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website design debt

Website Design Debt Explained in Simple Terms

Most projects have a design debt. Like technical debt, website design debt is a natural decay that arises as the project matures-you add new features, old features grow stale, and the codebase starts to get unstable. Mostly, startup projects thrive on shipping which is not a bad practice. After all, this is a grand strategy […]

March 19, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
colour scheme for website

Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Singapore Website

  Are you finding it difficult to select a colour scheme for website? Selecting the colour scheme for website is often done impulsively by some business owners and web design teams. The choice is usually based on what looks cool to the owner; some even delegate the work to ‘someone with a good eye’ in […]

March 19, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
user interface

10 User-Interface Design Tips that Makes Your Site More Human-Friendly

What are your priorities when designing a user-interface for your Singapore website? Is it attractiveness or cool effects? Or is it the functionality to improve the user experience? What truly matters when designing user inter-phase? A website is more than just a group of linked pages. Instead, it is a web inter-phase where a person […]

March 18, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
photo editor for website design

How to Choose the Best Photo Editor for Designing a Website

Many website owners are coming to the realization that photography is a crucial factor in running their website and a good photo editor for website design is necessary. Embracing photography for your site is a massive step forward as you will no longer depend on stock photos. However, the raw images captured often need to […]

March 18, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
web page animation technique

Best Website Animation Techniques for Your Website Design

Singapore website design industry has undergone tremendous changes over the last couple of years. Website appearances have come a long way and businesses are keen on using special features to capture the attention of the target audience. Majority of the modern websites in Singapore have one or more animation features that not only make it […]

March 18, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce

How To Handle Bad Reviews Online: Tips Singapore Digital Marketers

The most natural thing any serious customer can do before deciding to fully commit to a purchase is scour the internet for some reviews. Which is to say you have the sole responsibility of managing your online reputation. A great of majority of the customers you get will go ahead and check out your business […]

March 18, 2019 | By mediaone
web design in Singapore

Difference And Similarities between Mobile Website and Responsive Web design

Are you thinking about web design and wondering what’s the different between a mobile website and a responsive website? Over the last one decade, mobile web usage has increased to a point where developers cannot ignore it. A significant fraction of web visitors surfs the internet using mobile devices. In fact, it is more than […]

March 17, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
best online shopping sites

The Best Online Shopping Sites In Singapore

The increased smartphone penetration rate in Singapore has led to the sprouting up of some of the best online shopping sites and e-commerce industry is vibrant.. The statistics indicate that the population is progressively moving towards technology even to buy groceries, and this has encouraged investors to compete in creating the best online shopping sites […]

March 17, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
web design services in Singapore

Web Design Tips To Help Your Singapore Business Scale Up

The analysis of the traffic on your website can tell you if it is time to check out some web design tips from the experts. The problem is that nowadays everyone claims to be an expert and you will be bombarded with a lot of information. The question then becomes: Which web design tips will […]

March 17, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce
managing an e-commerce website

How to Manage an E-Commerce Website in Singapore

Are you looking for tips on how to managing an e-commerce website? Many investors are now joining the e-commerce industry. This is due to the current state of the e-commerce economy that tends to be favorable to many. For instance, the Singapore’s e-commerce income amounted to S$3.74B in 2018 and it is projected to hit […]

March 16, 2019 | By Kaleb Biauce

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