Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Digital Marketing Job In Singapore

Your Ultimate Guide To Finding A Digital Marketing Job In Singapore

Internet usage is at an all-time high in Singapore, and the demand for digital skills has more than doubled over the past few years. Best of that, the need for social media management and digital marketing has now become a necessity.

This comes as great news to aspiring digital marketers, as it goes to show that high profile companies are more than willing to spend huge sums of money hiring digital marketing specialists to help them propel their businesses to new heights.

Singapore is one country in the world that has been experiencing a sharp increase in the demand for digital marketers. As the country moves away from the traditional economy, digital-based services are beginning to replace them at the forefront.

The Digital Marketing Landscape In Singapore

Digital marketing is booming. Businesses have now realised that they have to turn to digital marketing if at all, they want to cater to a broader range of customers.

Digital marketing is also helping businesses expand globally and target the right group of prospective customers. Singapore, being one of the largest economies in the world, is now a central hub for new businesses, which makes it a great market for digital specialists and online marketers.

In short, the digital landscape is growing at a faster pace than we anticipated. More and more companies are beginning to invest heavily in SEO and online marketing in general. That explains why there has been an influx of digital marketing agencies in the country.

The Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing at a faster pace in Singapore. It’s safe to say that digital marketing specialists are only playing catch-up to the ever-growing demand for digital marketing services.

Traditional marketing no longer cuts the ice, prompting the inevitable shift towards digital marketing.

Here are some key stats to explain the new paradigm shift:

  1. Singapore has a population of 5.7 million. Of this, 3.3 million are super active on social media. That means that it’s possible to target more than half of Singapore’s population by marketing on social media alone.
  2. More than 40 percent of all internet users in Singapore have reported shopping online. That means there’s a fair chance that you’re losing close to half of sales by ignoring the online market.
  3. Singapore’s mobile users spend more than 45 hours a week doing random stuff online. That means that you have plenty of ways to target them online.
  4. About 83% of Singapore’s population has an active Facebook account. Out of these, 50% are reported using Facebook messenger.
  5. More than 50% of the population in Singapore has an active Instagram account.
  6. Singapore people spend not less than 2 hours per day streaming online videos.
  7. Singapore boasts one of the fastest broadband speeds in the world.
  8. WhatsApp tops the list with a market penetration rate of 73%.
  9. The best group to target online are the people between the age of 15 and 24 years, which stats reveal make about 87% of all Instagram users.

As a marketer, It’s almost impossible to compete effectively in the present world of business without investing in digital marketing. Consumers have changed a great deal. Nowadays, before making the decision to purchase anything, they spend huge amounts of time researching and checking out online reviews and ratings.

Now back to digital marketing as a career. At the time of writing this, there are more than 4, 000 digital marketing jobs in Singapore that are being advertised on Linkedin. These are the jobs you can apply today and jump-start your career as a digital marketer.

However, to stay relevant in the digital marketing space, there are skills that you’ll be required to develop. You also have to be digitally savvy and, on top of that, develop a culture for learning, while resting your finger on the pulse of digital trends.

Digital Marketing Job Titles

Landing a job as a digital marketer is one of the most direct ways to gain entry into the tech industry. With it comes the opportunity to expand your horizon and learn lots of new skills.

We’ll try to break down what it means to have a career as a digital marketer and what types of jobs you can apply for at the entry-level, as well as some primers on how to advance your digital marketing career for an even bigger pay.

Here are some common digital marketing job titles you should familiarise yourself in order to gun for the right job for your interest and experience:

most common digital marketing job titles in singapore

Digital marketing is so overarching, with more than a hundred designations. Of course, we can’t cover them all in one article, but here are some quick highlights on the top ones:

Digital Marketer

Typically, anyone with the job title of a digital marketer works as an online marketing generalist. This is the most basic of the job titles, more common with startups or new companies.

