SEO in Singapore: A Complete Guide

seo singapore how to get it done
  • SEO in Singapore is defined as the process of improving a website in Singapore to rank for and other search engines. The SEO should involve improving the site health in accordance to SEO best practices, create E-A-T content and optimising the backlink profile in the Singapore context.

Table of Contents

In this article we will provide a comprehensive approach to achieve the best possible approaches for SEO in Singapore by optimising these critical SEO ranking factors:

  1. Content
  2. Backlinks
  3. User Experience
  4. Page Speed
  5. Mobile Responsiveness
  6. Website Security
  7. On-Page Optimisation
  8. Domain Age
  9. Site Organisation
  10. Social Signals

We will further examine the top most important SEO ranking factors, how to implement them, discuss some commonly asked questions about SEO as well as go through some sample questions on what to ask your prospective SEO agency before you hire them and finally we list the top SEO agencies in Singapore for your consideration.

Why Do We Need A Unique Approach To SEO In Singapore

customise your SEO to get ahead in Singapore

Singapore takes pride in having one of the most vibrant and dynamic e-commerce industries in the world. As such the level of digital marketing and SEO is highly advanced, which makes ranking on search engines very difficult due to the high competition. To succeed, you need to have a website that is user friendly and search engine optimised.

Unlike in the past, Google and other search engines frequently change their algorithm and SEO practices to ensure that users get the most accurate results. Monitoring these changes and ensuring your site complies with them can be an uphill task.

Fortunately, there are professional SEO agencies whose personnel have the expertise required to optimise websites and carry out A/B tests to check that all aspects are working optimally. Considering hiring the best to free up your schedule and scaling up your business.

Today, we look at expert tips on how to do SEO in Singapore and get tangible results. Each tip we will discuss has been tested and found to be capable of giving any website the muscle it needs to get ahead of the competition.


10 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors in Singapore

top 10 ways to seo your website in singapore

Ranking factors are the signals that affect the listing of your website in search engine result pages. Here are the most important ranking actors for sites in Singapore.

  1. Content

Content is perhaps the most significant factor that Google uses to rank websites. Your content should be exhaustive and easy to read, which effectively rules out short blurbs. Another element of your content that improves ranking is its organisation. Your content should be very relevant to the Singapore context.

When it comes to content, its quality plays a vital role in the ranking of your website in search results. Quality content should be accurate, relevant and most importantly, offer a comprehensive solution to a specific problem.

Google uses latent semantic indexing (LSI) to measure the depth of information shared on your website. LSI works by checking the number of cluster words related to your niche that feature within your content. For instance, if your site focuses on sports betting, LSI checks for related terms such as odds, wager, stake, gambling, and handicaps, and so on.

Another important aspect concerning the content on your website is its length. In the past, Google regarded 500 words as the optimum length for webpage content. However, their ranking algorithms now favour content that offers detailed explanations on a particular topic.  You have to come up with at least 2,000 words to stand a chance of ranking on the first page of search engine results.

The importance of content recency as a ranking factor mainly depends on the nature of the content on your website. If your website focuses on news, technology, economics and any other subject that needs regular updating, then content recency is critical. Contrariwise, if your site deals with history and facts that are unlikely to change, content recency doesn’t affect the ranking of your website in any way.

For example you should:

  • talk about current events in Singapore,
  • what resources are available in Singapore,
  • vendors or partners or clients you can secure in Singapore to achieve your objectives,
  • include local statistics or news sources,
  • mention notable people or organisations or landmarks,
  • provide how-to’s largely pertaining to ways to get things done in Singapore.
  1. Backlinks

Google checks the backlinks to your site regularly to gauge the quality and relevance of the information it contains. A website with several high-quality backlinks ranks higher on search results than that without. Low-quality links, on the other hand, can harm your visibility in search results and are at an increased risk of getting a ban from search engines.

Guest posting exposes your brand to new audiences. Ideally, you should reach out to more prominent websites in your niche and ask them to post your content. Ensure that such content links back to your site.

Infographics are equally as useful in encouraging other sites to backlink to your website. Just make sure that the infographics have accurate data presented using captivating visuals.

When building backlinks, it is worth noting that Google disregards low-quality backlinks. Avoid purchasing backlinks. Several services on the internet sell ‘genuine’ backlinks, while they are actually bogus. If Google detects such malpractices, you risk getting a penalty which can drastically lower your ranking on search result pages.

You should also avoid reciprocal linking, as it has no meaningful impact on the success of your SEO campaign. Reciprocal linking is a situation where you request another website to embed a backlink to your site, and you also return the favour.

In Singapore, we need to obtain links and mentions in:

  • local media such as the Straits Times, TheSmartLocal, Zaobao, Stomp, TodayOnline,, The New Paper, Business Times, The Online Citizen, TR Emeritus, Channel News Asia (Singapore), etc;
  • forums such as ExpatLiving, Hardwarezone, SGTalk, MyCarForum, SGCarmart,,, etc;
  • generic directories such as Gumtree, Yelp Singapore, HotFrog Singapore, InSing, ZipLeaf, SGPBusiness, Opendi, Yelu, Factual, etc;
  • business directories such as eGuide Singapore, Street Directory Singapore, The Green Book, etc;
  • local citations from Google My Business, Apple Maps, Facebook, BizExposed, Businesslist, SG.Nearby, Factual
  1. User Experience

User experience is an expression of how regular internet users feel when using your online platforms. There are several factors useful in measuring the quality of user experience, such as click-through rates, bounce rates, exit rate, and the time spent by users on the various webpages and so on.

Google relies on a machine learning expert system called RankBrain to measure the quality of user experience on your website. RankBrain keeps a log of the click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, exit rate, and the time users spend on various pages on your site. The search engine then uses this data to determine whether your site offers information that is relevant to searchers’ queries.

CTR is the number of times searchers click the link to your website from the search results page. The higher it is, the higher your ranking. The quickest method of improving your CTR is by using amazing titles that feature relevant keywords. The Meta description should also be well-crafted.

