Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024)

the best blogshops in singapore reviewed

The advent of online blogshops in Singapore marks a significant transition in the fashion and retail landscape. Initially founded by enterprising young adults with a passion for fashion, these platforms were aimed at leveraging the growing online community to boost sales. This move was not just about business growth but also about creating a more accessible shopping experience for a digitally-savvy population.

Singapore stands out globally with its impressive internet penetration rate, making online shopping not just a convenience but a lifestyle. The digital commerce sector, having generated substantial revenue, underscores the vibrant and thriving online market. The transformation from traditional to digital platforms signifies a shift in consumer behavior and market dynamics.

Historically, blogshops began on simple platforms like LiveJournal and Blogspot, offering an array of affordable fashion items. Today, they have evolved into independent e-commerce websites, reflecting the maturity and growth of this sector. This evolution is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strategies that drive the local fashion industry.

Strategies for Elevating Blogshop Success

  • Integrating Online and Physical Retail Strategies
    In today’s competitive market, a dual approach combining online presence and physical stores is crucial. This strategy ensures a wider reach and caters to different customer preferences.

  • Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing
    Email marketing remains an effective tool for engaging customers. It allows for personalized communication, offering updates and promotions directly to your audience. However, balance is key to avoid overwhelming your subscribers.

  • Leveraging Social Media for Brand Engagement
    In Singapore, social media is an integral part of daily life. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not just social spaces but potent marketing tools. Utilizing these platforms for targeted ads and engaging content can significantly boost your brand’s visibility.

  • Engaging Customers with Online Contests
    Contests can foster engagement and deepen customer relationships. By offering valuable prizes and ensuring transparent contest rules, you can enhance participation and brand loyalty.

  • SEO: Optimizing for Visibility
    SEO is critical for online visibility. By creating content that is both valuable to your audience and optimized for search engines, you can improve your site’s ranking and attract more traffic.

  • The Role of Paid Advertising
    Paid online advertising, such as PPC, offers a cost-effective method to reach your audience. It allows for targeted advertising, ensuring that your message reaches the most relevant audience.

  • Influencer Marketing: Expanding Reach
    Influencers can significantly amplify your brand’s message. By collaborating with influencers whose followers align with your target market, you can enhance brand awareness and credibility.

  • Traditional Tactics: The Underrated Power of Flyers
    Despite the digital age, traditional marketing tactics like distributing flyers remain effective, especially in high-traffic areas. They offer a tangible reminder of your brand and can lead to increased foot traffic and online visits.

  • The Significance of Content Marketing
    Content marketing goes beyond promoting products; it builds brand narratives that resonate with customers. By providing valuable and relevant content, you can foster trust and loyalty among your audience.

  • Exploring Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing offers a performance-based approach to increase sales and brand visibility. By partnering with affiliates, you can tap into new audiences and leverage their reach for your brand.

The landscape of blogshops in Singapore is emblematic of the broader shifts in retail and e-commerce. Embracing both traditional and digital marketing strategies, maintaining a customer-centric approach, and continuously innovating are key to staying relevant and successful in this dynamic sector.

In conclusion, as the online shopping trend continues to dominate, it is crucial for blogshops to keep evolving, ensuring they remain appealing through affordable pricing and an updated range of products. For businesses looking to venture into or expand within this market, tailoring strategies to meet the changing consumer needs and technological advancements will be essential.

While the goods sold by blogshops in Singapore are diverse, they share one characteristic in common – the items are available at pocket-friendly prices. Enough said, here are some of the popular Blogshops that are revolutionising the online shopping industry in the Asian country.

Here are the Most Popular Blogshops in Singapore this 2024:


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1




Fayth began as an ambitious project in 2014 in a Singaporean urban apartment, aiming to offer essential attire suitable for weekdays, weekends, and special occasions. The brand stands out due to its passionate dedication to unique, comfortable fashion that encompasses a distinct aesthetic, fit, and color palette.

