MediaOne Does CSR @ Thye Hwa Kwan

seo consultants does csr at thye hwa kwan

MediaOne CSR was extremely privileged to spend some time today with the residents at the Thye Hwa Kwan (THK) home at Hougang.

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The folks at THK, especially the “young-uns”at MediaOne, had a blast with CNY Karaoke, sing-a-longs, chatting about memories of days-gone-by-Singapore (though it was the seniors who had the most to say which really opened our eyes and mind to what Singapore was), “Prosperity Bonzai” making workshop, Happy Birthday cupcakes + songs and etc.

Said MediaOne CEO Tom Koh: “We were fortunate to spend this afternoon with the seniors. We hope it brought them joy as it certainly did for us. Privately I also wanted to open the eyes, hearts and minds of the millennials working in MediaOne and I think we succeeded in that. I wanted them to meet and talk to our senior generation who had through sheer hard work and determination helped to bring Singapore to where it is now, and to give thanks to each and everyone of them for without them we wouldn’t be tasting the grapes of prosperity and peace.”

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For more information on THK and to find out how you can help, please visit:


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