35 Incredible (And Free) SEO Online Resources To Learn

35 Incredible (And Free) SEO Online Resources To Learn

SEO is about tweaking your website to make it more visible when people search for stuff online.

Picture it this way: you’re throwing a huge party (aka your website) and want to ensure everyone knows where to find it. This article dives into ten top-notch SEO learning resources to help you climb those search engine ranks.

Remember the last time you had a burning question? Maybe it was “How to make banana bread?” or “Best travel destinations post-pandemic.”

What did you do? You turned to Google or another search engine, typed in your query, and voilà, answers appeared. That, my friends, is the magic of SEO. Websites ranking high are there thanks to clever SEO tactics.

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Search engines deploy bots called “crawlers” to sift through content and decide what’s relevant. SEO ensures your site is not only user-friendly but also crawler-friendly. That’s how you end up on the coveted first page of search results.

Now, here’s the kicker—SEO doesn’t cost a dime. For businesses watching their budgets, this is golden. It’s the ultimate equalizer, allowing small businesses to compete with industry giants because you can’t buy your way to the top of organic rankings.

But SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and patience. There is no instant gratification here, folks. The best SEO pros are perpetual students, continuously updated with the latest SEO resources and tools as search algorithms evolve.

So, what’s the takeaway? The sooner you dive into SEO, the better. Below, we’ve rounded up ten incredible (and free!) resources to get you started on your SEO journey. Ready? Let’s go:

35 Incredible (And Free) SEO Online Resources

1. Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

SEO Online Resources - Googles Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

Who better to learn SEO from than Google itself, right? They’re the masters of search engines, after all.

If the platform you aim to conquer shares a treasure trove of tips on getting noticed, you should pay attention. Seriously, why wouldn’t you? Dive into Google’s SEO Starter Guide for a goldmine of insight.

It’s packed with practical advice and step-by-step instructions on how to climb up those search results and boost your site’s visibility. Get ready to rank higher and see your website soar.

2. Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO Online Resources - Moz Beginners Guide to SEO

Moz is like the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools—marketers around the globe use it for everything under the SEO sun. But wait, there’s more.

The Moz blog isn’t just for the pros; it’s a treasure trove for anyone who needs advice, research, how-to’s, and insights rolled into one. Think of it as your trusty sidekick in search engine optimization.

To top it all off, the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO is hailed as one of the best go-to resources for newbies. It’s comprehensive and easy to understand, and you’ll feel like an SEO whiz in no time.

3. Learning SEO’s Roadmap

SEO Online Resources - LearningSEOs Roadmap

Are you looking to dive into the SEO world but feeling overwhelmed by all the information? Say hello to Learning SEO’s roadmap! This resource gem cleverly gathers the best free SEO learning materials online, offering a clear, step-by-step path.

Whether you’re just getting started with the basics or aiming to master advanced techniques, this roadmap has got you covered. It’s perfect for beginners who crave a structured plan instead of getting lost in a sea of data. Plus, who doesn’t love a well-organized, easy-to-follow guide?

4. Quick Sprout’s SEO Content

SEO Online Resources - QuickSprouts SEO Content

Quick Sprout is your ultimate online sidekick for all things business. They have your back, whether you’re just starting or looking to scale up. Their blog? It’s like a goldmine of SEO goodness and digital marketing wisdom. Guess what?

They’ve done you a big favour by putting all their juicy SEO content on one super-handy page. Trust us, if you’re hunting for top-notch SEO resources, Quick Sprout’s SEO resources page is the place to be—it’s one of the best you’ll ever find. Dive in and get ready to take your online business to new heights.

5. Search Engine Journal’s 38 Curated SEO Resources

SEO Online Resources - Search Engine Journals 38 Curated SEO Resources

Imagine having the internet’s best SEO learning resources compiled into one convenient page. That’s exactly what Search Engine Journal has done, curating 38 of the finest SEO resources.

Whether you’re diving into Google’s official SEO guidelines or exploring insightful blogs from leading SEO tool creators, there’s something in this treasure trove for everyone—from newbies to seasoned pros.

 It’s like having a map of the gold mines of SEO knowledge, pointing you toward high-quality content and essential websites. Why waste time sifting through countless pages when the experts have done it for you? Dive in and start learning.

6. Semrush’s SEO and Advanced SEO Blog

SEO Online Resources - Semrushs SEO and Advanced SEO Blog

Semrush makes online marketing a breeze with its tagline, “Online Marketing Can Be Easy.” As a top-notch software-as-a-service company, they craft SEO tools that simplify keyword research and online ranking data. And guess what? Semrush doesn’t stop there. They consistently share fresh content about SEO, online advertising, and content marketing.

