How To Find Freelance Designers In Singapore And How Much They Charge

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Professional Designers are not always cheap

Finding someone to do your design work is not always easy. The corporate designers, those who work for regular design companies, have set fees that are rarely negotiable. Those fees can be a little high for some people’s budget.

High fees discourage those who need simple designs done or for a one-time project. That is why many people who have design projects have turned to look for freelancers. Freelance designers are often negotiable on their already cheap fees.

They are also flexible on the type of jobs they will accept and like long-term projects or campaigns to work on. Freelancers are motivated as their employment depends on how many jobs they can get.

What this means for you is that if you shop around you can save a little money on your design costs while obtaining the services of very qualified and loyal designers.

What we will do here is to provide you with the information you need to know about finding a freelance designers in Singapore. To get all the facts you need just continue to read our article.

The Singapore job market

The job market is not always a stable indicator of employment in Singapore. One quarter the people seeking jobs is up and the next, that number will be down. There is no real way to predict how the job market will be from one quarter to the next.

The rise and fall of the job market depend on many factors including the number of expats who come to Singapore looking for greener pastures. Right now, there are 5 main industries that are still growing in the city-nation- banking & finance, logistics, real estate, healthcare and retail & wholesale businesses.

Those growth rates are not influencing the freelance market as the government of Singapore is supporting the IT sector where most freelancers are to be found. Because of this support, you should d not have a difficult time in finding a good freelancer to handle your design projects.

The only things you need to worry about is the influence of the different seasons of the year, the economic shifts that take place in any employment area, and the restricting of visa to foreigners who may make up a large majority of freelance workers.

Why do people hire freelance workers

Most people have grown up being taught that you go to school, get your diploma, head off to college then get a normal 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life. Once you do all of this, you are considered successful.

The thought of being a freelancer is a little scary. That is because freelance work is not stable or consistent. But more and more businesses are turning to freelancers, especially in the design field.

The reasons for this new trend are as follows:

  1. Inexpensive- let’s get the main reason out of the way first. Freelancers charge less than regular designers. They lack the expenses a regular designer has, so they can pass that savings on to you
  2. Flexible hours- freelancers can and do work at different times throughout the day or night. If you have an emergency project to be done quickly, freelancers do not demand overtime and still get the job done
  3. Scheduling freedom- you are not locked into a 9 to 5 routine. You can get the job done quicker and cheaper by scheduling a freelancer to work at odd hours.
  4. Good communication- good freelancers make sure they maintain good communication with their clients, even if it means staying up late at night
  5. Transparency- you know who is doing the actual work on your project and there are no bureaucratic factors involved when you need to make a request or ask a question
  6. Commitment- freelancers now that if they do not do a good job, they won’t get more work. Freelancers are highly motivated, they know that the better job they do the more work will come their way.
  7. Efficiency- freelancers do not have corporate structures t work under, they do not have meetings interrupting their work and more. They can get the project completed faster

How can you find a freelancer

Finding a freelance designer in Singapore is not as difficult as it may sound. There are companies that provide a platform for employers to meet with freelancers without any cost to the employer.

These companies have strict rules concerning providing personal contact information. It is a big no-no to try to circumvent the platform’s system and remittance features. These companies spend a lot of money providing the platform for you to use. They just want their fair cut of the transaction.

A quick internet searching using key search words will provide you with a list of these freelancer portals but here are a few of the major ones that work for most people:

  1. Upwork– in the beginning they charge 20% of the transaction fee as payment but it is the most popular website right now to find freelancers
  2. Guru– you can set your project by the hour or per contract with this company. They have over a million people using their services, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a designer in Singapore. Their fees are more realistic
  3. Freelancer– has several innovative ways to present your campaign to freelancers, including design contests
  4. Fiverr– another innovative company that uses the term gig to advertised freelance job and services. A variety of prices ca be used on this platform
  5. Folyo– this might be a more complicated platform as different freelancers may refer your project to others and not do the work themselves
  6. Matchist– this platform matches you up with a project manager and experts to make sure you get top quality results
  7. Mechanical Turk– if you like Amazon, you may like this platform. It matches up employers with a ready to go workforce that is highly motivated to handle your workload
  8. Indeed– it is a project matching service that sends your project out to all qualified freelancers
  9. Virtual Vocations– is a platform where the employers are vetted as much as the freelancers are. They update their job offerings everyday s there is a good chance you will find a good freelancer quickly
  10. Crowdsite– you get 140 characters to describe your project. Then you vet those freelancers who respond

For a complete or almost complete list of freelance companies available for you to use to find a freelancer for your project, just click here. You should be able to find one that meets your project needs and attract top quality freelancers to your door.