  • Brand Origin and Evolution: Established in an urban apartment in Singapore, Fayth has grown significantly while maintaining a focus on everyday essentials crafted for real-life moments.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Committed to enhancing the consumer experience, Fayth invites feedback to continually evolve and meet customer needs.
  • Design Philosophy: With a unique blend of passion, aesthetics, and attention to detail, Fayth offers clothing that combines comfort with style, reflecting its unique brand identity.
  • Unique Everyday Essentials: Fayth reimagines timeless wardrobe staples with a unique twist, ensuring they cater to various lifestyles and preferences.
  • In-house Design: Every piece is thoughtfully created with the consumer in mind, featuring hand-drawn prints and soft, comfortable fabrics that stay true to the Fayth aesthetic.
  • Diverse Range: Catering to different facets of life, from casual days out to special events, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “Love shopping at Fayth! All the staff at Fayth Plaza Singapore are very polite, friendly, customer oriented and consistent in their service, despite always being busy at the store. Highly recommended!”
Review 2

My go-to-place for outfit. The quality is good (sewing, lining and the model) and the team member are helpful and friendly.

Price could be steeper if you compare to online shops but seriously the quality is totally different too. Their price is ranged between S$40 – S$60. And S$30 for items on discount.

The model and pattern offered is not many, but they always have new arrival quite often. However, buying online from their website can be quite challenging because the size isn’t really uniform. S size can be bigger for different cut of clothes.

Tips: check their website for model/update and stop by the store to try and buy.”

Review 3 “Love the dress designs! And service. I typically dislike wearing dresses but actually found very attractive and comfy dresses here”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2


The Thread Theory


The Thread Theory is an online women’s boutique based in Singapore, offering unique self-manufactured designs. The brand is known for blending quality materials with its signature romantic style to create clothing that helps customers fall in love with their outfits.

  • Brand Philosophy: Dedicated to delivering a blend of quality and romance through its unique designs, The Thread Theory stands out in the fashion industry.
  • Design and Quality: Emphasizing fine quality and unique, romantic designs, the boutique ensures every piece is special.
  • Customer Service: Offers attentive customer care, ensuring a smooth shopping experience from inquiry to purchase.
  • Exclusive Collections: Specializes in self-manufactured designs tailored for different occasions including casual wear, workwear, and special events.
  • Bridal and Occasion Wear: Offers an exquisite range of clothing for weddings, bridesmaids, luncheons, and dinners, catering to special moments.
  • Comprehensive Range for Women: Provides a diverse selection of dresses, tops, bottoms, and one-piece suits, ensuring options for every taste and need.
Address Only for self-collection of orders:
6 Harper Road, #04-03
Leong Huat Building
Singapore 369674



Operating Hours Weekdays only, excluding public holidays, weekends and office closure.
Review 1 “Absolutely in love with the unique designs and the quality of the clothing! Shopping here makes finding the perfect outfit so easy.”
Review 2 “The customer service at The Thread Theory is exceptional; they truly care about their customers and go above and beyond.”
Review 3 “Their bridal collection saved my wedding planning stress; beautiful designs and great prices for the whole bride squad.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3


The Editor’s Market


The Editor’s Market stands as a contemporary market for daily fashion and lifestyle needs, focusing on delivering well-designed, high-quality products at fair prices. The brand is committed to sustainability, offering timeless essentials that transcend seasonal trends.

  • Sustainability Commitment: Emphasizes eco-friendly practices by incorporating sustainable fabrics like linen and lyocell into its collections.
  • Design Philosophy: Adopts a minimalist aesthetic, crafting versatile and timeless pieces.
  • Quality Assurance: Utilizes premium materials to ensure durability and longevity of products.
  • Pricing Strategy: Offers products at accessible prices to encourage daily enjoyment.
  • Modern Essentials: Provides a range of well-designed, timeless clothing suitable for everyday wear.
  • Sustainable Fashion: A significant portion of the apparel line is crafted from eco-friendly materials, marked with a green logo for easy identification.
  • Refined Aesthetics: Focuses on minimalist designs that promise elegance and simplicity.
  • Club Discovery: A loyalty program offering rewards, points, and exclusive experiences to members.
Address 391 Orchard Rd, #B1 – 16 TO 24, Singapore 238872
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Daily – 10AM to 10:00PM
Review 1 “The minimalist design and exceptional quality of The Editor’s Market have transformed my wardrobe essentials.”
Review 2 “Joining Club Discovery has offered me unique experiences and rewards that enhance my shopping journey.”
Review 3 “I appreciate the commitment to sustainability, knowing my fashion choices contribute to a greener planet.”


