How to Design a Great Landing Page for the Singapore Online Market

designing a great landing page in Singapore

Designing a great landing page is not just creating something that looks good. With the dawn of digital marketing, business has access to an endless amount of leads. Creating a landing page is one of the most effective ways of capturing these leads. A great landing page can increase conversions, but most landing pages do not achieve this goal due to poor design.  

One major reason is the lack of a landing page strategy. Creating an effective landing page is not a walk in the park – a lot of research goes into it. Every industry has its own standard of a landing page, but no matter what industry you are in, having a relevant landing page is important.

Having a new landing page template for every marketing campaign you run can go a long way in boosting your conversion rate. It should also have a call to action, great copy to appeal to potential customers and be shareable on social media. You want to build a landing page strategy that has the convincing power to capture your potential customers.

You are probably looking for a standard and straightforward manual for creating a great landing page. Unfortunately, sadly, there isn’t one.

Every landing page is different. Each one targets different readers, has a different call to action, addresses a different niche, and offers different products or services. For example, look at these different scenarios:

The first landing page is selling pre-workout powder for weightlifters

The second one is inviting freelance writers for a live webinar on cold pitching

The landing page design that works for the first is unlikely to work for the second one. This is due to the variation in the purpose, audience, industry, angle, niche, focus, messaging, intent, value proposition, buy-in and cost. Therefore, one strategy does not fit all.

Despite this huge variation, there are common characteristics of great landing pages. High-converting landing pages have several unifying elements that you should consider when designing your own page.

However, before we get into that, let us first look at what a landing page is and why it’s so important.

What Exactly is a Landing Page?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding a landing page and homepage. Many Singapore website owners often confuse a landing page with a homepage or other pages on your website. This could be your about us, product, pricing or contact pages. But your homepage or other pages on your website can be a landing page. Alternatively, it could be a standalone page created specifically for a marketing campaign.

designing a great landing page in Singapore

A landing page is different from your other pages. It all comes down to why the page was created in the first place. The goal of designing a great landing page is to increase conversions. The other pages on your website have their own purposes such as act as a gateway to your website, inform and educate your website visitors, etc.

How people find your page online is another way landing pages are different from other web pages. Visitors often find landing pages organically, that is, by using specific keywords. 

Importance of a Professionally Designed Landing page

Apart from boosting your conversion rates, a landing page offers more benefits to businesses.

Improves SEO Ranking

Landing pages are specifically designed to target particular keywords and search terms. They are also usually promoted using Google Adwords and other paid advertising methods. This moves your landing page up in search engine ranking putting your promotion or product in front of people searching for similar products or topics.

Promotes your Products or Sale

The sole purpose of designing a great landing page is to promote your product or sale. It has one sole focus that is to get one message across to your potential customers. This moves your marketing goal or sale to the forefront allowing for higher conversion. You can also easily track the conversion rate of a particular product or sale since it exists out of your website’s taxonomy.

Eases the Buying Process

When you have a professional landing page in Singapore, getting the visitors down the sales funnel becomes easier. Instead of visitors stumbling across your call to action somewhere on your website, they find it immediately on your landing page and proceed to subscribe, buy or sign up. This shortens the buying process significantly resulting in higher conversions.

Designing a Great Landing Page

Before you begin to create your high converting landing page, you need to have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to promote a new product? Or grow your email list?

Once you have that figured out, next is your message. What will your landing page copy communicate to your readers? What are you offering and how will it solve your reader’s problem?

You then need to research your keywords. When people search for the solutions your service/product/sale, what do they type in? Remember that the right keywords will make your landing pages rank and be more visible on search engines.

Now that you have your goal, message and keywords, you can craft your highly effective landing page. However, you need to bear in mind these essential elements of a landing page.

Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Captivating Headline

First impressions matter, and since a headline is the first thing a potential customer will see on your landing page, it should capture their attention.

According to Brian Clark, founder of Coppyblogger, “8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out 10 will read the rest”. A visitor will decide to stay or leave your page depending on the headline. A headline can also determine if your landing page will be shared on social media.

Therefore, you need to create a headline that draws their attention and interest and makes them want to read more. A great headline is short, preferably 10 to 20 words, and tells the reader all about the product and its benefits. Therefore, as soon as a visitor lands on your page, they know exactly what you are offering.

Killer Subheadings

Once you have captured the attention of your visitors with your headline, you need to make them want to stay with your subheadings. They should be persuasive and give a little more information than the headline. Although it is advisable to position the subheads directly below the main headline, you can change it up.

Use visuals

Visuals are vital when designing a great landing page. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster compared to text. The images on your landing page will affect visitors immediately. They will likely form an impression of your brand based on the images. Since you want that impression to positive, you need to choose your images carefully.

designing a great landing page in Singapore


When choosing the images to use, remember that they should be large and high quality. More importantly, they should be relevant to whatever you are selling. If it is a physical product, ensure that your page contains an image of it. Do not use stock photographs or tacky Photoshop photos.

Be specific

The sole purpose of a landing page is to convert potential customers. To do this, your visitors need to be able to understand what your product or service entails. You need to be perfectly clear.

If your product/service is simple, you can integrate your explanation in the headline or subheadings. For more complex products, have a separate explanation. Ensure your explanations are benefit-oriented.

Keep it simple and straightforward. An explanation isn’t necessarily text-based. You can use visuals to help with your explanation.

Have a Great Value Proposition

Understanding your customer’s pain points is the key to designing a great landing page. What problems are nagging your customers? Your landing page should address their problems and offer them solutions.

Tailor your landing page in a way that the design, content and call to action are relevant to your visitor’s pain points. This earns you customer trust and loyalty, which increases your chances of conversion.

Strive to provide amicable solutions to clients and you will become their go-to expert in your niche. They will not only come back but will likely share your landing page on social media and with their friends and family.

Have a Powerful Call to Action

A landing page is nothing without a call to action (CTA). Nothing discussed so far is as important as the call to action. It is the focal point of your landing page. Every element of your page is designed towards driving visitors’ attention to it.

As such, your CTA needs to be well crafted. It should have a compelling copy. Make it persuasive and exciting. Ensure it has a button. People expect CTAs to be a button, so take advantage of this norm to boost conversion rate.

designing a great landing page in Singapore

Your CTA should have a different color from other sections of the landing page. Make it stand out by contrasting the colors, and make it big and bold. This not only catches the eyes of your visitors but compels them to click on it as well.


Designing a great landing page is vital if you want to achieve a high conversion rate. You need to invest your time, skill and resources into designing the best landing page for the Singapore online market.

Concisely, a landing page with the right design elements can bring in impressive results. Be sure to implement the elements discussed above and you will be well on your way to creating a high-converting landing page.

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