How To Get More Instagram Followers For Singapore Businesses

how to get more instagram followers in singapore

You can process ads persistently to increase traffic to your site for optimisation. However, without followers on your social media platforms to enhance it, you will invest more income on marketing your business than you should.

It is not simple to gain followers. And for that reason, most businesses consider buying them. They need people who will be attentive to their brand and make purchases. In this article, we will explore the various methods that you can use to grow your Instagram followers organically.

Here they are:

  1. Seek for Quality Followers

People buy followers to increase their popularity. They don’t understand how to increase Instagram followers organically, but they wish to enjoy the reward of being famous. They think that their reputation will attract more followers. Businesses purchase followers because they don’t understand how to attract organic followers or when they don’t try.

Purchased followers do not engage with your content to follow you. In most cases, they are not real customers. There exist tools to spot accounts with bought followers using algorithms that examine the followings. So, ensure that you gain Instagram followers organically to ensure they have an interest in your brand.

  1. Post Quality Content

Instagram is a good place for visual enthusiasts. People who appreciate visuals that tell a story or that provoke emotion to spend their time there to get information about different products and lifestyles. They like to get inspiration from what they see.

Instagram visitors don’t like reading long descriptions of your products and services. Also, they usually don’t follow accounts with poor-quality visuals since they like photos that attract them. Here are some tips to ensure that you post quality content on your Instagram account to achieve organic followers:

  • Prioritise images

Unlike other social media platforms where you use images to complement your message, Instagram uses the image as the message. So, you should ensure that you post high-quality images that deliver a message. People like visuals, and giving them what they need is the way to grow your organic followers on Instagram.

  • Make it noticeable

You should enhance your images with contrasts and bold colours to make them stand out to your followers.

  • Select a theme for your brand

Visitors scrolling through their news page are likely to recognise posts from you immediately because of your particular theme. Every time they come across your post, they think about your products or services.

  • Stay simple

Social media has a lot of negativity. This is not a place to shout out your rivals or have detailed discussions. Instagram marketing should be about offering your audience with visuals that give them a good feeling.

You can post images like a throwback of you and your partner before you started the business to keep things light.

  • Narrate stories

You should keep your visitors engaged by telling them stories. Use visuals to tell stories or craft a video that shows a story. Getting organic followers on Instagram is not difficult, you just need to be yourself.

  • Edit your visuals

Yes, you might get some critics for using photoshop to edit your photos. But regardless of the apparent hate, individuals love them in masses.

Keep your visuals simple since you don’t want them to look like they are overproduced or not authentic. Ensure that the products look the same in the images and real life. But use editing tools and filters to make your pictures appealing.

  1. Post on Regular Basis

Being present on Instagram is another strategy to grow your Instagram followers organically. Posting on a daily basis, however, is hard for many businesses due to lack of enough time. This is why it is essential to get a professional who is dedicated to supporting you in marketing your business on social media.

Have at least one post in a day and keep your followers engaged. You might stand out with just a single post. But, the consistency of posting on your account is what really determines the results in Singapore. Instagram also promotes accounts that post on a regular basis since they realise that they are the accounts that individuals want to follow.

  1. Schedule Your Posts

Timing matters on all social media platforms. Individuals are most likely to come across your posts when browsing their news feeds on Instagram. The timing is very crucial since it determines how you engage with your followers.

For example, a restaurant is likely to post before or during lunch or dinner to attract people who have not decided where they will have a meal. Post every day and every time you feel like its best.

  1. Understand Your Audience

Identifying what and when to post is crucial in comprehending how to increase your Instagram followers organically for your brand. Instagram now has over 50 million businesses. You might not get any followers by trying to impress everyone. So, you should get clear on the people you want to become customers and create videos and images that will target the specific group.

You should learn as much as you can about your focus audience and create your content based on their demands.

  1. Test and Analyze Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram marketing is dynamic. Therefore, you should develop a strategy that provides your followers with a reliable experience. Testing and analysing your Instagram marketing strategy assists you to develop strong connections between revenues and posts. This is because you will be able to learn the posts that resulted in the most back clicks to your website and the times you have the most engagement from your followers.

Investing your time to run tests and conduct research will assist you to optimise your Instagram followers while maximising your ROI.

