Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore

the best blogshops in singapore reviewed

Online blogshops were initially started by young female adults who were actively involved in the fashion industry and owned retail shops. Their primary objective for starting these shops was to sell their fashion-based products to the ever increasing online community in Singapore more conveniently. Since then, the number of online blogshops has grown tremendously, and this is clear proof that they are useful in helping entrepreneurs generates sales online.

With the highest internet penetration in the world, online shopping is very popular and has a major impact on the economy of Singapore. The local e-commerce industry has so far generated $5 billion in revenue in 2019.

The most notable change in Singapore’s e-commerce industry in recent times is the evolution of Blogshops. The majority of Blogshops now run their own online shopping sites, rather than being hosted on platforms such as LiveJournal and Blogspot.

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While the goods sold by blogshops in Singapore are diverse, they share one characteristic in common – the items are available at pocket-friendly prices. Enough said, here are some of the popular Blogshops that are revolutionising the online shopping industry in the Asian country.

Most Popular Blogshops in Singapore

1: WardrobeMess

online blogshop wardrobemess reviews


WardrobeMess is renowned for selling clothes at incredibly affordable prices. With as little as SS$9, you can get your hands on a basic top. The dresses are also cheap, with the most expensive option going for just under S$40.

If you can’t collect the products from the Oxley Bizhub in Ubi, you will have to pay for the postage fee. The normal mail costs S$1.50, but it is advisable to use the costlier express service (S$3.50) because it is faster and more secure. It is also more economical to buy several items at once because the courier charges a flat fee.

2: Shop Sassy Dream

online shopping

Shop Sassy Dream is yet another blogshop that caters for shoppers on a budget. Tops range from S$15 to S$30, while dresses go for anywhere between S$24 and S$40.  The price obviously means that the clothes aren’t overly elegant, but they are certainly an excellent option for going on weekend outings or casual dates.

The standard courier fee stands at S$2.50. If you buy items worth S$60 or more, you are exempted from paying this fee. For those who prefer fast delivery, there is the option of choosing A.M Mail, who charge S$2.90 for every item. The deliveries are then made within 24 hours.


KNotwear Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore


KNOTWEAR is an online fashion retailer that caters to modern and sophisticated women. They are also one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sites in Singapore. This site is perfect for women with an eye for design, comfort, sustainability and durability. Fill up your basket with “freshly baked” sustainable pieces made out of bamboo that will keep you cool and fresh all day.

Start shopping at the comfort of your home to have a more conscious closet. Did we mention that KNOTWEAR also offers free delivery within Singapore?


4: A for Arcade

blogshop A for arcade reviews


A for Arcade charge slightly higher prices for their products than the previous two blogshops, but their products are more aesthetically appealing.

Another difference is in the type of clothing on offer. While the previous two stores mainly sell mini dresses and crop tops, A for Arcade deals with formal outfits.

The standard courier and Ninja Collect both charge S$2.50 for shipping, while the expresses courier service costs S$4.50. Alternatively, you can personally collect the items for free at MacPherson.

5: OhVola

online shopping

OhVola is the ideal choice if you are looking to find different types of clothing under one roof. Casualwear goes for as little as S$15 for tops and S$18 for dresses, indicating that this shop caters for all classes.

The regular price range falls between S$25 and S$80. Most of the products in this store fall under this category. If you are organizing a wedding, there is a premium range of dresses that cost up to S$86.

The standard shipping fee stands at S$2.50. This charge is removed for orders exceeding S$100. If you want quick delivery, the express courier charges S$4.50. Lastly, you can collect the items in person from the shop’s office in Ubi.

6: Supergurl

online shopping

The target market for the Supergurl blogshop is the young adults working in Singapore. Their collection is likelier to appeal to interns more than it would to college students. Most tops range between S$16 and S$36, while dresses for S$12 to S$70.  Those looking for workplace outfits can get decent set for S$40 upwards.

The normal mail charges start from S$1.50. You can also opt for free personal collection from the Bukit Batok office or pay S$3.50 for the standard courier service.

7: Topazzete

see reviews of topazette here

Topazzete has a hugely diverse collection of outfits that aren’t focused on one particular style. Although purists may differ, this diversity is undoubtedly advantageous to shoppers because of the convenience of shopping at one store.