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Their SEO and Advanced SEO blogs are your ultimate go-to resources, whether you’re just starting or an SEO veteran.

Newbies can get the scoop on essentials like keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building. Conversely, pros can use advanced strategies, troubleshooting tips, data analysis, and industry-specific insights to fine-tune their optimization game. Whether learning the ropes or perfecting your craft, Semrush has got you covered.

7. Yoast’s SEO Blog

SEO Online Resources - Yoasts SEO Blog

Yoast is a superstar SEO plug-in for WordPress with a fan base of over 5 million active users. This must-have tool is perfect for website owners who don’t have a clue about SEO.

 Yoast makes it easy to meet technical SEO standards and gives you all the tools to make your content shine in search engines and be super-readable.

The best part? Yoast’s SEO blog is packed with goodies that mirror its mission to simplify SEO for everyone. Need a crash course in SEO? Their beginners’ guides are some of the top learning resources.

8. Simplilearn SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Online Resources - Simplilearn SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Have you ever wished learning SEO could be a bit more engaging? With nearly 2 million views, Simplilearn’s SEO Tutorial is crushing it as the go-to SEO video for beginners on YouTube if you learn best with videos rather than sifting through endless text.

How Much Content Syndication Affects SEO

This video isn’t a quick watch—it’s a bit of a marathon over 8 hours long. But don’t worry! Simplilearn has thoughtfully broken it down into 30 bite-sized sections with handy timestamps. That means you can quickly jump back in right where you left off.

And what will you learn? Just about everything a beginner needs to start killing it with their SEO campaign: keyword research, Google Tag Manager, ranking on Google and YouTube, and a whole array of essential SEO tools.

9. Search Engine Land’s SEO Guide

SEO Online Resources - Search Engine Lands SEO Guide

Think of Search Engine Land’s SEO Guide as your trusty sidekick to the periodic table of search factors. That isn’t just any guide—it’s a lively, nine-step journey through the world of SEO.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this tutorial is packed with the basics. It’s fun, friendly, and super easy to follow.

10. Word Stream’s SEO Guide

SEO Online Resources - 10 WordStreams SEO Guide

Are you tired of the same old SEO advice? Well, let us introduce you to Word Stream. They offer a refreshing take on SEO by mixing it up with some PPC (Pay-per-click) magic.

If you’re weary of standard tips and tricks, Word Stream’s unique blend might just be what you need. Dive into a world where SEO and PPC join forces, making your digital strategy effective and exciting.

11. SEO By the SEA

SEO Online Resources - 11 SEO By the SEA

SEO by the Sea is a fantastic blog by Bill Slawski, based in sunny San Diego, California. Bill’s a guru when it comes to search engines and internet marketing. So, as you know, he’s been rocking the SEO scene and internet marketing consultancy since 1996. That’s over two decades of expertise under his belt.

Bill doesn’t just follow the trends—he sets them. His proactive and professional approach makes him a trusted name in the online community. So, what can SEO by the Sea do for you? Plenty!

From thorough SEO site audits, actionable improvement tips, keyword research, and savvy link-building strategies.

Bill also offers personalized SEO training and coaching, nails local search SEO to boost online and offline traffic, and offers top-notch blogging consulting. Need competitor analysis or SEO guidance while building your website? Bill’s got that covered, too. You’re in good hands with Bill Slawski and SEO by the Sea, that’s for sure.

12. MarketingLand

SEO Online Resources - 12 MarketingLand

Marketing Land is like your best buddy in the digital world, covering everything you could imagine—Martech, CMO, social media, SEM, SEO, mobile, analytics, display ads, email marketing, retail trends, and video content. It’s your go-to place for building a solid online presence.

What’s super cool is that the homepage features the freshest articles from various related platforms, updated in real-time. Imagine diving into stories about how AI shapes our future or learning which websites are getting busted for spammy ads.

It’s like Search Engine Land but on steroids, offering various categories. Do you have questions about boosting your online visibility? Marketing Land has your back, helping you expand your audience and connect with more consumers quickly.

13. Wikipedia PageRank

SEO Online Resources - 13 Wikipedia PageRank

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Have you ever wondered how to shoot your website straight to the top of search engine results?

