Top Emcees in Singapore [UPDATED 2024]


I’m sure you’ve done at least one of the following:

I attended a wedding. Passed by a roadshow during the weekends. Dressed like a pirate or whatever the trending costume fads are during your company’s dinner and dance.

You probably wonder why you felt so at ease after hearing that soothing voice. It’s like you’ve zipped off to a celestial paradise, with smiling angels playing the harps everywhere.

You probably wonder what drew you to grab that freebie by the roadshow despite being in 35-degree weather together with several pushy, kiasu Singaporeans.

You probably wonder why you laughed so hard after witnessing your friend struggle to win a game on stage.

The reason is simple – You were charmed and moved by a very exceptional emcee.

Is it worth hiring one? Can’t I just get the loudest person in my department to host? 

There are many benefits of hiring an emcee other than their presumed ability to shout, “let’s get this party started!”, which by the way, isn’t an official catchphrase of emcees. Much like “Put the shrimp on the Barbie!” isn’t an official catchphrase of Australians.

Not only will a good emcee/MC/compère/host/master of ceremonies give you an unforgettable event. He/she can change the image of your company. He/she can even change your life – Yes.

So what makes it so necessary to hire an emcee? Let’s find out!

A good emcee can make you feel special.

A phenomenal event host proves that people who talk a lot make good listeners. They make good observers too.

The emcee’s job isn’t done just through linguistic gymnastics. Through superior people-reading skills, the emcee can deliver the very comment that lights up a spark in your eyes.

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For those ROI-obsessed folks, here’s how making someone special measures up practically. The feeling of being special can bring up someone’s self-esteem. With healthy self-esteem, one can be more confident and productive in life.

“I wouldn’t have the initiative and confidence to pursue my hidden ambition if the emcee didn’t make a note about my napkin doodles.” Sean, who works for an animation firm in One North recalls.

A skilled emcee fosters team building and unites people.

In the age where office politics and social divides seem to linger in our midst, a good event host can make the late Martin Luther King Jr. proud.

2 individuals who probably will never speak to each other in real life can share the heartiest laugh together, thanks to the polished manoeuvres of a master of ceremony. Differences can be resolved. Strangers can become friends.

A vital accessory to your sales team. 

I know what you’re thinking.

Why don’t we get one of our staff to host our product launch?

Why bother hiring an outsider? 

An adept master of ceremony provides a fresh pair of eyes for the company. He/she isn’t attached to the product/service and will not bore everyone with technical details. He/she is a gifted storyteller who has the verbal magic to whet your audience’s appetite.

Besides, your sales force will be busy closing deals after everyone’s appetite is whetted.

How much does an emcee charge? 

This is a tricky question. Emcee charges vary from event to event, people to people.

A general rule of thumb – Roadshows usually charge by the hour. In contrast, large scale corporate events usually charge by the day. Dinner and dance events charge by night; however, there would usually be a surcharge after midnight.

A very proactive roadshow emcee who has the stamina to talk and interact with random people for 4 hours can charge up to $150-$300 an hour. Most roadshow emcees regardless of experience, will stay away from gigs that quotes them less than $100 an hour.

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Corporate events such as conferences usually start from $1,000-$2,000 a day. However, experienced emcees, especially those with celebrity status, can charge a few times more for the same event.

A standard dinner and dance emcee package will range from $500-$1,000 a night, excluding the midnight surcharge. Of course, this sum is expected to increase when the emcee is a celebrity.

There are no hard and fast rules for prices, as many emcees may also come with other talents such as singing, magic performing or DJ-ing. You can always negotiate with them for a bundle deal. Additionally, bear in mind that there would be a peak period price during festive occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

With that being said, you can also contact the companies on our curated events company list to check if they have an event planning cum emcee bundle deal.


Top Emcees in Singapore as Ranked By Mediaone


wayne chan The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Wayne Chan 


You might have seen him on TV. Or heard him on the radio.

Wayne Chan is a former Channel NewsAsia (CNA) and 93.8 Live presenter. Suppose that doesn’t instil your confidence in him. In that case, Wayne has also hosted Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 (Broadcast globally on AXN) and was featured as an events industry panellist on How Do I Look Asia Season 2 (Broadcast globally on the DIVA channel).

