The Top 20 Facebook Influencers in Singapore

The Top 20 Facebook Influencers in Singapore

At 95%, Singapore has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, ranked #10 by DataReportal. 

To put it into perspective, of the  6,037,236 people living in Singapore, approximately 5.84 million have an internet connection. 

Interestingly, Meta platforms dominate, hogging the first three top positions as the most used social media platforms in the country, with WhatsApp leading at 83.7%, Facebook coming in at a close second at 82.7%, with Instagram holding the third position, at 49%.

In such a digitally connected and competitive environment, having an active and updated online presence is like having a key to unlock countless opportunities. Who knows, your next potential client or customer could be scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, looking for a reliable source of information, or better yet, shopping around for your products or services.

One of the strategies businesses can use to maintain their online presence is by partnering up with relevant influencers or content creators.

We’ve already covered the Top Instagram Influencers dominating the social media space in 2024, now we want to do the same with Facebook Influencers:

The Top 20 Facebook Influencers in Singapore

  1. Christabel Chua
  2. JianHao Tan
  3. Andrea Chong
  4. Carrie Wong
  5. Peishi Soh
  6. Benjamin Kheng
  7. Mongchin Yeoh
  8. Naomi Neo
  9. Yoyo Cao
  10. Daniel Ang
  11. Isabel Tan
  12. Wendy Cheng
  13. Brad Lau
  14. Hannah Chia
  15. Seth Lui
  16. Jamie Pang
  17. Jayley Woo
  18. Joanna Lim
  19. Joanne Peh
  20. Leslie Tay

The Top 20 Facebook Influencers Dominating the Social Media Space in Singapore in 2024

1. Christabel Chua

 facebook influencers - bellywellyjelly   

Better known as Bellywellyjelly, Christabel Chua is a prominent lifestyle influencer and blogger in Singapore. In 2015, she was nominated for Singapore’s Social Media Award as the Breakout Star of the Year.

In 2014, she won the Best Skin at Miss Universe and Miss Photogenic awards. 

Christabel blogs about her favourite beauty products, travel destinations, and lifestyle tips. She also shares personal stories and experiences on her Facebook page, where she has over 449k followers.

Her engaging content and relatable personality have made her one of the top Facebook influencers in the country.

2. JianHao Tan

facebook influencers - jianhao

JianHao Tan is a popular YouTuber, comedian, and CEO of Titan Digital Media. He started his YouTube career in 2010 and has garnered over 7.13 million subscribers.

In addition to creating hilarious skits and vlogs, JianHao also runs a successful digital marketing agency that helps businesses reach their target audience through creative content. His Facebook page has over 300K followers, making him one of the most sought-after Facebook influencers in the country.

3. Andrea Chong

facebook influencers - drea chong

Renowned in the Singaporean digital landscape, Andrea Chong — also recognized as Drea Chong — commands a significant following as a fashion blogger and influencer. Accumulating nearly 300,000 admirers on Instagram and over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube as of November 2022, Andrea’s influence is unmistakable. 

Esteemed brands have taken notice, with both H&M and Pandora enlisting her as a brand ambassador, a testament to her powerful social media presence. Beyond being a mere promoter, Andrea’s style and influence were commemorated with the ‘Fashion Icon of the Year’ award at the Singapore Social Media Awards in 2015, joining the ranks of other illustrious Singaporean creators such as Night Owl Cinematics and Munah Hirzi Official. 

4. Carrie Wong

facebook influencers - carrie wong

  • Facebook Followers: 98K
  • Email:

Carrie Wong Si Tian, born on the first of January 1994, has made significant strides in the Singaporean entertainment industry. Discovered through the reality TV show ‘Hey Gorgeous,’ she has since risen to prominence as a formidable actress.

With a robust following of nearly 100K fans on Facebook, Carrie’s reach is a clear indication of her influential status. Through her craft, she continues to captivate audiences, inspiring the next generation of talent in Singapore’s vibrant acting scene.

5. Peishi Soh

facebook influencers - speishi

  • Facebook Followers: 24K
  • Email:

Peishi Soh, a prominent figure in Singapore’s digital space, creates content that resonates with a broad audience across multiple platforms. Her successful YouTube channel, SPEISHI, features an engaging mix of lifestyle topics, culinary experiences, travel adventures, and beauty tutorials. 

Widely recognized for her role as Pei Shi in the well-known YouTube series, a student in Class T1-T5, by Titan Academy, Peishi Soh leverages her influence to captivate a substantial following, offering insights and inspiration in various facets of everyday life.

