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If your business isn’t running Instagram promotions, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to generate more customers. The social media platform attracts over one billion active users every month and has significantly higher engagement levels than Facebook and Twitter. In Singapore, Instagram commands an impressive 82% of all social media activity.

The majority of people who use Instagram are millennials. Most of these users are shoppers, and they often follow brands that they like. If you post the right content, you are almost certain of generating leads to your business without implementing a sales pitch.

If you have no prior experience with Instagram promotions, don’t worry. This article covers all you need to know about Instagram marketing and how it can steer your business to higher levels.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram offers five ad formats – stories, photos, video, carousel, and collection. All of these formats integrate seamlessly into the users’ feed and stories without disrupting their browsing experience. Furthermore, Instagram allows you to choose from a range of call-to-actions to increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Stories Ads

Instagram stories are full-screen ads that appear on the user stories’ feed. They are ideal for promoting limited-time offers, as they expire 24 hours after the time of posting.

You can include a swipe-up call-to-action button that directs consumers to your website. Also, Instagram stories have inbuilt filters and videos that are useful in improving the quality of your posts.

Photo Ads

Photo ads allow businesses to advertise their products using compelling images. Unlike stories, photos remain visible as you long you like.

Video Ads

Videos are hugely popular on Instagram – in 2017, the amount of time spent watching videos shot up by a remarkable 80%. As a result, Instagram made it easier for business to use videos to promote their brands.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow advertisers to post a series of videos and photos showcasing their products. They are useful in highlighting in-depth details of a product or displaying several products under one category.

Collection Ads

Collections ads are the latest format of Instagram promotions, having launched at the beginning of last year. The most notable feature of collection ads is the purchase option that allows users to buy products directly from your post.  This standout feature arguably makes collection ads the most effective format of advertising on Instagram.

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Which Ad Format is the Best for my Business in Singapore?

The most significant consideration factor when choosing an Instagram ad format is your business goals.

If you are looking to improve brand awareness, videos and photos are your best bet. Ensure that the content is captivating, and complement it by including a compelling call-to-action with a link to your website.

For a business looking to boost sales, collection ads are the best option, as they allow users to link to your online store directly. 

Lastly, if you want to show off a new product line, use carousel ads.

Regardless of your choice, ensure that it aligns with your mission.

Now that you know the different formats of Instagram ads let’s move onto the methods of running an effective marketing campaign on Instagram.

Create an Optimised Business Instagram Account

If you want to generate leads from your Instagram account, ensure that it is solely used for business purposes.  The nature of the content you post impacts the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Avoid posting personal stuff – if possible, don’t post anything about you at all.

The first step to optimising your Instagram account is including a link to your e-commerce website on your bio. Also, make sure that the business name and description alongside the link are accurate and compelling.

Secondly, it is crucial to maintain a consistent profile image. The image should be similar to the one used on other social networks, as this improves brand recognisability. Most importantly, keep it professional and simple.

Post Compelling Content

Visual content showcases your product to potential clients without you having to tell them how great it is. That said, avoid making content that appears pushy, as this is likely to turn away potential clients.

The easiest way to grab the attention of Instagram users is by posting unique content. Instead of pitching your products directly, show the value of your merchandise to your followers. This approach establishes trust and eventually turns passive followers into regular clients.

Always post high-quality videos and images. Blurred and clumsily cropped images are likely to harm your following.  Moreover, make the most of Instagram’s inbuilt filters and effects to enhance your content and stand out from other businesses in Singapore.

Keep in mind that Instagram heavily focuses on visual content. As much as adding a description, make your content appear unique, too much will make your posts feel out of place. The rule of the thumb is to minimise the use on text, especially within images.

Get More Followers

Posting excellent content is pointless if nobody sees it. The question is, how do you get followers on Instagram?

Use Hashtags

If you are wondering how to get followers on Instagram, a good place to start is including hashtags on your posts. Hashtags increase the visibility of your content. A user can see all content under a particular hashtag months after its original posting by clicking onto it. 

While hashtags are undoubtedly useful, using too much in one post has negative impacts. Posts that have more than five hashtags have low engagement rates. Moreover, it comes out as if you are trying too hard.

It is essential to get creative with your hashtag. Try to blend in keywords and a bit of creativity that identifies with your brand. Make sure that the link is in your profile and other social media, and take the game offline by having it on print ads, your physical store, and so on.

Engage Influencers

Consumers are likelier to purchase items recommended by famous personalities.  Influencers can also contribute significantly to pushing up your follower numbers on Instagram.