Contact him for:

  • Awards Night
  • Conferences
  • Sport Events
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Product Launches
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Telephone +65 91000938, or you can email him at
  • Prudential
  • Huawei
  • Canon
  • Singtel
  • National Environment Agency
Review 1 “Amazing and energetic host who kept the energy high while filming Asia’s Got Talent. Without his game segment, the filming would have been pretty boring!”
Review 2 “Awesome emcee… professional yet very humble…”
Review 3 “Love how Wayne engaged with the crowd, especially with my client right before the event.
Confident, eye-catching, humorous, and always alert!
With him as an emcee for my show, I need not be worried about hiccups or awkwardness during the event. He’s always chirpy, entertaining and welcoming. Engaging even the most reluctant crowd could get hyped up for the event.

I will definitely engage him again for my events next time, as I always propose him to all my clients. Good job, Wayne!”


Top Emcees in Singapore - William Lee


William Lee

Speciality William Lee is the epitome of the ideal emcee, seamlessly blending with audiences to ensure flawless event execution and entertainment.

His wealth of experience as a TV host, radio DJ, actor, voice-over talent, live-telecast interpreter, TVC talent, and lecturer, has accoutred him with a truly diverse and unique skill set which sets him apart as an exceptional speaker.

Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay, William’s gift of the gab has seen him traverse across the events landscape and graced stages worldwide, from welcoming royalties to hosting private weddings.

With experience catering to audiences of varying sizes and preferences, he adeptly sets the tone for each event, ensuring guests are both comfortable and captivated by his engaging presence.

Pricing Please contact Team William


Contact Details Anne @ Team William
  • Ministry of Law (MOL)
  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  • Housing & Development Board (HDB)
  • Thales Group
  • AIA Group
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Castrol Singapore
Review 1 “We have worked with William for 3 events consecutively and he and his team had done a fantastic job to make the events a successful one. They are very proactive, creative and pay attention to details.

They also never fail to surprise the team, especially with the talented emcee, William, who is capable to always blend in with the theme and entertain our guests all night long.

The only feedback from the floor is that they can’t even leave their chairs for a second because they do not want to miss every second of William’s company.”~ LY Soo, Chairperson – Kimberly Clark – Sales Conference Gala Dinner

Review 2 “William was extremely professional and got our guests all revved up to herald the start of our wedding.

With that, the atmosphere and energy from the audience was high and energetic – our bridesmaids could hear the applause and cheers as they stood outside the closed ballroom doors (to prepare for march-in) and commented “Inside the ballroom, atmosphere very high!”

William was fluent, humorous, and engaged the audience throughout our wedding. He not only covered English and Mandarin fluently, but even Malay for our Malay guests.

He and his team helped us create Kahoot! quiz questions and they were creative and funny – we heard lots of raucous laughter and our guests posted about the Kahoot on IG stories. Our parents and friends truly enjoyed and loved his emcee-ing too!

He even went the extra mile to help us facilitate our Chinese Tea Ceremony when we needed some help with it.

He makes things happen and did a late-night Zoom call even when he had an early flight to catch the next morning, when there was no other common time slot with the rest of our core planning team.

We are thankful to William and his team for putting in so much effort, time, and heart – for looking into the little details just to ensure the wedding runs smoothly and well. Thanks for making our wedding a most memorable, joyful, and exciting one!

Thanks for helping us with the planning, engaging our guests, and for the humorous and heart-warming moments created! – Yu Tian & Meiyan, Wedding Reception @ Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

Emcee in Singapore - Singapore Emcee Ram


Singapore Emcee Ram


Singapore Emcee Ram is also known as the emcee with the golden-voice as his voice is what you may have heard in commercials with that deep clean tone.

  • Dinner & Dance
  • Parades
  • Government Official
  • Product Launch
  • Team Building
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact him directly or fill-out the forms in the website for price quote 
Telephone 8571 6591
Clients Singapore Emcee Ram - Clients
Review 1 Ram demonstrated exceptional charisma, seamlessly engaging the audience throughout the event. His dynamic presence and skillful transitions between segments added a polished touch to the overall experience. Highly recommend for his professionalism and captivating stage presence. – Junjie Heng
Review 2 Ram, your natural charisma and ability to connect with the crowd made everyone feel welcomed and excited. Your hosting skills were exceptional, as you effortlessly captivated the attention of young and old alike. Your witty banter and quick thinking kept the energy levels high and the laughter contagious. You had an innate ability to read the room and adapt your hosting style accordingly, ensuring that every individual felt included and part of the gathering.

The seamless transitions between activities and announcements were admirable. Your hosting added a special touch to our company family day, elevating it from a simple gathering to a memorable experience. The positive feedback we received from employees and their families attests to your remarkable talent as a host.

Thank you for sharing your infectious energy, genuine enthusiasm, and exceptional hosting abilities with us. We are truly grateful for the impact you made on our event and look forward to future opportunities to work with you again. – Sharon Chan


Emcee Bern



Emcee Bern


The host of the 28th SEA Games, Emcee Berns is a powerful emcee with an authoritative voice, which is reflected in his list of clients such as BMW, Starhub and Lazada.