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Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4


The Tinsel Rack


The Tinsel Rack, founded in 2009 by sisters Joyce and Jolene, is a Singapore-based fashion label committed to producing timeless, quality apparel. Striking a balance between comfort and style, TTR aims for its customers to feel confident and at ease in every piece.

  • Founders’ Vision: Established by a dedicated sister duo, TTR emphasizes quality and wearability in its designs, ensuring customers feel good daily.
  • Creative and Energetic Team: Behind-the-scenes, TTR thrives on spontaneity and innovation, focusing on delivering new ways to engage with its community.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: TTR prides itself on understanding and fulfilling the desires of its customers, aiming for a fun and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Exclusive Apparel: Focuses on offering essentials and classic pieces, exploring various fabrics and in-house prints tailored to every season.
  • Quality Commitment: Ensures high production standards with multiple rounds of sampling to maintain the integrity of each design.
  • Community Engagement: Actively involves the customer base through creative and refreshing engagement strategies, both online and offline.
Address 277 Orchard Rd, #02-17A, Singapore 238858
Telephone Contact here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “tried clothes for the first time at the tinsel rack today & i really loved the style of their items. i wasnt sure of what size to take so i enquired w the retail staff & thanks to their recommendation, i was able to get the right size! am grateful for their help 😊”
Review 2 “Super cramped location and the dressing room queue always ends up blocking some of the clothing for customers to look! Clothes are still amazing and they somehow managed to squeeze and organise the place well.”
Review 3 “understand they have changed their sizing, so the size you usually buy might be different for ttr. decided to size up for my order but realised it’s bigger than expected. unfortunately, you can’t do exchange, only return for store credits. if item is present in store, would prefer to be able to do 1 for 1 exchange. return was processed in 3 working days, thought it’d take longer when i read someone else’s review. don’t rlly want to repurchase my item online after this, think i’ll go to the store to try on if the item ever comes back in stock :’) order was processed very fast within one day, was surprised to receive the next day!”
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Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5


Love and Bravery


Established in 2005, Love and Bravery aims to redefine affordable fashion with a wide range of attire designed for the modern woman. By focusing on quality, cut, and wearability, this Singapore-based brand continues to cater to the fashion needs of its diverse clientele.

  • Sustained Legacy: Thriving since 2005, the brand remains committed to offering affordable yet stylish fashion.
  • Customer-Centric Design: Focuses on creating clothes that are both stylish and suitable for everyday wear, ensuring customers feel confident and comfortable.
  • Versatility in Fashion: Offers an extensive selection that caters to various occasions, allowing customers to shop by specific events or styles.
  • Local Inspiration: Proudly designed in Singapore, reflecting local tastes and global trends in its collections.
  • Wide Range of Fashion: Offers everything from statement pieces to essential wear, including shoes and accessories.
  • Event-Specific Collections: Features specific lines such as workwear and party outfits, facilitating easy browsing based on occasions.
  • Detailed Customization: Allows filtering by dress length, pattern, and sleeve length, catering to detailed customer preferences.
  • Accessible Fashion: Ensures fashion is affordable without compromising on quality or style.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “The variety and affordability of Love and Bravery have made it my go-to for all occasions.”
Review 2 “I appreciate the attention to detail in each piece, making it easy to find something perfect for any event.”
Review 3 “Their commitment to quality and style at reasonable prices is unmatched in Singapore’s fashion scene.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 6


Shop Sassy Dream


Shop Sassy Dream is a Singapore-based fashion destination that revitalizes wardrobes with its vibrant and diverse clothing collection. Catering to contemporary fashion enthusiasts, it offers everything from casual wear for garden picnics to elegant dresses for romantic evenings.

