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background textures for websites

How to Effectively Use Background Textures in Web Design

There are multiple ways of using background textures for websites in Singapore. It’s an effective way of adding depth to your newly-designed website. For you to optimise textures and make your designs more eye-catching, you should use high-quality background textures. This way, essential elements get emphasised. For years, background texture has gotten misused. This has […]

March 12, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
combining typefaces fonts

Best Practices for Combining Typefaces and Fonts

Once you give the elements in art and design shape and form, you are free to explore different techniques, styles, and how you will go about combining typeface fonts. However, combining typeface fonts is both an art and a science, and you must understand the basics of typographic design to be able to work around […]

March 12, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
e-commerce website mistakes

7 Most Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes We See Online

Which are the most common e-commerce website mistakes that prevent businesses from growing to their full potential? Almost everyone shops online nowadays. In 2018, the e-commerce giant Amazon made an $11.2bn profit. E-commerce is a lucrative niche, which is evident from the profits amassed by Amazon and other online retailers such as Alibaba. However, to […]

March 11, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
visual website design in Singapore

How Visual Website Design Affects Sales and Marketing

Looking for answers on how visual website design affect sales and marketing? The role of graphic designers here in Singapore is to create the company’s brand awareness across its consumers. They do this by using stationery designs, banners, logos, mascots, and brochures. A good designer must understand what persuades customers to purchase a product. This […]

March 11, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
best Photoshop actions for web designers

7 Best Photoshop Actions for Web Designers in Singapore

Looking for information about the best Photoshop actions for web designers? One of the essential tools for Singapore web designers is Photoshop. This tool allows them to create custom web layouts, graphics, and sketch prototype ideas for their clients. The action feature is one of the best aspects of Photoshop, and makes it a necessary […]

March 11, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
online loyalty programmes in Singapore.

How to Execute Loyalty Programmes Online In Singapore

It takes a lot of effort to make it in the modern e-commerce industry, and one of the things you need to do is boost your reputation by using online loyalty programmes in Singapore. The basis of using loyalty programmes is to convert customers into avid brand loyalists. With the proper initiative, you can turn […]

March 10, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
automate content marketing

7 Super Effective Ways to Automate Content Marketing

Content marketing is a time-consuming activity, and for this reason, you should look into how you can automate content marketing for your business. There is a general misconception about how content marketing automation works.In this article, we look at the seven super effective ways you can automate content marketing to increase website traffic and increase […]

March 10, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
how to design web forms

How Not To Design Web Forms

Web forms are at the heart of every design project, and web designers need to master how to design web forms. Forms are integral part of any site after taking center stage for more than 2 decades, many designers are still having trouble designing web forms that resonate with the users. In this article, we […]

March 10, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
Professional web designers in Singapore

The Reasons Why Website Designers Will Continue to Rule the Web

Professional web designers in Singapore and the world over have remained behind the scenes while the web programmers have been handsomely rewarded. Designers have for the majority of the 25 years that the internet has been around faced tremendous struggles due to lack of a variety of design tools and slow-moving standards. However, for the […]

March 09, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
WordPress page builder

Pros and Cons of 5 Most Common WordPress Page Builders

After getting a good WordPress hosting package, the next decision you have to make is which WordPress page builder you’ll use to create your site. This article reviews five of the most common page builders. We have highlighted their strengths and drawbacks. We’ve also stated some of the features that make them stand out. some […]

March 09, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce

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