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As a premier SEO agency in Singapore, MediaOne comes with a decade of experience servicing top government agencies, Fortune 500 brands and multitudes of SMEs. We leverage proprietary AI tools to make your campaign highly data-driven, results-oriented, distinguishing us from the usual trial-and-error agencies.


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Trust the SEO experts using cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Automation to predict and respond to Google’s dizzying rush of massive algorithm changes every month.

This the result of thousands of hours of hands-on research and experience into thousands of campaigns including highly successful large international SEO campaigns in APAC and international countries.

While other SEO companies claim they use AI, most use third-party tools. MediaOne has proprietary tools that accurately predict and help us create powerful steps to counter and stay on top of search engine updates.

Due to our incredible speed and algorithms, our client campaigns are dominating the top of the SERPs and making them super returns on investment, while other agencies are still figuring out what hit them.



At MediaOne SEO, we utilise the power of SEO to propel your business’s growth by boosting your online presence and drawing in prospective clients. Our goal is to elevate your business’s ranking in search engine results, thereby extending your reach, solidifying your credibility, and driving natural traffic to your website.

By enhancing your visibility and meticulously focusing on strategic keyword targeting and content optimisation, we aim to amplify your brand recognition, build trust with your audience, and significantly increase your conversion rates. In the competitive Singapore market.

ways good seo can help a company grow in singapore
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What We Do For You

Why Settle For Another Agency in singapore

MediaOne has the highest number of keywords and traffic of any SEO agency in Singapore. This is a bold claim, and we dare make it because its true. See a screen grab from Ahrefs – a global leader in SEO audits – tracking MediaOne versus the top 10 other firms in Singapore.

If you want to rank above your competitors, shouldn’t you demand a consultant who has been able to do this consistently for over 10 years?

relative seo traffic comparisons in singapore for digital marketing agencies


keyword strategy


Keyword Mastery

  • Thorough Keyword Research: Identifying relevant and high-intent keywords.
  • Semantic Variations: Expanding keyword variations and semantic relevance.
  • Competitor Analysis: Competitor keyword strategies.
  • Keyword Mapping: Strategic allocation of keywords across content.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Targeting specific, high-converting phrases.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporating keywords naturally into content.

website architecture consultation



  • Simplified URL Structure: Ensuring clean and descriptive URLs.
  • Intuitive Site Navigation: User-friendly and logical navigation pathways.
  • Optimized Site Hierarchy: Clear and structured page hierarchy.
  • Internal Linking: Strategic linking between related pages.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Optimizing for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Schema Markup: Implementing structured data for better search results.

link building strategising



  • Quality Link Building: Obtaining links from authoritative and relevant sources.
  • Diverse Backlink Portfolio: Acquiring links from varied domains and sources.
  • Local Citations: NAP consistency across online business listings.
  • Brand Mentions: Building brand reputation through mentions.
  • Guest Posting: Contributing content to reputable sites in the industry.
  • Social Media Signals: Leveraging social platforms for visibility.

technical SEO



  • Core Web Vitals Optimization: Improving site performance metrics.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensuring seamless user experience on mobile devices.
  • SSL & Security: Securing the website with HTTPS encryption.
  • Structured Data Implementation: Adding structured data for rich snippets.
  • XML Sitemaps: Facilitating search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Page Speed Enhancement: Improving loading times for better user experience.

content strategy for seo


Content Strategies

  • Content Quality: Focused on producing informative, valuable, and uniquely crafted content.
  • E-A-T Focused Content: Ensuring content creation reflects Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.
  • Fresh Content: Regularly updating existing content and consistently adding new, relevant material.
  • Keyword Integration: Strategically incorporating targeted keywords seamlessly within content.
  • Visual Content Optimization: Enhancing images and videos specifically for SEO purposes.
  • Content Distribution: Actively sharing and promoting content across a variety of relevant platforms.