Bounce rate, on the other hand, is the frequency at which searchers open a particular page on your site and leave without opening another webpage. A high bounce rate is an indicator that your content is irrelevant, inaccurate or outdated and usually harms your Google ranking. The best way of avoiding bounces is by creating quality content that serves the needs of your target audience.

RankBrain also keeps a record of the average time a user spends navigating through your site, as well as how long it takes them to return to the search results page. Most users take time on websites that have informative and useful content. Therefore, if users spend more time on your website, RankBrain knows that your content is great and increases your ranking on search results.

The most important factors for UX in Singapore are:

  • mobile responsiveness as discussed later;
  • mobile pagespeed as discussed later;
  • relevancy to the Singapore context;
  • helpfulness of the article in terms of Singapore.
  1. Page Speed

The time it takes for your site to load its pages affects the bounce rates. Fast websites get more new visitors and also retain existing clients, while slow sites lose their existing users to faster options. As a result, faster websites rank higher on search engine result pages.

The websites on the first two pages of search engine results take two seconds or less to load, indicating that loading speed is an essential ranking factor. On the contrary, pages that take up to 10 seconds to load have an incredibly high bounce rate of up to 123%.

The fastest way of speeding your website is by removing clutter, such as additional plugins. You can also reduce loading times by optimizing photos and other media content on your site. Other effective ways that SEO agencies in Singapore use to increase page speeds include CloudFlare and content delivery networks.

Singaporeans are an impatient lot. They are used to loading pages in less than 5 seconds on their mobile devices or else they will exit, contributing to a higher bounce rate which is bad for SEO in Singapore.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

Another crucial ranking factor that owes its importance to technological advancements is mobile responsiveness. With the majority of Singapore residents using smartphones to access the internet, it is mandatory for all companies to create websites that adapt to smaller screens with lower resolution. Otherwise, you would be risking losing a potential client base to competitors.

At 86%, Singapore has one of the most significant numbers of people using their mobile phones to access the internet. Soon, this figure will undoubtedly cross the 90% mark.

Any serious businessperson notices that the mobile internet market has enormous potential as a source of clients. Optimizing your site for mobile is the first step to tapping into this promising sector. It also boosts the user experience on your website, which, as seen above, increases your Google ranking.

Besides, Google gives preference to mobile-friendly sites in their ranking algorithms. In 2018, the search engine released the ‘mobile-first indexing’ update, which prioritises mobile websites over the desktop version of the same site.

Having access to a huge array of local and international sites, Singaporeans are extremely picky about which site they want to be spending their next MRT, bus or Grab ride in. So at the slightest hint of a non-mobile responsive page loading up they tend to exit even within 3 seconds.

  1. Website Security

Google works hard to protect the security of users’ data. For this reason, the search engine encourages website to implement the SSL encryption layer on their website, as it prevents malicious persons from accessing the confidential information exchanged between a user’s browser and the website they are trying to access.

If your website has SSL encryption, a green padlock will appear next to the address bar on a web browser. In turn, Google will reward you by ranking the site higher in the search results.

Luckily, it doesn’t cost a fortune to implement SSL on your website. There are many service providers in Singapore, and the cost of the packages vary depending on the size of your business organization.

Google expects all websites to guarantee the security of user data by adding an SSL encryption layer to their platforms. Chrome, Google’s native browser app, started marking sites without HTTPS encryption as ‘not secure’ in July 2018. In addition to this flagging. Google lowers the rank of websites that fail to comply with this security requirement.

For Singaporeans, website security is a big deal because there is heightened awareness about cybersecurity attacks such as that which hit SingHealth in June-July 2018, and caution due to credit card fraud – see this article.

  1. Domain Age

After implementing SEO, many website owners often wonder; will it work? How long until the effects become noticeable? Was it worth the time and resources?

The truth is, SEO takes time to work. You might notice small positives within a few months after implementation, but it usually takes longer to rank higher on search results.  A study conducted by Ahrefs indicated that only 22% of the top 10 sites are less than a year old. Most of the top-rated have an average domain age of three years.

There is a smart way around this issue. You can buy an authoritative domain that is already more than three years old. However, the purchased domain should be relevant to your area of specialization and free of spamming cases in the past.

It is almost impossible for a newly-launched website to rank in the #1 page of Google research in Singapore, as well as globally. The age of your domain plays a crucial role in its ranking, as older sites rank higher on average than new websites.

In Singapore, where only 1 in 20 companies registered actually survive into their 5th year, consumers are naturally cautious about who they deal with. Websites which have a longer history tend to gain more respect and trust amongst Singaporeans and Google recognises this fact, hence you usually get higher rankings from aged websites in Singapore even though they are not SEO-optimised.

  1. On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to the strategies you execute on your website to boost your ranking on search engine result pages. It covers aspects such as keywords, image optimisation and URL optimisation, and so on.

For certain industries in Singapore, competition can be pretty intense in the Internet sphere because there are large volumes of transactions due to the Internet-savvy Singaporean. These include the online shopping sites like Shopee, Qo10, Lazada, etc. We notice that the most competitive sites are hyper optimised for SEO even more than other Asian countries.

  1. Site Organisation

How organised is your website? Are the topics divided into categories? Is everything thrown around haphazardly?

Many website owners in Singapore overlook the importance of having a good structure for their sites.

The content on your website should have a logical organisation, as this contributes to excellent user experience. You will retain more visitors if the information is easily accessible, and this will eventually culminate in a higher ranking on Google.

Google rewards well-organised websites with sitelinks.  Sitelinks are a listing format on the search engine result pages that show links to several pages on your site, such as the homepage, about us, blog, and contact, and so on. With these, a user can directly access the webpage that contains information relevant to them. They also increase CTR, boost your reputation, and enhance the user experience, all of which are crucial contributors to a higher Google ranking.