  • Fashion Variety: Showcases a wide array of clothing options, from casual ensembles to formal attire.
  • Accessibility: Available online and at a convenient location in Plaza Singapura, Singapore.
  • Customer-Centric Shopping: Focuses on providing an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Local Influence: Reflects Singapore’s dynamic fashion scene through its diverse range of styles and designs.
  • Diverse Clothing Range: Features an extensive selection, including top-and-shorts combos and feminine dresses.
  • Seasonal Collections: Regularly updates its inventory with the latest trends and seasonal essentials.
  • Event-Ready Attire: Offers outfits perfect for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.
  • Online and In-Store Shopping: Provides the flexibility to shop both online and at its physical store in Plaza Singapura.
Address 68 Orchard Rd, #B1-30/34, Singapore 238839

General enquiries/Collaboration Opportunities

Order enquiries (Eg: Returns, Tracking Number etc)

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday – 11.00 AM to 9.30 PM

Friday to Sunday – 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Review 1 “Had been patronized them for many years. Liked their dresses cos can fit me very well, as I am very skinny, when i buy dresses i have to send for alteration, for this shop , no need. Only not that good is too pricey I felt for some of their items.”
Review 2 “Bought an item from the plaza sing outlet but turned out to be an item with defective strap. Emailed SSD customer service and very pleased with their quick and fuss-free response and exchange to my home! Thank you so much for the superb service!”
Review 3 “One month expiry of store credits is really too short. I don’t understand why it forces customers to use up the store credits in such a short time when the money is already transferred.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 7




Arcade started as an ambitious online store in 2006, founded on the desire to offer unique clothing styles that resonate with personal identities. Evolving from a blog-based store to in 2012, the brand maintains its core values of blending craftsmanship with affordability and trendiness with timelessness.

  • Brand Evolution: Transitioned from a simple online blogshop to a comprehensive fashion platform.
  • Customer-Centric Values: Prioritizes styles that align with customer preferences and values.
  • Quality and Price Balance: Focuses on offering well-crafted apparel at affordable prices.
  • Fashion Philosophy: Strives to combine modern trends with enduring styles.
  • Diverse Fashion Lines: Provides a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children, ensuring variety for all customers.
  • Exclusive Collections: Features unique styles and designs that cater to different personal tastes and occasions.
  • Online Convenience: Offers seamless online shopping experiences with local and international shipping options.
  • Community Engagement: Fosters a sense of community through the Arcade Club, offering exclusive benefits and insights.
Address Orchard Central #04-04/05/06
(Nearest MRT: Somerset)
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “I bought my first arcade clothing in 2013 and is still in love with their designs. They are my work necessities and weekend essentials. I never had any issue with their materials, linings, or service. It has been great to me and I was always able to get any refunded credits to get their new clothings, a process similar to other online shops.

I always feel that Arcade has their own style – classic, vintage and some fun. Comfort clothings can be very subjective but check them out and give Arcade a try. My all time favourite would be ace girl skorts (from 2017).

Cheers to pretty clothings in Singapore!”

Review 2 “Omgggg I just received my order of 10 pieces and I have to say that I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ every single piece and someway somehow it all fit perfectlyyyy!!! For sure will order more and recommend friends and colleagues !!! Especially loveeee all the wide legged pants. Just wanted to give your brand some real compliments and can’t wait on your next collection! Bravo to being a local SG brand that takes fashion risks!”
Review 3 “Nice designs but material and inner lining not so great. Feedback to them about their material furring from abrasion during wear for a few pieces, they weren’t convinced and said they didn’t face the issue and it’s isolated user experience. Threw away those pieces after a few wears though my clothes are handwashed. Given the higher prices than some other shops, I’m expecting better quality. They are still using those cheap stretchable inner lining which sticks to your skin when sweaty for most pieces. Else, I’d much rather purchase from the ‘L’ shop which has excellent return policies.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 8




Topazette distinguishes itself in the fashion industry by providing timeless elegance that transcends seasonal trends. Committed to enduring fashion, the brand focuses on creating designs that resonate with a quality that remains consistent.

