead generations. But we beg to differ; SEO is a combination of processes designed to increase the website’s visibility online and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO also entails conversation rate optimisation to ensure website visitors convert.

On the other hand, SEO tools analyse or investigate a website page’s potential for high ranking in SERPs. They do this by evaluating the quality of the content and keywords used to determine if they match the searchers’ intent or information needs.

20.                Is Google Analytics an SEO Tool?

Yes, Google Analytics is an SEO tool that is offered for free by Google. As an SEO student, you will learn how to do various processes such as keyword research and analysis. Even though there are other better SEO tools in the market, more than 50% of all websites use it for research and analysis.

One of the benefits of using Google Analytics is that it does not rely on third-party apps or systems. All the information presented in its reports is fetched from the organic traffic recorded by the bots. You can count on it to make informed decisions, but make sure that you understand the definition of the various terms such as bounce rate and click-through rate.

21.                How is SEO Ranking Calculated?

As an SEO expert, you should calculate SEO ranking or gauge the performance of an active SEO strategy to ensure that your customers get the best results. Here are the key metrics that you should monitor continuously on behalf of the client.

  • Amount of organic traffic received in a given period
  • Keyword ranking
  • Website visibility in SERPs
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Backlinks
  • Page Speed
  • Website authority over time

All these factors have a direct impact on the performance of a website. For example, a high bounce rate signifies that you should re-optimise the content to resonate with the target audience’s needs and preferences. This can be done by including more visuals and reducing the amount of text on the pages.

22.                What is an SEO Score?

Simply put, an SEO score is a measure or metric of how well the technical and user-facing aspects of a website contribute to SEO, higher rankings, and organic traffic.

Join MediaOne SEO course today to learn everything that is required to offer professional SEO services. Our team is on standby, ready to help you start the journey to becoming a renowned SEO expert who can be trusted to oversee any SEO project.