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how does local seo work in singapore context

According to information published on, Singapore continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors from Indonesia, India, Australia, and other countries. Therefore, as Singapore’s economy looks up, there is strong growth and increase in business formations. In fact, as of the 1st quarter in 2017, new business formations totaled 16,096, which is an increase of approximately 6.3%.

Having said that, these new businesses will need to make their presence known in their local areas and across the globe. Therefore, they can benefit greatly from a wide range of successful marketing campaigns including those that promote local SEO for Singapore websites. So, for those new business owners who are interested in what these marketing campaigns entail, here are a few things that all new and existing business owners should know before launching a new website.

What Does Local Search Mean For Singapore Firms

Local search is around us for many years and search engines especially Google prefer websites with better local SEO to improve the overall user experience. Of course Local SEO can give significant advantage but how you can compete with other businesses while you don’t even have a local business at all. The first and most important step is to thoroughly understand your analytical data. This way you’d know what contents are getting traffic and how you can improve them.

What is Local SEO for Singapore Websites?

When a new business is established, there are many different things that must be done in order for the organization to succeed. Among the most essential is employing the best google Local SEO staff in the area to design an effective marketing strategy. For instance, one marketing technique, in particular, involves promoting the companies, products, services and their brand by utilising innovative local search engine marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns are intended to reach large numbers of local customers using some of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hence, when these campaigns are implemented correctly, the business will have a chance to sell their products and services to the right type of customers in their local areas and surrounding communities.

What are 3 Great Benefits of Local SEO?

Because there are many different ways to promote a business, most business owners and their staff want to know what are the actual benefits of deploying a local search engine optimization services marketing campaign. According to several local SEO expert professionals from the best Local SEO company in the SEO industry, there are numerous benefits that businesses can take advantage of today, and they are as follows:

  1. Local search engine optimisation techniques that attract new customers to the business

Some marketing strategies tend to be much more effective than others. Therefore, the best strategies and techniques are normally used as effective ways to expand the business. This statement is also true for those business owners who want to take advantage of local seo packages and incentives to promote their brands. Therefore, if any new company is expecting to increase their sales, it is important that this type of marketing makes it easy for consumers to find a business in the local search engines.

  1. Local search optimization services help to speed up the process of getting customers the info they need

Another benefit of using a local business seo campaign is helping to get customers the information that they need as quickly as possible. For instance, when a company website uses citations like NAP correctly, customers can find the name, address and the phone number of the business in one centralized place. So, when a customer needs the company’s contact information, the data can be gathered quickly without unnecessary hassles or delays.

  1. Local SEO optimisations helps to increase business sales by being available all the time

Aside from local seo services marketing assisting in getting information quickly, it is also important to note that local search engine and google local seo marketing techniques are designed for a number of different reasons and purposes. Hence, business owners should know in advance some of the top benefits that these marketing campaigns are offering to Singapore website owners.

With this in mind, local search engine marketing and local search engine optimization techniques can be used to ensure businesses are available at all times. For example, 9 to 5 local businesses can still be found without their company’s representatives having to speak with consumers directly by phone. Instead, the information that a customer needs can be found on their official website, especially when the business is found online in the top local ranking results.

Decide When Local SEO Is Needed

Closely understand the keyword pattern of the people who are searching things in your industry. Two different businesses might benefit from the location pages but it doesn’t mean they need the same kind of location details for local searches. For example, local SEO can do miracles for real estate and jobs related websites as the location matters a lot in these two businesses. But the location details could be different.

Choose Less Popular Keywords

As this is all about avoiding the big competition, focus on keywords which have lower competition. It is preferable to settle on less popular keywords than engaging in competition with businesses with better resources than you. There is always something you can exploit and use in your favor; however, in such cases don’t expect immediate conversion but instead patience is the key here. Meanwhile you can increase your business recognition and provide valuable contents to your visitors.

Use Structured Data

Structured Data can help local businesses to reach out to their target audience who are looking for a specific answer. At the first glance, this approach seems counterintuitive as the audience would not be visiting the website itself but it can help greatly in search rankings and that’s where the real traffic comes from. Structured Data uses database to associate keywords with their description and this technique works in a number of ways like for a recipe, article, event and others. Google’s Data Structure Testing Tool can help you do it the right way.