  • Sustainable Fashion Philosophy: Embraces a “Beyond Seasons” approach, promoting longevity over fleeting trends.
  • Exclusive Collections: Prioritizes exclusivity with carefully curated, meticulously designed pieces.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Ensures the use of premium materials and collaboration with skilled manufacturers.
  • Community Engagement: Celebrates customer individuality, designing for diverse lifestyles and empowering women.
  • Eternal Elegance: Encourages building a personal style narrative through timeless wardrobe selections.
  • Enduring Design: Offers apparel that emphasizes timeless design over temporary fashion trends.
  • Material and Craftsmanship: Focuses on high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship in every piece.
  • Empowerment through Fashion: Designs aim to empower the wearer, enhancing personal style and confidence.
  • Customer-Centric Experience: Maintains a strong bond with the community, providing a shopping experience tailored to customer preferences.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “Topazette has transformed my approach to fashion; their timeless pieces are a staple in my wardrobe.”
Review 2 “The quality of Topazette’s clothing is unmatched. Each item I’ve purchased has been a testament to their commitment to excellence.”
Review 3 “Shopping with Topazette is always a delight. Their collections are not just clothes, but a journey into timeless elegance.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 9

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Her Velvet Vase


Her Velvet Vase (HVV) is a fashion e-commerce brand from Singapore, focusing on crafting memories and celebrating milestones through its unique, self-designed women’s fashion. HVV specializes in creating inclusive, thoughtful designs for the modern romantic, emphasizing comfort and style in every piece.

  • Fashion Philosophy: Dedicated to dressing the everyday woman, HVV combines practicality with aspirations through its designs.
  • Team and Community: A close-knit, diverse team in Singapore fosters a supportive and inclusive #HVVGirl community.
  • Design Focus: Celebrates different body types with classic, elegant, and romantic designs, from signature floral prints to well-cut dresses.
  • Memorable Moments: Creates clothing for life’s milestones, supporting women in significant life events with style and comfort.
  • Signature Floral Prints: Known for distinctive floral designs that cater to various tastes and occasions.
  • Diverse Clothing Range: Offers everything from casual wardrobe staples to elegant maxi and midi dresses.
  • Workwear Collection: Provides a selection of smart, functional outfits ideal for the workplace and beyond.
  • Inclusive Sizing: Emphasizes designs that celebrate various body shapes and sizes, ensuring a flattering fit for all.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “Her Velvet Vase has become a part of my essential wardrobe; their clothes fit every part of my life beautifully.”
Review 2 “From casual meet-ups to professional settings, HVV’s range has never let me down. Their attention to detail is evident in every piece.”
Review 3 “The community and quality that HVV offers have truly made a significant impact on how I view fashion and self-expression.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 10




KLARRA is committed to offering enduring value and daily inspiration to its community through carefully crafted creations. Based in Singapore, the brand prioritizes quality, attention to detail, and lasting relationships with its customers, aiming for meaningful integration into their everyday lives.

  • Customer-Centric Vision: Strives for customer satisfaction through attention to detail and high-quality products.
  • Enduring Design Philosophy: Focuses on creating versatile pieces that serve customers over multiple life stages.
  • Community Engagement: Aims to grow and evolve alongside its customer base, fostering strong relationships.
  • Expression through Fashion: Encourages personal expression and individuality through its diverse fashion lines.
  • Attention to Detail and Quality: Ensures each product is crafted with care for longevity and user satisfaction.
  • Versatile Fashion Solutions: Offers an array of clothing suited for various occasions and phases of life.
  • Community-Focused Initiatives: Engages with the community to tailor experiences and products that resonate with customers.
  • Innovative Design: Constantly innovates to stay relevant to current trends while maintaining classic sensibilities.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “KLARRA has become an integral part of my daily wardrobe with its timeless designs and exceptional quality.”
Review 2 “The customer service at KLARRA is outstanding – they truly understand and cater to the needs of their community.”
Review 3 “I love how KLARRA’s pieces allow me to express my personal style while providing comfort and confidence.”
How To Best Market Sustainable Products In Singapore


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 11


All Would Envy


All Would Envy, a vibrant fashion brand from sunny Singapore, aims to transform everyday experiences into awe-inspiring moments through fashion. Their mission is to create pieces that not only stand out but also bring people together, celebrating individuality and community in every design.