Sometimes, Google’s web crawlers are unable to find specific webpages on indexed websites. The main reason for this is a poor structural organization. Keep in mind that unindexed pages will not appear on search results, which could cost you a substantial amount of organic web traffic.

The easiest way of ensuring your site has a proper structure by implementing it when designing it from scratch. Ensure that your web designer in Singapore uses an easily navigable template. The categories should range between two and eight, and the number of subcategories should be even across all the classes if possible.

Sites that have a clear structure and are easy to navigate around rank higher on Google than those that have a jumbled design.  More visitors are likelier to visit an organised website, which translates to a higher ranking on Google’s organic search result.

The first thing a searcher sees about your site is the title tag. Including a keyword on the title increases the visibility of your website on organic searches. Ideally, the keyword should be at the beginning of the title, as this increases its effectiveness. Overall, the title should be short and concise, preferably less than ten words in length.

Another on-page element that affects your search ranking is the quality of your Meta descriptions. If you craft a compelling description, the click-through rate to your site will increase significantly. A higher CTR translates into a higher ranking on search results.

One of the commonly misused aspects of on-page SEO is image alt text. The image alt text appears in place of an image if a website fails to load completely. Avoid using keywords as part of the alt text, as this counts as keyword stuffing. Instead, you should describe the content in the image – this ensures that your site is discoverable on Google Images, which can significantly boost your web traffic.

The structure of your URL is a vital contributor to your on-page strategies. Ensure that your URL includes the main keyword in your content. For instance, a site focused on games should have a URL like

Furthermore, your URL should have a design that allows for the easy addition of subcategories in the future. For example, if the site mentioned above were to add a subcategory on tennis, the URL would be Contrarily, if the site’s URL were, it would be difficult to add another game such as golf.

The length of the URL also has a significant bearing on your search ranking. Google truncates the address after the first 75 characters, meaning that you won’t rank for keywords appearing at the end of your long URL. Shorter URLs, on the other hand, rank higher on search engine result pages.

This is not only for the purpose of proper SEO in Singapore, its vitally important that your Singaporean website visitor is able to know where everything is and find the information or product quickly and with minimal fuss. Why? Singapore is a very ordered society with superb top-to-bottom methodical planning due to the Government, education and societal norm. Even bad parking, dustbins out of place, signage with bad grammar can spark off public debate.

  1. Social Signals

With the right strategy, you can make the most of the popularity of social media in Singapore to make your content go viral. Firstly, ensure that you are aware of the trending topics by using BuzzSumo, and customising you Twitter trends to Singapore; this way, you will know what issues to focus on when creating your content.

Once the great content is in place, the next step is simplifying the sharing process. Your site should have one-click share buttons to popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and so on.

Alternatively, you can opt to share the content through your social media channels. The best time to post on Instagram is Friday. If you use Facebook, try to post in the morning. Twitter posts, on the other hand, get the highest engagements in the evening hours. You can read more about the best time to post on each social network here.

Although different social networks attain peak activity at different times, the level of engagement you receive depends on the quality of your content and the nature of your target audience. For instance, if you already have a schedule, say once or twice a week, ignore the data provided above.

If your content goes viral on social media, you will undoubtedly generate more traffic for your website. Consequently, your site will get a higher ranking and more visibility on search engine result pages.

In Singapore, social boo-boo’s get a lot of publicity within hours. detects this and can post an incident within 20 minutes.

Obviously if you want ranking in Singapore, you will want it for the right reasons so you should engage in regular postings on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeChat, etc, accounts.

SEO FAQ: 15 Common Questions Singaporeans Ask About SEO

some frequently asked questions about SEO

If you participate in internet marketing, whether a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, you probably know that many questions regarding SEO don’t have a definitive answer. Google continually updates its ranking algorithm without making the changes known to the public.

Here, we look at the most common questions that people ask regarding SEO in Singapore. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of SEO after going through the queries.

  1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a collective term that refers to the tactics you use to make your website rank higher on search engine result pages.

In the Singapore context its to rank up your website on with the benefit of obtaining more:

  • impressions
  • publicity and visibility
  • branding
  • reputation and trust
  • positioning and standing
  • click throughs
  • website visits
  • marketing leads leading to sales leads
  • sales
  • referrals
  1. What are the types of SEO?

There are three main types of SEO; white hat, black hat, and grey hat SEO. White hat SEO focuses on improving user experiences, mobile optimization, content marketing research, although it takes time, white hat SEO guarantees lasting results and better traffic retention.

Black hat SEO uses underhand methods to achieve more visibility on search engines. Such techniques include keyword stuffing, link cloaking and other forms of manipulation. Its effects are short-lived and are likely to attract hefty penalties from Google.

Grey hat SEO is a combination of white and black hat techniques and includes practices such as buying links, spinning content, and so on. You should avoid both black and grey hat SEO strategies.

  1. Why do I need SEO for my business?

SEO is an integral component of the marketing strategy of any modern business. The increasing popularity of the internet in Singapore means that companies must have a robust online presence to stand a chance against their competitors.

The most significant advantages of implementing SEO include more visibility for your site, better brand image, more credibility for your business, higher search engine ranking, more web traffic, and more potential leads and conversions. The ultimate goal of SEO is to grow your business.

  1. How much do Singapore SEO agencies charge?

The cost of SEO is relative to the size of your business. A renowned and well-established business will incur more expenses than a startup or an SME. Different agencies have varying billing methods, with some taking a lump sum and others charging monthly fees.

That said, the impact of an effective SEO makes it more of an investment than an expense. A successful SEO campaign will transform your small business into a renowned brand in your area of specialization.

For those on a budget, the internet has an abundance of resources which you can use to learn the basics of SEO. Regardless of the approach you take, SEO will have a substantial positive impact on the success of your business.

See following for some SEO agency costings to give you a better idea.

  1. How long does it take to notice the impact of SEO?

It takes time for the effects of SEO on a business to become noticeable. In fact, it is impossible to give a definitive timeline, but it usually takes between six to eight months for the results to take effect. The time might be longer, especially if your business in a highly competitive niche.

