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How Do I Market My Slimming and Diet Products in Singapore

  Weight management is a multi-billion industry and two in every five residents of Singapore are unhappy with their weight. For this reason, slimming and diet products businesses are experiencing exponential growth in Singapore and around the world. How then do you market your slimming and diet products in Singapore? Here are three golden tips […]

January 30, 2017 | By mediaone

How to Market My Business in Singapore Using Instagram

Singapore boasts of superb internet connectivity, not just by regional standards, but also globally. We boast of a young, and tech savvy middle class, increasingly reliant on the internet for their day to day activities; a whopping 74% of Singaporeans regularly use social media platforms to interact and share information with friends, colleagues, and family […]

January 28, 2017 | By mediaone

Smart Tips for Social Media Influencer Marketing

  To stay ahead in the new generation social media realm, you need to engage with the key industry influencers. Buying Twitter and Facebook followers have proven to be pointless and a total waste of time and money. You cannot buy engagement and affection – you need to be more proactive and use credible social […]

January 27, 2017 | By mediaone

Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

The demand for affiliate marketing is booming and has become the primary marketing strategy for most companies across the globe. Digital marketers in Singapore are focusing more on profitability due to its continuous reliability. The performance driven platforms that drive the industry gives marketers increased return on investment (ROI) that cannot be achieved through other […]

January 27, 2017 | By mediaone

How Do I Market My Hotel in Singapore

When considering attracting more holidaymakers to your hotel, ensure that the Singapore Tourism Board recognizes your business. As at Q3 of 2016, there were over 6,000 hotels under construction and some awaiting approval. The number of already operating hotels is staggering, making it an uphill task to remain relevant. How then can you market your […]

January 24, 2017 | By mediaone

Social Media Marketing Etiquette for Every Business

In the increasingly connected society, it is imperative for every digital marketer in Singapore to adhere to social media marketing etiquettes. With so many social media platforms at our disposal, it is important to make sure that all marketing activities are in line with the societal expectations and norms. Here are four social media marketing […]

January 23, 2017 | By mediaone

How Do I Market My Health Products in Singapore

  The realization that most of the diseases and conditions Singaporeans face are preventable has led to a sharp increase in demand for health products across the country. In a bid to protect the consumers from complications that could arise from these products, the Health Products Regulation Group has come up with policies and regulations […]

January 22, 2017 | By mediaone

Internet Marketing Trends to Ensure that Your Business Reigns Supreme This Year

The online business realm is moving fast and so should you if you want to continue reigning supreme in your niche. The competition for a slice of the lucrative online market is fierce than ever before, and so it is important to come up with new plans on how to ensure that your business wins […]

January 20, 2017 | By mediaone

How Do I Market My Fashion Wear in Singapore

The fashion wear and footwear sales recorded in 2015 declined by 1% from the previous year. These statistics are according to a report posted on Euromonitor.com. The low number of tourists who visited the country as well as sluggish GDP growth is the primary factors that resulted in this drop in sales. Since then, the […]

January 19, 2017 | By mediaone

White Hat SEO Techniques to Use in 2017

The Google algorithm already has thousands of metrics that it uses to determine the value of content as well as rank sites. Knowing these metrics and apply them when creating content can be the difference between failure and success. Today, we look at four white hat SEO techniques that you need to continue or start […]

January 18, 2017 | By mediaone

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