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the best seo agencies in singapore


What’s SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It involves generally abiding with search engine rules and guidelines for making your website technically glitch-free and complaint to their desktop and mobile browser demands, as well as optimising content that is spider-crawlable, helpful and well-formatted for readers.

Effective SEO in Singapore enables you to make your website visible in the search engines such as In layman’s term, it’s the science of developing, tuning and adjusting your web content to appeal to search engines so that you can start attracting more visitors and make more money.

Don’t over-think it; SEO is much simpler than you think.

SEO, in general, is the name given to the activities involved in improving your search engine ranking.

Everything begins with end users. They’ve questions, problems, or concerns. So they visit search engines and query them. Google will then scan through varied sites and link the user to pages that they think are more relevant and authoritative with regards to what was queried.

There’s a criterion that Google uses to determine the authoritative nature of a website. One is by looking and analysing the number of quality links a site is getting from other websites. In other words, you have a better chance of propelling your site up the search engines ranks by working on SEO.

So why is this even important in the first place?

Search engines (particularly Google, Yahoo, and Bing) are the primary sources of web traffic. Other sources include Social media, direct traffic, or video streaming websites such as YouTube. But even with this, search engines still stand as the primary navigation method for a great majority of internet users.

This still rings true regardless of what you provide on the website. Whether it is content, products, information, SaaS, or services, the bulk of your marketing effort should be directed to securing a prime slot in the search engine so your prospective clients and customers can have an easy time finding you.

Search engines are even more important in the sense that they supply targeted traffic. The traffic you get doesn’t just comprise of random people, but prospects that have expressed interest in what you’re offering.

In this case, search engines are like the roadways that they’ll be using to find you. If search engines can’t find you or are yet to add your web content into their database, then you can be sure you’re wasting an incredible opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

To understand SEO, you must first understand some commonly used terms in this field of marketing. Among them is the terms search query, which is nothing more than the words that users enter or type into search boxes.

Coming next are the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which are the pages that show up whenever you query for something in the search engines. As an SEO marketer, your goal is to get your web content to the first page of search engines.

It’s now a well-accepted fact that search engines can either make or break your online presence. It is also a well-accepted fact that targeted traffic to your website can provide revenue, exposure, and publicity like no other marketing channel out there.

Lastly, investing in SEO has an exceptional rate of return compared to any other type of promotion and marketing.

So long as you’re on the internet, SEO will benefit you in some way. You don’t necessarily have to be doing it yourself. You can outsource the service to an experienced web agency in Singapore. In other words, SEO is not a reserve of big companies only. But something every business owner banking on the idea of online traffic needs to look into. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or just an average internet user, there are so many ways you can benefit from SEO.

Top 20 SEO Agencies in Singapore



Key Clients

Annual Turnover

Year Founded




MediaOne Business Group

SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, CRO, Web Design

Maybank, Fuji Xerox, Direct Asia, SingTel Business, SingTel Media, Capitaland, ST Electronics, Palfinger, Changi Airport Group, Sakae Sushi, Braun Buffel, Lithan, Shengsiong, Noel Gifts, Dairy Farm Group

$5 million to $10 million


+65 6789 9852

First Page Digital

SEO, SEM, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Google Analytics, Copywriting, Ad Copy, Content marketing

Hoya, Toshiba, Koka Self Store, Bioskin, YouPrint, Winston Engineering, Cellini, Kaplan, Bakerzin, Ascott, Self Store

$5 million to $10 million


+65 6270 2193

Notion Age

SEO, SMM, Content Creation, Email Marketing, EDM Blasting

Tencent, Greenis, Columbia China, Toshiba, HL Assurance, Resorts World Sentosa, 7-Eleven

$1 million to $3 million


+65 6438 8303

Aiden Creative Ltd

SEO, iOS and Android App Development, Social Media Marketing, Customised ERP Solutions, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Web Analytics, PPC

BioSkin, Hertz, 8 Days, TTG Mice, The Jewel Box, Seriously Fun, Toshiba, Singapore Cable Car, Teach Yourself, TG Development, Vision Link Optics, Zest Academy

$250, 000 to $1 million


+65 6364 8846

Impossible Digital Marketing

SEO, SMM, Retargeting, Google Remarketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Nanyang Technological University, Vivo Smart Phone, Suntech Singapore, Hungry Go Where, Royal Caribbean International, Cathay Cineplexes