This job title doesn’t restrict you to one particular area. You can switch gears on a whim depending on what you deem to be the best direction to steer your company. Also, decisions have to be made regularly.

Your role isn’t well defined. Meaning, you’ll be doing just about everything depending on the goal you have. You’ll be managing email campaigns, proposing to sponsors, running PPC ads, and so forth.

Relating to this job title is the title of a “growth marketer.” The only difference is that a growth marketer leans more on the optimization bit of the job. They’re also more involved with technical hacks that are meant to help a company grow much faster with little strain on their part.

Annual Salary Approximations of a digital marketer — $71, 127

Content Strategist

Content marketing jobs are known to be a reserve of writers and editors. But there’s more to it.

To run a successful content marketing strategy, you need a strategy even more than you need the content itself.

Have you ever heard of a customer journey? Well, a content strategist focuses on laying down the strategy to drive new leads at the top of your sales funnel. In other words, it’s their job to figure out how your company can use content to get as many email addresses as it’s humanly possible.

They can achieve this using varied types of content, including blog posts, white papers, downloadable, ebooks, and multimedia content such as infographics and videos.

On top of being skilled at both writing and editing, content strategists must also have a deeper understanding of SEO and social media.

Related to this job title are content creators and content producers, with the only difference being a content strategist is more focused on the strategy bit of it all.

Annual Salary Approximations of a Content Strategist — $89, 698

SEO Specialist

SEO is all about making your site visible in the search engines. It’s the process of optimising your site for various keywords, so your users can have an easy time finding it on search engines.

An SEO strategist is a person bestowed with the role of getting your site ranked highly in the SERPs. First, they’ll conduct a thorough keyword research, which basically means using various tools to come up with a list of keywords that your users query the most in the search engines.

An SEO specialist is all about making your website easily discoverable. It’s their job to make sure that your site ranks atop in as many keywords as possible.

In which case, an SEO specialist is expected to be well-versed with tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Related to an SEO specialist is an SEO writer, with the main difference being an SEO writer will be more focused on creating content that both follows and aligns with SEO guidelines and policies.

For big companies, an SEO writer reports to an SEO specialist or content manager.

Annual Salary Approximations of an SEO specialist — $66, 848

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is sometimes referred to as a social media coordinator and their role is to come up with a solid social media strategy that’s going to bring you more business. It involves a whole lot more than sharing your posts on Facebook and all the other social media platforms.

First, a social media manager has to work closely with content creators, designers, and ad managers to both promote and share their content. It goes beyond attracting new customers to also getting them to take action.

A social media manager has to be well-versed in social media funnel. The approach they use must be more strategic and not reactionary like consistently posting on social media with no goal in mind.

It’s the job of a social media manager to use the various social media platforms to establish trust and inspire loyalty. It’s also part of their job to make your followers obsessed with your brand.

Meaning, everything has to be planned from the word go. The job title that relates to a ‘social media manager’ is a ‘community manager.’ The only difference is that a community manager is tasked with the role of managing a community, such as a Facebook group or online forum.

Annual Salary Approximations for a Social Media Manager — $59, 965

Marketing Manager

A marketer, like a digital marketer, is a generalist. Their job is not specific, but one involving just about anything it takes to successfully market your business online.

A marketing manager is even broader in the sense that it does not limit one to marketing on one stage of the digital funnel. A marketing marketer also doesn’t involve themselves much with content or marketing at the top of the funnel. Their marketing efforts target the bottom of the funnel.

Where they have to be publishing new blog posts and crafting a solid SEO strategy, a marketing manager will be sending sales emails, managing ad campaigns, and partnering with other stakeholders to crank up your sales.

Marketing managers can be broken down further into:

  1. Email marketers: These are tasked with the role of managing your email campaign and communicating with your customers and prospects.
  2. Campaign Managers: These head your sales campaign. They’re specifically meant to help you run a successful sales campaign and make you more sales.