It’s all about mastering the PageRank algorithm, the secret sauce behind search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Imagine this algorithm as the ultimate popularity judge, deciding who gets the coveted front-page spot. To optimize it, you need to know what makes search engines tick.

First, your site should be a magnet for visitors, pulling them in with engaging content that keeps them around.

And don’t forget about those high-quality backlinks. They’re like votes of confidence from other websites, boosting your credibility. It’s not just about keywords—oh no! It’s about building a site that people love to visit and explore.

Wikipedia PageRank? Think of it as your magic wand for staying ahead in the fierce online competition. Master it, and watch your online presence soar to new heights.

14. 5 Basic SEO Tips for The Beginner

SEO Online Resources - 14 5 Basic SEO Tips For The Beginner

Are you just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of blogging? Well, here’s a little gem for you! This BuzzFeed link leads you to an article crafted precisely for beginners. The title gives it away: “Five Basic SEO Tips for the Beginner.” But don’t let the straightforward name fool you—this piece is packed with pure gold.

The author shares the golden rules every newbie needs to know in a delightfully short read. Have you ever wondered what search engine optimization (SEO) involves? You’re in luck. The article breaks it down into bite-sized pieces: keywords, optimized links, titles, and tags.

Each section dives deeper, showing you exactly how to tackle these elements like a pro. Whether you’re hunting for fresh strategies or need a little SEO refresher, this BuzzFeed post is a must-read.

15. MediaOne’s Blog

SEO Online Resources - 15 MediaOnes Blog

MediaOne’s blog section offers an array of informative and engaging content for anyone interested in digital marketing.

From SEO to social media strategies, the blog covers many relevant and valuable topics for businesses, marketers, and individuals looking to improve their online presence.

One of the great things about MediaOne’s blog is that it caters to all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a beginner just starting in digital marketing or an experienced professional looking for advanced techniques, there’s something for everyone on their site.

The blog also includes case studies and real-life examples, giving readers a better understanding of how different strategies can be applied in practice. That makes the content more relatable and provides valuable insights for readers to apply to their digital marketing efforts.

The Best YouTube Videos for Learning About SEO

16. Google Search Central on YouTube 

SEO Online Resources - 16 Google Search Central on YouTube

Have you ever stumbled upon the Google Search Central YouTube channel? If not, you’re missing out! These videos are a goldmine for SEO enthusiasts. And guess what? They’re free! Google’s webmaster team creates these highly technical yet incredibly engaging clips themselves. It’s a surprise more folks aren’t buzzing about it.

17. The Exposure Ninja YouTube Channel 

SEO Online Resources - 17 The Exposure Ninja YouTube Channel

Shameless plug alert — but with good reason. The Exposure Ninja channel is packed with SEO goodness. Six out of their top ten videos are all about SEO. They’re all about marketing but with an SEO twist. Don’t miss out on their weekly uploads every Monday. Hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay in the loop.

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18. Ranking Academy on YouTube 

SEO Online Resources - 18 Ranking Academy on YouTube

Luc Durand is the brain behind Ranking Academy, a weekly SEO wisdom treasure trove. His channel zeroes in on small businesses, making complex SEO strategies easy to grasp. Whether you’re just starting or running your digital empire, Luc’s energetic tutorials will keep you hooked!

19. Crawling Mondays on YouTube 

SEO Online Resources - 19 Crawling Mondays on YouTube

Welcome to Crawling Mondays, the new kid on the block! Aleyda Solis, a technical SEO whiz, combines deep-dive technical tutorials and chats with other SEO experts. Each episode is a blend of learning and intriguing insights, making it a must-see for anyone serious about SEO.

20. Income School on YouTube 

SEO Online Resources - 20 Income School on YouTube

Ricky Kesler and his team at Income School are on a mission to demystify SEO, internet marketing, blogging, and YouTube. Their popular videos dive into SEO like no other, sometimes running an hour long. Whether you have five minutes or fifty, you’ll walk away enlightened and entertained.

21. Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays 

SEO Online Resources - Mozs Whiteboard Fridays

Meet the giant of SEO content—Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays. Every week, the Moz team rolls out a crisp, fifteen-minute video that’s either a friendly beginner guide or a sneaky advanced topic. Initially started by Rand Fishkin, the tradition remains a go-to resource for SEO enthusiasts.

22. Chis Palmer SEO

SEO Online Resources - Chis Palmer SEO

Meet Chris Palmer, SEO extraordinaire born on April 25th, 1985. With 12 years of passionate dedication, Chris isn’t just any SEO expert—he lives and breathes it. If you’re looking to dive deep into search engine optimization, there’s no better guide. Check out his website here.

