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Looking for a drastic increase in exposure, customers, and sales? Well, work with an SEO agency in Singapore that is known for its ability to get #1 rankings and organic results. Companies like Fuji Xerox, ST Electronics, Lithan, Prince Landscape, Sata Comm Health, TriTech and many others have all been pleased with what MediaOne has helped them to achieve. Our SEO agency has serviced over 800 plus MNCs and SMEs alike in Singapore over 10 years, winning us accolades of “Best In Search”, “Most Prominent Digital Agency”, “Most Promising SME” as awarded by external auditing bodies.

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The most coveted spot in the Google’s search engine is its first page. This is the page that gets the bulk of the traffic. To be more precise, these are the 10 companies that see the traffic from 750 billion searches each and every month. And the rest will simply compete for the very few users that click past the first page of the search results. If you want massive exposure or any at all, then your company must make it to the first page of Google – using our top rated SEO agency help.

While many business owners will focus on the design of their website, this will only go so far. Your website needs to be properly optimised in order to rank organically. Not only will this get you more exposure, but it will also ensure that customers have a great user experience while they visit.

Companies work with MediaOne because of our top rankings and our ability to optimise their websites to get similar results. They know that we are truly the experts in digital marketing in Singapore. Experience the results that everyone else is talking about!

The SEO Agency That Can Fix Your Site Ranking Handicaps Effectively

Your website is not ranking because it contravenes or does not have sufficient quality + quantity for the following:

Link Quality

Google’s latest update is having a significant effect on one of its most powerful ranking signals–links. While Google has always encouraged site owners to acquire quality links, many have used link farms to achieve higher rankings. However, with its newest change, many of these websites will find that their websites have been penalised or removed from the SERPS altogether. We will perform an audit of your website and remove all low-quality links so that this algorithm change works to your advantage.

Link Diversity and Relevance

If you want your website to be penalised, then there is almost no better way than to include backlinks that are not diverse. In fact, Penguin, Google’s link-checking algorithm, consider similar backlinks as a form of spam. This is specifically the case if they appear on a website that contains low-quality links. Website owners must also take care to include links that are most relative to the page that they are optimising.

Descriptions and Titles Completeness & Uniqeness

It easy to assume that creating duplicate titles and descriptions can only increase your chances at a spot on the first page of Google. Many never take the time to think about how this could actually hurt their page. Not only does it no increase your chances at the top spot but it makes your pages compete against each other. And eventually, Google will choose only one of these pages for its search results. That’s why we crafter distinct meta descriptions and title tags every single page.

Targeted Keywords That Rakes In The Sales

Gone are the days when Google would seek out simple keywords. Today, site owners can expect the search engine to be more interested in how they use these words. Semantic search will help it to learn user intent so that it can provide results that are more accurate. The keywords within your content have just as much weight as your heading tags and page body text.

Samples Of How Our SEO Agency Ranks Sites – This Could Be You!

seo campaign success

seo services which show results

* green denotes first page on Google (dark green = top 3!)

MediaOne SEO Agency: The Advantages

MediaOne is more than its long list of clients. In addition to our reputation for getting top-notch results, we’re also known for handling each campaign according to the best interest of each individual business. 

Everyone can promise higher rankings, but not everyone can achieve them while adhering to Google’s guidelines. In fact, some companies have found ways to artificially inflate rankings. These rank-quick schemes don’t last long, neither do they do anything to help your business. But not MediaOne. We believe in DOING THE RIGHT THINGS, regardless of the added complications, work required and out-of-pocket expenses (to us, not to you!) that are incurred. That way you not only get top ranks – you get TOP RANKS THAT STAY THERE.

SEO is no longer a helpful strategy for business success – it has turned into the lifeline of any venture in the modern world.

With MediaOne Marketing, you are going to upgrade your business by implementing a team that is highly skilled and experienced in Search Engine Optimization. The true focus of our services comes with long-term engagement. Your business needs to find a way to grow organically and SEO is meant to help you achieve that, but you need a specialized marketing agency that is able to do this properly.

There is nothing more important in current times than making the most out of your digital marketing efforts!

With that said, there is no way to achieve results if you don’t work with an agency that understands this process. There are thousands of marketing agencies out there that claim to provide outstanding results, but when you look at their own SEO reach, you find that they are nowhere to be found on the first page of Google or even on the second or third page.

If you want a solid investment, you need to hire an agency that is able to talk the talk and walk the walk!

