Google Singapore: What’s Different and How to Rank on

google singapore how to rank

Google is one of the most popular internet search engines. You will be able to search the world information including videos, web pages, images and more. You will be able to find exactly what you need on the internet through the various special features on google. It is essential to know that approximately eighty percent of the sites Singaporeans visit are foreign-based. has upheld the dominant presence in the Singapore digital space. This article will discuss what’s different and how to rank on

How Does Google Localize the Search Terms?

Google includes local and map results after performing some searches for your queries.  Some of these queries do not include location details. However, Google decides to give geographic relevance to the searching terms.  These local results change as you change your location. How does google assign the local relevance to search terms? 

#1. Websites That Are Associated with Locations

Sites may associate with the locations in some ways.  Firstly, the website content might contain information about a location, Address, and contacts. Moreover, a site may contain business listings including location information. Some of the metadata provided in the site gives details on location. Other website details that identify locations include country code top domain and the IP address. Click records and user traffic associates a website with a particular or more location. Globally relevant sites are those that do not associate with any particular location.

#2. Searches Associated with The Location

Searches in Google engine by online users may be related to the locations. For example, a search for Singapore restaurant, it gives the locale details of Singapore explicitly. The google search will associate the search results with the Singapore location. Google may restrict the search results that do not have the specified location. Google utilizes some signals in determining the website location according to the search query. Some of these signals include;

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  • Some of the searches have significance in languages.
  • Country
  • Search engine location
  • Aggregated user behaviour
  • The use of the term in content

Top Ranking Factors and How They Affect Local Search in Google

There are high ranking factors that determine your ranking in the Google search engine. These ranking factors may either uplift or break your online marketing strategy. More so, they play a significant role in affecting your local search in Google. Google uses about two hundred factors when ranking a site. For people who are starting to rank their website, the figure is intimidating. However, these factors are not equally significant. Some factors do not make so much difference in the digital market while some have substantial influence. Some of the elements that you should focus on for your website ranking include:

Site Factors

#1. Sitemap

Sitemap helps in Google page indexing. This simply means the search engine will simply know what is included in your site pages.

#2. Domain Trust

Google considers the trust of a site in its ranking. You need to establish trust of your domain website to rank higher in the Google search engine.

#3. Website Server Location

Your server location has a significant role in boosting your rankings. The location of your website server may have a role in uplifting the rankings in that specific region or country.

#4. Mobile Optimized Site

Research reveals that more than 63 percent of internet searchers used their mobile devices to access the internet. This means that more and more people are starting to use their mobiles to do research.  Your search ranking will be affected by the compatibility of your site with mobile devices. Mobile optimized sites hence have higher rankings in Google

#5. Google Search Console Integration

Google webmaster tools verification is vital for improving your site indexing. More so, the site will give you valuable data important for site optimization. 

On-Page Factors

Page optimization has a significant influence on google ranking. Search engine results pages (SERP) are pages that are displayed by the search engine in a query response.  SERP takes a role of page listing in response to the keyword query.  Some of the on-page factors include:

#1. Title Tag Keyword

Also referred to as the title meta tag, it is one of the most significant factors in search engine rankings. The title tag keyword is useful in giving accurate details about the page content.  The keyword should be placed at the beginning of the title tag for your page to rank higher. Google uses the keyword title tag in displaying the title of search results.

#2. Meta Description Tag Keyword

Meta description tag is essential in SEO and especially in gaining the user’s clicks. Including a keyword in the meta description tag makes it more relevant to google search engine and in gaining the users click from the pages results.

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#3. The Content-Length

Google places the interest of its users first. They want their users to get quick access to the informative and authoritative information hence ranking it first.   There is no limited word count set for an article or blog as it depends on the subject matter. You should write longer but more useful content for a higher chance of ranking higher. The assumption is that the longer your site content, the more topic aspect covered.

#4. Keyword in H1 Tag

Including your site keyword in the H1 tag serves as a description of the page content. This is of great importance in placing you on a higher ranking.

#5. Updating the Sites Contents

Google algorithm chooses the recently updated contents in higher rankings as compared to the old information. However, this does not mean you have to keep editing your page content. You need to come up will an excellent strategy to update your content once in a while. 

#6. URL Keywords

This is one of the factors that you cannot afford to miss out.  You should include a keyword in the part that appears after (.com). In this way, your sites send a relevance signal to google search engine that promotes its higher ranking.

Offline Page Factors

Google also looks at some factors outside your website in ranking your page.

#1. Number of Linking Domains

The number of linking domains to your site is one of the significant offline factors that Google considers. 