As time goes on, the results will eventually get better. The amount of traffic you get after the first year of SEO will be much higher than the one you get in the first six months.

  1. Where do I start my SEO strategy?

Before anything, it is advisable to run a site audit. This enables you to identify any broken links, verify the status of your tags and descriptions, check page load speeds, and the current traffic levels. Once everything is right, you can move on to keyword research.

  1. What is keyword research?

A keyword or a keyword phrase is the text that an internet user input in the search box when looking for information from a search engine. Keyword research is the process of identifying the most popular search terms by Google users concerning a particular niche.

The objective of keyword research is to know what terms to include in your content such that it is discoverable to searchers. For example, if you discover that more people are searching ‘weight loss pills’ and your content uses ‘weight management pills’, you will have to change the entire copy.

  1. How often should keywords appear in my content?

The number of keywords in your content depends on its length. However, you should, avoid using too many keywords, as Google will penalize you for keyword stuffing. The best way of keeping your keyword density at optimal levels is by integrating them naturally into your content. Also, you can avoid stuffing by using long-tail keyword phrases as well as keywords synonyms.

  1. What are SEO Backlinks?

A backlink is a link to your site that appears on another website. Google considers quality backlinks as a vote of confidence for your website and rewards it with a higher ranking. The more backlinks you have, the higher your website ranking, especially if they come from authority websites.

  1. What is domain authority?

The domain authority of a website corresponds with its rank on search engine result pages.  A website is regarded as an authority in a particular field if it ranks highly on Google’s search results.

  1. What is link building?

Link building is an SEO strategy by which a website acquires links to boost its ranking and traffic. It covers both external and internal link building.

External link building is the process of lobbying other sites to embed links to your content on their platforms. The most common method of building external links involves finding a site that could use your resource, contacting its owner and inviting them to link to the resource that is valuable to their website.

Internal linking involves embedding links that redirect users to other content on your website. Ensure that such links are relevant and lead customers to pages that have informative content.

  1. What is local SEO?

Local SEO means optimizing your website to generate traffic from a particular location. If you are a small business, targeting the local community is a great place to start, meaning that you should invest in Singapore SEO agencies.

  1. What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file that tells a search engine which pages of your website it should crawl and the ones that it should avoid. While this file gives you control over which webpages of your site appear on search engine results, it is not advisable to modify it if you are a beginner.

  1. Why do search engine rankings change frequently?

The intent is a dynamic platform, and this is the main reason why search engine rankings change regularly. Other reasons include updates to Google’s ranking algorithms, deletion of old sites, creation of new sites and updating of content in existing sites.

  1. Should I hire an SEO Agency?

SEO is a complex field that requires professional input. Hiring a top SEO agency in Singapore is much better than going in on your own, as they are conversant with Google’s best practice, as well as methods of making the SEO campaign a success.

What Should I Ask The SEO Agency Before I Hire?

questions to ask your seo agency in singapore

Question 1: How will you Improve My Search Engine Ranking?

The whole point of asking this question is to find out how desperately a particular agency wants to win you over for new business. For which case, any agency that freely discusses their SEO ranking strategies in great details should be approached with caution or avoided altogether.

Of course the company should be willing to explain some of the techniques they use to propel sites up the search engine ranks. But that’s pretty much like it. If anything, their explanations should be more of an estimate and NOT a sure deal. Failure of which the company will be lying to to you by making false promises.

In their proposal, there should be a technical analysis of the potential issues that they suspect are behind your lower ranking in the SERPs. This should be followed by a detailed explanation on how to iron out some of them, but without delving much into the strategies they’ll be employing.

The problems highlighted will be nothing out of the ordinary. For instance, they can talk about error pages and broken links, followed by some little bit of discussion on on-page optimization and some of the methods they use.

Question 2: Can you Highlight Some of the Strategies you Employ?

Of course the company shouldn’t be overly willing to delve into the details of some of the strategies they employ, but they should be able to offer you an outline of what it is that they do.

The primary reason for asking this question is to find out if the agency adheres to the guidelines set by search engines. It’s crucial for you to know if the agency adheres to Google’s best practices, failure of which anything they do will be endangering your overall ranking in the SERPs.

The last thing you want at this point is to get penalized for violating some of the Google’s terms and policies or risk getting banned by Google altogether.

Which is to say, you have no option than to hire a professional SEO expert that will be more concerned about genuinely ranking your site, while following all the rules and policies laid down by Google and other search engines.

So should the strategy given by the company suggest adding bogus links or using spammy content to populate your site, then run before it’s too late to salvage what’s left.

Question 3: How do You plan to Inform me of All the changes that You make on My site?

A reliable SEO company or agency will be supplying you with regular reports of all the improvements they make on your site. These reports will be provided depending on your preference — whether weekly, monthly, or after any given period of time or as per your request.

But in most cases, the most common frequency of serving you with a report of what has so far been accomplished is monthly.

In the report, the agency should be able to walk you through all the strategies they employed to hit a particular feat and how effective each one of them was.

In the event that any of the tactics they used wasn’t effective enough, they should be able to propose an alternative strategy that will be inching them closer to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Where the company claims to offer SEO services in Singapore, but fails to mention the issuance of reports, take that as a red flag and avoid them like the disappointment they are.

Question 4: Do you Have any Prior Experience working for Local SEO?

Local SEO is critical in the sense that it’s what you’ll be using to attract the customers near you. For the most part, it’s what your business will be depending on to win over the customers within your vicinity.

For which, you might want to find a consultant that has sufficient experience in handling local SEO. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them for some of the previous projects that they managed to rank locally.

If they point out to one, go ahead and check the site out to find out if the local ranking is impressive enough to convince you to consider hiring the agency.

Question 5: How do You Measure Your Progress?

Make an effort to find out more about how the company measures their progress or determine whether or NOT a particular SEO campaign was successful.

