Your Ultimate Guide To Using LinkedIn Hashtags In 2024

Your Ultimate Guide To Using LinkedIn Hashtags

Over a billion people call LinkedIn their professional playground, making it the “world’s largest professional network.” These folks are hungry to connect, get informed by content creators, and keep tabs on thought leaders wherever they roam.

Want them to discover you and your brilliant content? LinkedIn hashtags are your secret weapon. Fun fact: the technical name for a hashtag is “octothorpe.” Nerdy, right? But LinkedIn loves that kind of stuff! (Let’s face it, we’re all a bit professional nerdy here).

The big question is, which hashtags should you sprinkle into your posts? How many?

Did you know you can use them to find and follow fellow pros? Ready to transform from #clueless to #confident?

Dive into this ultimate guide on LinkedIn hashtags, featuring the hottest tags in 2024. Let’s hashtag our way to professional glory:

What Are LinkedIn HashTags?

LinkedIn hashtags are keywords or phrases prefixed with the hash symbol (#) that serve to categorize content and assist users in discovering relevant posts and discussions.

Including hashtags in your posts can enhance their visibility and help you reach a broader audience that follows or searches for those specific tags.

On LinkedIn, hashtags are advantageous for networking and engaging with niche professionals and industries.

Do Hashtags Work on LinkedIn?

The simple answer is yes, they do.

At first glance, LinkedIn might not seem like a platform where hashtags make a splash. They don’t steal the show here, like on Instagram or X (Twitter). However, that doesn’t mean hashtags on LinkedIn aren’t valuable.

Every little piece counts when crafting your LinkedIn presence; hashtags are no exception. When used correctly, relevant hashtags can boost your posts’ visibility, ensuring a more expansive audience sees your message.

Did you know users can follow hashtags and even search using them? That means your content could pop up in the feed of someone who doesn’t follow you but is interested in a hashtag you’ve used.

How to Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Posts

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn post is quite simple and can make your content more discoverable. But before you dive in, there are two handy tips to keep in mind:

Step #1: Some Research

Building a social media presence is a mix of creativity and science.

Sure, you can slap a “#” in front of any word to create a hashtag, but to really reach a bigger crowd, you need to find the most relevant hashtags. Take a moment to brainstorm your ideas, and then pop them into the search bar in the top left corner to see which hashtags have the most followers.

This little detective work will reveal the popular hashtags others are using and could even spark new ideas for your LinkedIn hashtags posts.

This little detective work will reveal the popular hashtags others are using and could even spark new ideas for your LinkedIn posts.

Step 2: Add the Hashtags At the End of Your Post

Once you’ve finished your hashtag research, it’s time to put them to work. Type your hashtags at the end of your post (#samplehashtag). You might wonder, “Why not sprinkle them at the top or within the text?”

LinkedIn hashtags double as hyperlinks

Well, here’s the scoop: LinkedIn hashtags double as hyperlinks. If you place them at the top, your audience might click away before they even get to read your awesome post.

By stashing your hashtags at the bottom, you first engage readers with your content. And don’t stress—if you need to, you can always go back and tweak your hashtags later. Play around with the number of hashtags, too, because it really does make a difference.

How to Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Business Page

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Wondering where to sprinkle those all-important hashtags? Let’s start with your LinkedIn business page, shall we? It’s super easy and actually quite fun. Head over to your page and click Edit Page on the left.

How to Add Linkedin Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Business Page

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 Once you’re there, scroll down until you see the Community tab. Click on Hashtags right underneath it. Now for the fun part: you can add up to three hashtags! Just tap on + Add a hashtag and type away.

 Now for the fun part- you can add up to three Linkedin hashtags

Adding these hashtags boosts your page’s visibility in relevant search results and helps you connect with your dream audience. Whether they’re interested in your brand, industry, products, or services, hashtags make you discoverable and keep the conversation going.

How to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Articles with Hashtags

Are you publishing on LinkedIn? Want more eyes on your articles? Let’s talk hashtags! Adding the right tags can boost your visibility and help your content shine. You can seamlessly integrate hashtags into your article by embedding them within key phrases or simply tacking them on at the end—your choice.

When you hit publish, those hashtags become clickable and searchable, transforming your article into a hotspot for trending discussion.

Plus, don’t forget to hashtag your posts when sharing your articles to reach even more readers. Think of hashtags as little magnets, attracting readers to your brilliant thoughts.

Here’s a quick example to visualize it:

How to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Articles with Hashtags

How to Add Hashtags to Your LinkedIn Comments

Adding hashtags to your LinkedIn comments is a breeze and a great way to increase engagement. Weave hashtags directly into your comments while interacting with others on the platform.