Similar to most blogshops in Singapore, Topazzete sells its clothes at a reasonable price. The average cost for tops is S$16, whereas the dresses go for an average of S$23. 

The most significant disadvantage is the lack of free shipping. Normal mail charges stand at S$2, and the standard courier costs S$3.50 and the most expensive option, express couriers, is available for S$8. The company compensates for the lack of free deliveries by offering a 10% discount on the first order if you subscribe to their mailing list.

8: Love Bonito

online shopping

Love Bonito is among the most established brands in the Singapore online shopping industry. It is costlier to shop on Love Bonito as compared to other blogshops, but the high quality of their products justifies the higher costs. Basic outfits go for S$30 upwards. The majority of items range between S$30 and S$50. The premium range costs more, with some outfits going for more than S$70.

The most exciting feature of Love Bonito is that they offer free shipping. You can, however, pay S$3.50 if you want your package to arrive as soon as possible. New customers who sign up for the company’s mailing list get S$5 off their first order.

 9: Fayth

blogshop fayth reviews

Fayth offers product intended for the young female population in Singapore. The majority of products in their collection are sundresses, lace, and pastel floral prints.

Most items go for S$30 to S$50. The cheapest top goes for S$18, and the most affordable dress costs S$31. The standard courier charges a flat rate of S$2.50 for all orders.  Unlike its peers, Fayth doesn’t offer a discount for subscribing to their emails.

10: Love and Bravery

see reviews of topazette here

Love n Bravery features a vast collection of jumpsuits, mid dresses, and modest necklines. It is evident that their target audience isn’t party-going millennials.

In addition to the outfits mentioned above, Love and Bravery offer clothes suitable for family weekend outs.  Indeed, they have a wide range of items under this category.

The price ranges are S$18 to S$36 and S$25 to S55 for tops and dresses, respectively. The standard curies charge a flat S$2.80 for all shipping orders.  If you buy items worth S$120 or more, you don’t have to incur the delivery charges. You can also pick up the items from Love and Bravery physical shops.

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11: The Closet Lover

theclosetlover reviews


The Closet Lover stands out because it conducts sales regularly and also offers substantial discounts to its clients.

On regular days, the price range for tops falls between S$20 and S$50, while dresses go for S$30 to S$75. The bottoms usually range between S$23 and S$55. This, however, changes during the sales season.  At this time, prices are slashed for as much as 70%. You also get a 10% discount for subscribing to the mailing list.

All regular orders worth S$100 or more are eligible for free shipping. Other orders (sales orders and those below S$100) attract a standard courier fee that ranges from S$2 to S$4 per piece. The express courier will cost you S$5.

12: Carrislabelle

online shopping

Although online shopping in Singapore has significantly improved over the years, Carrislabelle still maintains the outlook of first-generation blogshops.  Most of the items in their collection have open-back designs and other dated styles.

Usually, tops go for S$21 to S$28, whereas dresses go for S$23 to S$55. During the sales period, the store offers massive discounts, with dresses starting from S$10 and tops going at throwaway prices.

13: The Tinsel Rack

The Tinsel Rack fronts itself as the maker of happy clothes. Their collection is primarily focused on young women in Singapore. Tops go for a maximum of S$31, and the most expensive dress will require you to part ways with S$53.

A standard courier charge of S$2.50 applies for all orders below S$100, for which you get free delivery. Customers who subscribe to the company’s mailing list receive a notable 15% discount off their orders.

14: MDS Collections

online shopping

MDS Collections has grown over their years and now have a presence in major shopping malls across Singapore. Their pricing is rather expensive when compared to other blogshops. Tops go for S$24 to S$48, while dresses go for S$28 to S$90.  You might even pay more if your desired item falls under the premium category.

However, you can significantly reduce your expenses in this shop by joining their subscription plan.  As of now, three are three plans; Solo, Duo, and Ensemble. Solo has one credit and costs S$29.90. Due has two credits and goes for S$49.90. Ensemble has four credits and goes for S$99.90. 

Each credit is redeemable for 1 item, provided it doesn’t fall under the premium category. This means that Ensemble gets you four items, with each going for S$25. Subscriptions are monthly, and you can join or cancel at your volition.

Another advantage of subscribing is that you get a 20% discount on all other items. The express courier charges S$3.99 for shipping. You will not incur any cost if you opt to collect the items in person.