Contact him for:

  • Family Day Events
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Corporate Teambuilding Events
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Tel: +65 90079876
  • 28th Sea Games
  • Starhub
  • BMW
  • Lazada
  • Great Eastern
Review 1 “My colleagues’ comments:  – Grateful to each one of your effort. So many good reviews from the ground too!”


evolve with rick The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Rick Chan 


Whether it’s hosting a simple roadshow or a media launch for a 4-star hotel, Rick believes that an engaging story is a valuable tool to connect with any audience.

A lover of words. This former published novelist and actor also doubles up as an associate content writer for one of the largest digital marketing companies. (Gee, I wonder which one.)

(P.S. If you love what you’re reading here, you may love him, even more, when he speaks. Wink.)

Contact him for:

  • Product Launches
  • Film Premiers
  • Family Day Events
  • Corporate Talks
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Contact Telephone: +65-62917069
  • Novotel @ Stevens
  • Empiricon 2019 – Asia’s Premier Conference Advocating Tech with Sustainability
  • The American Club
  • Singapore Yacht Club
Review 1 “I was working with Rick at the Oktoberfest event at The American Club. He was very professional and amazing when handling the kids. The members & guests and of course the little ones had an enjoyable time with his entertainment. Rick is a very accommodating person as well. Thank you for the hard work and hope to work with you soon.”



Emcee Melvin Ho Singapore


Emcee Melvin Hoo


Emcee Melvin Ho has been a Professional Emcee in Singapore since 2006.

Melvin’s professionalism & flexibility in both formal & energetic events, his on-stage adaptability, and his easy-going & can-do attitude – have led him to work alongside top event planners in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia and more!

Melvin’s Corporate clientele include Fortune 500 Companies like ExxonMobil, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Oracle, Canon, HSBC, PepsiCo, Unilever, AbbVie, McDonald’s & more.

Melvin is also trusted by Ministries and Statutory Boards including Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), Enterprise Singapore, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), People’s Association (PA), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) & more.

Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Contact Telephone: +65 8913 9632



Instagram: Emcee Melvin Ho

  • ExxonMobil
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Oracle, Canon
  • HSBC
  • PepsiCo
  • Unilever
  • AbbVie
  • McDonald’s
Review 1 Melvin hosted our company D&D, He helped us a lot and we have very good feedback from our colleague about his performance. – Ahslyn Lin


thats innovative The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Adrian Ang 


That’s Innovative is an event management company established in the year 2004. We draw on our experience, expertise, and cultural distinctiveness to find new and innovative ways to connect with our audiences. Our team is passionate about what we do and will work with you to develop the best event ideas, delivering the most desirable and memorable experiences for you and your audience.

Contact him for:

  • Virtual Event Management
  • Corporate Dinner and Dance
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Corporate Family Day
  • Community Events
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Address 8 Boon Lay Way, #09-12 8@Tradehub21, Singapore 609964
Telephone  +65 91072793
  • United Overseas Bank
  • Singapore Swimming Club
  • Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Singapore Kindness Movement
Review 1 “Three cheers to That’s Innovative for making The Greatest Showman D&D 2019 such a success! We are glad to have worked together once again for one of our biggest event. Thank you for all your creative ideas, dedication and professionalism shown every step of the way. Kudos to your team for their hard work and coordination prior and during the event itself! It has been a pleasure to have worked with That’s Innovative and would definitely recommend 😊” – Prabasri Veeriah
Review 2 “Very pleased working with That’s Innovative team, their promptness and comprehensive services are impressive.” – Kelly Yeow
Review 3 “Thanks to That’s Innovative for making my company D&D successful and enjoyable night.
Specials thanks to Jolyn and her team for all the hard work in giving ideas, well co-ordination with vendors, MC & hotel to ensure everything are running smoothly . So glad to receive many compliments from the staff that the event is well organized. Keep up the good work and thank you.” – Sherry Yong


charles stitch wong The Top Emcees in Singapore


Charles Wong, The “Beatboxing” Emcee (who sings too!) 


Musically talented Charles Wong, who also goes by the stage name of Stitch FM – The Human Radio, is perfect for any given event that requires a singer or beatboxer. Being an AMIS and MOE instructor for schools, he is also great with kids.