Annual Salary Approximations for a Marketing Manager — $93, 125

Paid ads managers are the experts in paid searches or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They understand ad campaigns to the bone, and it’s their job to ensure your campaign money makes you the most returns.

The campaigns run by ads managers fall in three categories:

Search: These are the ads that appear with search results whenever a user queries anything in the search engines.

Social: These include all social media ads, including Facebook and Instagram.

Display Ads: these sums up all the banner ads that you see floating on websites. Where they’re set to adjust to your search history, the process itself is referred to as retargeting.

Paid ad marketing is a complex field, involving lots of maths and smart financial decisions. It requires a huge budget, hence mostly used by big companies with big ad spends.

A paid ad manager is always busy, working with content creators and designers to get the images and copies that they’ll be using in the ads. They’re also tasked with the role of analysing paid ads and making necessary adjustments to improve them for better results.

Annual Salary Approximations for a Paid Ads Manager — $83, 137

Partnership Marketer

A partnership marketer is all about making and managing strategic partnerships. Their job entails performing a long list of related tasks meant to identify and reach out to some of the best networks in the industry that your company can partner with.

In other words, a partnership is expected to spend the bulk of their time meeting some of the big names in the industry. They’re also tasked with the role of attending the conferences happening within your locality, where they have to talk about your products with every little chance they get.

They’re the people that reach out to podcasters and influencers and look out for the possibility of partnering with them.

In more specific terms, a partnership marketer can fall in either one of the two categories:

Affiliate Managers: These are tasked with the role of managing affiliate marketers or anyone earning a commission from the sales that a company makes.

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Influencer Marketers: These are more focused on finding the right influencers that a company can partner with. And once they’ve identified one, they’ll reach out and negotiate on behalf of the company on the possibility of partnering.

Annual Salary Approximations for a Partnership Marketer — $93, 125


A copywriter’s scope of work is huge. The first qualification for being a great copywriter is being a team person. You must also be keen on taking instructions and paying close attention to details.

A copywriter is also expected to support the content creation team in refining their work for a better response rate. They’ll also be working very closely with social media managers to help them come up with better words to post on social media.

Also, copywriters are expected to work closely with SEO specialists and search engine marketers to help them come up with better web content and ad copies that convert.

Annual Salary Approximations for a Copywriter — $79, 176

Inbound Marketing Manager

An inbound marketer does almost the same thing as a content marketer. The only difference is that, while a content marketer will be more focused on what’s happening at the top of the funnel, an inbound marketing manager looks at the sales funnel more holistically.

They’re more concerned with what’s happening at each stage of the sales funnel. An inbound marker is also more focused on building a strategy for attracting more customers, while a content marketer is tasked with the role of implementing the strategy.

In other words, an inbound marketer manager thinks, while a content manager executes what’s suggested by them.

Annual Salary Approximation for an Inbound Marketing Manager — $93, 125

So how Can You Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career?

Here are some amazing tips on how to kick-start a solid career as a digital marketer in Singapore:

Advance and Refine Your Skill

Digital marketing is a never-ending learning curve. Speaking of which, there are two types of skills that you need to learn to be a successful digital marketer: hard skill and soft skill.

For hard skills, you need to master the art of demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) for stakeholders. You must be knowledgeable enough to utilise the data before you and be able to help others understand the benefits associated with digital marketing.

The higher the ROI, the more you’re likely to make more money as a digital marketer.

Next are soft skills. This is where you let your creative juices flow. It’s where you let your innovation, influence, and ability to work with others work for you. These are the skills that most agencies are interested in the most. They’re what determine your competency and how you’re likely to stand out from the rest of digital marketers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an autodidact digital marketer or you’re pursuing a degree in the field. Once you choose to be a digital marketer that means you’ll never stop learning.

You have to develop a culture of reading authoritative websites for marketing, as well as marketing magazines and publications for some insight with regards to what’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

In other words, you have to be a consistent learner who at all times has their ears open. Scroll through Linkedin, gobble as many web articles as you can, and never miss out on any digital marketing seminar happening near you.