  • Singaporean Roots: Born in the heart of Singapore, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit.
  • Fashion with a Purpose: Aims to inspire and connect people through unique, engaging fashion.
  • Community and Culture: Focused on building a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate life’s daily wonders.
  • Inclusive Design Philosophy: Caters to diverse tastes and occasions, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Teamwork and Aspiration: Continuously seeks aspirational individuals to join their team, emphasizing a collaborative and positive work environment.
  • Diverse Range: Offers an extensive collection that covers daily wear to special occasion outfits.
  • Engaging and Unique Pieces: Known for creating conversation-starting apparel that boosts confidence.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages customers to become part of a vibrant, energetic community.
  • Inspirational Fashion: Strives to infuse joy and positivity into every garment and interaction.
Address Check here
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “All Would Envy’s clothing has become a staple in my wardrobe for its unique designs and comfort.”
Review 2 “I always find something special for every occasion at All Would Envy, and I love the positive energy of the brand.”
Review 3 “Joining the All Would Envy community has changed the way I view fashion – it’s about joy, confidence, and togetherness.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 12




Hollyhoque is a distinctive fashion label from Singapore, known for its unique in-house apparel and accessories, complemented by a selection of global finds. Founded by Sheila in 2008, the brand embodies the resilient and graceful qualities of the hollyhock flower, aiming to inspire women to thrive in any environment.

  • Unique Brand Essence: Represents the elegance and strength of the hollyhock flower.
  • Comprehensive Fashion Range: Offers a wide selection of clothing for every day and every occasion.
  • Growth and Evolution: Transitioned from a blogshop to a recognized retail establishment.
  • Affordable Quality: Focuses on delivering high-quality, reasonably priced garments.
  • Physical Presence: Customers can experience Hollyhoque’s offerings firsthand at their Orchard Gateway store.
  • In-House Designs: Features original clothing lines that reflect personal style and comfort.
  • Global Selection: Curates a diverse collection of fashion pieces sourced worldwide.
  • Versatile Wardrobe Options: Provides attire suitable for casual outings to significant events.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritizes accessibility and satisfaction through both online and physical stores.
Address Orchard Gateway
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours 1230PM-830PM Daily
Review 1 “Very spacious and friendly staff. Affordable clothing with a good variety of choices!”
Review 2 “Love this fashion shop as they have alot of non sleeveless items which are my preferences. Staff was quite helpful as well. Will be back for more causal and work clothes!”
Review 3 “My go-to fashion store. Comfortable material, and chic designs! Hollyhoque have dresses for all occasions from casual to party.”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 13




Neonmello is a dedicated online fashion brand from Singapore, established with the goal of delivering trendy styles at wallet-friendly prices. The brand champions confidence and inclusivity, ensuring fashion is accessible to everyone, fostering a community where all feel welcome and valued.

  • Affordable Fashion: Commits to offering stylish attire without compromising the budget.
  • Community Focus: Aims to create a positive and inclusive environment for all customers.
  • Customer-Centric Inspiration: Draws inspiration directly from its customer base, emphasizing a deep connection with its audience.
  • Confidence Building: Believes in boosting customer confidence through accessible fashion.
  • Fashion-Forward Styles: Regularly updates collections with contemporary designs to keep up with trends.
  • Inclusive Range: Offers a variety of sizes and styles to cater to different body types and preferences.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Maintains a close relationship with customers through social media and community events.
  • Customer-Focused Approach: Prioritizes customer feedback and needs in the creation of new collections.
Address 68 Orchard Rd, b1-17a, Singapore 238839
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “The clothes here are awesome and shipping is SUPER fast even during sale period. A big shoutout to their excellent customer service! I accidentally used a one-time voucher for a smaller purchase and still had $55 credits balance. The NM team was very nice to give me another voucher for the remaining $55. Thank you so much, bravo to such awesome customer service 💖”
Review 2 “I’ve been an avid online shopper for years and I wish to drop an honest review over here on how satisfied I am with the entire buying process. My package was dispatched on the day of my order & I received it the following day. Even though I have been shopping online for some time, there are times when I fall in between size/s due to the material/cutting variance; even when the inches are gauged right. The CS been really helpful and I’m pleasantly grateful that a size exchange was allowed. (trust me i’ve got several encounters from other shops which do not have return/exchange policy in place & my buys will go to waste if they don’t fit well). The NM team advised me with the sizings & welcomed me to drop by their warehouse for the exchange but due to my schedule I wasn’t able to head down but they have another option to do the exchange via singpost smartpac service which works for me, it incurred some postage fees but it is all well as long as I’m able to exchange to smtg that fits me! Keep up the good job Neonmello!”
Review 3 “Unfortunately, had a really unpleasant experience in store today due to popular new launch. Was told that there wasn’t any ongoing promo in store (in actual fact, there was…). Retail staff wasn’t knowledgable about ongoing promo (even with ongoing promo poster put up at the front of the store), and didn’t seem like they could handle crowds (which was something that the team should have anticipated). Thus, I decided not to purchase 4 items to be eligible for the ongoing promo of 15% off in store, so I had no choice, but to only purchase the most popular item in store first (having the fear that it may sell out online LOL).”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 14


