The Top 10 Male Influencers in Singapore in 2024

The Top 10 Male Influencers in Singapore in 2024

Singapore’s influencer scene is buzzing with talent, creativity, and influence. Although female-dominated, male influencers are also getting a substantial bite of the pie. 

Let’s talk stats: 

The ad spending on influencer advertising is projected to hit U$105.8 million by the end of the year (2024). 

Showing an annual growth rate of 11.36%, the projected influencer market volume would have hit U$162.7m by 2028. 

More brands have also realized the power of influencer marketing. In 2020, 16.9% of brands remained unbothered.

76.3% only dabbled their marketing budgets in influencer marketing by investing less than 30%.  

The Top 10 Male Influencers in Singapore in 2024

  1. Jian Hao Tan
  2. Desmond Tan
  3. Benjamin Kheng
  4. Seth Lui
  5. Daniel Ang
  6. Leslie Tay
  7. Taufik Batisah
  8. Brand Lau
  9. Andie Chen
  10. Jason Chee

#1. Benjamin Kheng

male influencers - Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng from Singapore is not just famous for his music but also has a big online following, with 200k people keeping up with his posts. He plays in a popular band called The Sam Willows, which a lot of people in Singapore love. Brands really like working with him because he’s good at a lot of things and shares all sorts of cool stuff online. 

You can find him on Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. If you’re curious, you can go to his Instagram page and find a link to his YouTube channel. Benjamin’s posts get a lot of likes and comments on Instagram and TikTok, meaning he’s really good at getting people interested. Working with him means your brand could get noticed by lots of active followers.

#2. Jian Hao Tan

male influencers - Jian Hao Tan

Jian Hao Tan is a prominent figure from Singapore, renowned for his engaging content on YouTube and captivating posts on Instagram. Boasting an impressive following of 655K million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it’s safe to say that Jian Hao Tan has captured the hearts of many with his relatable and entertaining content. 

JianHao Tan embarked on his YouTube career in 2010, initially teaming up with a couple of friends for a school project and a shared hobby. At the age of 18, he completed two years of National Service. Following this commitment, Tan chose to dedicate his efforts to YouTube, opting out of further academic pursuits in favour of a full-time career in content creation.

His path was notably influenced by mentorship from Ryan Tan of Night Owl Cinematics around 2014. By December of that year, his subscriber count had surged to over 250,000, marking a significant milestone in his digital content career.

Desmond Tan is best known in Singapore for acting. He’s popular on Instagram too, with 200k followers. His posts are high quality. He’s a celebrity influencer to consider for your brand.

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#3. Desmond Tan

male influencers - Desmond Tan

Desmond Tan is best known in Singapore for acting. He’s popular on Instagram too, with 200k followers. His posts are high quality. He’s a celebrity influencer to consider for your brand. 

Desmond Tan became well-known in showbiz after being the runner-up in Star Search 2007, leading to a Mediacorp contract and starting with small TV roles. His big break came five years later with an award-winning role in “A Song to Remember,” earning him the Rocket Award at the 2012 Star Awards. His growing fame led to partnerships with Samsung, first for the GALAXY Camera and then as a lifestyle ambassador for the GALAXY S4.

#4. Daniel Ang

male influencers - Daniel Ang

Daniel Ang, a Singapore-based food blogger, has expanded his food review passion from a blog to an Instagram sensation. 

His content, particularly popular among the younger crowd, primarily showcases an array of enticing food photographs right when you visit his page. Through each post, Daniel shares his insights on various dishes, complemented by visually appealing photos and clever, engaging captions that leave his followers craving more. 

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He also provides practical details like the dining spot’s location and hours, making it easy for his audience to follow in his footsteps. Always on the lookout for novel and intriguing eats, Daniel’s adventurous taste buds lead him to explore offbeat and exotic culinary experiences, bringing fresh and exciting content to his followers by introducing them to distinctive tastes and cuisines.

#5. Seth Lui

male influencers - Seth Lui is a super popular food site in Singapore. They get like a million people checking it out every month and twice as many peeks at their pages. It’s part of this bigger crew called Delicious Consulting. 

They’ve got a bunch of writers who keep things fresh and real, talking about everything from street eats to fancy spots like Ku De Ta and Morton’s. They’re all about digging into food, exploring new places, and sipping on cool drinks. And the best part? They keep it real with their reviews, trying not to step on any toes.

#6. Alfred Sun

male influencers - Alfred Sun

Alfred Sun is a guy who’s making waves in the male fashion scene, but he’s not just about fashion. He got his degree in Graphic Communications and decided to go freelance in 2016. This choice opened up doors to explore his love for singing, dancing, and design. He’s competed on shows like “The Voice” and “Jungle Voice” in Taiwan. Besides performing, he keeps his creative spark alive through freelance graphic design and animation work while keeping up with his dancing. 