The key to remember is to be specific. Many different professional freelancers use these same companies. You need to make sure you mention the requirements that the freelancer has to be qualified in the design field and resides in Singapore to get the response you want.

Also, you need to be ready to receive and exclude those responses from scammers and people who will lie about their experience and location.

One more thing, if you do not want to take the time to use those companies listed above, you can simply do an internet search. Just type in the words ‘freelance designers in Singapore’ and a long list of designers comes up for you to choose from

How much do freelance designers charge

That is a very good question. The freelance world is very competitive and there is always someone who will do your project for a lot less. Of course, the end result may not be what you want, and you may feel cheated or some other strong emotion.

Each freelance designer will have their expected fee but that does not mean that they are not negotiable. The freelance companies you find through an internet search may have set fees and they may not be negotiable on their prices. It all depends.

You can find fees ranging from as little as $5 per hour or up to thousands of dollars for the whole project. It all depends on the details of the project and what you want to see in the finished results.

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The good news is, when you go with one of the companies listed above, you get to set the fee. That means if you cannot afford a large amount of money, then you place the amount at a number you can afford.

You stay in control of how much you pay per project. Plus, your set fee will help cut the number of responses you have to go through to find a good freelancer. This will save you a little time when your ad hoc project is under the gun and the deadline is approaching fast.

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What kind of projects you can use freelancers

The short and simple answer is- the sky is the limit. There are professional freelancers that are skilled in handling just about any project you have in mind. If the project is too outside the box and cat be done, then the good ones will tell you that it can’t be done by anyone including scammers.

When you list your project on the different internet platforms be specific about the type of work you want done. You will find out soon enough if the details can be completed or not.

There is something that you should do not do when trying to hire a freelance worker. Don’t ask them to do speculative work or do a project for free with the promise of more work later.

Not only does this disrespect the freelancer and their time, it robs them of an opportunity to take a paying job that will help pay their bills. You can give the freelancer a paid test or just move onto the next candidate who presents better work credentials.

How to negotiate with a freelance worker

There are many opinions to this part of the freelance world. Some people think that the person who mentions a number first is on the losing end of the negotiations. Others disagree.

Also, the going market rate may not be what you want to pay, or it is a good guideline to help you set the right fee for the work at hand. Here are some tips on how to negotiate with a freelancer:

  • Be clear about the job details- you are not looking for consultation but a cost estimate for the project
  • Ask the right questions- get a handle on their experience, knowledge and let them ask questions
  • Don’t under pay- if you want professional quality, then you need to pay for professional quality
  • Build trust- be honest with the freelancer and let them know that you like their work. Freelancers want to work with someone they can trust
  • Use understanding- if you think the fee is a bit high for part-time work, consider your full-time options and the costs involved. A full-time employee requires benefits, etc., while freelancers only require the right fee for the job
  • Don’t give out information- in other words, when a freelancer asks how much you pay other freelancers, don’t give them a number. This may end up costing you more money than is in your budget

Some final words

As we said, finding a freelancer in Singapore is not that difficult. It will take a little work from you and a lot of patience. You do have to provide the project details, place the project on freelance websites and then filter out the bad responses till you get to the few you think can handle the job.

Those few are then qualified for the next step in the process, the interview, etc., So a little work and a lot of patience on your part should help you find the right freelancer that will do a top-quality job faster, cheaper and better than a regular employee would.

You save money, time and stress by finding the right freelancer for your project. That will make you look good to your boss, shareholders and other stakeholders in your business.


How much do freelance designers charge?

Each freelance designer will have their expected fee but that does not mean that they are not negotiabl

Top freelancer job portal:

Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, Folyo, Matchist, Mechanical Turk, Indeed, Virtual Vocations, Crowdsite

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