For this question, the company must mention Google analytics, taking turns to belabor on their experience with regards to using the tool to both monitor and make necessary adjustments to their SEO strategies.

If the company claims to be among the leading SEO agencies in Singapore, but fails to mention Google Analytics when prompted with this question, then that’s reason enough to consider checking out the next company.

Question 6: How Many Staff Members do they Actually Have?

A reliable digital marketing company will always be multifaceted. In other words, they’ll be working with a team of talented digital marketers, each of which will be addressing a particular aspect of SEO that they’re good at.

Where the company mentions that they work with a team of experts, be sure to check out their profiles on their website to find out if they’re really honest with the claim.

Remember to also check them out on social media to find out if they’re truly employed by the company or are just filling up for the company to create an impression of it.

Question 7: Does the Agency have a Credible Client Portfolio?

The easiest way to find out more about an agency you’re about to hire is to check out their customer portfolio.

If the company doesn’t have one included on their site, then don’t be afraid to ask them for it.

After you’re directed to a page with their portfolio, you can go through the list and check the sites out one by one to get an idea of what you’re likely to achieve should you decide to go ahead and hire the agency.

Question 8: Do you Guarantee a Top Ranking in the SERPs?

This is a test question, aimed at testing the agency for honesty.

In this case, the expected answer is a bold NO. And where a particular company guarantees a top slot in the SERPs, then they should be approached with caution or avoided at all cost.

An agency can only do what’s required by search engines to acquire a prime ranking in the SERPs. But even with this, nothing comes with guarantees, considering at the end of the day it’s the search engines to decide where you rank in the result pages.

Authentic agencies will never try to trick you into working with them by making false promises and guarantees. Same goes for Return on Investment or guarantee satisfactions.

Question 9: What are Some of the SEO Tools that the Company Uses?

SEO tools are crucial in ranking your site. So if it happens that the company doesn’t use any tool, then that should be interpreted to mean that they prefer doing a certain list of things manually when they can be easily automated.

This could mean more expenses on your part or further delays in the delivery time. To gain the most from this question, it’s crucial that you at least garner some basic knowledge on what some of these tools are and what exactly they do.

You can start by finding out about the kind of tools the agency uses. However while at it, if the company hints of a tool that they use for any of the following, then take that as red flag and scram.

  1. Automatic link building
  2. Idea generating processContent creation
  3. Online networking
  4. Automated outreach

Instead, a reliable company will have a set of tools that they use to:

Measure your competition

  1. Gauge the effectiveness of the ideas they’ve come up with
  2. Track results and ROI
  3. Track the needs of the audience you’re targeting
  4. Measure the effectiveness of their link building opportunities
  5. Track influencers and targets.

Question 10: How much do you charge for the service and what are your terms of payment?

It’s crucial that you find out about the agency’s fees and terms of payments before you can go ahead and hire them.

As you’re soon to find out, payment structures differ from agency to agency. The amount you’re charged will also be varying depending on the size of your project and how complex it is.

The agency must be able to walk you through the amount of money you’re required to pay them and in what installments. As for you, you need this information to make your budget and make necessary adjustments to your spendings.

In most cases, the agency’s payment plan will be ranging from lower to higher, depending on the hourly rates set by the company.


There are SEO agencies in Singapore which can help you get ahead of the competition by offering affordable and professional services on your budget. Let us check out these SEO agencies in Singapore that you can contract to catapult your business to the next level of success. 

The Top 40 SEO agencies in Singapore


SEO Agency Name



1. MediaOne


MediaOne offers services such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and online reputation management (ORM). Making white hat SEO the core of their services, their award-winning digital marketing services have helped more than 600 companies in Singapore and beyond.  

2. AUN Global Marketing


AUN Global Marketing is a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in SEO and SEM services. Their clients include Canon, Panasonic, SMU, Confucius Institute, and ANA.  

3. Biz Edge Consultancy

Biz Edge Consultancy specializes in all forms of online and digital marketing like SEO, SEM, online lead generation and Social Media Marketing.  

4. CloudRock


CloudRock is a fast-growing digital marketing agency that uses a full funnel marketing approach to help clients grow their brand on the internet. Their digital marketing services include online advertising, content marketing, and SEO.

5. ConstructDigital


ConstructDigital offers services such as Content Creation, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Email Marketing and Digital Advertising. Their areas of focus also include SEO, SEM & Web Development.  

6. Digital Media Nerds


Digital Media Nerds is well known for their ability to deliver top-notch, ethical SEO services that are the best in the industry. They have worked with Focus Music, Cheryl Tay, Klapsons, Le Doll, BHC Racing, ERA Singapore, Savills, GPS Alliance, Peinsula Excelsior Hotel, iViva and Knight Frank.  

7. Digital Nova


Digital Nova is an expert in the areas of SEO, SEM & SMM. They are known for leaving long-lasting impact to marketing clients and their businesses.  

8. Digital Squad


Digital Squad is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency that has helped clients from over 40 industries. Their services include content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.  

9. Digitize


Digitize helps businesses to develop and execute digital strategies, such as SEO, paid media, and web development. Their clients include Axxis Consulting, Asian Art Platform, and IRB Law LLP.  

10. Dog Digital


Dog Digital delivers multi-disciplinary marketing, digital design and strategic development solutions. Their expertise in technological integration, planning, ideating and implementation distinguishes them from the rest.  

11. Digitrio


Digitrio provides marketing services to startups and small businesses, helping them achieve better ROI with online marketing strategies. They offer services such as SEO, SEM, and Facebook advertising. 

12. Disruptive Digital


Disruptive Digital’s areas of focus are Content Marketing, SEO, and SEM & Web Designing. Their team effectively ideates and implements content strategies for their clients.  

13. East Side Mafia


East Side Mafia offers services such as SEO, SEM & SMM. They are an agency that uses unconventional methods to build brands.  

14. Fifth Ring


Fifth Ring is an international B2B communications agency that aims to strengthen their client’s market position. They specialise in brand and strategy, design, digital media, PR and advertising. 