6. Benjamin Kheng

facebook influencers - benjamin kheng

  • Facebook Followers: 287K
  • Instagram/TikTok: @benjaminkheng

Embarking on an eclectic journey that binds the worlds of music and athletics, Benjamin Kheng, born on August 15, 1990, has etched his mark as a multifaceted Singaporean artist and retired swimmer. 

A member of the popular local band, The Sam Willows, Benjamin has also made significant strides in his solo career, with notable hits such as ‘Wicked,’ ‘Tigers,’ and ‘Grow Old.’ With a substantial following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Benjamin’s influence extends beyond the entertainment sphere.

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7. Mongchin Yeoh     

facebook influencers - mongchin

Mongchin Yeoh, widely recognized as Mongabong, is a prominent lifestyle influencer and content creator in Singapore’s vibrant digital community. With an Instagram following that exceeds 295,000 and a YouTube audience of more than 111,000 subscribers, her influence is undeniable.

Collaborating with well-known Singaporean content platforms such as TreePotatoes, ZULA, and The Smart Local, Mongchin’s diverse online content continues to capture and engage a wide range of audiences. Her partnership with these reputable creators not only amplifies her reach but also underscores her position as a leading voice in Singapore’s online space.

8. Naomi Neo

facebook influencers - naomi neo

Naomi Neo, a distinguished personality in Singapore’s social media sphere, transitioned from her early roots as a lifestyle blogger to a dynamic content creator on YouTube. Her venture into the digital world began in earnest in 2011 with her blog, followed by a steady stream of YouTube content starting in 2012. 

Collaborating with fellow luminaries in the digital arena, such as Night Owl Cinematics and JianHao Tan, Naomi continues to expand her influence. She remains an active presence across various platforms, reflected in her impressive follower count: 910K on Instagram, 408K on TikTok, and nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube as of February 2024.

Through dedicated content creation and a strategic online presence, Naomi exemplifies the power of quality content to captivate and grow an audience.

9. Yoyo Cao

facebook influencers - yoyokulala

Yoyo Cao, a leading fashion and lifestyle influencer in Singapore, has built an impressive presence on social media platforms like Instagram, with over 4860,000 followers. Her refined style and keen eye for fashion have garnered attention from renowned brands such as Chanel and Gucci.

Additionally, Yoyo’s influence extends beyond her social media presence as she also co-founded the multi-label beauty line called Romy Beauty. Through her dedication to quality content creation, Yoyo has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion and beauty industry, inspiring others with her unique sense of style and keen business acumen.

The success of Yoyo Cao serves as a testament to the power of quality content in building a personal brand and establishing oneself as an influential voice in their field.

10. Daniel Ang

facebook influencers - daniel

A graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Daniel Ang has established himself as a renowned figure in the acting and digital influence fields. His multifaceted talents as an actor, singer, and performer have earned him accolades, securing his stature as one of South Asia’s most pivotal male influencers. 

With an impressive Instagram following exceeding 48,000, Daniel deftly harnesses his platform to promote a variety of brands, demonstrating the profound impact quality content can have on audience engagement and brand partnerships.

Continuously expanding his reach in the digital ecosystem, Daniel Ang demonstrates the undeniable influence of crafting and curating content that resonates with audiences.

11. Isabel Tan

facebook influencers - isabel tan

  • Facebook Followers: 1K
  • Instagram: prettyfrowns
  • Instagram Followers: 378K

Commonly known by her online moniker “prettyfrowns,” Isabel Tan has become a distinguished figure within Singapore’s influencer scene. Born on November 19, 1995, she has cultivated a significant following on Instagram, the primary platform of her online presence, boasting a community of 378K followers as of February 2024. 

Isabel’s collaborations span high-profile brands including the likes of Dyson, Tommy Hilfiger, and Netflix, marking her as a versatile and sought-after digital personality. Her current ventures have led her to New York, where she continues to engage her audience and expand her influence.

12. Wendy Cheng

facebook influencers - wendy cheng

  • Instagram: xiaxue
  • Instagram Followers: 575K
  • Twitter: xiaxue
  • Twitter Followers: 332K

Wendy Cheng, familiarly known to the digital world as Xiaxue reigns as one of Singapore’s most influential and outspoken bloggers. Born Cheng Yan Yan Wendy on April 28, 1984, she has cultivated a distinctive voice that fearlessly delves into her life, style, and social issues with a bold and engaging flair. 

Commanding a dedicated audience with a daily readership of approximately 50,000 on her flagship blog, Xiaxue has garnered numerous awards and transformed her online presence into lucrative endorsements, writing columns, and hosting television shows. 

Wendy’s forthright expression has not only won her fame and partnerships but has also provoked widespread discourse and debate within the nation. Xiaxue’s personal life has also been a subject of public interest, having been previously married to Mike Sayre, an American engineer, and together they share a child. 