15: Runway Bandits

online shopping

Runway Bandits uses a unique approach in its marketing campaign. Unlike other blogshops in Singapore, the store uses locals to advertise rather than exotic Instagram models.

Most of the items on offer have fair pricing; nothing goes for less than S$20, and only a few things cost more than S$40. Tops go for S$26 to S$36 and dresses cost between S$30 and S$46.

Both Ninja Collect and S the standard courier charge S$2.50 for deliveries, while the express courier costs S$4. You can further save money by joining the mailing list which guarantees a 10% discount off your first order.

16: Intoxiquette

blogshop intoxiquette reviews


The company’s own INTQ label manufactures a sizeable portion of the items sold by Intoxiqueete. Nevertheless, the products have pocket-friendly prices, with tops ranging between S$28 and S$36 and dresses going for S$30 to S$55.

The primary method of shipping on Intoxiquette is Singpost mail – normal mail costs S$1.50 upwards (depending on the size of your package) and registered mails will cost an additional S$2.25.  There is also a provision for using the express courier that costs S$8.

17: Modparade

online shopping

Modparade is a typical old school e-commerce platform. Their collection mainly consists of vintage products targeting people who want to make bold fashion statements.

The pricing is reasonable, with tops costing S$29 to S$32 and dresses going for S$32 to S$49. You also get a 15% discount upon subscribing to the mailing list.

If you spend less than S$50, you will pay S$3 to get a delivery via the standard courier. Otherwise, the company will not charge you to deliver the product to your location. 

18: Ellysage

online blogshop Ellysage reviews

Ellysage targets high-end shoppers in the country. Some of the dresses cost as much as S$100. Most of their clothes are in a plain color, but it is the simplicity that brings out their elegance.

Normal shipping is free but if you opt to use a registered courier, you will pay S$3 for all orders below S$100.

19: LeChic

online blogshop LeChic reviews


LeChic has an abundance of fashion items, mainly dresses, intended for the youthful females in Singapore. Their best-selling products are the midi dresses that go for S$34.

Shipping is available through standard and express couriers, it all depends on the urgency of the delivery.

Lily Pirate Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore

20: Lilypirates

Lilypirates offers a diverse collection of clothes, including both plan and multi-colored outfits. The majority of their offerings are in the medium price range, costing between S$30 and S$50.

There are three modes of delivery namely self-collection, standard courier, and express courier.

NeonMello Top Standout Blogshops in Singapore

21: NeonMello

NeonMello offers outfits that have a floral top and a plain skirt. Also, most of their products have a keyhole neckline. The pricing is as modest as you would expect in most blogshops in Singapore. Dresses go for S$30 to S$57.

Although shipping is mostly done through courier service companies.

22: Rainbow Diaries

RainbowDiaries Page and Blog Media Website is a natural progression of our social media adventures – created to explore the whole new and enchanting world of social media. Parenting, lifestyle, food blog, Events, Writing and community site. 


Online and Offline Marketing Tips for Blogshops in Singapore

To run a successful business in Singapore, you will need to have a strong online presence alongside your brick and mortar store. However, with growing competition in the modern business era, we have prepared for you ingenious ways to market your blog shop.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far one of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can use to convey information about your products to customers. On the site, include a section that allows existing clients and prospects to subscribe to weekly or monthly newsletters. Record all the emails and use them to market your products. Be sure not to bombard customers with countless and irrelevant emails lest they highlight them as spam. Too many emails could also paint a negative image of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook remains one of the most popular social networking sites, and there are at least 4.6 million users in Singapore. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest also attract a huge following as well. On average, Singaporeans spend as much as 2 hours and 16 minutes on various social media platforms, and this presents the perfect opportunity to market your blog shop.

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With that said, there is more to Singapore social media marketing than making posts. You need to invest in paid ads, boosting posts, and analysing the data from the metrics to create buyer personas.

Millennials make up the majority of social media users today in Singapore and the world over. They are the most populous, and they are bound to be the biggest spenders in the near future. When done right, social media marketing will ensure that you reach out to your target audience for increased brand awareness and engagement.

Run Online Contests

Contests are a great way to improve customer trust and increase brand engagement as long as there is an irresistible prize. You can run contests on social media, which will increase organic traffic and following as well as offline.