using e-a-t to improve quality and trust of your web page content


MediaOne AI SEO Strategies

  • SERP Topic Identification: MediaOne's AI quickly identifies key SERP trends for aligning recommendations.
  • Content Analysis: Our system reviews top pages, deriving themes for strategy.
  • SERP Insights: AI cross-references SERP topics for comprehensive client insights.
  • Pattern Detection: AI detects SERP trends, keeping our advice proactive.
  • Keyword Identification: Our AI examines top pages, pinpointing effective keywords.
  • SERP Adaptation: MediaOne's AI responds to SERP shifts, fine-tuning recommendations.

mediaone ai seo optimisation


MediaOne AI SEO Enhancements

  • Trend Analysis: MediaOne's AI analyzes trends for better search rank positioning.
  • Keyword Optimization: Our AI-driven method boosts overall SEO strategies.
  • Website Personalization: We enhance user experience with AI-driven personalization.
  • Market Anticipation: Our AI predicts market shifts, ensuring agile SEO tactics.
  • Algorithm Detection: Our AI quickly identifies Google's algorithm nuances, efficiently recommending SEO improvements.

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Website Elements

  • Clear Navigation: Easy and intuitive site navigation.
  • CTA Optimization: Effective and compelling call-to-action placement.
  • Page Interlinking: Connecting related pages for user exploration.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring site usability across devices.
  • Site Speed Enhancement: Faster loading times for improved experience.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Optimizing site elements to drive conversions.

our other core seo services

Local SEO

This is a strategy to help you get higher visibility in your local country search results. We optimise your Google My Business, build citations and local links so that you appear on Google Places to dominate the scene.

International SEO

The purpose is to help search engines understand and get you more rankings in the countries you need to target. We install Ahreflang tags, create original local content, citations, backlinks so that you rank proudly in international markets.

Enterprise SEO

This type of optimisation helps large enterprise websites with thousands or millions of pages to get pages found and ranked. This involves heavy duty auditing and rectification of the thousands of issues such websites have such as duplicate content and tags.

Mobile SEO

This brings better page experience of web pages on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. With Google becoming stricter on page speed, Core Web Vitals and mobile friendliness – this has become a very complex but vital work.

Forensic SEO

This aspect is concerned with script and server-level optimistions that help search engines crawl and index websites better. Technically, Google now looks at 200 new ranking algorithms that are hard to detect and rectify unless you have the experience of MediaOne.

Content SEO

This means creating, formatting and curating content that is able to answer search queries best. Most marketers think ‘unique’, ‘helpful’, ‘fresh’ and E-A-T but this field of work is vastly more complicated than they realise. Thats where we come in.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce websites often have insufficient content, bad page experience, excessive tagging, duplicate, and redundant page issues. This is where ecommerce optimisation comes in. When you are selling dozens to thousands of products against fierce competition, you need MediaOne.

Shopify SEO

Shopify remains challenging because of the way content is dynamically loaded onto web pages, plus restrictive CMS issues. Despite conventional wisdom, it is possible to rank Shopify and other e-shop platforms. MediaOne does this for clients with great results.

Link Building SEO

Link building is performing white hat link building from relevant and high authority websites, as well as removing harmful and low-quality links. MediaOne is a master of performing improving link profiles to increase the quality of our client websites.

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This unique approach allows us to predict and adapt to Google’s algorithm changes faster, ensuring your SEO strategy remains ahead of the curve. The key ingredients are as follows:

  • Our services, including On Page SEO, Mobile SEO, and Shopify SEO, are tailored to enhance your digital footprint, ensuring your site excels in user experience and search engine rankings.
  • We focus on the type of content we want: landing page, blog, review, etc
  • Structure our client content based on the common topics which are perceived to be Google’s favoured based on its algorithm.
  • Layer it with the word count, keyword density, and formatting
  • And further layering with known Google on-page SEO guidelines
  • Explore our resources for insights on the latest SEO tools, services, and strategies from our experienced SEO consultants, designed to empower your business with cutting-edge knowledge.

Discover how our SEO efforts have elevated businesses to the pinnacle of search engine results pages (SERPs).

mediaone's DEEP tech SEO

Most SEO agencies superficially fix metadata, reduce image sizes and build bulk spam links in the hope that something will stick they can claim credit for.

While most others talk about the 4-5 SEO fixes, we embark on 50 or more audits and fixes. Check the stats of a pagespeed audit of MediaOne’s own website – on the right. We walk the talk every single day.