In brief, digital marketing demands that you learn to consistently update your skills if at all you want to continue being relevant.

Be Eager to Learn

Digital marketing is an evolving and fast-growing field. It’s also super-competitive, with new trends emerging almost every day.

Unlike other career fields, where you learn and spend the rest of your life, implementing what you initially learned. Digital marketing requires that you spend a good chunk of your time learning and understanding the basics of the trade, and the rest of your life updating your skills to stay relevant.

Plus businesses can easily tell if you’re a consistent learner or just riding through the wave with no sense of directions. This requires you to be passionate and have a genuine desire to succeed as a digital marketer.

Take Your Time to Develop a Strong Digital Presence

It’s easy to convince businesses or agencies to hire you when you’re the chief beneficiary of what it is that you’re good at. So before you even think of shouting at the top of your voice or convincing anyone to hire you, make sure your work speaks for itself.

Employers want you to demonstrate your skills and prove to them that you’re not just blowing smoke or trying to sell them snake oil. So the first thing you do as a burgeoning digital marketer is to work on making yourself visible in the search engines.

Try as much as you possibly can to rank in many of the keywords that matter. You can start by working on your Linkedin profile. Create a blog or website and optimise it thoroughly for search engines. Where you’re not in a position to work on case studies at least have a convincing digital presence to do the talking for you.

Don’t rush through the process. Instead, try as much as you can to polish everything. If your photography skills are not up to snuff, get a professional photographer to work on your photos. Lastly, take your sweet time to draft a convincing bio and see the magic of giving everything a professional touch.

Stay Updated

Stay on top of industry news. You can do this by subscribing to the newsletters of all the major digital marketing platforms you come across. In other words, a day shouldn’t pass without you reading something new on digital marketing.

While at it, remember that big players such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are constantly updating their system. They’re always tweaking their algorithm and paid advertising platforms.

What works today comes with no guarantee of working tomorrow. There’s a fair chance that things could turn for the worst, where what got you ranked today could be the reason you get penalised tomorrow.

So instead of taking a more cosmetic approach, learn to think like search engines by focusing on a long term digital marketing strategy.

Here are a few recommendations of sites to follow for digital marketing updates:

  1. For SEO, you have sites such as Moz, SEOGadget, Distilled, and Search Engine Land.
  2. For PPC, you can follow sites such as Search Engine Land or PPC Hero.
  3. For social Media, follow Social Media Today or Social Media Examiner.
  4. For content marketing, make an effort to sign up with Hubspot and follow their daily posts.
  5. For a localised version of all this, the blog section at MediaOne should be one of the places you frequent daily.

Learn to Analyse Data

According to HubSpot, the biggest hurdle marketers have reported facing is proving the ROI they’re able to generate. The last thing you want is for your employer or client not to credit you for your effort, despite generating results.

So the first thing you want to do is install some clear metrics. Be sure to include analytics, backed with data-driven conclusions whenever you submit a report to a client or sit down to evaluate your campaign.

You need this to prove that the results coming in are as a result of your marketing effort and not something else.

Many marketers struggle to measure campaigns and understand data. Read this, bearing in mind that every single aspect of your digital marketing effort is underpinned by analytics.

So whether you’re search marketer, social media specialist or PPC specialist, the most crucial thing you want to do is make sure you understand how to measure your online success. Also, make sure you understand it well enough to know why it happened and how to replicate it for a similar project.

This requires that you know how to collect and analyse different types of data. You should also be able to draw insights and make necessary tweaks to your campaign as you go.


You need a supportive network to succeed as a digital marketer. A single man can only do so much, but with the collective support of others, there’s no limit as to what you can achieve.

You can start by identifying a list of people that inspire you. In other words, you need a mentor — and not just one, but a list of them. These could be other digital marketers that have been in the game for much longer than you.