Say you’re commenting on a post about digital marketing trends—try sliding in #DigitalMarketing or #MarketingTips naturally into your response.

But here’s the trick: keep it real. Too many hashtags can make you look like a spam bot, so sprinkle them in only when they genuinely add value to the conversation.

But here’s the trick- keep it real. Too many hashtags can make you look like a spam bot, so sprinkle them in only when they genuinely add value to the conversation.

How to Find New Hashtags on LinkedIn

You’ve got the hang of using hashtags, but here’s the big question: how do you find the perfect ones for your brand? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into three fun and simple methods to discover and track hashtags that will make a difference for your business:

#1. Using Linkedin Search Bar

Want to discover the perfect hashtags for your LinkedIn posts? It’s easier than you think. Head to the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page and start typing in keywords related to your industry, business, or content.

#1. Using Linkedin Search Bar

Let’s say you run a marketing agency—you might look for hashtags like #digitalmarketing or #contentmarketing. Don’t stop there! Check out the drop-down suggestions for options like #digitalmarketingtrends or #contentmarketingexperts. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll see related content and can follow users actively discussing those topics.

#2. Using Social Listening to Identify Trends

Monitor what’s buzzing in your industry by monitoring conversations and posts, especially those from thought leaders and influencers. They’re usually discussing the latest trends.

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Take notes of the hashtags they use—those can be goldmines. Also, try using a social listening tool like Sprout Social, Hashtagify, RiteTag, Hootsuite, and LinkedIn Hashtag Suggestions for a more streamlined approach.

#2. Using Social Listening to Identify Trends

They’re fantastic because you can track specific topics and keywords, discover popular hashtags making waves on other platforms, and see if they’re worth following on LinkedIn. It’s like having your trend-spotting superpower.

#3. Using Followed Hashtags to Find Relevant Hashtags

Looking for more hashtags that are spot-on for your content? Here’s a fun and easy trick: check out the hashtags you already follow.

#3. Using Followed Hashtags to Find Relevant Hashtags

Just glance at the left side of your LinkedIn feed, right below Groups, and you’ll spot a list of your followed hashtags. It’s like a treasure trove waiting for you! See that handy list? Click on Followed Hashtags, and ta-da! LinkedIn will show you suggestions for related hashtags that you might find interesting. Try it, and watch your hashtag game get a fun upgrade.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Hashtags: A Fun Guide

Hashtags can be a bit of a puzzle. Use them wrong, and they might backfire, but get them right, and they can skyrocket your post’s reach.

Ready to make the most out of those little tags? Here are four top tips to master your LinkedIn hashtag game.

Use LinkedIn Analytics to Refine Your Hashtag Strategy

Want to up your hashtag game on LinkedIn? It’s not as tricky as it seems. By tapping into LinkedIn’s hashtag analytics, you can see how your current hashtags boost your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Keep an eye on which tags are getting you noticed. For a deeper dive, check LinkedIn’s built-in analytics tool or consider using third-party software like Sprout. These tools offer a visual take and an in-depth look at your hashtag performance. Over time, you’ll refine your strategy and see what works.

 Your Ultimate Guide To Using LinkedIn Hashtags In 2024 1

Based on hashtag analytics, you should fine-tune your hashtag choices for upcoming content. For instance, you might discover that #digitalmarketingtips resonate more with your audience than #marketingtips.

It’s fascinating how some hashtags expand your reach while others boost engagement.

Use Hashtags Strategically and Sparingly

Don’t go overboard with hashtags in your posts and articles. Instead, aim for a balance by mixing niche and popular hashtags to maximize reach and targeted engagement.

On LinkedIn, it’s usually best to stick with 3-5 hashtags that resonate with your content. Take a cue from Pipedrive’s approach: their posts blend niche, popular, and branded hashtags to seamlessly join both broad topics like sales and CRM, as well as more specific ones like AI.

It’s all about striking the right mix to make your content shine.

It’s all about striking the right mix to make your content shine.

Experimenting with Different Hashtags

Experimenting with different hashtags can be a game-changer when growing on LinkedIn. It’s not just about using the same old tags but mixing things up and seeing what works best. For instance, if you’re in the financial sector and frequently use #finance, why not spice things up?

Try niche hashtags like #fintechinnovation or #wealthmanagementtips on posts and articles relevant to those topics. That should add more depth and reach to your content.

The fun part about testing different hashtags is you never know what you might discover. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon keywords that resonate with your target audience. Plus, you’ll identify which hashtags aren’t pulling their weight and can then swap them out for ones that do.

