Traits Of A Great Singapore Digital Marketing Consultant

Before hiring a digital marketing consultant, Singapore business owners should look for certain key traits.

Customers are always searching online for new products and services. That’s why it’s important that your site is as visible as possible. While you could copy the strategy of your competition, it’s important to keep in mind that what works for one business may not work for another. So how do you find the strategy that works for you?


Luckily, you don’t have to stumble around in the dark to find the answer. By working with a digital marketing consultant, you can get the inside scoop on the strategies that are best for your brand. These professionals can help you to identify new opportunities and optimise your marketing plan. Let’s talk about what a marketing consultant can offer you as well as the traits you should be looking for in an agency.

What Digital Marketing Consultants Offer

Consultants can provide you with invaluable market research and a profitable strategy to go along with it. Their primary focus is on helping you to better understand who your customers are and how you can serve them. Many have years of hands-on experience so they are familiar with all of the best practices and know how to produce a significant return on investment. The key is to find a digital marketing agency that has winning traits such as those discussed below:


1. They Know How to Find New Clients

When searching for the best agency, you need to be on the lookout for one that demonstrates an ability to find your target audience. Competition can be pretty fierce online, which means that it’s not enough to provide what your audience needs, you have to know where to find them. Not only that, but you must know how to communicate with them.


A reputable agency has experience with both of these things. They know which channels are the best to reach out to your audience. They also know how to use these channels to their fullest potential. Many provide copywriting, SEO marketing, PPC management and link building services. Before hiring a company, ask them to explain how they plan to use each channel.

2. They Know How to Optimise Your Content Strategy

There are some marketing channels that work very well on their own. However, there are times in which your channels work better when they are combined. And it takes a certain amount of expertise to figure out which of these will work best together.


This is where an expert comes in. They will connect different channels depending on what your specific goals are. This will increase traffic and conversions. It will also help you to cut down on costs.


3. They Know How To Perform Competitive Research


Your consultant should also know how to perform competitive analysis. In this way, you will be able to identify new opportunities in your field and produce content that your audience will actually find valuable. Competitive research is also another way to save money and time because you will work more efficiently. One of the first things a potential agency should mention to you is your competitors and what they’re doing.


4. They Know How To Perform  Market Research

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Sure, you should always know what your competition is doing, but it’s as equally important to know what your customers actually need. Knowing what is in demand will help you to improve your content marketing and make it as personalised and tailored to them as possible. And this is why the best consultants will study the demographics of your audience as well as the market trends.

Professionals know how to identify all of the gaps in your particular niche and the align your services and products with the needs of your audience. You should never work with a company that suggests a certain type of content before actually know who your audience is. Though market research may require an investment on the front-end, it can save that much more on the backend.


5. They Know How to Personalise Your Content

Creating a lot of content is easy. The hard part is creating content that is actually relevant and valuable to your audience. When your content is relevant and tailor-made, it increases your conversions and sales by leaps and bounds. This requires a focused marketing strategy. A professional will review your audience and give you ideas on how you can personalise your content. So before hiring someone, find out what data they use in order to get their suggestions, if any.


6. The Offer SEO Copywriting

Online marketing is nothing without search engine optimisation, also known as SEO. It helps you to rank well in Google and drive more traffic to your site. However, it’s also one of the more challenging parts of digital marketing. You must have a technical understanding of search engines and know how to write compelling copy that gets your audience to take action.  And an experienced consultant does more than just produce landing and web pages, they drive organic traffic.

7. They Know How To Perform Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of SEO is keyword research. An expert conducts a high-quality keyword research. They use their special tools to find out what customers are searching for. So be on the lookout for an agency that knows the basics of SEO and is familiar with the most popular keyword research tools.

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8. They Know How To Identify Your KPIs


KPIs, also known as key performance indicators, can be thought of as milestones. They can give you an idea of how well your campaign is going. And in this way, they help to guide your marketing strategy. Expert companies will base KPI on your specific goals. Even if you are unsure about what you want, they know how to perform an assessment.


A reputable digital marketing consultant will never run a campaign without tracking its progress. So before making your final decision, find out which KPIs they have in mind for your brand. And how often do they check these?


9. They Work According to Analytics And Data

While there are a lot of companies out there that promise business owners the world, only a select few will actually deliver. Those that do deliver are often driven by data.  Every decision they make is based on the numbers and metrics. In this way, they use their tracking to tweak and improve your marketing strategy.


10. They Analyse Your Current Tactics

Some companies will suggest that you start your marketing over from scratch. However, experts will first consider your current strategy. They will find out what your strengths and weaknesses, and then make changes as necessary. The best part about this is that it helps to save you both money and time. There is no need to start completely over if some of your current tactics are actually working. So ask the company about their initial auditing process.



You don’t have to play a guessing game when it comes to finding the best marketing strategy for you. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of working with professionals. Why not take advantage of the expertise of those who have hands-on experience?

Author Bio

Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

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