Contact him for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Roadshows
  • Children’s Events (includes School Assemblies)
  • Beatboxing Emcee
  • Dinner and Dance Emcee
  • Children Expo Emcee
  • Wedding Emcee
  • Online Auction Emcee
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Telephone Telephone: +65 97339297


Clients and Achievements
  • Top 4 finalists in Singapore Idol 3
  • Nominated for Star Awards best theme song in 2011
  • ST Electronics Dinner and Dance
  • Genome Institute of Singapore Dinner and Dance
Review 1 “We engaged Charles to emcee for our Year-End Celebration yesterday and all I can say is Charles is FANTASTIC! He kept the crowd high and we were all smitten by his charisma and his talent! Thanks Charles! 5 stars out of 5!
Review 2 “Highly recommend him! He is indeed THE Human Radio! Had him for my school’s assembly programme and he didn’t disappoint. He was able to single-handedly sustain everyone’s attention and had awesome crowd control. Everyone was entertained and we definitely learnt a thing or two about beatboxing.”




Emcee James Yang

Speciality Singapore Emcee James Yang is a dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality engages the audience unlike any other master of ceremonies. Events hosted by him are like a dialogue between himself the audience. He speaks, they laugh, he charms, they respond in kind; every moment is compelling and interactive.

His reputation as a Professional Singapore Emcee has gradually risen over years; from celebrities to military personnel and countless event/wedding companies, he’s collaborated with them all. Whichever the occasion, James is often the Top Choice Emcee amongst clients

1. Corporate Virtual Events / Live-Events
2. Corporate D&Ds
3. Wedding Ceremonies / Solemnisations

  • Address : Emcee James Yang 3 Coleman Street #03-24 Suite 4405-Y
  • Telephone:  (65) 97334405
  • Email
Awards & Clients 1. All Corporate Clients
2. Government Bodies
3. Wedding Couples
4. Event Management Companies
5. Wedding Planning Companies
Review 1 “James Yang’s professionalism as an all-rounded Emcee is unparalleled, which is why we have been using him for many years. As you would imagine, hosting events in front of 700 top lawyers, attorneys and litigators from the region can be especially un-nerving. James has always exceeded our expectations and never fail to excel.” – Law Firm
Review 2 “Most of my family members have been engaging him to host our milestone events, and he’s definitely one helluva emcee who knows how to pump up the atmosphere with his humour and leave us wanting more all the time!” – Corporate/Wedding Client


paige tuing The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Paige


Like Adrian, Paige is also an experienced event organizer. She works closely with her clients from the start to the end of the event to ensure everyone is satisfied. As a former Singapore Girl with SQ, you may wonder why your event has such warm, hospitable vibes.

Contact her for:

  • Awards Night
  • Official Ceremonies, such as SAF Rededication Ceremony
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Competitions
  • Conferences
Pricing Please contact her directly for quotes
Telephone +65 82922772
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Singapore Armed Forces
  • 313 @ Somerset
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Our Tampines Hub
Review 1 “I would like to express our compliments and appreciation to you for the
wonderful emcee service you have provided for our National Day celebration at
Clementi Woods Park. We have received positive feedback on your
professionalism and bilingualism. Our residents were also captivated by your
liveliness and charisma during the event. You were well-prepared and able to
react promptly to last-minute requirements. We would highly recommend you
and also look forward to working with you again.”
Review 2 “Thank you very much for hosting our KidSTART Family Fun Day 2018! You have a great voice and everyone shared that you were good! Our Chairman mentioned that you are one of the best emcees he has come across so far at community events. So good job! =)”
Review 3 “Emcee Paige did a fantastic job during my event last week. She was well prepared and kept the audiences’ interest and constantly engaged them. Would
recommend Emcee Paige and engage her for other future events!”


shannon zang The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Shannon Zann 


Multi-talented Shannon Zann is a very interactive emcee who knows the needs of her clients inside out. You want her to sing as well? No problem!

Contact her for:

  • Movie Premiers
  • Family Day Events
  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
Pricing Please contact her directly for quotes
Telephone +65 91992100
  • Disney – Star Wars Experience The Force Movie Festival @ Orchard Road
  • Captain America: Civial War Movie Festival @ MBS
  • Angry Birds Movie Meet + Greet @ Suntec City
  • Mrs. Singapore Pageant Finals
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Media Launch
Review 1 “Thank you for accepting our invitation. You’ve done a fantastic job.”
Review 2 “Definitely an engaging emcee who is able to lock in the interest of the crowd at our Fall/Winter 2012 campaign (Beauty Roadshows for Shiseido, Dior, Bobbi Brown)”
Review 3 “Shannon, who was a fabulous emcee (feedback was given that you were instrumental in the success and flow of my album launch! thanks for making a difference!”


vivien goh The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Vivien Goh


If you need someone who has a Duracell Bunny-like stamina and energy for roadshows, Vivien is your go-to person! She is a sales and promotions emcee who has helped clients achieve more than $1,000,000 of sales cumulatively.