#2. Some Linking Pages

Having some linking pages from individuals’ domains is better than single domains. The number of linking pages to your website is an important ranking factor.

#3. Link Relevancy

Having links from relevant pages to your site topic is more relevant for search engines.

Page Speed

Page speed is one of the essential factors in ranking on google. Sites with a higher loading speed will rank higher on google search results page. This factor brings in the motive of providing internet users with the best experience.

Domain Factors

Your website domain is significant in affecting your Google rankings. Some of the domain factors include domain history, domain registration length and country TLD extension. The more extended period the domain is registered, the more trustworthy it is to Google. Check the history of your site domain. If the domain has ever been penalized, this will affect your Google ranking.  Lastly, having a country’s specific TLD helps in achieving higher rankings within that particular location.

Singapore’s Online Market Size

Today, technology has come up with online platforms that exploit digital presence as a selling platform. These online platforms are giving identical opportunities to small and large business brands to trade and advertise their products to the vast population of internet users. Research conducted revealed Singapore has the highest internet penetration in East Asia at about eighty percent. More so, about 31% of online users in Singapore are between the age of 25 to 34. Approximate 42 percent of Singaporeans rely on Google internet searches in their processes of sales and, marketing. Statistics further reveal that more than 96% of the population in Singapore a social media account in which they spend more than two hours every day. Singapore marketing is hence extremely digitalized according to statistics, and many businesses are getting into online marketing in an attempt to have an edge in the competitive market.

Google and Facebook provide the most significant platforms for business advertisement in Singapore.  More and more Singaporeans are using google for lead generation and promotion of business. The increased digital marketing activities have led to the rise of google ads cost. However, it has not prevented more and more companies from joining the digital market. is the most massive search engine advertising mode in Singapore with a market volume of $ 116 million in the year 2018.  This is the largest revenue share in the region. enables you to search the world information from Singapore including images, web pages, videos and more. It also has unique features to find the specialized tools you are looking for in promoting businesses.

Despite the high level of digital marketing, various factors prevent Singaporeans marketers from implementing digital marketing strategies successfully.  These factors have prevented Singapore business from succeeding in search engine advertising and marketing. They include;

#1. Short-term expectations

Most of the Singapore business tend to focus on short-term success when getting into online marketing.  Data analysis and ROI are some of the essential aspects which they want to get the best within some months of online marketing. Success in digital marketing takes more months even though its faster than traditional advertising methods. It will require a longer time to understand your audience, deliver the right content and also measure campaign performance. The time is indeed worth it. 

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#2. Lack of digital marketing skills and strategies

Today, content is a critical pillar in digital marketing. However, most Singapore business is still sticking with the outdated inbound marketing. The marketers need to adopt the new marketing technic of displaying the contents of products and services in an outbound style to the consumers. To compete effectively, these businesses need to invest more in content strategies. This will enable you to have the right channels, the right content and right target audience. Most of the Singapore businesses have a 24/7 online presence but poor content.

#3. Limited digital marketing support and talent

Research conducted reveals that most Singapore business marketers have a challenge of high-quality content and web advertisement. This is attributed to limited quality video creators and content writers. The problem of limited digital marketing support and talent can be solved by the services of many digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Many of the business view it as an unnecessary expenditure. However, the digital marketing agencies in Singapore still lack an experienced team of professionals to give you the right content for your company website.

These factors have not prevented the rise of many success stories in Singapore digital marketing. Many companies are performing well in online marketing. Some companies have implemented digital marketing strategies including social media and content marketing success. Singtel is an example of a Singapore company that continuously invested and refined its digital marketing strategies since 2010 and has already obtained great profits and popularity. More so, Changi Airport launched ‘Now Boarding ‘online market platform in 2016 and had already transformed from a mere airport to a shopping and lifestyle centre both locally and internationally.

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In a move to rectify digital marketing challenges, you should pay particular attention to some of these best strategies. One of the significant steps includes content marketing. It is one of the best methods of driving increased sales. The leading company’s brand is using virtual reality and augmented reality technology. Give your audience more engagement and interaction through in-depth content.  Increased efforts in optimizing lead conversions through will promote your overall market ranking. Lastly, companies should be more focused on transparent and authentic marketing. You should use positive, ethical and transparent online marketing practices.

In conclusion, plays a massive role in the digital marketing sphere in Singapore.  As the majority of Singaporeans continue to use google in making their purchasing decisions, Singapore business should optimize their websites to have a higher Google ranking. The consumers have the power to promote or damage your business brand. It is hence essential for companies to make extra efforts in managing their online reputation.


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