MediaOne is not interested in cookie-cutter pitches and empty promises with a load of fluff in between. We are interested in working with people who know that quality is only found in those that can prove their value – a thing that MediaOne is able to prove with undeniable proof.

You can find our website ranked at #1 in Google for several popular and highly converting keywords!

If you Google:

  • “rank google singapore”
  • “advertising in singapore”
  • “marketing in Singapore”

You will find MediaOne at the very top of the organic results!

Let’s face it, there are too many agencies promising the heavens to their customers, but they have nothing to back up their claims. We have years of experience that have led to the required knowledge and steps to rank your business with the most popular niche keywords.

Here are some important statistics to consider:

Page 1 is all that consumers care for
Over 75% of internet users never look past the first page of Google when conducting a search. This means that you are only going to reach a quarter of your target market if you happen to be on page 2 of the Google search results.

Most people conduct research before becoming buyers
At least 68% of buyers don’t even consider a purchase without conducting some searches in popular engines like Google and Bing. This means you are very unlikely to turn most untargeted traffic into buyers.

SEO dominates organic conversions
A whopping 80% of all organic clicks that turn into sales are coming from SEO. This means that you are highly unlikely to see any conversions without an aggressive and effective SEO strategy.

SEO versus traditional media
When you hear that only 1.7% of traditional media lead convert, you can see that the 14.6% conversion rate for SEO leads is a massive difference that cannot be denied. To make matters worse, traditional media is often a more expensive option than effective SEO.

Our commitment goes beyond expectations!

We are in this for the long run, and this means that we maintain a strictly White Hat approach to our SEO efforts. Other agencies will take short cuts in order to provide faster results, but this is a strategy that is full of hot air, and it will burst with dire consequences for the business.

We provide fast results within reasonable timeframes!

If you want a business that is going to promise optimal SEO results within weeks, you are not going to achieve anything of substantial value. Any agency that makes such a promise is only looking to create smoke screens that will deceive you into thinking your business is growing stronger.
We can provide solid results within 6 months, and we have a track record of satisfied clients that have established their business online thanks to our highly efficient SEO services.

This is an investment – one that will see your business soar with long-term engagement!

We will plan the best strategy – execute it with optimal methods of engagement and give your business the conversion boost it needs!

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MediaOne achieves long-term results with best practices that are in lined with Google's published and even unpublished algorithms. Our strategy for ensuring that you rank higher in the SERPs is improving the function of your website and getting rid of all critical errors and reducing other "soft" errors as much as possible.


Would you like to be in-tuned with happening to your campaign in real-time? Well, our reporting system is available for you to log in to 24/7. This ensures that you will always know where you stand and that we can make any necessary changes based on how your audience is responding.


With MediaOne's SEO agency services we know that you - like our many many clients - will enjoy targeted web traffic which will generate great leads and profitable sales. We do this by working with you on identifying the keywords that makes the most commercially viable sense to you. Call us to find out how we do it.


We're so sure that within 6 months we'll have your website ranked on the first page of Google with 30% ranked and higher conversions, that we can give you a guarantee. Should we not reach our goal, we will give up to 6 month-by-month services until we do--completely free of charge.


I was looking for a Singapore SEO agency to improve my organic ranking and make me more competitive. I thought I would never find a company that was both reputable and affordable that is until I came across Mediaone. Not only are they reputable and reasonably priced, but they also pay attention to your specific needs. My website was on Google’s first page within a few weeks and I got help with both on and off-site optimisation of my website. I’ve been recommending MediaOne’s SEO agency services to others ever since.

-Edmund Quek, Economics Cafe


MediaOne’s SEO agency is professional and always willing to educate their clients about the SERP. They were meticulous and made sure that our goals aligned. This made our company incredibly competitive.

-Chris Cheng, Modulus Technology

Our SEO Agency Steps To Success


Tell us what your website URL and desired keywords are as well as your desired geographical targeting like Singapore, regional or international.
Our SEO agency will come up with commercially feasible terms that will help you generate good traffic and sales when you rank on first page.


After you let us have access to your Cpanel and other logins, we confirm your campaign and start your website on-page & off-page optimisation.
This will involve a few weeks of very technical fixing of your website according to Google's most important ranking signals such as page speed.


Congrats to you on ranking on First Page as well as many other pages for your important keywords. You should see leads and income rolling in.
After adding content and backlinks, we monitor your campaign using Google Analytics & Search Console to ensure its running smoothly. For the majority of our clients like you: its TARGET ACHIEVED!

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