  1. Be Interactive

You don’t expect to find long conversations on Instagram. But it is crucial to keep in touch with your followers. Individuals who comment on your posts want to interact with you. Reply to their comments, or they will look out for your competitors.

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Maybe they may not be viable customers, but with motivation, they will make the conversion.

  1. Have A Wide-Ranging Hashtag Approach

Be honest and develop hashtags that are relevant and applicable to your business. Hashtags are not something that you just include on your posts as an addition. Ensure that you understand the various types of hashtags and how followers use hashtags to get your content on Instagram.

A good hashtag strategy will help you grow the number of your organic followers without much effort. Hashtags are used as a social media filing system. Individuals utilise hashtags to get content. New visitors who are not your followers are likely to find your content through hashtags. Thus, this is one of the primary direct ways of increasing your followers.

Categories of Hashtags

If you want to become successful in Instagram marketing in Singapore, there are various types of hashtags that you need to learn about. Each has an individual target. Conducting research on which one is the best assists you get the most relevant audience with every post.

  • Event tags – These are hashtags created for specific events. Find out the official hashtags for particular events, create posts that are relevant to the event, and include the hashtags on your post.
  • Location tags – These are hashtags that include the information about the location of your business. If you are targeting local audiences as your followers, include these hashtags on your posts to attract customers from your neighbourhood.
  • Community tags – Individuals love being part of a community. Create hashtags that revolve around the communities from which your target consumers come from.
  • Branded tags – These are tags that include your business brand. You should do proper research on the term before using it in your hashtags to avoid an embarrassing discretion of your hashtags
  • Niche tags – Some individuals know what they want exactly. For such a group, you should create tags that are related to specific topics from your business niche to ensure they find what they are looking for.

Industry tags – These hashtags are high-level, including information related to your industry. You will need these high-level hashtags to target people who are not sure about the particular service or brand they want. For example, you can include tags like #Digitalmarketing on your content.

Hashtag Complexity

Hashtags also have some difficulties like keywords in SEO. A difficult hashtag is one that is associated with over 1,000 posts. A tag with several hundreds of posts coupled with it has a low difficulty. You are likely to be concealed when individuals search for the difficult hashtag. If the tag is a low difficulty, you are likely to emerge at the top.

People find your posts easily when using simple hashtags. However, as you get more followers, you need to use more difficult hashtags to shoot up your ranks.

  1. Include Competitions

One of the primary reasons why people use Instagram is entertainment. So, part of your business being on social media is to interact with the audience in a way that includes fun. Running contests is one of the best methods to ensure your audience is having fun.

Here are some benefits of using contests:

  • Helps you connect with existing customers. Creating contests directed to your existing customers can assist you to increase their participation.
  • Assists you reach a new audience. Individuals are likely to get followers who have similar values and interests. Since Instagram contests persuade people to share your posts, you are likely to get new followers interested in your brand from the people who follow your followers.
  • They initiate chain reactions. Individuals who follow your followers are likely to participate in your contest. They are likely to share your posts with their followers in their endeavours to win.
  • Get people searching for specific hashtags. People looking for particular hashtags on Instagram are likely to get your content through the hashtags, so ensure that you have an excellent hashtag strategy.
  • Get new customers. Contests will increase the number of followers in your account. So, if you have an excellent strategy to convert them into your customers, contests can generate you more revenues.

How do you set up a contest on Instagram?

a) Select a reward. The reward should be something that offers value to your followers. An award that is unique is likely to attract more followers than a common prize.

b) Write down the guidelines. The most natural contests are always the best. For example, you can ask the audience to post a picture of anything positive about your brand and add a hashtag on their post.

c) Use a captivating design. Your contest should be able to attract the audience first. So, use a design that stands out to invite your audience to participate.

d) Trace your implementation. Use your experience to improve your current contests.

Give Some Gifts to Your Followers

Rewarding your followers gives them a reason to keep following you. Post hacks and tips that your audience will appreciate. Also, update them about offers that you provide for a limited time on your website.

Even “thank you” is a gift sometimes. Post a beautiful image and articulate your “thank you” to your fans and the most interactive individuals. Appreciating your followers at times can assist you to grow your Instagram followers organically since they will desire to share your content with others.