Contact her for:

  • Roadshows
  • Family Day Events
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Children’s Events
  • Online Events
Pricing $150 – $300/hour for Roadshows. For other kinds of events, kindly contact her for quotes.
Telephone +65 87425694


vanessa phang The Top Emcees in Singapore


Vanessa Phang “The Songbird Emcee”


A musical theatre practitioner, Vanessa is known to bring in musical theatre elements into events she hosts! She has hosted several ministerial events, including one with Mdm. President Halimah Yacob as the Guest of Honour.

Contact her for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Product Launches
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Dinners
  • Corporate Events
Pricing Please contact her directly for quotes.
Telephone +65 90070983
  • Wong Fong Palfinger
  • NKF
  • Esplanade
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Mandarin Gallery
Review 1 ” VANESSA IS AMAZING! Engaging Vanessa was definitely the right choice! She gave us a lot of suggestions and advices prior to the actual day! She’s professional, SUPER engaging, fun, bilingual in both English and Mandarin and good at handling unexpected situations! Many of our guests sang praises of her and said that the banquet was very well hosted! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! A big THANK YOU once again sister! ❤️
Highly recommend Vanessa for her great service!”
Review 2 “Vanessa hosted our company’s customer networking night and did a really great job.  She mingles well with our guests & can be casual and yet be formal in the presence of our Guest of honour.  She was able to respond spontaneously to the flow of the night and always said the right thing at the right time.  In fact, she helped us greatly in coordinating the whole events seamlessly together.

She is effectively bilingual and speaks both English & Mandarin professionally. She also stands out as an Emcee who can host and sing just as well. She sang during our event and impressed our guests with her vocal capability.”

Review 3 “Vanessa was spontaneous, professional and was very effectively bilingual. More importantly, her experience and confidence filled up all gaps that day and she was able to engage the crowd with her melodious voice and infectious energy. She was heartfelt and sincere and I really had no worries with her on the job.”


arabelle chia The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Arabelle Chia


Arabelle Chia is a name known by local emcees far and wide. Her charming and youthful energy is so magnetic that she doesn’t even need a website or social media platform to get clients! Really! Besides being bilingual, Arabelle can also converse in basic Japanese.

Contact her for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Family Day Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Golf-Related Events
  • Competitions
Pricing Please contact her directly for quotes.
Telephone +6 82981889
  • OCBC Dinner and Dance
  • ComChest Heatstrings Walk 2014
  • People’s Association Zumba Event
  • The Monopoly Challenge
  • The Entrepreneur’s Organisation Dinner


bless event The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Eileen Goh


Elieen is one of the industry’s most proactive emcees. Instead of waiting for jobs, she creates one for herself, such as the on-going food series on Facebook, Yummy Yummy.

During this circuit breaker period, she has been active on a number of auction channels, helping businesses get their products out to customers.

Contact her for:

  • Online Live Auctions
  • Weddings
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact her for quotes.
Telephone +65 91445087
  • NATAS Fair – Laos Tours 2018
  • Hitachi-Ebworx Dinner and Dance 2018
  • SPH Food Fair 2018-2020
  • VS Salon 6th Outlet Opening 2019
  • UOB Roadshow


ainsley chong The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee and “Close-up Magician” Ainsley Chong 


Who doesn’t love to be wowed by the enigmas of illusions? Ainsley is an enthusiastic emcee who frequently journals his behind-the-scene experiences on his website.

Contact him for:

  • Family Day Events
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Telephone +65 91142044
Review 1 Check out the magnitude of testimonials on his page. It’s way too extensive to have a space here.


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jim koh The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Jimmy Koh


While not hosting the morning show at Singapore’s only bilingual radio station, Jia 88.3 FM, Jimmy can be found hosting a spectrum of events. He’s naturally creative and has made several well-received Korean drama parodies on his YouTube channel.

Contact him for:

  • Product Launches
  • Weddings
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Media Conferences
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Telephone For enquiries, please fill up a form on this link.
  • Singapore Tourism Board
  • Singapore Police Force
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Samsung
  • BMW


emcee sylvia The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Sylvia Tham


Hailed as one of the best Cantonese-language emcee in Singapore, Sylvia is a very versatile emcee with close t0 20 years of experiences under her belt.