That is why large enterprises with their own experienced tech team insist on MediaOne. We use these same tech on SMEs and starter websites with incredible results.

desktop pagespeed seo
perfect seo website score

You can spend a whole year eradicating your broken links, tag issues, page speed challenges but still arrive at a passable grade. By that time, search engines have changed their game and you would have lost that year of visibility and sales.

Deep site audits and fixes are expensive and takes years of experience fixing large enterprise sites with hundreds of thousands of pages and years of mismanaged SEO/web mastering to score 100/100 for SEO.

Only MediaOne has this level of skill and expertise.

Talk to MediaOne before you talk to anyone else. We guarantee you we are the first and last call you need to make. Call (65) 6965 7008.


OUR famous transparency

ISO-CERTIFIED seo project management

process driven website seo optimisation

your customer journey

We recognise that your needs will be very different from everybody else’s. You may need SEO to boost up your organic traffic. You may need to target specific audiences. Whatever it is our time-tested processes have you covred. Here is how our award-winning ISO certified SEO process looks like in a nutshell:

STEP 1: Keyword Research

MediaOne employs its proprietary AI tool for keyword research, meticulously analyzing client-specific needs. This innovative technology identifies optimal keywords, ensuring targeted, effective SEO campaigns tailored to each client’s unique market and audience requirements.

STEP 2: Onboarding

We meticulously onboard clients into our sophisticated SEO project management system, meticulously overseen by highly trained consultants, ensuring all work aspects are executed with precision and perfection, all the time with the utmost care and transparency.

STEP 3: Implementation

Following a comprehensive audit, we prioritize critical issues, implementing essential on-page, off-page, and technical enhancements. Our approach surgically targets these key areas, ensuring optimal SEO performance through meticulously crafted and executed improvement strategies.

STEP 4: Analysis + OptimiSation

Our SEO agency vigilantly monitors the campaign, swiftly identifying changes and issues. We make strategic adjustments to ensure that keyword rankings and related KPIs consistently trend upwards, aligning with set targets to successfully achieve and surpass desired KPI goals.

STEP 5: Monthly Reporting

We maintain transparency and objectivity in audits, insights, and recommendations, ensuring clients are fully informed and engaged partners in the campaign. This approach fosters mutual understanding and collaboration, crucial for the campaign’s success and achieving shared goals.

STEP 6: Successful Delivery

We boast industry-leading success in executing complex, technical SEO campaigns, consistently delighting clients with our results. This achievement leads to a high rate of client retention, as the vast majority continue partnering with MediaOne for sustained growth and success.

Our SEO case studies

High-performance SEO does not mean flooding websites with massive backlinks and site optimisations. For MediaOne it is more about using our decade+ years of experience fed into our proprietary AI to come up with surgical precision site improvements to get the results we want.

Often, we don’t even build a single backlink or add a single word of content at all. Instead, we audit all issues for your on-page, off-page and technical; create a hierarchy of the most important things to optimise in view of your objectives: growth in keyword rankings, traffic, leads, sales, branding, positioning, or market dominance. Then, by laser-targeting the improvements that yield the most results, we are able to achieve astronomical results without taking out the hacksaw.

Talk to a MediaOne Consultant and you will soon realise why even competitors acknowledge we are the best in SEO. Call (65) 69657008 today.


We took a client with an initial DA7 site against much-vaunted peers with much higher DAs (even a DA56) in a hyper-competitive industry.

Using pure white-hat SEO and our proprietary AI we got top ranking for hyper competitive keywords within 17 days. Imagine what that kind of positioning will do for your business.

how mediaone seo helped rank recruiting firm
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We took a fledgling business data intelligence firm THEGRID from a standing start to thousands of keywords on first page and QUARTER-MILLION monthly traffic.

This involved painstakingly assisting them in creating a powerful SEO strategy to improve their multi-faceted search filtering, format content so that its highly organised and in-line with what users (and Google would demand).

3,233 Rank Increases

A global French-based luxury brand had had tremendous competition from other French and Italian brands. They even had competition from their French HQ which operates their international website and dominates the same terms.