Stick to the following rules to run a successful contest that will appeal to both the existing and potential customers

  • Establish clear rules and guidelines for your promotion
  • The contest should be free to enter
  • Accept all valid entries
  • The winner should be chosen at random
  • You must award the prise

You can also run the contests offline in places with high foot traffic to increase awareness of your brick and mortar store. The bottom line here is to appeal to as many people as possible to increase interest in your brand and sales.

Create Compelling SEO Content

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people turn to the internet to find information about products before making a purchase. Their first stop is Google or any other search engine, and for this reason, you need to invest in creating search engine optimised content.

This will help you to rank higher for your preferred keywords, location, and product offering. However, SEO trends keep on changing alongside the search engine algorithms, and so it is better to hire with a professional SEO copywriter or digital marketing agency.

However, the SEO content should create value to your existing and potential customers as well as relevant to your brand. This will go a long way into getting other websites in your niche to linking to the content, which will improve your overall search engine results page ranking (SERPs).

Paid Advertising

Advertising is a crucial aspect of running a successful business today, but the costs can run into millions of dollars, especially with traditional advertising.

However, thanks to online paid advertising such as pay per click (PPC), you can reach out to your audience at a much lower expense. The beauty of PPC and other forms of paid advertising on social media platforms is that you only pay when a user clicks on the ad.

What this means is that even if you do not rank for your preferred keywords, you will still appear on the first page. This will increase your click-through rates and traffic to your blog shop.

With that said, you should be wary of click fraud, which is where your competitors click on your ads with the intent of diminishing your daily or monthly budget. Digital marketing agencies in Singapore have devised a variety of software that will detect click fraud.

Influencer Marketing

Singaporeans visit social networking sites more frequently than other websites and blogs. Influencers are people with a huge following on their blogs or social networking accounts that can help you increase your brand awareness.

However, you need to choose influencers that will bring in results for your brand. Influencers are not restricted to social networking platforms, but also blogs and YouTube. For example, you could choose to sponsor a video on YouTube with a link to your blog shop.

Use Flyers

Many businesses are giving too much focus on digital marketing that they forgot about creating a physical presence for their brand. Singapore has one of the biggest printing businesses in the Southeast Asia region, and this means that you can get a good deal for printing and designing flyers.

You can hand out the flyers in high foot traffic areas such as the mall, bus stop, concerts, festival, and more. All you need is a professional graphic designer who can give you a good designing and printing deal.

You should include all the information about your blog shop on the flyer, right from the physical location, e-commerce site, as well as social media accounts. This easy marketing campaign will attract more customers without breaking your marketing budget.

Since the flyers are easy to carry around, you can keep some in your bag or car and distribute them randomly at trade fairs, networking events, expos, and more.

Content Marketing

Most people associate content marketing with blogs, social networking platforms, YouTube, not knowing that the concept has been around longer than the internet. Content marketing is all about telling stories and humans will gravitate towards the brand telling the most captivating and believable story.

All you need is compelling content and a long–term strategy to extend value to your customers. The goal is to increase brand loyalty from your customers, and the chances are that they will recommend it to other people. Compared to one-off advertising, content marketing shows that you care about the customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing approach where you use other people or businesses to direct traffic to your site or store to make a purchase. Since affiliate marketing uses the ‘pay per performance’ model, you can drastically cut back on your marketing expenses.

The advantage of this marketing approach is that you will receive increased brand visibility given that over 90% of Singaporeans access the internet daily. With that said, you need to use the most suitable affiliate marketers, especially for online affiliate marketing.


Many blog shops in the past have failed due to the lack of client confidence, unreasonable prices, lack of uniqueness, as well as lack of combining both offline and online marketing. With the above offline and online marketing tactics for blog shops in Singapore, you will be in a position to grow your brand.

As mentioned earlier, online shopping is taking over the retail industry in Singapore. This trend will certainly continue, especially if the rate at which they are connecting to the internet remains.

In response to this development, blogshops are continuously upgrading their features to provide a seamless trading experience to the users. Examples of updated including adding the latest fashion items to their collections, improving their websites and most importantly ensuring that they maintain their affordable pricing model, which is by far their most appealing characteristic.

Our web design Singapore team can create custom blogshops for your brand at a competitive rate. Get in touch for a free quote. 

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