15. Foretec


Foretec offers SEO services that aims to provide highly focused online marketing services that matches all the needs of the clients business. They have worked with names like SLP international, ERA Singapore, PropNex, Huttons, Group and Mouth Restaurant.  


16. First Page

First Page is known for its cutting edge strategies and successful digital growth campaigns. Their services include SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content production, and social media advertising.  

17. HonestNumbers


HonestNumbers comprises of professionals with experience in marketing for both global and local brands. They have a 3 months 0% management fee onboarding policy, and services include paid digital marketing, SEO, and digital consultations.  

18. HSP Digital


HSP Digital offers professional search engine optimization (SEO), PPC management, social media optimization, Facebook marketing and more marketing services.  


19. Interakt


Interakt provides lead generation campaigns, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing and many other Digital Marketing services. 

20. IH Digital


IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that designs digital experiences with social strategies to revolutionize brands online. They have over 10 years of digital marketing experience, and count companies such as NTUC as their clients.  

21. iFoundries


iFoundries specialises in digital marketing, marketing automation & SEM, SEO & Web Development in Singapore. They have worked with Singtel, Singapore Airlines and Goodwood Park Hotel have benefited from better ROI with their digital strategies.  

22. iMedia


iMedia is a marketing agency that combines traditional marketing with innovative technologies to achieve amximum results in brand promotion. Offering services such as social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing, iMedia counts Finexis, Suncrest, and 3 Sweets amongst their clients.  


23. iProspect


iProspect takes on a strategic, differentiated approach to meet their clients’ needs in the evolving digital landscape. Their services include social media management, analytics, and content creation.  

24. Incepte


Incepte strives to provide creative and effective solutions to their clients, and provides services such as SEM, SEO, and social media. They believe that client satisfaction is important, and have helped companies such as DHL and Brow Art Asia.


25. Ant Team Social Media Marketing

Ant Team Social Media Marketing is a full-service digital and social media marketing agency. First established as a traditional advertising agency over 30 years ago, they’ve since grown to become a certified Google partner, providing services such as Facebook marketing, SEO, and email marketing. 

26. MediaPlus Digital


MediaPlus Digital is a leading in-house web design and development agency with over 10 years of experience. They offer a range of solutions including SEM, SEO, and website optimization.  

27. Momentro


Momentro is your companies’ growth hacking partner. They live and breathe for performance marketing. 

28. Ninja Marketing


Ninja Marketing is a digital marketing agency that seeks to use their skills to showcase their clients in the best light, aiming to be the one-stop solutions centre for online marketing needs. 

29. Notion Age


Notion Age hand-crafts finest SEO Services and SEM/PPC Search Advertising solutions for brands and businesses. They focus also include Email Marketing. 

30. OOm


OOm offers services such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, Google Ad services, Search Engine Reputation Management and much more. They have extended their marketing services to other countries such as China and the Philippines.  

31. Osmium Digital


Osmium Digital’s expertise is in SEO and SEM. They are your partner to empower you to close the gap between your brand and your audience.  

32. PCITS Pte. Ltd.


PCITS has its headquarters in Singapore, while its technical and operations branch is in Gurugram, India. A digital marketing organization that provides users with a competitive edge, they offer services such as SEO and website designing to help clients establish their online businesses and presence. 

33. Primehouse Media


Primehouse Media is an internet marketing company that specializes in digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and web design.  

34. PurpleClick


PurpleClick aims to make online marketing easy and help brands remain in your clients’ minds. They provide services that include SEM, SEO & SMM.

35. Roots Digital Media


Roots Digital Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, and Facebook ads. They are a certified Google Partner, and focuses on helping fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses.  

36. Sky Digital Agency


Sky Digital Agency specializes in providing social media marketing and digital marketing strategies for small businesses in Singapore. They also offer digital marketing courses to help business owners get started with the right marketing fundamentals and strategies.  

37. Simply Professional


Simply Professional is a digital marketing and SEO agency that began their journey in direct response marketing, and now seek to help small businesses leverage on the internet to grow their business. 

38. Visibiliti


Visibiliti effectively aid you in reaching and connecting with your audience through multiple channels with the right strategy in place. Choose them for SEO consultancy, PPC management, sales and marketing! 

39. VML


VML pioneers in strategy, SEO, marketing and advertising over multiple digital platforms and have experience with some of the leading global brands.  

40. 2 Stallions


2 Stallions is an expert in online marketing services such as SEO, SEM, SMM & Email Marketing. 


SEO pricing in Singapore, the different packages and tiers

General SEO service pricing in Singapore

General SEO service pricing in Singapore


Performance based SEO ( for around 10 keywords)


Monthly Retainer


Hourly Consulting (for a single SEO specialist)


Hourly Consulting (for a SEO agency)


seo services pricing in Singapore

Source: Novatise 2018

Basic SEO Package (Minimum Cost per month)


Advanced SEO Package (Minimum Cost per month)


If your niche is extremely competitive and you don’t have time to wait


Internet Marketing Agency fee (minimum package)


Internet Marketing Agency fee (maximum package)


 Individuals specialized in SEO (minimum monthly)


 Individuals specialized in SEO (maximum monthly)


Singapore seo pricing packages

Source: 2019


On-page SEO Optimization costs

Onpage SEO Optimization


Website Technical & Onpage Analysis (starting)


Keyword / Market Research & Competitor Analysis (starting)


Strategic Recommendations and Content Planning Implementation (starting)


Onpage Content Pages  ( average for every 1000 words)



on-page seo optimisation

Off- page SEO Optimization costs

Offpage SEO Optimization


Citation building

$3-5 per citation

Media Exposure and Press Releases

$100-$1000 per PR

Guest Posting and Link Building

$60-$1000 per guest post


Average SEO Pricing Models


Freelance SEO Package – Starting Cost: From $200 to $400 per month

Basic SEO Package from an agency – Starting Cost: $400 to $700 per month 

·         Preliminary Assessment

·         Keyword Research

·         Existing Content Optimisation & SEO Copywriting 

·         Content Development and Distribution 

·         On-Site Page Optimisation 

·         External Inbound Linking 

·         Internal Linking 

·         SEO Reporting 

Advanced SEO Package – Starting Cost: from $700 per month onwards

·         Social media management 

·         Blogger outreach 

·         Website design analysis 


Tiered Costs

Tier 1 Companies

  • The SEO services pricing ranges from $900 to $1500 every month.
  • They also offer worldwide campaigns with SEO charges ranging from $600 to $1000.
  • For SEO service in Singapore, they are known for charging the client’s $1200 to $4000 on a per-project basis.