Another approach would be to sign up as an understudy of another experienced marketer. Follow them closely, and ask them as many questions as you can whenever you find it hard to comprehend anything.

Even more important is that you shouldn’t miss attending any of the industry meet ups and conferences. And while at it, try to make as many friends as you can. Let them know that you’re new to this field and if there’s any way they could help you enhance your skills.

Be Open to Trying Out New Things

Digital marketing is, for the most part, about taking risks. You can start by taking small tasks that you think are beyond your capabilities. Use these tasks to learn different skills and gain more experience.

Get out of your comfort zone and focus on your growth. Be always willing to try out new things even when you’re sceptical about your capabilities. As you’re soon to find out, the more you take on tough tasks and deliver them, the more confident you will be in your talent and knowledge.

With every calculated risk comes a new skill. And the more risks you take, the more qualified you become. Meaning, there’ll be more employers willing to sign you up as their new employee.

In brief, you’re a person with so much potential. You’ll be surprised by how far your potential and talent can stretch if given a chance

Learn Industry Jargon

You need to be comfortable with using common industry terminologies. Take your time to wrap your head around as many of these terms as it’s humanly possible. Find out what’s meant by the term PPC, SEO, SMM, and so forth.

Learn these terms to avoid sounding like a beginner while explaining certain concepts to a potential employer or client. The last impression you want to create is one of a newbie that needs further training.

You need to learn about these terms to be able to understand some concepts better.

Seek Feedback

Don’t do or learn anything on a humble. Where you’re working under someone, make good use of their insights and suggestions — odds are, these people understand the intricacies of digital marketing better than you. They understand the fine details of running a successful campaign and their feedback could perfect your work or save you from making some common mistakes.

The feedback you receive from some of the experienced professionals you interact with will also help you expand your knowledge base and even get you to focus on some of the limitations you have been so oblivious about.

Another approach is to befriend your managers. Ask them for a drink if they’re friendly enough and let them open up during the informal exchange. Chances are they’ll be more honest with you and point out some of the things they’ve always shied off from telling you.

Lastly, learn to take every constructive criticism positively. Don’t hold them against anyone. Instead, use them to improve on some of the areas you suspect you’re weak at. Also, use the same tactic to perfect on some of the areas that you think you’re good at.

List of Courses You Can take to Become a Digital Marketer in Singapore

At this point, we recommend that you enroll in a series of digital marketing courses and be certified. Some of these courses are free and authoritative.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

There’s no better way to learn digital marketing than signing up for a course that’s offered by Google itself.

This Google’s course comes packed with almost everything you’ll need to learn about Google Ads, SEM, Video Networks, Social Networks, and Mobile Strategy, to name a few. Plus there’s a certificate for it once you complete the course.

Top Attributes Of A Successful Digital Marketer in Singapore: Essential Qualities Revealed

CopyBlogger’s Email Marketing Course

With CopyBlogger, you’ll be learning from the best. You’ll be learning from some of the most authoritative voices in the world of digital marketing.

Copyblogger will teach you everything you need to know to expertly blend up social media, SEO, and content marketing for a perfect lead generation strategy.

They’ll also teach you how to convert the leads you attract to your website into loyal customers that will be making return trips to your site for repeat purchases.

This 20-instalment course on email marketing will take you through everything you need to learn about copywriting, content marketing, keyword research, and SEO to jump-start your career as a digital marketer.

Best of all, the courses will be sent to you via email. This will ensure that you’re not overwhelmed the information to digest.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course

Here’s your chance to learn about inbound marketing from one of the big players in the industry. The best part is that you’ll be awarded a certificate upon completing the course.

In this course, you have 12 free marketing classes to go through online, each of which comes packed with loads of reading material and other resources to help you master the art of digital marketing.

With this course, you’ll be able to learn about SEO, blogging, email marketing, keyword strategy, calls to action, and so much more. Keep in mind that there’ll be an exam at the end of it all to prove that you understood what you learned.