Contact her for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches
  • Government Events
  • Family Day Events
Pricing Please contact her directly for quotes.
Telephone For enquiries, please email her
  • Global eTrade Plenary – Trading with ASEAN
  • Fortune Times Gala Awards Ceremony 2018
  • Macau Government Tourism Office
  • Ministry of Manpower
  • Prudential Singapore Pathflyer Alliance Flying Start 2018


emcee jay The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Jay

Speciality A true representation of the unity in diversity, Jay speaks ALL 4 OFFICIAL LANGUAGES OF SINGAPORE. Yes – English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and some basic Cantonese and Hokkien. Say what?

Besides, he’s also able to do various regional accents and dialects such as British, Hong Konger and Indian, to name a few.

Contact him for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact Merry Bees directly for quotes.
Telephone +65 92329395 (Official contact for Merry Bees)


jag singh The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Jag Singh 


Do yourself a favour. Click on the link above and let his mesmerising voice sink in your subconscious for the first few seconds. A veteran Emcee and DJ, Jag has also organised and host Let’s Go Bananas Comedy Night.

Do not judge a book by its cover, Jag has also been a favourite among Chinese wedding clients for years!

Contact him for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Weddings
  • Roadshows
  • Television Premiers
  • Sound System Support
Pricing Please contact him directly for details.
Telephone +65 91005741
  • Singapore Press Holdings
  • Bank of India
  • Mediacorp Ben 10 Launch
  • Her World
  • Citibank


shawn dawood The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Shawn Dawood


Since 1991, Shawn Dawood has been delighting people with his charisma and his sense of style. Always looking dapper, Shawn has mesmerised audiences both young and old.

Contact him for:

  • Product Launches
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Dinner and Dances
  • Fashion Shows
  • Children’s Party
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Telephone +65 98777544
  • Miss Singapore International 2007-2015 and 2018
  • HER World Beautiful Bride Model Search 2014
  • Singapore International Jewellery Show 2017
  • Accelerate Growth ExporeAPAC 2015 Workshop
  • Akebono-Okaya Singapore Pte Ltd.
Review 1 “Confident and has great report.”
Review 2 “Professional and creative, a highly recommended emcee.”
Review 3 “The greatest D&D art we ever had in 10 years.”


joe augustin The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Joe Augustin


This man needs no introduction. For more than 30 years, many Singaporeans have been entertained and even inspired by the voice of Joe Augustin.

Aside from hosting hit morning radio shows, Joe is also very sought after amongst MICE organisers. This is because Joe understands the business objectives behind the functions he host.

Contact him for:

  • Conventions
  • Dinner & Dances
  • Gala Dinners
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Networking Events
Pricing Please contact him directly via his website for quotes.
Telephone Please contact him directly via his website.
  • Aviva
  • Singapore International Foundation
  • The Promotions & Marketing Awards of Asia
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Tag Heuer
Review 1 “We engaged Joe to act as a professional emcee for our HNW client appreciation event at the Ritz Carlton. Joe has an approachable and warm personality, and he is always ready to assist and give value-added services/advice to us every step of the way. Joe was a committed professional and truly outstanding in his performance. As a result, we managed to deliver our corporate message with sophistication and fun.

Overall, his skills, experience, and valuable input was instrumental to the tremendous success of our event and we managed to deliver great satisfaction to all our guests beyond expectations! We are proud to have him as our emcee and have no hesitation to recommend him for any future corporate events.”




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emcee alfi The Top Emcees in Singapore


Emcee Alfi Duran


I know what you’re thinking. No. He isn’t related to Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians fame, despite the slight resemblance. Alfi Duran, also known as “The Tuxedo emcee in shorts”, is a charismatic emcee with an impressive portfolio.

Another linguistic talent, Alfi speaks fluent English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesian, while conversant in Mandarin, Tagalog and Thai.

He’s simply mesmerising. Even Chewbacca left a testimonial for him on his website.

Contact him for:

  • Fighting championships
  • Award Diners
  • Product Launches
  • Teambuilding Events
  • Roadshows
Pricing Please contact him directly for a quote.
Telephone +65 93390258
  • 22 @ Dempsey
  • Courts Marathon Challenge
  • Ultimate Satria Championship (USC)
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Health Promotion Board
Review 1 “Alfi is a super entertaining emcee! He engaged my guests very well and they found him very funny! Thank you for making my wedding night very lively!”
Review 2 “I would recommend Emcee Alfi to everyone who is out looking for an emcee who is not only engaging but also witty and funny! In fact, i recommended him to most of my business partners and associates. He goes into the party and dinner planning in great details.”
Review 3 “I’ve never been so thrilled like this before.”


kyle raven The Top Emcees in Singapore


Kyle Ravin – The People’s Emcee


International illusionist and emcee Kyle Ravin has wowed audiences in 8 different countries and counting. One such place was Las Vegas – The magic capital of the world, where he was featured as a closing act for Jeff McBride’s Vegas.