Young Hungry Free


Young Hungry Free is a dynamic online fashion brand from Singapore, designed for the bold, adventurous, and free-spirited. Established to give a voice through fashion, the brand celebrates individuality and confidence, offering timeless wardrobe essentials redefined for the modern era.

  • Empowering Designs: Focuses on creating pieces that empower individuals to express themselves fully.
  • Customer-Driven Inspiration: The brand draws inspiration from its community, ensuring designs resonate with their audience.
  • Innovative Retail Experience: Features a unique factory-themed store at Funan, providing an immersive shopping experience.
  • Regular Collection Updates: New arrivals are launched weekly, keeping the inventory fresh and aligned with current trends.
  • Trend-Setting Collections: Offers a wide range of fashion-forward styles, catering to diverse tastes and occasions.
  • Affordable Fashion: Committed to providing stylish looks at accessible price points.
  • Community Engagement: Builds a positive community around the brand, encouraging interaction and feedback.
  • Physical and Online Presence: Seamless shopping experience both online and in their physical store at Funan.
Address 31 Bukit Batok Cres, #01-24 The Splendour, Singapore 658070
Telephone Check here
Operating Hours Mon – Fri | 10am – 6pm GMT+8
Excl. Public Holidays
Review 1 “Clothes are great and the customer service matches the clothes. Thank you Amelia for accommodating my last minute request regarding my order. Happy holidays and take care!”
Review 2 “love their effort in giving customers the best shopping experience w vvv good quality of clothes and personal touch w customers 🤘🏼🤘🏼”
Review 3 “I bought clothes for my girlfriend from YHF and the customer service was impeccable!!”


Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore (Updated 2024) 15


The Velvet Dolls


Established in 2010, TheVelvetDolls has evolved from a modest blogshop into a celebrated online fashion retailer in Singapore. The brand, initiated by a local designer, focuses on providing stylish and affordable apparel that caters specifically to the modern Asian woman, embodying style, quality, and an excellent fit in every piece.

  • Local Designer Brand: Originated and nurtured in Singapore, reflecting local fashion sensibilities.
  • Affordable Quality: Committed to delivering high-quality clothing at cost-effective prices.
  • Fashion for Every Occasion: Offers a wide range of apparel suitable for daily wear and special events.
  • Customer-Centric Policies: Dedicated to ensuring a positive shopping experience with clear policies on returns, shipping, and backorders.
  • Exclusive Designs: Specializes in unique, self-designed fashionwear perfect for the Asian physique.
  • Wide Range of Collections: From basics and mummy-friendly attire to bridesmaid dresses and seasonal selections.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Provides attentive customer support with a personal touch.
  • Engaging Shopping Experience: Encourages a seamless shopping journey both online and in their Singapore store.
Address TVD Studio, 02-12, 12 Arumugam Road Singapore 409958

Operating Hours Check here
Review 1 “The Velvet Dolls clothes fit perfectly for my Asian body type, and their designs are always so elegant!”
Review 2 “I’m always excited for new arrivals at The Velvet Dolls – their pieces are perfect for any occasion!”
Review 3 “Amazing customer service and quality apparel at great prices – it is my go-to online store!”


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