+65 9374 0111

Purple Click Media

SEO, SEM, Mobile Advertising, AdWord Campaign Audit, Social Media Marketing, ecommerce, call Tracking

Crystal Wines, Galmon, KGI, Carbon, Harley Davidson, UOB, Parkway Health

Above $10 millions


+65 6533 8655

Marple Tree Media

SEO, SEM, Video Productions, Copywriting, Video Productions, Web Design, Web development, Facebook Advertisement

P&G, Victoria’s Secret, Capella, Essential, The Ascott Limited, Dyson, Bio Oil


+65 6570 5580

Digital Marketing Agency

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Link Building, Web Development, Web design, Twitter Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Mobile App Development

TripAdvisor, Promogo, Blockchain, Makable

$1 million


2019 in Singapore


Construct Digital

Digital marketing, Performance Benchmarking, B2B Digital Marketing, Customer Analytic, Inbound Marketing, Consultation

SAP, The American Club, GE, Great Eastern, Commscope, Coast Cycles, BMW, Yahoo, Starbucks


+65 6438 4886

Clickworkz Solutions

Search Engine Marketing, Digital Media Planning, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Digital Advertising, Web Analytics

Ademco, Kopitiam, City Gas, Homes, Divano Boutique, Shenton Reality, Esplanade, Hair Dreams


+65 6493 6677


Web Design, Lead Generation &Nurturing, Web Application Development, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

Kah Motor (Honda), The Tanglin Club, SP Telecom, Pastamania, Jumbo Seafood

$3 million to $5 million


+65 6297 7751

Happy Marketer

Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Video Marketing, Internet Marketing, Corporate Digital Training

Standard Chartered, Singapore Zoo, CitiBank, Urban Decay, Great Eastern, Loreal

$1 million to $3 million


+65 6653 8060


Inbound Marketing Services, Managed IT Services, Sitefinity, Hubspot,

School of Arts Singapore, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Environmental Agency, Central Narcotics Bureau, Spring Singapore


+65 6473 3153


Software development, CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, Helpdesk Support Services, Digital Marketing

Konica Minolta, Singapore Curtains, Fujitsu, Inker Logistics, Emerio



+65 6834 3026

Notion Age

Website Design, Graphic Design, and Print, Interactive Design, Brand Identity Design, CMS (Content Management System)

HL Assurance, One Fighting Champions, Tencent, Evolve MMA, Columbia China

$1 million to $3 million


+65 6438 8303

Vintedge Technologies

Email Marketing, User Experience, Digital Marketing, Content Management System, Social Media Marketing

Pantai Hospitals, SP Group, MPA Singapore, Honeywell, Canon


+65 6224 8689

Incepte Private Limited

Social Media Marketing (SMM), Events Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Maintenance, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Hysses, Aqua Ducks, DHL, Huiji, Savills


+65 6513 8528


Web Development, Marketing Automation, Website Revamp, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimisation

CNN, People’s Association, Wavin, Thompson Medical, Stamford America


+65 9129 6248

The Verticals

Search Engine Optimisation, Grant Consultancy, Web Development, Design & Conceptualisation, Web Application Development

One Academy, Movo, Multitops, Cleano Services


+65 6653 2917

Global dot com

Branding and Marketing, Domain Registration, Copywriting, Web Hosting, Customised Solutions and Applications

Casio, FTF Engineering, Accord Insurance Agency, Dynamix Group, Acetech


+65 6908 5866

Questions to Ask Before Hiring any SEO Agency in Singapore

SEO job doesn’t start with keywords research or content development like some people love to assume. For those who wish to outsource the service, SEO begins with finding the right agency to work with.

Singapore alone has hundreds of agencies offering SEO services. Going through the entire list of SEO consultants can be an overwhelming task in itself. You have no option but to choose the right SEO agency; otherwise, this is one mistake you will find very costly to recover from.


Simple, poorly done SEO work could have zero impact on your online effort at best. It won’t move you an inch (up or down) in the SERPs. It could also take a toll on your online presence by getting you penalised, at worst. And whether you believe it or not, this is the last thing you’d ever want to happen to you.

So how do you stay on the safe side of SEO? Well, by first hiring the right agency.

You can do this by asking the agency the right questions that may clue you in on what to expect.