Want more? Join the fun over at the Masterminds SEO Group. It’s the go-to place for top-tier coaching, engaging courses, and exciting SEO testing experiments. Ready to transform your SEO game? Head over to Masterminds SEO.

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23. Reddit SEO 

Have you got an SEO question? With 90,000 members, the Reddit SEO community is buzzing with discussions on everything from the latest algorithm updates to the nitty-gritty of white and black-hat tactics. Join the conversation!

24. John Mueller’s Twitter Handle

Meet John Mueller, Google’s go-to guy for Webmaster Trends. He’s a goldmine of SEO wisdom. Follow him on Twitter and check out his Google Webmaster Hangouts. Your SEO game will thank you.

25. Rand Fishkin Twitter 

Rand Fishkin may have moved on from Moz, but his sharp insights on SEO trends are still on point. Follow him on Twitter for a thought-provoking feed that blends SEO with social media marketing savvy.

26. Brian Dean’s YouTube Channel 

Brian Dean isn’t flooding YouTube with content, but what he does upload is pure gold. His channel is crammed with valuable SEO tips. If you’re a fan of Backlinko, you’ll be hooked on these videos.

27. Follow Buzzsumo Twitter 

Buzzsumo isn’t just a tool—it’s your secret weapon for content performance analysis. Follow them on Twitter for daily marketing wisdom, mainly social media strategy.

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28. Follow Screaming Frog on Twitter 

Who doesn’t love quick and easy SEO updates? Follow Screaming Frog on Twitter, and you’ll get all the latest SEO news and software updates in your feed. They’re a treasure trove of key SEO stats for each page on your site.

29. Exposure Ninja FREE Marketing Review 

SEO Online Resources - Exposure Ninja FREE Marketing Review

Have you ever felt like your website has some invisible gremlins messing things up? Exposure Ninja is here to help! Their free marketing reviews are done by real people (yes, actual human beings) who dig deep to find and fix those pesky issues. No wonder they’re rocking five-star Facebook reviews.

30. Slideshare 

SEO Online Resources - Slideshare

Craving some juicy insights from big SEO conferences but can’t sneak past your boss’s budget restrictions? No worries! Many SEO speakers generously upload their slides to Slideshare after their events. It’s like attending the conference without leaving your desk—score.

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31. Codeacademy

SEO Online Resources - Codeacademy

Codecademy may not be a go-to for SEO specialists, but let me tell you, its value goes beyond optimizing search engines. Every week, without fail, I find myself delving into some HTML or CSS—yes, even the beginner stuff I learned from their free courses.

It’s like having a handy tool in your back pocket, always ready to save the day. Honestly, I’d say give it a whirl. You might find it as indispensable as I do.

32. HubSpot Academy

SEO Online Resources - HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers an incredible collection of courses focused on content. Picture this: videos on inbound marketing, email marketing, and even Instagram marketing, all at your fingertips.

The HubSpot team has done a fantastic job curating valuable content you’ll appreciate. Here’s a little insider tip—try watching the videos at 1.5x speed. Trust me, it makes a difference. You’ll get through the modules faster and stay engaged. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

33. SEO on Udemy

Are you looking to boost your SEO skills without emptying your pockets? Look no further! Udemy, one of the top destinations for online learning, has a treasure trove of free SEO courses just waiting for you to explore.

It’s easy peasy to find them. Visit the Udemy site, pop “SEO” into the search bar, and filter the results by price. Voilà! You’re all set to dive into SEO without breaking the bank.

34. Coursera

SEO Online Resources - Coursera

Incredible as it sounds, Coursera still provides access to courses from prestigious universities at no cost. Fancy dipping your toes into the world of Search Engine Optimization?

You can start with the “Introduction to Search Engine Optimization” course from the University of California, Davis. And yes, it’s free! So why wait? Dive in and learn from the best without spending a dime.

35. SEMrush Academy

Semrush Academy is genuinely one of the top-notch resources out there.

In particular, we can’t get enough of the SEO Fundamentals course with Greg Gifford. Whether you’re a newbie or looking to sharpen your skills, Greg makes SEO fun and approachable.

In Summary

So many fantastic resources are out there to help you master SEO, way more than we’ve listed here! Dive in and start your SEO journey today.

Before you know it, you’ll boost organic traffic like a pro, driving more eyes to your website or online business. Go on, give it a go – your future self will thank you.

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