MediaOne worked with them to carefully curate and craft highly localised content, provided local citations, and optimised their on-page, off-page and technical properties. The results are nothing short of spectacular as they soundly dominated the online scene for the luxury market space.

french luxury brand seo case study
SEO Agency Singapore 4

E-Commerce SEO That Turns Over 7-figure Income

MediaOne is the official SEO for Canon to help the tech and lifestyle brand maintain its lead for cameras, photocopiers, and accessories.

We revised their strategy from being product-focused to being search-intent focus online. This meant deep audits and fixing for the site navigation, content structuring, and content delivery.

By doing so leads are highly qualified and Canon is able to stay on top of Google algorithms.

Market Domination Organically - Done

MediaOne worked with International Maritime Services, Inc which operates in a highly competitive international offshore and marine industry. We helped to optimise all aspects of SEO beyond the usual on-page, off-page and technical. We worked on the navigation, content structuring, branding, and messaging.

The result: a wonderful 100% of all targeted keywords on the 1st page of Google.

case study for successful seo for small business entity
SEO Agency Singapore 5

100K Traffic Achieved. Not A Single Backlink.

Unlike most SEO agencies which always like to dump copious quantities of content (which screws up the UX/UI of client websites), and backlinks (which usually end up getting penalties from search engines), MediaOne takes highly technical stock of your website and applies extremely surgical adjustments in line with what we think your visitors and search engines want today and tomorrow.

We got SingHealth’s traffic from almost nothing to a super healthy 100K without costly content, backlinks and implementations. Ask us how.

Just a handful of our mountain of 5-star reviews

Trusted by thousands in singapore and the world

the singapore seo company that can't be beat

Pioneering in the digital market and SEO field since the 2000’s

Recognised & awarded by international certification organisations

Highly technical systems recognised as peerless in our industry

We invest up to 15% of our income into R&D, systems, and processes

AI based software generates critical insights & success

We offer White Hat techniques approved by Google and time-tested

Highly trained consultants with unparalleled experience

While other SEO firms guess, we use our AI to precision target

We set the pace for all other agencies to follow

Guaranteed deliverables which exceed client expectations in every way

This next call might turn out to be the most important one you make this year


MediaOne SEO has the perfect price package for any enterprise, regardless of size, budget, and ambitions.

Talk to our consultant about the best fit package for your needs today.


$ 680
  • Pay-per-success model for results-driven businesses Tailored for ROI-focused strategies Payment based on actual measurable outcomes Advanced tactics to drive conversions Comprehensive analytics to track performance


$ 850
00 Month
  • Tailored for small to medium-sized businesses Affordable yet comprehensive strategies Targets specific niches or verticals Incorporates advanced local SEO tactics Boosts visibility across the board


$ 1680
00 Month
  • Geared towards large corporations and enterprises Robust and scalable strategies for growth Dominates niches or verticals effectively Comprehensive and powerful local SEO strategies Skyrockets overall visibility and market presence


Krissy Teo Head of Projects MediaOne

Krissy Teo

Head of SEO TEAM

Krissy is a black-belt SEO practitioner who trains and executes overall SEO strategies that has helped MediaOne achieve 83% success rate, the hest in the Singapore industry


Joey Yap


Joey is MediaOne’s on-page strategist. She conducts experiments to test Google’s preference in page formatting and UX/UI to score valuable SEO ranking points for clients

tom koh seo consultant

Tom Koh

PrincipAL seo consultant

Tom has been at the forefront of SEO for the past 13 years. He devices advanced SEO strategies which are implemented by global brands and ecommerce hypermarts

desiree digital marketer

Desiree Bin


Desiree is MediaOne’s in-house technical exponent, charged with incorporating the latest Google demands for website and website technical improvements

chermaine looi seo consultant mediaone

Chermaine Looi


Chermaine is MediaOne’s chief strategist. She researches Google’s latest preference for links, mentions and bookmarks that have the correct relevance and link juice impact


Faith Marhil


Faith is MediaOne’s off-page maestro. She scours the Interent for backlinks that can strategically benefit specific client niches for impactful SEO enhancements


We have SEO Strategies that will blow your mind!