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9 Tips for Hiring Graphic Design Agency in Singapore

9 Tips for Hiring Graphic Design Agency in Singapore

In the modern business ecosystem, you cannot rely on logos alone to create product and service awareness. You have to grow it into a brand and this is where you need a graphic design agency in Singapore. It will be vital in developing and creating eye-catching messages about your brand. 

What Does A Design Agency In Singapore Do?

A professional graphic design agency in Singapore will have a variety of design services. This includes web design, graphic design, product design, and more. On top of this, the design agency in Singapore will have to work with an advertising agency in Singapore, among other agencies that provide design and creative work.  

However, how do you choose the best graphic design agency in Singapore? We spoke to some of the top web designers and creative directors to find out where you should look for a graphic design agency in Singapore, the qualities to consider, and what you should know before the first meeting. 

Before you look at the tips of hiring a graphic design agency in Singapore, ensure that you read the reasons why you should hire a graphic design agency for your business. 

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9 Tips for Hiring A Web Graphic Design Agency in Singapore

Craft a Good Job Description

As mentioned, there are various services offered by a graphic design agency in Singapore. One of the ways of eliminating delays and frustrations in the process is to create a detailed job posting. However, to create a good job description for your post, you have to put in the time and the effort. 

This step eliminates the chances of hiring unqualified design agencies. Here are the essential items you should include in your job posting:

  • Include a design mock-up – First, identify an ideal design to help a creative agency know what you want. You can create sketches using a tool such as Balsamiq or use an image editor
  • Include names of businesses with designs you like and do not like
  • Include a list of must-have design elements
  • Express the design styles you do not like
  • Include your preferred colour scheme if you are clueless, use this guide on how to pick and coordinate colour
  • Set a specific timeline for when the project should be complete 

Where to Look

One of the best ways to find the best design agencies in Singapore is by word of mouth. You could ask somebody you trust to recommend an agency. You could also look to other businesses with designs you like, and inquire who created the design. 

After you narrow down to your preferred agencies, be sure to look into their portfolio. With that said, you should ask the following questions:

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  • What role did they play in the design project?
  • Who was in charge of art direction in the design project?
  • Did they source the images themselves or it was given to them?
  • Who else they worked with on the project? 

The answers to these questions will give you insights into their creative perspective and independence. Here are more things you should consider when shortlisting design agencies:

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  • Technical skills – a graphic designer should be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop or other image editors
  • Soft skills – This includes how fast they respond to your feedback requests, their understanding of the job posting

Experience That Relates To Your Design Plans

Before hiring a graphic design agency in Singapore, ensure that you have a clear design strategy. The ideal design agency has experience in using your preferred format and medium and in solving design challenges in your industry. 

For example, an agency experienced in web design in Singapore will not be the best solution for your product designing needs or designing packaging for your print project. 

An experienced creative agency in Singapore will be quick to understand your purpose and will know how to express it to you and your audience.

Know What You Want

Most professional design agencies in Singapore will offer a free consultation to understand your design needs. However, when going for the consultation, you should already know what you want to achieve with your design project, as this will give the designer a foundation to work with.

Prepare a detailed business brief that will be the blueprint a design agency in Singapore to deliver a design. Instead of explaining, have the brief in writing outlining your objectives, the available resources, and constraints, as well as the business environment. 

By outlining, your objectives, you will clearly explain what you want by the time the project is complete. This will also make the designer’s job easier.

Know Your Message/Tag Line

The success of a brand lies on a catchy phrase that will elicit an emotional connection with the audience. A professional agency offering graphic design in Singapore will focus on getting your brand’s image across to the audience. The message should contain your brand’s attitude, values, and purpose. 

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For the designer to deliver successfully on the design work, they need to have a clear message to work with. The message should contain your brand’s attitude, values, and purpose. Some of the critical points to consider include:

  • A clear definition of your target audience and thoughts on how they will be reached
  • A short explanation of what your business model
  • What the audience should do or know when they see in the design project
  • Thought about the look and feel of the overall design, you can use examples of businesses whose design work you like or do not like

Having a clear message will ensure that you communicate your design requirements and needs in clear adjectives to describe your message. For example, clean, conservative, innovative, and elegant. Here is how to create a powerful tagline for your business.

Price Depends On What You Want

Many factors determine the cost of design in Singapore, but for starters, you should consider the two most important and basic factors:

  • The designer’s experience
  • Design requirements and needs

A design agency in Singapore with experienced designers and a large portfolio will be more expensive. On top of this, the more complex and extensive the project is, the higher the rate. The hourly rate is the most common pricing methods used by design agencies in Singapore.

If your preferred design agency in Singapore offers an hourly rate, you should lay out the specifics of the deliverables you are set to receive. However, you should always be ready to negotiate on the price before the project starts.

Set Deadlines

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It is essential that you have a budget when interviewing a design agency in Singapore. Since the design process has many parts to it, you should clarify when you want each section to be complete. 

The best practice in web design is to have two or three versions of a design, from which you will select one to use. You need to push for at least two revisions. With that said, you also need to meet your deadlines.

One of the biggest causes of project delays is content delays and unplanned changes. This calls for you to start putting together the content needed for the design. However, for services such as web design in Singapore, you can always outsource a copywriter to do the content for you. 

Customer Ratings and Testimonials

A creative agency offering graphic design services will portray itself in the best light. However, to hire the best design agency in Singapore, you should look at client ratings and testimonials. Most customer testimonials are unbiased, and show how easy it is to work with the design agency in Singapore. 

However, to prove the authenticity of the feedback, contact the client directly. Preferably, call the client instead of emailing or contacting them on social media

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 With that said, you should dismiss a graphic design agency in Singapore that primarily has glowing and positive feedback. This is a sign of fake testimonials. A genuine and unbiased customer will highlight all the positives and negative aspects of the service and the process. 

Claim Ownership

There is a little known fact that a design agency in Singapore can retain ownership of the design. By claiming ownership, we mean that you should ask for the original art files when the web design work is complete. 

You should make it clear that you will own every aspect of the design from the start, and they have to give it to you. This ensures that you have the freedom to edit various aspects to suit your needs in the future. 

Failure to claim ownership will mean that you have restricted access to the work and that you cannot use another design agency in Singapore to redesign the project. 


Hiring a graphic design agency in Singapore is not easy. It will determine the impression your audience has on your business. However, the most important aspect has to be that you need to claim ownership of the design and all the original artworks. 

Contact us today for professional digital marketing and web design services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to provide you with a free and non-obligatory quote and to schedule for your free consultation. 


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