On Instagram, Alfred stands out because he’s not stuck to one specific style or theme. He just shares his life, picking images that look good and feel relaxed, using soft pastels and low-contrast shots that show off his design skills. His approach to connecting with followers is chill — no pushing for growth, just real conversations in comments and DMs.

He’s all about making sure his Instagram style, especially for men’s fashion, pops with the right colours and lighting. He used to think you needed a great camera, but now he’s all about getting the colours right, even on iPhone photos. His eye for colour and background choices makes his Instagram stand out in the fashion world.

#7. Leslie Tay

male influencers - Leslie Tay

For over 15 years, Leslie Tay has been wandering around Singapore to find the top hawker food, sharing his findings and tasty photos on his prize-winning blog, His wife, Lisa, has recently joined him, and together, they keep looking for the city’s best dishes.

 Tay is a well-known expert on local cuisine, talking about Singapore’s Hawker Cuisine to audiences worldwide. He’s also a member of the Hawker Centre Review Committee, focusing on preserving Singapore’s hawker culture. 

Besides, he’s advised restaurants on how to give their menus and spaces a local twist, like the lobby lounge at Shangri-La Hotel. And, he’s been all over the media, from magazines to TV shows. In 2013, he and Belinda Lee hosted the TV series “8 Days Eat,” highlighting Singapore’s best food and its history. More recently, he hosted the CNA insider episode “Goodbye Tanglin Halt.”

#8. Taufik Batisah

male influencers - Taufik Batisah

Taufik Batisah got his start singing with a local band called Bonafide, mixing up some cool hip-hop and R&B beats alongside his buddy, Mark Subramaniam, better known as Mark Bonafide. In 2004, Taufik took a shot at the first season of Singapore Idol, and guess what? He won it, big time, on December 1st, 2004. More than 8,000 people at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and 1.8 million at home watched him take the crown as the very first Singapore Idol. 

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He didn’t just win the title; he also got a sweet deal with Sony BMG for recording and got hooked up with Hype Records for management. Turns out, Taufik bagged 682,000 votes out of the 1.1 million cast, leaving his competitor Sylvester Sim in the dust with 418,000 votes.

Riding that high, Taufik landed deals with brands left and right, from Harmuni Rice and Samsung to 7-Eleven and HSC drinks. He even became the first Singapore artiste to be the face of Swatch watches. Plus, he led the charge in the “fresh air for women” campaign to cut down smoking in Singapore. But, things got a bit rocky when someone snapped photos of him smoking, and the campaign had to be pulled back.

#9. Andie Chen

male influencers - Andie Chen

Andie Chen, who you might know from his earlier days as Andy Tan Bang Jun, was born on June 16, 1985, and is a well-known face in Singapore as an actor, host, and vlogger. He was with Mediacorp full-time from 2007 to 2017, making quite a name for himself. Career-wise, Andie first popped up on TV back in 1997 in a Channel 5 series called Growing Up, where he played a younger version of a character in a flashback.

It wasn’t until he bagged the top spot in Star Search 2007, though, that he really hit the big time, securing a deal with Mediacorp. From there, Andie scored roles in some major TV dramas everyone was talking about, including the hit series The Little Nyonya, and others like Unriddle, C.L.I.F., Code of Honour, Joys of Life, The Journey trilogy, and The Lead. 

Fast forward to August 2015, Andie took a leap into theatre, leading in the Mandarin musical December Rains put on by Toy Factory Productions. It was his debut on the stage, but clearly, he’s been nailing roles left and right since the start.

#10. Jason Chee

male influencers - Jason Chee

Meet Jason Chee, your go-to guy for personal training for over 8 years and counting. With a body that screams fitness goals, he’s not just about looks but also shares his workout magic on his YouTube channel, Fit O’Clock. Jason’s fully Singaporean and rocks the fitness influencer and personal trainer scene. 

He’s built a solid fan base who are just as passionate about fitness as he is, thanks to his athlete, YouTuber, and trainer hats. With 40k followers, he’s the fitness inspiration (#fitspo) that a lot of us in Singapore are looking for. 

Scroll through his Instagram, and you’re greeted with back-to-back snaps of his fit physique and gym life. Lifestyle brands, if you’re listening, Jason’s your perfect match for gymwear or even some cool casual outfits. And for those into healthy eating and personal care, Jason is all about that healthy life, so he’s the ideal influencer to partner with.

Final Thoughts 

And this concludes our handpicked list of Singapore’s top 10 male influencers. Feel free to connect with any of them to spark new collaborations. The secret sauce to a flourishing partnership? Choosing with care. 

Aim to match up with influencers who not only sync with your niche and captivate your desired audience but also reflect your brand’s essence through and through. Each influencer is a standout, offering something distinct that sets them apart in the digital realm. 

For smooth sailing in this venture, you might want to consider teaming up with an influencer agency. They’re adept at smoothing out negotiations, guiding you toward the perfect influencer match, and overseeing the crafting of the content the two of you create.

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