  1. Attract Visitors Back to Your Website

This article discusses some ways through which you can increase the number of your organic visitors on Instagram in Singapore. Instagram is a platform where you meet and interact with potential customers. However, if you want those people to become beneficial to your business, you have to invite them to your website regularly.

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You will have more control over conversations and experience on your website. Getting your visitors back to your website enables you to develop a powerful connection with your brand. You can add links to your posts and request people to click it.

Build a customised landing page on your website for your Instagram posts rather than linking it to your homepage. Add a call to action (CTA) on your posts by asking people to click to your links. However, you should avoid appearing too many sales with your calls to action.

Your call to action can be to get a free eBook, enter into a contest outside Instagram, or download a free app. Get their email in return. Then use email marketing to nurture them and convert them into your loyal customers.

  1. Incorporate Other Platforms

Instagram is a pronounced method of reaching people using social media. However, a good digital marketing strategy is comprehensive. So, try to integrate your Instagram account with other channels to strengthen your following. Here are some ways through which you can do it:

  • Use popular sites to get new followers by becoming a guest author and adding your Instagram handle to your posts.
  • Post a press release in case something notable is happening on your site.
  • Add hashtags on your Instagram posts on various platforms.
  • Invite individuals to follow you on Instagram on your email marketing.
  • Develop an active website for SEO where you can direct your followers on Instagram.

Summary of How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast

Approximately 80 million photos are shared on Instagram on a daily basis. That is a lot of content and is the primary reason why competition for views and followers is getting tougher by the day. Here is a summary of the top 7 tips of getting more Instagram followers fast today. All the tactics we have discussed already and what we will cover in this section of the article have been tested and proven to be effective in helping businesses get noticed more and accrue followers faster.

get more instagram followers

1. Create and Optimise your Instagram Profile

Work on your Instagram profile to make it unique and professional. Ideally, potential followers should get an idea of who you are and give them a reason to follow you by just looking at the profile.


The username should be easily searchable and recognisable. If you find that your preferred business name is already taken, try placing the name before your username. This trick will ensure that people searching for your brand on the platform also come across your profile.

Make sure that your business name is in full to avoid confusing the target audience. If it is not, go ahead, click on the “Edit Profile” button that is located under your profile picture, and do the necessary.

Public Profile

If you are to succeed in getting more followers, you need to make sure that your profile is public. To change your account from private mode to public, login to your Instagram account, click on the gear icon on your profile to open “Options”. Make sure that the “Private Account” option is off.

Profile Photo

Use a profile picture that you used in other business pages on social media. For example, you can use your company logo to ensure consistency across all the social networks.

Profile Bio

Potential followers will look at your profile bio before following you. So, make sure that this section of your profile is actionable, delightful, and packed with valuable information about your brand. All this information will give the audience a reason to follow you.

Profile Link

Make sure that you add a link to your bio to make it easy for the existing and new followers to visit your website from Instagram. Note that this is the only space allotted to a clickable URL so make sure the link is accurate and working. Shorten the link to make it more clickable by using tools such as Linktree and Bitly.


Enable notifications so that you know when people comment or share your posts. The notifications are in real-time to enable you engage with the users in a timely manner. Below is a simple guide on how to enable notifications on Instagram.

  • Click on Settings
  • Notifications option
  • Select Posts, Stories, and Comments
  • In each category, select “From Everyone”

Bonus tip: It is not recommendable to link your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter. If you do, all Instagram posts will be automatically published on those accounts and since the post types may be different, you might end up confusing your audience.

2. Have a Dedicated Content Creator

Instagram marketing need to be run professionally for it to help your business scale up. Just like other social media accounts, it is advisable to delegate the role of content creation to one or two people in your team who are conversant with the platform.

If possible, assign this role to someone who has used a personal Instagram account in the past, as he or she is already aware of the various handy features that the platform offers.

3. Polish Up Your Photos before Posting

Post quality matters a lot not only on Instagram but also any other social network that allows users to upload images. Your Twitter followers will not be bothered by one or more bad tweets, but a poor quality photo posted on Instagram will have a major negative impact on your reputation and credibility.