Tier 2 Companies

  • Tire 2 companies have a higher SEO cost in Singapore ranging from $200 to $500 on its basic SEO service in Singapore.

Tier 3 Companies

  • These companies have a SEO pricing structure of $250 that can rise to $280.

Source: 2019

Directories and online places to get SEO backlinks and citations in Singapore

The list of Singapore directories to get backlinks

Directory Name




Smart Expat











$250 ot

No link


Yellow Pages




Tuugo SG




Yellow Pages SME

Free* (basic)



Angloinfo Singapore




Singapore Business Federation

Starts at S$321* pa


Singapore Expats

$300 ot



The Green Book




eGuide Singapore




Free* or $4.95 pm









Times Directories








Directory Singapore

$199 pa


10 (Formerly BusinessList)





Local citation sources for local SEO in Singapore- 2019

Local citation sources


Google My Business

Bing Places







TripAdvisor (paid)

The Smart Local reviews

Apple Maps


SG Spa

Beauty Undercover


HealthHub Directory

Ace Startup Directory

The Wedding Scoop

Extraordinary weddings

Pasir ris – Punggol Town council

Bishan – Toa Payoh Town council


Hougang Mall






Singapore Motherhood Forum

Hardwarezone Forum

VR-Zone forum


What’s Happening




SEO Courses in Singapore

SEO Course Provider


Course fees

Contact details and websites

1. Equinet Academy

2-day Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training course

Programme Duration: 2 days (9-6pm)

Curriculum: The SEO process, from keyword research and site optimisation to link building and campaign management. The instructors will also cover best practises and give advice on how to choose a suitable SEO agency, for example.


SGD 740 nett, as low as 37 nett after 95% SkillsFuture funding.





Administrative Matters: +65 6816 7831 / +65 6816 3016

Sales Enquiries: +65 6745 0745

2. National University of Singapore

NICF- Web Analytics & SEO course

Programme Duration: 3 days (9-5pm)


Curriculum: Web Analytics Fundamentals, exposure to Google Analytics tools, improvement strategies including SEO and content optimisation.

SGD 866.70 or lower for Singaporeans/PRs, depending on relevant schemes/grants.



+65 6516 6666 (Phone)




3. Asia Search Engine Academy

5-Day SEO Certification training workshop

Programme Duration: 5 days

Curriculum: SEO for video, mobile search, social media and SEO, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, just to name a few. The course will also touch a little on content marketing (tips on article writing) as well as copywriting (ads/promotional materials).

Please enquire directly with the training provider.


Contact Info

+1 970 205 9015





4. Emarsity


Search Engine Optimization course

Programme Duration: 2 days (9:30-5.30pm)

Curriculum: Split into 8 modules, the course covers the following: Introduction to SEO, Keyword Research, Onsite and Offsite SEO, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Website SEO Auditing, as well as Google Penalties and how to avoid and recover from them.

Please enquire directly with the training provider. Subsidied rates available depending on relevant schemes/grants




5. WordPress Training Singapore

1-Day SEO Training Course

Programme Duration: 1 day



Curriculum: Introduction to SEO, Keyword research, On page and off page optimization/SEO, Google penalties, etc.

SGD 500 (SkillsFuture claimable)




Administrative Matters: +65 6816 7831 / +65 6816 3016



6. Digital Marketing Institute

Professional Diploma in Search Marketing

Programme Duration: Online course, 30 hours


Curriculum: 10 modules comprising of an Introduction to Search Marketing, SEO setup, SEO Content, SEO Workshop, Paid Search, Display advertising, Video Advertising, Google Analytics setup, Applied Analytics as well as Strategy and Planning.

USD 1955 (approx SGD 2717.33)



Phone: +1 917 6365832




7. LinkedIn Learning

Various SEO courses

Programme Duration: Online, self-paced

Curriculum: Tutorials/videos online cover topics like SEO Foundations, Keyword Strategy, Link building, Video SEO, Headline Writing and so on

USD 30 per month  (approx 41 SGD). Opportunity to get first month free.



Phone: 650-687-3555



8. Udemy

SEO Training Course

Programme Duration: Online, 2.5 hours on-demand video and 2 articles

Curriculum: Keyword Research, On-page/Off-page Optimisation, SEO for local businesses, Technical SEO, etc


USD 209.99, Udemy often offers discounts so do check back periodically!


9. NICF – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for e-Commerce

Course Objectives

Equip learners with the knowledge of search engine optimization

By the end of the training, learners will be able implement SEO campaign forwebsites effectively


WSQ funding is only applicable to Singaporeans and PR. Singaporean age 35 and above and earning  $2,000 or below per month


Call +65 6100 0613




10. Inspizone

Our Hands-on 1-day Course will help you to create SEO strategies that you can apply on your website for better ranking and optimization. This SEO training will cover fundamentals of white-hat SEO on current algorithm basic. After completing this course you will be able to rank your website on #1 in Google search.

