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social media marketing tips

Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Singaporeans

Based on information provided by Singapore Business Review, social media marketing is becoming more and more aggressive among businesses in Singapore. As a result, social media network strategies will include larger audiences across the island. In fact, the strategies that these companies are developing are expected to cover a diversity of platforms using Facebook ads, […]

December 03, 2017 | By mediaone
best web design firms in singapore

Top Web Designers in Singapore for 2018

Web development has grown in 2017. This year, based on information published by straitslogic.com and other reputable resources, there are several different trends that business owners and developers should be aware of today. Some of the more notable include the progression of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in web design development, the incorporation of prototyping tools and […]

December 03, 2017 | By mediaone
digital marketing for startup tips

TOP 4 Digital Marketing Techniques For Startups in Singapore

Based on information published by several studies on digital marketing, digital usage and consumption are said to be at an all-time high in Singapore. With the majority of Singaporeans (ages 25 to 34) using their smartphones and tablets to access online information, small and large companies in Singapore are now targeting these audiences to market […]

December 03, 2017 | By mediaone
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Does Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Influence SEO?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a standard open source coding that webmasters use to improve the speed at which their website pages loads when accessed using a mobile device. Until recently, AMP was just used to enhance user experience. Google now recommends Singapore web development agencies and online marketers to have accelerated mobile pages. Today, we […]

December 03, 2017 | By mediaone
PPC Advertising In Singapore

3 Tips On PPC Advertising In Singapore

PPC (Pay per Click) is one most efficient and modern search engine marketing strategy used by companies in Singapore to boost website traffic and conversion rate. Just like any other methods when it comes to e-marketing in Singapore, it is imperative to keep track of the results to know what works and what doesn’t for […]

December 02, 2017 | By mediaone
How Often Should I Test My Site

All You Need to Do Before Starting an SEO Campaign

Sure, an SEO campaign can help your online business thrive in Singapore and other parts of the world that you are targeting, but there are certain things that you MUST do to reap maximum profits from it. Before we proceed, it necessary to point out that SEO is a long-term online marketing tactic and so […]

December 01, 2017 | By mediaone
Better Link Building Campaign

4 Ways to a Better Link Building Campaign

One of the most important components of your SEO strategy is link building. Surprisingly, some companies and individuals approach it haphazardly. Without a structured plan on how you are going to acquire high-quality links, you will not achieve the results you anticipated when you invested in the campaign. Here are 4 actions that you can […]

November 30, 2017 | By mediaone
Market My Training Workshop In Singapore

How Do I Market My Training Workshop In Singapore?

When you want to market an event, training workshop or an E-learning course, you will want a few tools from the bag to play with. The first important factor before you proceed, whether this is your first workshop or the 50th, is the target audience. Who should come to your training workshop? That’s the question. […]

November 29, 2017 | By mediaone
SEO problems solved

3 SEO Problems That You Might Be Facing

Is your Singapore e-commerce site experiencing weak organic traffic? If that is the case, you are probably thinking that customers are no longer interested in your products or services. Well, that could be true but you need to focus on the bigger picture. As an online business that is always competing with other brands that […]

November 27, 2017 | By mediaone
Floating Action Button

Can a Floating Action Button Boost UX?

To succeed in the lucrative Singapore online marketing realm, you need to make sure that your website offers the best user experience (UX). One of the best ways of achieving this goal is by including a Floating Action Button in the landing pages and other sections of the site that you deem appropriate. What is […]

November 26, 2017 | By mediaone

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