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You do not need to enrol for photography courses to become a pro Instagram poster. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many photo editing apps and resources online that you can use to edit and filter to your photos. Here are gold-worthy tips on how to post perfect photos on Instagram.

  • Leverage negative space
  • Identify interesting perspectives and use them to spice up your posts
  • Focus on one subject at a time
  • Be keen on capturing small details
  • Look for symmetry
  • Use humour to connect with your audience

With a great photo at hand, the next thing that you need to do is use Instagram filters to make it perfect. Here are some of our favourite Instagram filters that you can use to ensure each picture you upload stands out from the crowd and garner the desired engagement level.

  • Valencia: Valencia filter makes images brighter and warmer by adding a yellow tint to them.
  • Juno: Juno filter is designed to brighten and make the oranges, yellows, and reds in your image pop out. This filter is ideal for both urban and street photography.
  • Slumber: Slumber will de-saturate the colours in your pictures and also go an extra mile to add a haze. These improvements make the images feel retro and dreamy.
  • Clarendon: This is one of the most popular and widely used filters in the United States. It perfects images by highlighting the lighter areas and darkening the darker areas of an image
  • Ludwig: Ludwig filter is tailored to make your photos look professional by increasing the intensity of the colours and lighting. If your image is bright, Ludwig will make it look brighter. It is an ideal choice for editing architecture pictures

4.  Start Posting

You have now successfully optimised your profile and know how to edit photos before posting. Experts recommend having 15 or more great posts up to get the ball rolling before you start to engage with the followers actively. By doing so, people will see a full screen of high quality photos when they visit your profile and know that you post great content regularly. That is enough reason for them to follow you to know what else you have in store for them.

Create a social media content calendar template to help you schedule posts. Consider the target persona when creating your posting schedule to know the right time to post and the frequency especially if the target audience is from different time zones.

It is also important to note that optimising your schedule for a specific audience will take time and experimentation. Our research shows that the best time to post photos on Instagram is on Monday and Thursday between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. However, there are some businesses that have recorded high engagement levels when they post between 2.00 p.m. and 5 p.m. Test both timeframes to know which one works best for your audience.

5.  Cross-Promote your Instagram Content

Overtime, you will connect with more people who actively use Instagram for marketing. Reach out to some of them and inquire if they would be interested in a co-promoting arrangement. The cross promotions content should look as natural as possible.

More importantly, be precise about the accounts you cross-promote to avoid compromising your reputation and credibility. The accounts that qualify for cross-promotion should have an audience that is similar to yours.

6.  Be Generous with Live Videos and Instagram Stories

Instagram offers you an opportunity to post beautiful curated photos that are true reflection of your Singapore business. Thanks to the introduction of Instagram Stories, brands can now share more content such as behind-the-scene images for a limited period of 24 hours. Such posts cannot be polished like the conventional photos, but their unfinished status will build on your brand personality.

Instagram stories also allow users to share live videos with audience in a fly. So far, this content format has proven to be very effective in spurring engagement on virtually all social networks. The beauty of live videos on Instagram is that they are set to disappear when you stop filming. This level of bi-directional experience and authenticity helps nurture brand appeal and loyalty as the videos are usually unscripted and in their raw form.

7.  Make Sure the Captions are Engaging

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First, note that videos and photos are the most important types of content on Instagram. That said, captions should never be treated as an afterthought. Unknown to most people is that they are an essential component of every post – more like the icing on the cake.

Great captions that are engaging and entertaining will spur engagement by humanizing your brand. They will make your content more relatable and sharable thereby giving you more free exposure on this competitive social networking platform.

Final Verdict

Understanding how you can grow your Instagram followers organically is not easy. The most excellent Instagram accounts need time and effort to develop. That is why some brands use methods like buying followers to increase their popularity. While it may look like an excellent strategy at first, it will not have any impact on the growth of your business in the long run. Ensure that you focus on creating quality content and consistent measurement to get followers organically. Regular tracking of your Instagram campaigns will lead to a genuine and substantial following.


How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast?

1. Create and Optimise your Instagram Profile
2. Have a Dedicated Content Creator
3. Polish Up Your Photos before Posting
4. Start Posting
5. Cross-Promote your Instagram Content
6. Be Generous with Live Videos and Instagram Stories
7. Make Sure the Captions are Engaging

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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