You’ve probably heard of Coursera. It’s one of the leading providers of online education, and they have so many free offerings, including a series of free courses on online marketing.

Their courses are not fixed. So you have to keep checking them out and if you come across a course that you like, sign up for it immediately, before it expires. Otherwise, you might want to keep checking back with them now and then until you come across a new class that piques your interest.


Learn about the art of digital storytelling. This course is quite popular, and the best way there’s to learn about digital storytelling and how to run with it like the pro you are.

You get to learn about stories and how they’re likely to influence your prospects’ buying decision


Canvas has several free online courses that you can sign up for today. While they’re not currently offering any course on online marketing, they do offer them from time to time. Meaning you have to keep on checking with them just in case they release a new offering.

Until then, here are a few courses to consider:

Writing for the Global Market: Writing for the global market is not an easy feat. It’s not the same as writing in your native tongue or general blogging. Find out more about it by taking this course.

Copyright Clarity: This course discusses the misinformation and myths surrounding copyright laws. It also addresses the issue of fair use and tries to draw all the copyright laws out in the clear.

It’s a short course that you’d want to take to understand the laws governing the use of content online.

Use New Media to Protect Your Brand: Most marketers don’t use media correctly. However, with this course, you’ll be taught how to promote the voice of your brand using media.

More Courses

Here are free other digital marketing courses to enrol for today:

  1. Google Certifications offered by Google Partners

Learn from the big G itself by enrolling for this digital marketing course.

  1. Facebook Blueprint

This course comprises of a series of short five minutes lessons that will be touching on the various aspects of digital marketing. The courses are free and come with a certificate upon completion.

  1. Linkedin Learning

There’s no limit as to what you can learn from Linkedin. They have an endless list of courses that you can enrol for at almost every stage of your digital marketing career.

These are mostly short courses that you should be able to finish up in a couple of months or weeks. So odds are, you’ll end up with several certificates with an almost 100% assurance of landing your first job as a digital marketer.

  1. Simple Learn’s Digital Marketing Program

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on the list. It’s a master’s program designed to offer you a cornucopia of career-changing digital marketing skills.

It covers all the key disciplines of digital marketing — PPC, SEO, Conversion Optimisation, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, and so on.

The program comprises of 14 in-depth courses. It goes without mentioning that you’ll be awarded a certificate at the end of each course that you can use to apply for a digital marketing job anywhere, including Singapore.

Other than that, you’ll be exposed to over 40 digital marketing tools that you’ll be experimenting with on real projects in real-time. Best of all, your trainers are respected thought leaders in the industry. They include the likes of Matt Bailey, Brad Geddes, and Stephanie Hamel.

The course can be completed in 4 months, with only 10 hours of learning per week. And unlike the other courses on the list, it’s not free. You’ll be required to shell out $1, 499 for the entire course, inclusive of all the videos, workbooks, tools, and exams.

Companies that Hire Digital Marketers in Singapore

Several companies are currently hiring digital marketers in Singapore. As already mentioned, there are about 4 000 digital marketing jobs that you can apply today and start earning. Other than that, you have the option of signing up as a freelance digital marketing specialist with job sites such as Upwork and Freelancer.

Digital marketing isn’t a job for everyone. There’s so much to learn and so many hurdles to face if at all you want to become a digital marketer that an employer can consider hiring.

The good thing is that you can work with absolutely any type of company. Of course, your priority should be to secure a job with a reputable digital marketing agency in Singapore. This is an option worth considering if you’re an absolute beginner with zero experience.

You have options aplenty when it comes to this as all you have to do is choose from a long list of digital marketing agencies in Singapore.