Track Your Competitors

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing with hashtags. It’s like having a sneak peek into what’s hot and trending. By keeping tabs on their hashtag game, you can discover which topics are gaining traction and find ways to weave those relevant hashtags into your content.

For example, if you see a competitor getting lots of buzz with #AIinMarketing, think about how you can jump on that bandwagon. Maybe it ties neatly into a blog post or article you’re planning. Can you add a fresh angle to the hashtag discussion? Remember, the idea isn’t to clone their strategy but to get inspired and spot trends to adapt for your use.

Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Hashtags

Now that you’ve got a treasure trove of LinkedIn hashtags at your fingertips, it’s time to learn how to use them like a pro. Ready to boost your LinkedIn game in 2024?

Here are some best practices to get the most out of your hashtags and make your posts shine:

#1. Relevance is key

Make sure your hashtags match the content of your post. Using irrelevant or spammy hashtags can hurt your credibility and even push your audience away. So, keep it real and relevant, and watch your engagement grow.

#2. Mix Niche and Popular Hashtags

Sure, using popular hashtags can boost your visibility and get you in front of a large crowd. But don’t stop there! Mix in some niche hashtags, too.

These little gems can help you zero in on your industry’s specific, highly engaged audience. It’s like casting a wide net while still having a secret bait to catch the big fish.

#3. Limit the Number of Hashtags

Unlike platforms such as Instagram, where using numerous hashtags is typical, LinkedIn takes a more restrained approach. Aim to use around 3-5 pertinent hashtags per post to uphold professionalism and prevent overwhelming your audience.

#4. Create Your Very Own Branded Hashtags

Why not spice up your social media game by creating your very own branded hashtags? It’s a fun way to make your brand stand out and be easily recognizable.

Branded hashtags can work wonders—they boost your brand recognition and invite your audience to join in the fun by sharing their content. It also helps build a community around your brand.

#5. Use Hashtags Specific to Your Industry or Niche

Let’s face it: people don’t have time to wade through an endless scroll of LinkedIn posts just to find what they’re looking for. That’s where niche-specific hashtags come to the rescue. These little gems are especially helpful for users who identify with particular communities or industries.

Imagine you sell charming hats handcrafted from the finest alpaca wool. Perfect, right? Using hashtags like #hats, #caps, #knittingpatterns, #handmadeaccessories, #alpaca, and #yarn will direct interested folks straight to your content. Suddenly, your posts aren’t just drops in the ocean—they’re beacons.

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Niche hashtags work wonders. They help you discover and interact with leads, potential clients, or even future collaborators. It’s like giving your brand a GPS to find its perfect audience. Plus, using these specific tags connects you with like-minded pros and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

#6. Make Sure the Hashtags Are Easy to Spell and Read

Start with hashtags that are a breeze to read and spell. Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised how crucial this is for making a solid first impression. Imagine someone spotting a misspelt hashtag with your name—it doesn’t exactly scream professional.

On the flip side, a clear and catchy hashtag? That’s a winner. It sticks in the mind and draws attention to your brand or content. So, next time you’re picking LinkedIn hashtags, aim for easy and memorable. And remember, keep them short and sweet to avoid eating up your post’s character limit.

#7. Snoop on Your Competitors

Want to cast a wider net? Check out what the big shots in your niche are tagging. And yep, don’t forget to snoop on your competitors. If they’re hooked on certain hashtags, maybe there’s a golden opportunity to snag their followers with some unique ones of your own.

Peeking at the competition’s hashtag use means your content will land in front of the perfect audience. Imagine you’re a small business owner gearing up to use LinkedIn for promotion. By digging into what other businesses in your field are tagging, you can pinpoint which hashtags are buzzing with engagement.

Using these hot tags boosts your chances of catching the eye of potential clients and customers. So, a bit of hashtag homework on LinkedIn can really make your content shine. And hey, keep an eye on the hashtag hit list—note which ones are climbing the charts and which are taking a nosedive.