Her compelling journey accentuates the undeniable imperative of superior content that not only draws attention but also instigates meaningful conversation and brings about opportunities for broader engagement.

13. Brad Lau  

facebook influencers - ladyironchef

  • Facebook Followers: 833K
  • Email:
  • Website:  
  • Role: Founder & Chief Editor 

Brad Lau stands out as a key culinary influencer in Singapore’s vibrant food scene with his alter ego, “LadyIronChef.” As the visionary behind the esteemed food and travel website, his insights have become a cornerstone for food enthusiasts.

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His platform not only leads in its niche but also demonstrates the compelling pull of high-quality content. Brad’s gourmet narratives and travel chronicles exemplify how impactful well-crafted content can be — attracting a community of readers and setting the bar high for fellow content connoisseurs.

14. Hannah Chiafacebook influencers - hannah chia

Hannah Chia is the culinary and lifestyle aficionado behind the popular blog She dedicates her online space to a delightful mix of food reviews, beauty tips, travel experiences, and lifestyle topics. 

With an undeniable passion for cuisines, Hannah’s blog is a treasure trove for those who revel in the joy of eating and exploring life’s varied pleasures. Follow her journey and dive into a world where good taste meets savvy lifestyle insights.

15. Seth Lui

facebook influencers - sethlui

The team, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of a former bartender named Seth Lui, is your quintessential guide to gastronomic satisfaction with a storyteller’s touch. Their pursuit? To serve you nothing but the most honest and delightful food narratives. 

This group of dedicated food enthusiasts’ ventures across Singapore and beyond, unearthing the most authentic street food tales and providing sneak peeks behind restaurant doors. Their mission is to fill your mind with compelling stories and your palate with flavours that arise from their genuine critiques of Asian cuisine.

16. Jamie Pang

facebook influencers - jamie pang

Jamie Pang is a trailblazer in fitness and social media influence. Boasting a strong Instagram audience that exceeds 196,000, Jamie’s reach as of February 2024 showcases her prowess in captivating followers.

 In 2018, her expertise in personal branding and her influential status were recognized when she was selected as an ambassador for the prominent skincare brand, Caring Skin. With each post, Jamie Pang reinforces the power of quality content to not only engage an audience but also to forge meaningful brand partnerships.

17. Jayley Woo

facebook influencers - jayley

Jayley Woo, initially a dynamic blogging duo with her twin sister, ventured into acting with her debut in “Jump!” in 2012, where she worked with established stars and earned a Best Newcomer nomination. Throughout 2013, she showcased her versatility in “C.L.I.F.,” “96°C Cafe,” and “The Dream Makers,” and made a guest appearance in “Sudden.” 

Her momentum continued into 2014 with roles in “The Caregivers” and “C.L.I.F. 3.” Her captivating performances led to a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes nomination in 2015 and subsequent wins in 2016 and 2017.

In addition to her acting career, Jayley also runs a blog and YouTube channel, sharing beauty tips, travel vlogs, and behind-the-scenes looks into her life on set. With her infectious energy and talent, she continues to inspire others as a prominent influencer in the media industry.

18. Joanna Lim

facebook influencers - joanna

A leading Singaporean digital personality, Joanna Lim has carved a niche for herself in the social media space. Managed by the acclaimed Night Owl Cinematics, Joanna’s presence is most recognized on the celebrated Ryan Sylvia YouTube channel, gracing viewers since 2014 with her vibrant appearances. 

With a commanding Instagram following of 232K and a burgeoning base of over 17.6K on TikTok as of February 2024, her influence is both palpable and extensive, a testament to her engaging content and the powerful reach of quality digital media.

19. Joanne Peh

facebook influencers - joanne

Joanne Peh, the distinguished Singaporean actress and television host, was born on April 25, 1983. She is notably married to the acclaimed actor Qi Yuwu, who is also a prominent figure in the Singaporean entertainment industry. 

With her marriage, Joanne not only binds her personal life with another star on the screen but also fortifies her presence in the realm of celebrity power couples. Her career and personal life narratives contribute significantly to the compelling fabric of content that captivates audiences and showcases the power of quality storytelling.

20. Dr Tay

facebook influencers - dr tay

For over fifteen years, Dr. Leslie Tay has tirelessly explored Singapore to find exceptional hawker food, documenting his delicious discoveries on his acclaimed blog, His charming wife, Lisa, has recently teamed up with him, and together, they’re dedicated to revealing the finest of Singapore’s culinary treasures. 

With their extensive knowledge and love for local food, Dr. Leslie and Lisa are a formidable duo in the world of gastronomy, advocating for the preservation of hawker culture and celebrating the best of Singaporean cuisine.

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