Here are all the right questions you’re allowed to ask any SEO agency before you can go ahead and entrust them with your SEO needs:

Can You Itemise The List Of Deliverables

The agency you’re about to hire must be willing to break down what they intend to do as part of their SEO strategy. They should prepare a flow of activities that they intend to do.

Any agency that responds to this question reluctantly should not be trusted. SEO is hard work. It’s certainly going to take the agency hours of research and putting one and two together to pull this off. The least they could do is to be transparent about it.

This also works to their favour, as it’s more likely to convince you that your money will be well spent.

Read this bearing in mind that SEO is always evolving. So expect their flow of work to change with time.

You’re also allowed to ask as many questions as you possibly can. Come to think about it; you’re about to entrust your future or the success of your company or business to a total stranger.

The least you can expect is for them to be patient with you. At this point, you’re allowed to ask them a series of service questions, including:

  1. Mind listing all the services offered under this package? How will you be delivering them on a monthly basis as part of your SEO strategy?
  2. How many hours of work is dedicated to each service per month?
  3. What technical aspect of my website do you plan to audit or fix?
  4. How many pages do you intend to optimise at the start of your work?
  5. Will you be creating new landing pages? If so, how many will they be?
  6. How many internal and external articles do you plan to produce in a month?
  7. How many quality backlinks should I expect from you?
  8. How much time will you be dedicating to campaign analysis and reporting?

So this is how you know the agency can be trusted: instead of drafting something really quick, they’ll ask you for some time to work on a strategy. They’ll then reach back to you with a one to three-month strategy — and starting from the fourth month onwards, they’ll promise to reach back again with an adjusted strategy based on the results they’d have received in the first phase.

That’s a good answer, mostly because it shows that the agency is adaptive. Their services are bound to evolve with time, and that they’re keen on analysing the results they get instead of reacting to their gut feeling.

What Will I be Paying for Exactly?

get google ranking ad

The agency needs to be clear on what exactly you’re paying for. If you’re paying them for the hours of work that they’ll be pumping in, then they should make it clear from the word go.

Be wary of any company that charges you on the number of links. Odds are, the links they generate aren’t quality enough to get you on the good side of Google. In other words, any company that employs a pay-per-link payment should be avoided like the disappointment they are.

Things have tremendously changed, and any SEO company that’s still obsessed with links just shows how backward they are.

A good agency should be more focused on optimising your website. They should be more focused on creating quality content that will see to it that they’re able to get you varied link portfolio, not an exaggerated number of links that won’t get you anywhere.

Do you have any Long-standing Customer or two that I can speak to?

You want to dig for some reviews on the company before you can go ahead and hire them. If the agency is as good as they want you to think, they should at least have several businesses or companies that are willing to vouch for them.

Bonus point if the agency can get someone from a similar competitive business sector as you. The company they recommend should be able to talk about their expertise and run you through the details of the project and the role that the agency played in making it a success.

These references should provide you with unbiased answers to some of the questions you have. Be sure to inquire from them about how fast they were able to see results. Find out about their sales and how the agency helped them crank them up.

How Direct and Transparent Is The Communication

A good SEO firm will allocate you a fulfilment team that you’ll be working with throughout the duration of the project. This is the team tasked with the role of delivering SEO results to you.

In which case, a good SEO agency will take their time to break down the structure of this team to you. Make sure you understand which member of the team is responsible for a particular task in the campaign.

In so doing, you should know who to contact in case you aren’t satisfied with any of the services rendered. The team should also have a supervisor overseeing the whole project. This is the person tasked with the role of unifying the entire team so that they can work together towards a common goal — and that is, getting you more sales.

Will I Own the Content and Links Post Campaign?

Once the service is terminated, who’ll own the published content and the backlinks? Will the ownership transfer to you or remain with the agency?

The thing is, any content that was published under your budget belongs to you. Any agency that tries to convince you otherwise is attempting to blackmail you, is a big scam and should be avoided at all cost.

The Final Thought

Be thorough with how you vet the SEO agencies before hiring them. Chose a wrong SEO agency and you’re more likely to risk landing your website in the red.

The good thing is that this guide is meant to guide you every step of the way. Nothing should also go wrong when you choose among the list we’ve provided. For more information regarding this or SEO in general, talk to our consultants at MediaOne and let’s reason together on how we can make your business successful.

Author Bio

Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

September 29, 2019

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