Local SEO


Use Social Media Marketing

Blogging and social media marketing are two popular techniques businesses use for marketing and to increase their search ranking. However, you can sync these two activities and use them as a much powerful weapon. As mentioned above, you need to position yourself as a knowledge provider in your industry. Providing valuable contents to people would develop their trust on you. Publish your contents on the blog and share them with a backlink to the website on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Many people chose the parent category while choosing the business category during setting up Google My Business Page. The reason behind this common mistake is the false assumption that businesses should target everyone instead of narrow down their target audience. Interestingly, the purpose of improving local SEO Singapore biased searches is to reduce the number of irrelevant visitors on your website that would reduce your bounce rate too. For example, if you provide “Macbook repair” service then choosing “computer repair” service would be a mistake.

What should you include in your local SEO Campaign?

  1. Use Specific Keywords to Influence the ranking of the Business Site Locally

A significant part of developing an effect local SEO marketing campaign is identifying and using specific keywords. These keywords must be chosen selectively in order to target the businesses local community. For instance, once the keywords have been selected, they can be used in at least one of two ways. In some cases, the SEO specialists may recommend using specific keywords as combinations or keyword permutations. In either case, the main goal is to utilize the options chosen to target specific places in a local area. For instance, if a new real estate company is based in Singapore, the keyword that ‘s used could be written the following formats.

  • real estate property Singapore
  • local real estate Singapore
  • real estate packages Singapore

Each of these keyword phrase formats can be used to influence the local ranking for a business website. 

  1. Include Drop Links to Relevant local search SEO Directories

When a local SEO strategy is used by a new business, they will have an opportunity to place their websites in local directories. Fortunately, this part of the process is relatively simple to do if the business owner and their representatives have already completed their research in advance. For instance, the people who are responsible for promoting the company’s website can start this process by simply dropping their links to as many local directories as they can find. However, before beginning this process, it is important to make sure that the website directories selected are all relevant to the products and services offered by the business.

  1. Utilise Local Social Media Networks to Increase Customers and Sales

No local Seo marketing plan is complete without the use of social networks. Though once used for social communications between family and friends only, these networks have become very instrumental in building large communication vehicles of loyal customers for businesses. For instance, when a business owner or their representatives become an authority in a specific niche for certain products and services, the business can also be a reputable resource for locating useful relevant information. Based on the social network that is used, new businesses can expand their customer base by offering special discounts, freebies and other incentives to groups that want and need the products and services offered.

To ensure each business maximises the potential for high increases in conversion rates, it is essential that they select the most popular social media networks in Singapore. For instance, as of the 4th quarter in 2016, the most popularly ranked is Youtube. With a 75% of penetration rate and growing, social media networks are ideal for promoting new businesses and increasing sales. Specifically, when these marketing strategies are designed and deployed correctly. For more information on social media stats, new businesses should visit the site

  1. Register the Site on Google My Business

Prior to a new business website being deployed to a live large target audience, it is essential that the site includes all of the resources needed to market its products and services effectively. Because Google has provided a wide range of resources and tools to assist owners with their marketing campaigns, everyone involved can benefit greatly by including what they are offering worldwide and locally too. Specifically, when it involves registering for resources like Google My Business.

Google My Business has been designed to make finding a business much easier on any device that is used in Singapore and other countries. To register for Google My Business, there are a few things that the owner will need to complete to get started. One of the most essential is making sure the products and services match the appropriate categories so they the organization can maximize the total number of customers that they serve on a day to day basis.

  1. Install Analytics on the Website to Monitor the Process of each Local SEO Marketing Campaign

After a local SEO marketing campaign is up and running, it also important to note that this is just the start of a successful campaign. Since some strategies are effective and others are not, these campaigns will need to be monitored on a regular basis. Especially, if the campaign is not working as expected. In order to monitor the results, SEO experts recommend installing analytics on the website. Analytics will let everyone know when adjustments should be made and when local seo strategies are performing well in the Singapore marketplace.

With the trend of business formations continuing to increase in Singapore, it is becoming and more important for businesses to understand the effectiveness of deploying effective local SEO for Singapore websites. Because these marketing campaigns can affect a wide range of different areas including the business’ visibility in the major search engine like Google, everyone involved should make sure that they are designing successful local marketing campaigns for their organisations. Also, by starting early, there are numerous benefits that include identifying the best ways to attract new customers.

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