Need to contact to the office

Quick Register +65 9899 4477





11. Tertiary Courses

Course Highlights

Install WordPress SEO plugins

Whitehat vs Blackhat SEO techniques

Use good keywords to optimize search results

On-page Whitehat SEO technique

Off-poage Whiteaht SEO techniques

Use Google Analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO

$298.00 (GST-exclusive)


Call +65 6100 0613



12. Simplilearn Singapore Pte Ltd

Lifetime access to self-paced learning 30+ hours self-paced video Access to 15+ hours of live instructor-led online classes 20+ real-life industry-based projects Get hands-on with popular tools such as Google Keywords Trends, Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Self-Paced Learning: $699


Call us at: 800-492-2295



13. Coursera

Coursera is like Udemy but also  provides e-learning for educational institutes and schools

Self-Paced Learning: Free to paid +


14. Lithan Academy

Government funding available. Geared towards the career upgrader and the mid-career executives

Call to find out


6324 9730


15. Impossible

SEO marketing, PPC marketing, Facebook marketing, etc

Call to find out



SEO salary levels in Singapore

SEO experts’ salary based on different job position

Job Titles


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager


Content Marketing Manager


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist


Digital Strategy Director


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Account Manager


Senior Marketing Manager


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager


Senior Operations Manager, eCommerce / Web


SEO Marketing Director


SEO Marketing Communications Manager


SEO Managing Editor


SEO Content Writer


SEO Content Marketer


SEO Business Development Manager


Salary for Skill: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Source: 2019

seo experts salary in Singapore

SEO Expert’s Salary in the Reputable Organizations of Singapore 2019

Singapore based well-reputed organization

Job description

Salary range


SEO – Monthly Intern

S$767 – S$829

Ministry of Education Singapore

 Head, SEO I – Monthly

S$6K – S$7K


SEO Content Copywriter – Monthly Intern

S$958 – S$1K


Intern (degree holder)



SEO Consultant



SEO Manager



Associate Director SEO

S$96K – S$104K


SEO Manager – Monthly

S$6K – S$7K


Senior SEO EXECUTIVE – Monthly

S$3K – S$4K


SEO Specialist – Monthly

S$3K – S$4K


SEO Manager – Monthly

S$6K – S$7K

 Solastis Solutions

SEO Executive – Monthly Contractor

S$2K – S$3K

Notion Age

SEO Specialist – Monthly

S$4K – S$5K

 Touch and Convert

SEO Analyst – Monthly Contractor

S$2K – S$3K

Sources:, Jobstreet 2019

SEO v SEM v other digital media usage, pricing, expenditure in Singapore

Search categories and percentage of search-2019

Search categories


Percentage of all global e-commerce traffic comes from search


Percentage of all online experiences begin with a search engine


Percentage of  users ignore paid ads in search results


Percentage of all searches will be voice searches by 2020


Percentage of searches come from mobile


Percentage of page-one results have at least one image on the page


Percentage of all Google searches are local


search percentages in Singapore

Various SEO and Digital Marketing Costs 2019

Service Name

General Service Cost

Search engine optimization (SEO)

$500 – $20,000+ per month

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

5-20% of monthly ad spend

Email marketing

$300 – $5,000/month or $0.1 – $0.5/email

Social Media marketing

$250 – $10,000/month

Website Design (Basic)

$2,500 – $12,000

Website Development (Basic)

$4,000 – $20,000


Facebook Marketing Costs in Singapore 2019


Average cost





Facebook estimated monthly marketing costs for a typical medium-sized campaign



Instagram Marketing Costs in Singapore 2019


Average cost





LinkedIn estimated monthly marketing costs for a typical medium-sized campaign



Linkedin Marketing Costs 2019


Average cost





Instagram estimated monthly marketing costs for a typical medium-sized campaign



Email Marketing Costs 2019


Average cost

Cost per lead


Estimated monthly email marketing costs for a typical medium-sized campaign



Google Marketing Costs 2019


Average cost



Google Ads estimated monthly marketing costs for a typical medium-sized campaign



Summarised Digital Marketing Average Costs 2019

Digital Marketing Items

Average Costs

Facebook marketing cost


Instagram marketing cost


Instagram marketing cost


Cost of email marketing


Cost of Google ads


digital marketing average costs

CPC, CPM Average Costs 2019


Average Costs

CPC (Facebook)




CPC (Instagram)


CPM (Instagram)


CPC (Lindedin)


CPM (Linkedin)


Cost per lead (Email)


CPC (Google)


CPC and CPM average costs

SEO Statistics in Singapore, SEO news in national newspapers, magazines, and research

SEO Statistics Singapore 2019

SEO statistics in Singapore

The Most Popular Search Engines in Singapore 2019

popular search engines in Singapore

E-commerce Market Development Predictions in Singapore 2019

Singapore e-commerce market developments

Social Media in Singapore 2019

The professional process of SEO is divided into two main activity groups- onsite and offsite. The second one mentioned are activities outside of the site that are used to acquire valuable links.

social media in Singapore

Google Adwords

The keyword “SEO Singapore” have an average monthly search of 1900 and cost $26.83 for every click. A 10% traffic from this keyword would save us $5098 per month (1900 monthly searches x 10% x $26.83 cost per click).

Where To Get Your News And Learning If You Want To DIY SEO In Singapore

which are the best seo blogs singapore



Places To Get Cheap SEO But Comes With Risks As Many Do Not Practice White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the practice of optimising a website, its contents and its backlinks in accordance to Google’s and other search engine’s algorithms and directives. It is often much slower and more expensive but affords more stability, a gradual rise in rankings and is less vulnerable to search engine updates.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is the practice of contravening Google’s algorithms and directives for a quick rank gain. It is much cheaper but may subject you to penalties whenever Google and the other search engines have algorithm updates which is happening at a rate of 300 times per year. It is therefore much riskier.

7 Places To Obtain Black-Grey Hat SEO (Some Are OK, You Have To Be Discerning)




Proper search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you get ahead of the competition in Singapore by ensuring that the site is indexed and ranked high by search engines. Each aspect of SEO has to be done perfectly and tested regularly to be sure that it is working optimally.

MediaOne is best known for helping brands in different niches get a firm footing in Singapore by applying the best SEO practices. Get in touch with us for a free and no obligation consultation session.

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