The Best HashTag Formula You Can Use

The top secret to nailing hashtags? Think like your audience. It’s really that simple. The magic lies in the context of your content. So, here’s our super-easy three-step formula to make sure you always choose the perfect hashtags:

  • Pick Your Top 5 Hashtags: Think about what you want to be the go-to expert for on LinkedIn. Is it leadership, tech trends, or maybe something quirky like “work-life balance guru”? Do some digging—check out how many followers each hashtag has. Choose the ones that resonate with you and your goals.
  • Limit them to Between 3 and 5 Per Post: Go easy with the hashtags. Aim for 3 to 5 hashtags per post to hit the sweet spot. The hashtag wizard, @Richard Van Der Blom, has researched this seriously. And Guess what? Overloading your post with more than five hashtags will hurt your engagement and reach.
  • Get Creative with Your Hashtags: Try blending broad and specific ones. How about two general tags and one that’s more niche? This way, you balance out competition and search volume, giving your posts a better shot at being discovered. #SocialMediaSuccess #GetNoticed #SmallBizRising

7 Categories of Hashtags

Here’s a fun and handy guide to spicing up your posts with hashtags! Let’s dive into seven different categories you can explore:

  • Content Specific: Add a splash of context with hashtags like #linkedinprofile.
  • Industry Specific: Show your niche expertise using tags such as #marketing.
  • Location Specific: Highlight where you are or where you’re going with tags like #Singapore.
  • Company Specific: Represent your brand or talk shop with hashtags like #MediaOne.
  • Personal Brand: Make it all about you with personal tags such as #TomKoh.
  • Client Interest: Draw in your target audience using hashtags like #personalbranding.
  • Trending: Ride the wave of current events with popular tags such as #covid19.

Regarding hashtag placement, pop them in at the end of your post. It’s neat, clean, and effective.

Trending Hashtags on LinkedIn in 2024

Let’s enlist the most popular LinkedIn hashtags in different sectors so you can use them quickly.

Personal and Professional Development

#professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #growth #learning #mindset #development #success #selfimprovement #motivation #coaching #goals #careerdevelopment #inspiration

Business Model Innovation

The following are the top LinkedIn hashtags related to business model innovation based on the number of followers:

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#BusinessModelInnovation #CreativeDestruction #InnovateOrDie #DisruptiveInnovation #InnovationEconomy #BusinessModelCanvas #LeanStartup #InnovationManagement #DesignThinking #Innovation

Digital Marketing

Some of the most popular LinkedIn hashtags relate to digital marketing and include:

#mobilemarketing #emailmarketing #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing #onlineadvertising #branding #smm #socialmediamarketing #sem #seo

Economics & Growth

The top ten most popular LinkedIn hashtags about economics and growth are:

#Economicpolicy #Sustainabledevelopment #Businessgrowth #Innovation #Economicdevelopment #Growth #Jobcreation #Economicgrowth #Economics #Entrepreneurship

Law, Regulation & Society

#InformationSecurity #LawEnforcement #RiskManagement #Legal #CyberSecurity #IdentityManagement #Regulatory #Security #Compliance #GRC

Branding and Advertising

#socialmedia #branding #contentmarketing #digitalmarketing #marketing #webdesign #advertising #brandingstrategy #graphicdesign #design

Medicine & Healthcare

#patient #hospital #healthcare #medicine #health #nurse #pharmacy #doctor #medical #care

Women & Leadership

#womenentrepreneurs #womenceo #leanin #momtrepreneur #workingmoms #femalefounders #womenintech #girlboss #womeninleadership

Energy and Transport

#cleanenergy #energystorage #renewables #energyefficiency #transportation #electricvehicles #fuelcells #smartgrid #greenbuilding #sustainability

Software Engineering

#WebDevelopment #CodeNewbie #ReactJS #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCodeChallenge #Hashnode #NodeJS #JavaScript #CodeNewbies #FreeCodeCamp


#certifiedcoaching #Lifecoach #Careercoaching #businesscoach #Leadership #livecoaching #Financialcoaching #careercoach #Coachingtowin #coaching #executivecoach #Lifetylecoach #lifecoach


#startup #tech #venturecapital #marketing #innovation #investment #founder #entrepreneur #business #success

7 Common Mistakes People Make While Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

Here’s a friendly heads-up about what to avoid on LinkedIn to keep your professional profile in top shape:

  • Don’t add hashtags to your bio or company bio. Unlike other social platforms, they just aren’t searchable here.
  • Avoid cramming spaces between words #Like this. It won’t work.
  • Punctuation marks? Same deal – they act like spaces, so avoid using them in your hashtags.
  • Those quirky, funny hashtags from other social media? Save them for Twitter or Instagram. LinkedIn is a different ball game. You can be funny or even a bit controversial. Just make sure your humour aligns with your brand’s message.
  • Keep your hashtags in check. Using one or two in your updates is fine, but go overboard, and LinkedIn might flag you as a spammer.
  • Lastly, don’t fall into the trap of repeatedly using the same set of hashtags. Mix it up to keep LinkedIn’s algorithm happy.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll ensure your LinkedIn presence stays professional and engaging — without falling into spammy traps.

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