It’s not just the card tricks that he’s pulling off his sleeves. How about watching him eat fire? Ah, no wonder. That’s probably where he gets all his passionate energy from!

Contact him for:

  • Dinner and Dances
  • Corporate Events
  • Any Events which requires a Magic Performance (duh!)
  • Family Day Events
Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Contact Address: Singapore

Tel: +65 81394310


  • Coca Cola
  • IBM
  • PayPal
  • Estee Lauder
  • Shell
Review 1 “Very entertaining!”
Review 2 “Best emcee we’ve worked with.”
Review 3 “Thank you for a fantastic night.”


two of us The Top Emcees in Singapore


Choy Ting


An all-round professional performer who is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, Choy Ting is able to engage the mass audiences with her jovial personality and charisma when she performs on stage.

She is recently crowned as the Top 4 Wedding Emcees in Singapore (an article by TallyPress), and has been performing for various events, weddings and popular venues such as Timbre, Acid Bar, Starker, etc. With a wide repertoire list, Choy Ting could do genres from English Top 40s, Jazz, Rock to Mandopop classics and evergreen,

In addition, being a versatile and energetic bilingual emcee, Choy Ting shows her side of enthusiasm to bring the atmosphere and audiences to the next level when fun and excitement are required. She has also co-hosted with celebrities such as Pornsak, Dasmond Koh and Marcus Chin.

Contact Choy Ting for:
Corporate Events
Product Launches
Family Day events
School Shows
Community Engagement Events (RC/CC)

Pricing Please contact him directly for quotes.
Awards & Clients
  • Top 4 Wedding Emcees in Singapore (an article by TallyPress)
  • Top 15 finalists in Singapore for Taiwan “超级星光大道 One Million Star” Singing Competition
  • Ministry of Manpower D&D
  • Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Health Promotion Board National Steps Challenge Awards Presentation
Review 1 “We engaged Choy Ting to emcee our wedding dinner at Conrad Glass Pavilion and it has been a great one! There were a few hiccups throughout such as minor AV video playback issue but Choy Ting was very experienced and quick witted enough to turn around these several times and managed to pull back the atmosphere and mood of all my guests! Kudos to her quick thinking on the spot during the entire dinner! She also obliged to my request and sang us a song. She’s very on the ball! At the end of the dinner, guests’ feedback about Choy Ting emcee was great and amazing! She’s full of energy and her voice is filled with power. I made a right choice to engage her emcee service and stick to my belief that I made the right choice!”
Review 2 “Compliments to Choy Ting for being my bilingual emcee at my wedding dinner. She did a good job maneuvering between the languages and her bubbliness really left an impression on the audience. “
Review 3 “Had a great experience working with Choy Ting for several roadshows, she is bilingual and engaging, and exudes very positive energy.”




Gladys Bay

  • Virtual and hybrid events (including live streams)
  • Corporate events (launches, luncheons, D&Ds, and etc.)
  • Informal events (e.g. community festivals, competitions, roadshows, and etc.)
  • Formal events (e.g. conferences, conventions, webinars, awards ceremonies, and more)
  • Services outside of hosting: program advisor, planner, scripting, equipment rental, and studio bookings.
Review 1 A very friendly emcee who loves children and is skilled in lightening up the atmosphere of your event! Gladys is also good at engaging with the guests, making sure each of them had a good time with our mascots during the event!
Review 2 Gladys is a bilingual emcee. Not only was she friendly, she was also very accommodating. She was able to engage the audience and brought much laughter and joy to the entire event!
Review 3 Had Gladys at a launch and Cny lunch event. Love her energy and voice, would love to work with her again. Also, she is very responsive prior to the event


25 Frequent Q&A About Emcee in Singapore

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding or a private party, a professional emcee can make all the difference. To help you find the perfect emcee in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of 25 frequent questions and answers. From understanding the emcee’s role to making an informed decision when hiring, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

What does an emcee do?
An emcee (short for “master of ceremonies”) is responsible for hosting and managing an event, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. They introduce speakers or performers, keep the audience engaged and entertained, and make announcements as necessary.

Why should I hire a professional emcee?
A professional emcee has the experience, charisma, and skill to keep an event running smoothly, engaging the audience and ensuring everyone has a good time. This can make a significant difference to the success and overall feel of your event.