When choosing an influencer, consider their popularity and level of engagement. If they have a huge following but rarely post on social media, they are unlikely to be effective. Also, the influencer should be relevant to your product or service. For instance, if you sell beauty products, your influencer should be a model.

Get Local

Another way of boosting your following is localising your posts. To see what’s trending in a particular location, say Singapore, go to the search page and choose the ‘places’ tab. Once this is done, type in Singapore and see all posts tagged to that location.

The essence of targeting particular demographic groups, interest, behaviours and locations is to increase the chance of generating leads. It is much easier to persuade users who are already interested in your product. Also, people will follow your account if they find content relatable.

Also, try to incorporate directions to your store in your Instagram ads. Some users, especially locals, might prefer visiting the physical shop over shopping online.

Share Your Followers’ Content on Your Profile

Sharing your followers’ content can significantly increase your popularity on Instagram. If a user spots a familiar face on your timeline, they are likelier to follow your brand. Likewise, the tagged user is likely to recommend your brand to their friends.

From a marketing perspective, tagging users who are using your products can influence the decision of other followers. Most people across the world, Singapore included, are likelier to purchase a product after they have seen another person using it in real life.

Remember to credit the user when you decide to share their content. Failure to do this counts as an infringement of image rights.

Engage Your Followers

After getting more followers, the next challenge is converting them into customers and keeping a hold of them. The best way of retaining your following is through engagement. Luckily, Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates among social media platforms.

A high engagement rate means that a business can easily communicate with its clients. As a business owner, this allows you to use clients’ feedback to improve service delivery, as well as build trust that converts your followers into loyal customers.

A compelling caption in each of your posts is a proven way of increasing engagements from your followers.  A popular tactic of initiating conversation is by captioning your content with questions. The caption should not solely describe what is in the image – make it attractive such that after reading, the viewer will take another look at the picture.

Additionally, the caption should be concise.  Nobody likes reading lengthy blocks of text. Create a piece that grabs attention and encourages the follower to take further action.

Besides smart captioning, you can boost engagement rates by using contests. Giveaways are a quick way of earning more followers and rewarding your loyal clients. That said, the prizes should be desirable and relevant to your brand, preferably one of your best-selling products.

You should start the contest by posting a startling image of the grand prize, accompanied by the details in the description section. After a few days, remind your followers of the completion by posting another photo of the award. When the designated period elapses, publicly announce the winner.

Before running a contest, confirm that your account has a solid following and respectable engagement rates. A contest with little or no engagement is likely to tarnish your reputation.

The last and perhaps most obvious method of increasing engagement is by responding to your followers’ comments and messages. You should also like and follow other users’ pages and content, as this improves your engagement rates.

Gauge the Progress of your Instagram Promotions

In any marketing campaign, it is vital to measure the progress continually. This allows you to determine whether the current strategies are working and how you can adjust them to guarantee more leads and sales for your business in Singapore. Fortunately, the internet has several Instagram analytics tools to help you on this front.

The first parameter useful in gauging your success on Instagram is tracking reciprocity. This enables you to identify the users who have the most interactions with your posts. Precisely, you will know the follower who like, comment, tag and repost your content most frequently.

Once you know your most loyal followers, remember to give them a shout-out. This will not only improve your relationship with them, but it will also encourage to promote your brand further.

Density is yet another crucial metric in assessing the impact of your Instagram adverts. It tells you the time and days when your followers interact with your posts. Overall, the best time to post on Instagram is in the evening.

However, the level of engagement on your account largely depends on your target audience. If you are targeting the working population, the best time is in the evening or during weekends. On the other hand, if you sell products to the youth and work-from-home moms, it is advisable to post during the day.

Further, density helps with determining the frequency of your posts. You should post a maximum of three images or videos at the times when your followers are most active. The posts should be evenly spread out, say after every one hour, to avoid overcrowding.

Finally, make sure that you know your most popular posts. This metric is particularly crucial, as it shows the type of content that your followers find appealing.  As a result, you can create more useful posts in the future. 


Well, you have completed an exhaustive guide on how to run your Instagram promotions.

Similar to other marketing strategies, Instagram ads will continue to evolve and improve, allowing businesses in Singapore to create more successful campaigns. This will further intensify competition in what is already a fiercely competitive platform.

Make sure that you keep abreast with the latest developments in this regard. Don’t let your efforts go in vain. If you fail to keep up, you will lose substantial ground to your competitors.

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What are the types of Instragram Ads

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– Carousel Ads
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