Here’s a list of the top ones to consider:

  1. Orangus: This is a premium digital marketing agency that has been in operation since 1988. The company offers a wide spectrum of digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and Paid Media. In short, they offer full digital marketing services, and once in a while, you’ll find them looking for someone to fill up varied digital marketing positions.
  2. Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is one of the most sought-after digital marketing agencies in Singapore. It’s among the agency to consider sending an application once you’ve acquired the required skill set to jump-start your career as a digital marketer.
  3. Custom Creatives: If you have skills in web design, graphics design, Software Development, or SEO, then you might want to consider submitting your application with Custom Creatives for a chance to work with them.
  4. MediaOne: As one of the leading providers of digital marketing services in Singapore, we’re always on the hunt for the best brains in the country. Kindly consider submitting your application with us, and if your skills are impressive enough, then you stand a chance to join our team of marketers.
  5. Search Marketing Group: Search Marketing Group provides varied digital marketing services to popular brands in the country. They’re currently providing ongoing social media marketing services to an aviation school in the country, and they’re among the few companies every digital marketer in the country would kill to work for.

Types of Companies that Hire Digital Marketers in Singapore

One good thing with being a digital marketer is that you can work with absolutely any type company so long as they have an active online presence.

For instance, you have the following list of companies to work with:

  1. Law Firms

Law firms are one of the biggest beneficiaries of digital marketing services. That’s because the bulk of their clients rely on search engines for recommendations on the best law firms within their locality.

  1. Healthcare

The first thing people do whenever they feel sickly or awful is google their symptoms and try to self-diagnose the problem based on how they’re feeling. Reports indicate that that’s what 77% of the population does.

It’s for this reason that health facilities run blogs, quizzes, and web portals. They want to first connect with their patients before they can direct them to their health facilities.

  1. Auto Dealership

The digital space has proven to be an even better marketing platform for motor dealers than even the traditional media. That explains why automakers and local dealerships are always super-active online trying to attract as many clients as it’s possible for them. They’re one of the biggest beneficiaries of digital marketing services.

  1. Entertainment

The world of movies, music, and TV is all about connecting with fans and keeping them engaged all through. And what better way is there to achieve this than through digital marketing?

  1. The Food Industry

Social media users love posting about food and dinner dates. This is one habit that has been nastily criticised in the digital space. But for someone in the food industry, this is one trend that you can’t afford to turn a blind eye on.

There are so many ways you could drive customers to your deli or local restaurant by just capitalising on digital marketing. One is by running an active blog that regularly updates your visitors on some of the recipes you use to prepare your meals.

You could also capitalise on paid ads and get grow your sales.

How to Get a Digital Marketing Job in Singapore?

Getting a digital marketing job in Singapore shouldn’t be that hard if you have the skill set. The process can be a little complicated but not hard.

But before you go ahead and apply for the first digital marketing job that pops up, there are a few things about yourself that you’d first have to address:

Find out what type of Digital Marketing Job you’re Interested in

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re a man of many hats when it reality you’re just undecided on what it is that you’re interested in doing.

So you might want to begin by doing some thorough self-analysis. Go through the job titles we provided above and pick one that sparks your interest the most. Find out how these jobs impact your day-to-day life and you’ll develop a rough idea of what component of digital marketing intrigues you the most.

If you’re like most marketers, then chances are you’ll find yourself gravitating towards a specific component of digital marketing. It could be that you get more excited handling the analytical bit of digital marketing or for some reason you just enjoy writing.

Go ahead and make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing. It could be a simple list such as this:

  1. I enjoy writing
  2. I enjoy researching
  3. I enjoy working with a team
  4. I like analysing data

This should clue you in on the best direction to swing by in your digital marketing career.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is an asset that no company would want to miss in their arsenal. So as a skilled digital marketer, that means there’s no limit as to what type of company you can work for in this digital age.

Thankfully, digital marketing will remain as one of the most diverse and dynamic fields for the longest time possible. That is to say, you’ll always be in demand so long as you’re constantly updating your digital marketing skills.

To learn more about digital marketing, kindly talk to our digital consultation team at MediaOne, and they’ll have some more ideas on how to jump-start your career as a digital marketer in Singapore.

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