What should I look for in an emcee?
When hiring an emcee, consider their experience, adaptability, and style. It’s essential to find someone who can effectively engage your audience and adjust their approach depending on the event’s tone and purpose.

How much experience should an emcee have?
Experience is crucial, but it can vary depending on the specific requirements of your event. Ideally, look for an emcee with a solid track record of successfully hosting similar events.

Can I request a demo or sample of their work?
Yes, it’s always a good idea to request a demo, sample, or even watch a live performance. This allows you to assess their style, charisma, and ability to engage an audience.

How do I find the right emcee for my event?
Research is key. Look for recommendations, read reviews, and check out their online presence. Attend local events featuring emcees to get a feel for their style and ability in person.

How much does it cost to hire an emcee in Singapore?
The cost can vary depending on factors such as the emcee’s experience, the event’s duration, and any additional services required. It’s best to discuss your budget and requirements with potential candidates to ensure you find the right fit.

What additional services can an emcee provide?
Some emcees offer additional services such as DJing, event planning, or providing sound equipment. Be sure to discuss your event’s specific needs to determine whether additional services are required.

Is it necessary to meet with the emcee before the event?
Although not always required, meeting with the emcee beforehand allows you to discuss your expectations, preferences, and any special requests. It also helps establish rapport and ensures a smoother event experience.

Can I provide a script for the emcee to follow?
Yes, you can provide a script or outline for the emcee to follow. However, keep in mind that experienced emcees may prefer to work with a general outline rather than a rigid script, allowing them to adapt to the event’s flow and engage the audience more effectively.

How can I ensure the emcee understands my event’s purpose and tone?
Communication is vital. Be sure to discuss your event’s objectives, desired tone, and any specific requirements with the emcee beforehand. Providing examples or references can also help convey your vision more clearly.

What if the emcee is not available on my event date?
If your preferred emcee is unavailable on your event date, consider asking for recommendations or referrals. They may know other talented emcees who can meet your needs.

How far in advance should I book an emcee?
It’s advisable to book an emcee at least 3 to 6 months in advance, especially if you have a specific individual in mind. This ensures that you have enough time to secure their services and plan the event accordingly.

What information should I provide to the emcee?
Provide the emcee with essential details such as the event date, time, location, purpose, and expected audience size. Additionally, share any special requests, themes, or specific segments that you want the emcee to cover during the event.

How can I ensure the emcee is well-prepared for my event?
Regular communication is key. Check in with the emcee in the weeks leading up to the event to discuss any updates, changes, or last-minute details. Make sure they have a clear understanding of the event’s purpose, tone, and audience.

What kind of attire should the emcee wear?
The emcee’s attire should match the event’s tone and formality. Discuss your preferences and any dress code requirements with the emcee beforehand to ensure they dress appropriately.

What if the emcee falls ill or has an emergency on the day of the event?
It’s essential to have a backup plan in case of emergencies. Discuss this possibility with the emcee in advance and ask if they can recommend a substitute or colleague who can step in if needed.

How do I know if the emcee is suitable for my audience?
Consider the emcee’s past experience, style, and ability to adapt to different audiences. Request references or testimonials from previous clients, and watch live performances or demos to get a better idea of how they interact with different audience types.

How can I give feedback to the emcee?
Provide constructive feedback to the emcee after the event, highlighting areas where they excelled and areas for improvement. Honest and open communication is vital for maintaining a strong working relationship.

How can I negotiate the emcee’s fees?
Be upfront about your budget and discuss any flexibility the emcee may have regarding their fees. Remember, it’s essential to strike a balance between cost and quality to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Do I need to provide a meal for the emcee?
It’s customary to provide a meal for the emcee, especially if the event lasts several hours. Discuss any dietary preferences or restrictions with the emcee in advance.

How do I ensure the emcee arrives on time?
Clearly communicate the event’s start time and request that the emcee arrives early to set up and prepare. You may also want to confirm their arrival time in the days leading up to the event.

Do I need to provide any equipment for the emcee?
Emcees typically require a microphone, sound system, and potentially a lectern or stage. Discuss your event’s specific equipment needs with the emcee to ensure everything is in place for a successful performance.

Can the emcee handle last-minute changes or issues during the event?
An experienced emcee should be able to adapt to unforeseen changes or issues that arise during the event. However, it’s crucial to communicate any last-minute changes as soon as possible, allowing the emcee to adjust their performance accordingly.

How do I know if I’ve chosen the right emcee for my event?
Ultimately, the right emcee for your event is someone who understands your vision, engages your audience, and ensures a smooth, memorable experience. Trust your instincts, and remember that communication and preparation are key to a successful partnership with your emcee.


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